Episodes of The Sport Clips Haircuts Hall of Fame Podcast - Andrea Allemand

In this episode, we interview Andrea Allemand, an area coach in South Carolina and one of the founding members of the Sport Clips Artistic Team. Andrea explains what drew her to Sport Clips, walks us through what it was like becoming a manager at 18 years old and what's in store next for her career.

Chad Jordan and Andrea Allemand holding a microphone

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December 6, 2019 Andrea Allemand Area Coach Carving out a succesful career at Sport Clips

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Chad Jordan:                 Hey everybody, this is Chad Jordan from Sport Clips. This is another edition of our Hall of Fame podcast and I definitely have a Hall of Famer on the podcast episode today. She is one of the rock stars in the Sport Clips universe, and she's dancing for all the YouTubers watching us. How much caffeine have you had today? That's what I want to know. We're here-

Andrea Allemand:         I've had one cup.

Chad Jordan:                 One cup?

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                 Okay. You've had more than I've had. I've had just water, because it's so freaking hot in Darlington, south Carolina.

Andrea Allemand:         I know. Did you give me one too?

Chad Jordan:                 Yeah. This is yours.

Andrea Allemand:         Okay, cool.

Chad Jordan:                 Ice cold. But we're here for our NASCAR weekend. Saw an amazing race yesterday with Denny Hamlin and then today Eric Jones is going to be racing. In fact, I think we get to meet him in half an hour. I just met his dog.

Andrea Allemand:         Okay. What kind of dog does he have?

Chad Jordan:                 It's one of those Belgian German shepherd attack dogs. He looks super scary, but he's amazing.

Andrea Allemand:         German shepherd?

Chad Jordan:                 Yeah. His name is Oscar. Yeah. I took a selfie with him, but it didn't turn out ... I don't know if Oscar-

Andrea Allemand:         Did he smile?

Chad Jordan:                 ... if you're coming back ... Yes. He looked right at the camera, but the lady who took it, our heads got cut off. So anyways, long story short, here we are in Darlington. We've been hanging out, we did some store visits. Hopefully we do some more tomorrow if the hurricane doesn't affect our plans. But I think we're going to have a fun time today. So long story short, who are you? Why are you here? What's your name? Give me that. Give me all the details.

Andrea Allemand:         I'm here because Chad invited me,

Chad Jordan:                 I made you come on this.

Andrea Allemand:         My name is Andrea Allemand. I am the area coach for South Carolina and Eastern Georgia

Chad Jordan:                 And founding artistic team member, is that right?

Andrea Allemand:         I'm one of the OGs.

Chad Jordan:                 Mm-hmm (affirmative). OG artistic team member. Your nicknames, what do people call you? Dre? Dreya.

Andrea Allemand:         I was Dr. Dre.

Chad Jordan:                 Dr. Dre. Okay.

Andrea Allemand:         That was from [Stasha 00:01:54].

Chad Jordan:                 Does that make me Eminem today? I don't know what that makes me. Anyways.

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                 Okay. So at any rate ... or Snoop Dogg. We want to we want to unpack our story a little bit because she's had such a ... how long have you been at Sport Clips?

Andrea Allemand:         A long time. Since 2004.

Chad Jordan:                 2004.

Andrea Allemand:         15 years.

Chad Jordan:                 Really?

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                 Were you somewhere else before, or did you come out of beauty school and find Sport clips? Was there an interim period?

Andrea Allemand:         Let the record show that I only claim Sport Clips as my hairstylist career. But the truth will be told that I worked for Regis.

Chad Jordan:                 Really?

Andrea Allemand:         Yes.

Chad Jordan:                 Wow.

Andrea Allemand:         This is actually pretty interesting. I worked for Regis in the mall, and I was there maybe, oh God, I'm going to be generous and say two or three weeks. And the manager called me, and I tell this story at beauty schools because it's interesting. The manager called me and said, "Will you do me a favor? The checks for everyone is in the front drawer. Will you get them and pass them out to everyone at the store?" I've been there like two or three weeks and I'm like, "Of course." My manager calls me, asked me to do something. I'm going to do it.

                                    I opened the drawer and the checks are there and they are open. They are not inside envelopes. And I think to myself, I know I'm in this industry to make a lot of money. That is my goal to be successful and I want to see if I'm here two years like this lady, or three years like this lady, what kind of money I'm going to be making. So I looked at the checks as I was passing them out and setting them on their station. And it was sad.

Chad Jordan:                 Depressing.

