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Red Banner with HOF EpisodeIn this episode recorded in March 2019, we interview Barbara Montes, the reigning Area Manager of the Year. Barbara, who is married and has three sons, explains why putting her family first helped her discover her calling and paved the way for her successful career. She also credits her deep rooted faith for providing a good foundation for mentoring, managing and coaching other stylists.

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March 29, 2019 Barbara Montes Area Manager Developing a purpose driven life at Sport Clips

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Chad Jordan: Hey, everybody, this is Chad Jordan. I'm the director of marketing for digital services over here at Sport Clips Haircuts, and this is another edition of our Hall of Fame Podcast. In the podcast, every week we go around and we interview people associated with, around, inside, outside Sport Clips and get to find out a little bit about them and, specifically if they're involved with Sport Clips still, their career here
And my guest today is not an exception to that rule. She's definitely involved with Sport Clips in a big way, and I'm going to let her introduce herself and then I'll say exactly why we picked her for this episode of the podcast. So, the young lady, your name and what you do here.

Barbara Montes: Okay. My name is Barbara Montes, and I am an area coach ... Well, area manager/coach.

Chad Jordan: And not just "an area manager." The reason she's on the Hall of Fame Podcast is because she is the reigning area manager of the year in which every year at our national convention, which we call Huddle, we name a bunch of things: team leader of the year. Those are our franchisees. We name the manager of the year, the Logan Trophy winner for a certain store if they meet metrics, and and all this ... Area developer of the year and coach of the year.
Anyway, we also have an area manager of the year and last year, Barbara's city ... Southern California rocked it last year. Your section, the team leader of the year, the manager of the year. SO, where were you in the roll call when they're naming everything ... I say they. It's probably me, right? Whoever was announcing it, it was either me or Whitney, I think, when we're announcing that kind of stuff, had they already won? Were you the first? Do you remember even?

Barbara Montes: I think I was the first with area manager and then manager and then team leader.

Chad Jordan: Okay. All right. So, you started it all?

Barbara Montes: I did.

Chad Jordan: If you hadn't won, maybe they wouldn't have won. Who knows? You're the lucky charm for a southern California.

Barbara Montes: Yes, we were very surprised.

Chad Jordan: It was funny because the yells kept coming from the same section it seemed last year. You guys had that whole area over there.
So, area manager of the year means what? What does an area manager do and how do you do it well, well enough to be recognized? Gimme a little lay of the land there.

Barbara Montes: I probably believe that everything was based in numbers. I oversee seven stores for the Chamberlain team. They actually own seven [crosstalk 00:02:35]

Chad Jordan: ... team is?

Barbara Montes: Ron and Spencer Chamberlain [crosstalk 00:02:39]

Chad Jordan: So, Ron and Spencer work for Robin Chamberlain let's just be honest about that. Okay. All right. So, they have seven locations here.

Barbara Montes: They have 17 locations.

Chad Jordan: 17 locations. Okay. All right. And you area manage for all of them or seven of them?

Barbara Montes: Seven.

Chad Jordan: Okay. For seven of them, okay. And what is an area manager specifically do?

Barbara Montes: I just support all the managers. I have seven managers that I work with, and I'm there to listen to them, give them advice on how to coach certain situations with team members, how to make the store culture inside better for the team members. If they need toilet paper that day when I'm there I'll go and buy toilet paper. If they need ... whatever they meet me for, whatever advice they need, I'm there for them.

Chad Jordan: Well, and if anybody's watching this on YouTube, the people in the podcast can't see this, but we do record these and put them on YouTube. They may notice we're in a different location than some of the other places that I record. We are in ... I don't know. This is a mansion or something. We're here in southern California and it's ... Is it MTC week? Is that what's going on?

Barbara Montes: MTC, yes.

Chad Jordan: A manager training camp. And so, it sounds like this is ... What's that TV show? Big Brother? But this is like Big Sister. You guys are all in the same house and spending a couple of days and nights together and hanging out. Is this your idea or how does this work?

Barbara Montes: Yes, so it was my idea because I have a couple of team managers that are coming here from three hours away. So, we're basically going to get a room for each one of them and [crosstalk 00:04:36]. Yeah, a hotel room. And then we were going to find a place to meet.
So, we're like, "Hey, why don't we just rent a house. We'll have the rooms, we have the facilities, we can save money on renting hotel rooms, renting a facility, work to have these teaching." And we're cooking, we're doing our own meals, we're sharing everything. So, it's really nice for everybody to get together, get to know each other better, share ideas.
And sometimes when you're a manager you feel alone. It's a lonely place, you know? So, I just feel that this is a really good place for everyone to come together.

Chad Jordan: It seems like it because when I walked in, you guys were already having fun laughing. I don't know if you're laughing at me, but you were laughing when I came in. It seems like you guys ... It's this stuff that's really good for team bonding and no one's killed each other yet and you haven't had any murder charges. So, maybe other markets can adopt this style for their MTCs, especially if they have a cluster of stores like you guys do.

Barbara Montes: Yeah, I love every manager. They're just amazing. They have so much to give, and this is a place where they can come and share. And we can also affirm each other and know that by sharing we can all see that we're not the only ones struggling with some of the issues within the four walls.

Chad Jordan: You said it was lonely. Why or what makes ... Because some of these people listening to the podcast, they are managers and they're nodding their heads and they're like, "Duh. Yeah, it is, Chad." But then those of us on the outside, we're like, "What do you mean? You got 12, 13, 14 people you're working with all the time. You got clients galore. How, why are you saying it can be lonely?