Andrea Allemand:         I immediately started to panic.

Chad Jordan:                 "What have I done? I made a huge mistake."

Andrea Allemand:         Yes. So I start thinking about other job opportunities. My mother actually mentioned Sport Clips, so I went in and applied. Now, mind you-

Chad Jordan:                 Where is this?

Andrea Allemand:         Somerville South Carolina.

Chad Jordan:                 Okay. Yeah. That's your hometown, right?

Andrea Allemand:         Mm-hmm (affirmative). I went and applied. Going in, I knew nothing about cutting hair. At Regis, I actually refused men's haircuts. The manager ended up calling my boss at the time and telling her that I am not comfortable doing men's hair.

Chad Jordan:                 What's uncomfortable? I mean, I'm not a stylist so I don't get what's comfortable what's not, so tell me why.

Andrea Allemand:         Okay, so here's the thing-

Chad Jordan:                 Yeah, help me out.

Andrea Allemand:         ... well I was a part of the board of Virginia College and when you go to the board meetings, you talk to other people in the industry of other businesses. And one of the things I shared with them is, "If you can cut hair on women that has like this much room for error, right? If it's like a foot long and, and you can do an okay job, but with men you have this much room for error."

Chad Jordan:                 Yes. Small margin or error. Yeah.

Andrea Allemand:         "If you can do it on this level, you can do it on a longer level. So why are we not teaching this inside of our beauty schools?" And they actually started doing it a lot more, especially with Paul Mitchell.

Chad Jordan:                 There wasn't a comfort level because when you were in beauty school, they didn't really teach you how to cut on shortly cropped hair?

Andrea Allemand:         Yep. That goes all towards the school's not preparing you to really be in the industry.

Chad Jordan:                 That's what barber schools are focused on, right?

Andrea Allemand:         Mm-hmm (affirmative). They had the razor shaves and that closeness. But yeah, I went in and started cutting hair and I will never forget the girl that taught me how to do men's haircuts. Her name was [Rashima 00:05:32].

Chad Jordan:                 Is this at Regis, or this is now at Sport Clips?

Andrea Allemand:         Sport Clips.

Chad Jordan:                 Okay. What store number?

Andrea Allemand:         SC 201. Mm-hmm (affirmative). The team leader's [Todd Currie 00:05:40]. Rashima taught me how to cut hair and one of the things-

Chad Jordan:                 Was she a specialist?

Andrea Allemand:         She was just a team member. Nope. Back then, 2004 ooh-

Chad Jordan:                 There weren't really ...

Andrea Allemand:         There wasn't, I actually took my training classes on the VHS tapes that Julie talks about in Sport Clips Way, with Karen Haney, and that's how I talk to my classes. So I learned a lot from the videos, but working with the team members in real time was the thing that helped me the most. She went on to manage her own store in Florida, and eventually I took over that location, after about three or four months of being a stylist.

Chad Jordan:                 You became a manager that quickly.

Andrea Allemand:         I was 18 years old. So PS Todd Currie, thank you for giving me the opportunity, but that's crazy to put an 18-year-old in charge of all of your funds.

Chad Jordan:                 No, he saw the potential.

Andrea Allemand:         Thank God he made a good choice, because we made a lot of money together.

Chad Jordan:                 Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah. So how long did you manage?

Andrea Allemand:         So I managed, I want to say it was maybe four or five years, and then we hit $10000 a week in net sales.

Chad Jordan:                 How many Charleston stores? That's Charleston area, right?

Andrea Allemand:         Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chad Jordan:                 How many other Charleston stores were there at the time?

Andrea Allemand:         At the time, I think there were three.

Chad Jordan:                 Okay. So you weren't the only Sport Clips in town?

Andrea Allemand:         No.

Chad Jordan:                 No.

Andrea Allemand:         Nope. Nope. Nope. It's a great location. It was a brand new shopping center. Sport Clips-

Chad Jordan:                 How did your team feel about having a 18-year-old manager? I mean ...

Andrea Allemand:         Believe it or not, everyone respected me except for the people that were closer to my age. I had no issue with my 40-year-old stylist, or 50-year-old stylist or 30 or 20-year-old stylist. It was everyone that was close to my age, which I mean it's understandable.

Chad Jordan:                 Yeah. So you managed for few years, then what?

Andrea Allemand:         And then I knew that I wanted to continue to grow with the company and I moved into the coach position, which is what I do now.

Chad Jordan:                 Were there already coaches when you started or is that a newer ... in the last 10 year thing.

Andrea Allemand:         There were coaches. At the time there was a part-time tech coach, so there was not a full-time area coach, like what I am today. It was a part-time tech coach position, and classes were always offered. Training was always something available but never at the capacity that it is now, which is amazing.

Chad Jordan:                 What year do you transition into being a coach?

Andrea Allemand:         2012. October of 2012, and started going through coach training. At one point I was over the whole South Carolina and Eastern Georgia-

Chad Jordan:                 I was going to say, what's your territory?

Andrea Allemand:         All of South Carolina and Eastern Georgia by myself. And it was rough. It was rough.

Chad Jordan:                 You have kiddos?

Andrea Allemand:         Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chad Jordan:                 How old are your kids?

Andrea Allemand:         I have a 12-year-old girl, and I have a four-year-old boy [inaudible 00:09:00].

Chad Jordan:                 All right, so your daughter ... When were you coach? When did it start?

Andrea Allemand:         I coached 2012, my daughter was-

Chad Jordan:                 So four or five?

Andrea Allemand:         Five.

Chad Jordan:                 Something like that.

Andrea Allemand:         Mm-hmm (affirmative). Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chad Jordan:                 And you're on the road a lot.

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                 Yeah.

Andrea Allemand:         Those Greenville trips were long.

Chad Jordan:                 Yeah. Are you going back and forth in the same day because you do have her?

Andrea Allemand:         Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chad Jordan:                 So you had a lot of road time.

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                 Hopefully everybody passed their success checks when you got there, after all that driving that you did.

Andrea Allemand:         Oh yeah, absolutely.

Chad Jordan:                 Yeah. They knew that they could not fail you, because of all that effort when you have to-

Andrea Allemand:         But I think when you drive so long you get on a ... what's it called when you fly the airplane a long time?

Chad Jordan:                 Jet lag?

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                 Yeah. Uh-huh (affirmative).

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                 Or so I'm told I wouldn't know anything. Just kidding. I think I have some right now actually. I'm from the West coast. So you're a coach for this huge territory. At that point do you think, "All right, this is it for me. My career is at the top." Or had you wanted more, and saw some other opportunities?

Andrea Allemand:         Going into getting hired for coach position, the Gozurs knew that I wanted to take this-

Chad Jordan:                 The Gozurs, the area developers.

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah, as high as I could. This is not the stopping point. This is the starting point. We now have three coaches. Even before that we had two coaches, myself and Charlotte. And I applied for this wonderful next step opportunity.

Chad Jordan:                 Tell me about the artistic team. Where did that start? How did they announce it back in the day? I need to understand that process, what'd that look like way back when?

Andrea Allemand:         This is a great story too. So they released this email to I guess, area developers and then Rosemary Gaucher sent it to me, said, "Maybe we should apply for it." And I applied nine-months pregnant. I'm like, "There's no way ... " She called me or someone called me and reminded ,me and I was like, "I'm going to do it right now." I go to fill it all out and I'm like, "I don't even know why I'm doing this. I'm about to pop. There's no way." Then we have our summit meeting and at our summit meeting, Rosemary Gaucher gets an email that I am one of the six that was accepted to do the artistic team.

Chad Jordan:                 Have you had your son by then?

Andrea Allemand:         No, I'm still about to pop.

Chad Jordan:                 So what year? 2014? When is this?

Andrea Allemand:         He was born November ... yep. It was 2014.

Chad Jordan:                 Okay. So this is when the artistic team, they've just putting it together. How many were there six to start?

Andrea Allemand:         Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chad Jordan:                 There were six coaches from around the country and they announce it and at this point ... did you know there was going to be some travel, and shows and all this other stuff? Or what do you think an artistic team member was going to look like?

Andrea Allemand:         I knew there was going to be some travel. I knew there was going to be some training travel, in addition to shows and yeah. Okay. I knew that, and it was a lot. It was a lot. One year I did, I think the most shows ever. I did five shows and then four trainings. And that was after, maybe he was like two years old.

Chad Jordan:                 So how, how is it working, juggling being a mom and ... I mean being a mom and a team member, period, right, takes some effort. You got to line up sitters and daycare and all that kind of stuff. The emotional being gone from them eight to 10 hours a day or however long. It was a little more complicated for you, because now you're traveling. You can't pack them in your luggage, so you can't bring them with you.

Andrea Allemand:         So having the support at home is huge. My husband was great. He travels for work too, so we did the trade off. Yeah. Having the support at home is big, but you have to want it. You have to want to be on the artistic team, and that's why it's so important that they pick the right people because you really have to want it. And if you're going to apply for it, you're definitely going to want it because the application process is not just snapping your fingers, and you're going.

Chad Jordan:                 Yeah, that's weeding people out. Right?

Andrea Allemand:         Right.

Chad Jordan:                 There's some hoops that you got to jump through. Did you have to do a live cutting, and video and all that stuff that they critiqued and watch?

Andrea Allemand:         Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yep. I had to show my teaching of a haircutting class with a team member. I think now they do more of the video on the artistic team member. Then I had to do a video of why I wanted to be on the artistic team. From what I'm hearing with these videos, the ones that are being picked, they're really creative. They're really creative.

Chad Jordan:                 It's like when you submit a video, like you want to be on survivor or something, you know, back in the day, 20 years ago, people would just say ... but now they're doing all these antics and all that kind of stuff. I imagine that's probably what the artistic team videos look like at this point. People are being off the wall ...

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah. I danced and sang.

Chad Jordan:                 Oh yeah, it's like a talent show. The original artistic team, who's on there?

Andrea Allemand:         Erin Burton. Bailey Boo.

Chad Jordan:                 Was Linda on the original?

Andrea Allemand:         Linda. Yep. Who else was original? Krystal Sierras. And myself.

Chad Jordan:                 Was Ashlee.

Andrea Allemand:         Ashlee Merriweather.

Chad Jordan:                 Was she an original? That's six.

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah. Six. There we go. Ashlee.

Chad Jordan:                 All right. Cool. Give me some fun times you guys had. Huddle, I mean how about this, the first Huddle, because at that point, no artistic but ever performed at Huddle and there was ... I mean now we see it. There's dancing, there's choreography. It's insane. What was the first one like?

Andrea Allemand:         So from what I can remember is we're all backstage. Okay.

Chad Jordan:                 This is Houston? Where was the first one that you guys are in?

Andrea Allemand:         The very, very first one. We talked at that one. That one I believe was ... was it in Vegas? I think it was in Vegas. So we go through the rehearsals where we're watching the dancers dance, and so we're starting to actually watch them learn their dance, because we have to know when to come out, when to go back and when to come back out. And when we're behind the stage, we are actually dancing with the dancers.

Chad Jordan:                 Right. Moving with them, yeah.

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah. So we're doing that and then waiting for our cues and we're even counting down in our head, four, three, two, one go, and then we walk out. The first one, we actually had the chance to talk and introduce ourselves. That was where we were supposed to share what the artistic team was here to do, and it was to spread brand awareness across the nation to help improve our retention and applications and everything.

Chad Jordan:                 Yeah, and you ended up performing at, obviously, Huddles. What are some of the other highlights from being on the artistic team that you can share, that is available for public consumption anyways?

Andrea Allemand:         So what I can share.

Chad Jordan:                 There's some shenanigans I'm sure you can't share, so that's ...

Andrea Allemand:         Nope, if you want to know the shenanigans, you got to if you want to know the shenanigans, you got to join the team.

Chad Jordan:                 Bonus. Yeah, there you go.

Andrea Allemand:         Oh, you get to meet so many interesting people, Robert Cromeans, and watch him work and put together all of Paul Mitchell Caper Event. You get to go to Disney World. I mean Disney Land. That is a whole experience in its own. I remember-

Chad Jordan:                 You pack fun into that or is it all work?

Andrea Allemand:         No, there's fun. There's fun. We had some fun. We had a lot of fun with each other, that's for sure. You get to see the behind the scenes stuff of other shows, other than the Huddle, and that is just amazing. You get to be backstage when there are artists that are creating this hair, that's about to go ... You get to see first looks of what everyone else is dying out there, waiting to see. You get to talk to the artist and ask them, "What is it you're doing?" They tell you the formulas that they're mixing, and how they're cutting it. We did our haircuts in the back to prep and then we would fix them on stage.

                                    We were the grand finale for Caper. The barbers back there are so helpful. I remember I needed to adjust my clippers, and I couldn't find my tool, so one of the barbers came back and handed it to me, and I was like, "Oh my God, thank you so much." So it's just mind-blowing. As a stylist, or a future stylist, when I went to beauty school, normally I see that there are two goals that stylists have, to own their own salon or to be a platform artist. Platform artist was my goal, so Sport Clips was able to do that for me. And I even saw Edward at the huddle one year, and I was-

Chad Jordan:                 Edward Logan, our president.

Andrea Allemand:         Yep. I was passing by the window, and he waved as we were walking by the window. And I was like, "Oh, he wants us to come in," and my girl Maria, who you know in Pittsburgh-

Chad Jordan:                 Maria Jones.

Andrea Allemand:         She was like-

Chad Jordan:                 Now on the artistic team.

Andrea Allemand:         Yes. She's like, "No, he's not waving us in." I was like, "Oh, he's definitely wanting us to come in. I know that look. Let's go." So we went in and he was with his A team, and I went up to him and I was calm and cool. Going to thank him for the opportunity. It was my last year on it, and it sounded something like this, "Hey, I just wanted to come and tell you that I am so thankful."

Chad Jordan:                 Oh no. Awkward. Oh my gosh.

Andrea Allemand:         I started crying. I'm sure he was like, "What do I do with this girl?"

Chad Jordan:                 Security.

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah. Then he goes, "Oh, so sweet. We're about to take a champagne toast with the A team. Would you like to join us?" I was like, "Yes I would. Thank you." We do the toast. He says this great speech and in his speech he acknowledges the artistic team. I was the only one there at the time it was so sweet.

Chad Jordan:                 Oh jeez. You're just a puddle on the floor.

Andrea Allemand:         I was a mess.

Chad Jordan:                 Is Maria later going, "See, I told you. He was not waving us in. He was just saying hi."

Andrea Allemand:         She's like, "I'm never following you around again. You're so embarrassing. But it was a special moment for sure. It was amazing.

Chad Jordan:                 What else have you gotten to do? Any web series or any articles in magazines? Any anything else like that, that the exposure from the artistic team helped launch?

Andrea Allemand:         Yes, so my girl Crystal, she entered a contest. It was one that I was kind of on her about, "You should do this, you should do this, you should do this." And she was like, "Listen to me." And she did it and she won, to have her and her son and two other people, excuse me, flown to California.

Chad Jordan:                 This is Crystal Smith, right? The team leader of 308.

Andrea Allemand:         Yes. Of Gordon's hometown.

Chad Jordan:                 SC 308. Her and her son got to do, what was it?

Andrea Allemand:         They-

Chad Jordan:                 A men's grooming mega ...

Andrea Allemand:         Man Magazine he was going to be on the cover of Man Magazine. So they needed one artistic team member to go and I was like, "You've got to pick me." Julie goes, "We got to make it fair." They put all the names in the hat. One person was drawn and I feel so bad for whoever it was, and I think it was Whitney, and Whitney was like, "I don't want to be the one to judge this," and throws it back in. Then Jennifer ends up grabbing the name out and opens it up and I got picked to go. So I'm sorry for whoever got thrown back in.

Chad Jordan:                 Well never know because she didn't open to see who it was, right?

Andrea Allemand:         I know, but I was taking it. So I get to go with my girl to California, member of the artistic team, and I get to style my sweet little Mason's hair. And he was on the cover of magazine. They have a beautiful page inside of the styling process, and that was so special.

Chad Jordan:                 I wonder if that's available online still. I'd love to link it to this podcast to be able to see when people just click on it and couldn't go find it. Because she's got it displayed in her store on the tailgate area.

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah. She's proud of that.

Chad Jordan:                 That's pretty cool. What's next? What else? What's on the horizon for Dr. Dre?

Andrea Allemand:         Well, the next step, EJ Gozur, we're going to need to enter into a some kind of business deal.

Chad Jordan:                 You think so? Okay.

Andrea Allemand:         Let me come on board as you'll AD support.

Chad Jordan:                 Okay. So we're throwing down the gauntlet. EJ has just unsubscribed from the podcast as we speak.

Andrea Allemand:         He's like, "I'm going to kill her." Oh there he is right now knocking on the door. I'm just kidding.

Chad Jordan:                 Yeah, yeah, right. No, well that's exciting. I mean we've interviewed Crystal, who was a manager turned team leader. So it is possible, especially in this market and especially with the Gozurs, who are phenomenal.

Andrea Allemand:         Amazing. Amazing.

Chad Jordan:                 So. Well that would be awesome. Great. Then I could have you on the podcast again as the first ever OG 18-year-old manager, turned artistic team member, turned team leader.

Andrea Allemand:         Team leader. There we go. That sounds like a perfect podcast.

Chad Jordan:                 Multiunit team leader. I like where this is going. That's great. All right, well by the way, we're getting ready to chat ... you probably already met Denny Hamlin, Eric Jones and coach Gibbs before they're, they're coming literally any minute, probably into this RV. We're probably keeping them from coming in here and the hospitality RV. But can I ask you the 10 fun questions I like to end the podcast with?

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                 I'm going to pull them up. All right. Number one, which super power would you most like to have?

Andrea Allemand:         Oh man. I'm going to say to fly.

Chad Jordan:                 Yeah, because you want to get to all the stores quickly.

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                 That's because of all the travel that you've done over the course of your career.

Andrea Allemand:         Could you imagine how quick you get successions done?

Chad Jordan:                 Yeah, oh my gosh.

Andrea Allemand:         One day. Done.

Chad Jordan:                 Can do it the whole state and Eastern Georgia. What is your personal motto?

Andrea Allemand:         Oh man. You know what? It's going to sound so corny.

Chad Jordan:                 Do it. Do what's right. Do your best.

Andrea Allemand:         Yes.

Chad Jordan:                 Treat others the way they want to be treated.

Andrea Allemand:         When you are with the company for 15 years, it becomes part of your being. It is the program within me. Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                 I can see that. It's baked in at this point. It's who you are. Okay, so our core values. Other than where you live now, where else in the world, now you get not just America, where else in the world would you most like to live?

Andrea Allemand:         I wouldn't.

Chad Jordan:                 Really?

Andrea Allemand:         Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chad Jordan:                 You would take this hurricane and all? We got a hurricane bearing down on Somerville, South Carolina-

Andrea Allemand:         I know. Listen-

Chad Jordan:                 ... when we're recording this.

Andrea Allemand:         Everyone hates hurricanes if you're not there, but when you're there, everyone here loves hurricanes. I took my daughter to the movie with her friends and her friends are like, "I hope the hurricane hits."

Chad Jordan:                 Oh my Gosh, it's a hurricane school day. They don't have to go to school.

Andrea Allemand:         Exactly. It's fine. As long as you have a generator and I have a generator, so as long as I have a generator. Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                 Okay. All right. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Andrea Allemand:         Oh God. Do what's right. Do your best.

Chad Jordan:                 Okay. People are getting sick of hearing you say that? All right. What sound or noise do you love?

Andrea Allemand:         Oh, rain.

Chad Jordan:                 Oh well, you're getting ready to hear a lot of that, so you're in luck, young lady. What sound or noise do you hate?

Andrea Allemand:         Smacking.

Chad Jordan:                 Like when people are eating smacking.

Andrea Allemand:         Yes. Uh-huh (affirmative).

Chad Jordan:                 Okay. I will not eat near you later today. All right. These three questions are kind of related. When they make the movie based on the story of your life, who do you want to play the lead character? What actress do you want to play you?

Andrea Allemand:         Dolly Parton.

Chad Jordan:                 Dolly Parton? Oh, because she's a singer, dancer, and actress. Okay.

Andrea Allemand:         She's amazing.

Chad Jordan:                 All right. What ... well, that's easy because the next question is, which band or musician do you want to do the soundtrack? I'm assuming it's the same.

Andrea Allemand:         Oh Dolly.

Chad Jordan:                 Okay.

Andrea Allemand:         Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                 So Dolly's got to do it. And then last but not least on that question, then I have one more final one. For that movie, what's the title? What should we call it?

Andrea Allemand:         Listen to My Story.

Chad Jordan:                 Listen to My Story. Okay. And that'll be the single that Dolly release from the movie?

Andrea Allemand:         Yes. It's two for one.

Chad Jordan:                 Okay. Last question. If heaven indeed exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Andrea Allemand:         "I'm proud of you."

Chad Jordan:                 Aw. Well, hey, we're proud of you, you Hall of Famer, who took me over a year to get you on this podcast. But what a career. I mean, this is literally ... I mean, you're still a young gal, so you've got such a great career in line, but what you've already accomplished, original artistic team member, manager at 18, a future team leader. I mean we're putting it out there. So certainly proud of you and all your accomplishments, and all our team members that strive for greatness like you. What a company to be a part of. So thank you for carving out some time for me today. That's all we got for this week. We'll have another edition next week. I don't know if it'll be as exciting as this one, but we'll try.

Andrea Allemand:         Okay. High five.

Chad Jordan:                 Thanks everybody.

Andrea Allemand:         Woo.

Chad Jordan:                 Good job.