Barbara Montes: Well, I was a manager for a few years and you are lonely because you have to have that middle ground where you can be a friend with your team members, but you're also managing. You're also their leader. And many times you can be their friends, but then there's going to be those times where you need to coach them and they might feel that you're not such a good friend to them because you're telling them what you need from them, what they need to do.

Chad Jordan: So, you're alone in the sense that it doesn't feel like, in the store at least, anybody else might not have your back at any given moment because you're having to take the hard line and say, "Follow the five point play or do something in there."

Barbara Montes: I need to coach them.

Chad Jordan: So, okay. Give me a little glimpse into ... Obviously you didn't wake up one day and just become area manager because somebody waved a magic wand. You were a stylist first, right? Did you get into cosmetology school right out of high school? Was that something that you've always wanted to do.

Barbara Montes: No, not at all.

Chad Jordan: Okay. All right. Good. Then, give me ... How did you get here? Give me the story. Give me the scoop.

Barbara Montes: Yeah. I never thought I was going to be at hair stylist. However, I stayed home with my three sons Brandon, Nathan, and Jonah for 10 years. And when they were in the fifth, fourth grade, I decided I wanted to go back to school. So, I just, having three boys, I was wanting to save some money. I use to cut their hair myself. I got a clipper and I use to buzz their hair and I made a lot of mistakes.
So, when I was at Saddleback College, I saw that they had a cosmetology program. I said, "Hey, I can just take it. Pray about it and talked to my husband and I said, "You know, I just want to try these." He said, "Okay, cool." And I tried it and it was amazing the way it just worked. I started going to school when the kids started school in August, and then they graduated out of school in June. So, I put in my nine months-

Chad Jordan: How many hours is it here in California?

Barbara Montes: It's 1,600. So, I basically went to school while they were in school and it worked out. I got my license in nine months. So, I took the summer off to be with them. And then in ...

Chad Jordan: Now, hold on. I assume their haircuts got better in [crosstalk 00:08:49]

Barbara Montes: And some did not get better.

Chad Jordan: All right. So, what do you mean some did not get better? What does that mean?

Barbara Montes: So, while I was practicing and learning, I'm sometimes used to going with the zero and [crosstalk 00:09:02]

Chad Jordan: ... before you can try it again. So, they were your volunteer but sometimes unwilling models for you, huh?

Barbara Montes: Yes.

Chad Jordan: What were ... And they were in the fourth or fifth grade around then?

Barbara Montes: Yes. So, they were 10 and 12. I have twins that are 10.

Chad Jordan: I was going to say triplets because you said they're all the same time. Okay. So, you've got a set of twins and [crosstalk 00:09:21] Okay.

Barbara Montes: So, they're two years apart.

Chad Jordan: All right. So, you mentioned their names but you didn't mention your husband's name. I want to make sure.

Barbara Montes: Right.

Chad Jordan: Okay. I want to make sure he doesn't get the shaft and say, "Oh, you just talked about the boys." So, all right. So, you got that in nine months, you got better at haircut, you had the summer with the boys and then ...

Barbara Montes: And then they opened a Sport Clips down the street from my house seven minutes away.

Chad Jordan: Oh, it was like a sign.

Barbara Montes: It was a sign, yes, because I wanted a job where I could stay home with my kids, while I will be working, while there were be in school, or you know. So anyway, I started looking for a job when they started school. So, in October. I was looking in other places, but nobody will give me that schedule that I needed to be with my kids, and that was my priority at the time was my family. My husband, my three boys.
And when I went to Sport Clips they said, "Yes, we'll go ahead and give you the hours that you want to work. Nine to two." Yes, I was that stylist that came in and said, "I can only work from nine to two and I'll work Saturdays." Sundays is my family time and my Jesus time. So, they said, "Okay, we'll go ahead and take you."

Chad Jordan: That Saturday was key, though. They had to hear the [crosstalk 00:10:35] Okay.

Barbara Montes: Yes, but I did need that Sunday. It was the only time to spend with my family. So, they said, "Yes, we'll do that."
And after a year, the Chamberlain family bought the store and I just enjoy working for them. I really like Ron. The first question that he asked was, "Why do you like working at Sport Clips?" and I said, "The clients became my family. They were really nice family businessmen. I like the clients." So, that was my answer and he said, "Okay, we'll keep you."

Chad Jordan: Oh, wow. I didn't realize you were having to sweat it out. But you weren't managing yet, right?

Barbara Montes: I was not managing, no.

Chad Jordan: So, they come in, the Chamberlains come in, take the store. How far ... is it pretty close to your house?

Barbara Montes: It is seven minutes away [crosstalk 00:11:30] Five minutes away from my kids' school.

Chad Jordan: So, how do you eventually get to a place where you're an assistant manager at first or were you ...

Barbara Montes: Yes, I was an assistant manager for a while. And then I heard, actually, that they were opening another store around that area and I said ... I knew that they were looking for a manager, and I told him, "I think I'm ready."

Chad Jordan: The nine to two probably went out the window, though, at that point. But your kids are older now.

Barbara Montes: They were in junior high now and ...

Chad Jordan: So, you could trust them at home by themselves at this point. They weren't gonna ... Yeah.

Barbara Montes: And so, anyway, Ron said, "Well, you know, we would really like you to take over this store" because the manager was transitioning. So, I said, "Okay" and then he came again and he said, "Hey, I want you to go home and ask your family if they're okay with you being the manager at this time." So, I love Ron, my team leader for that reason.

Chad Jordan: Had you already talked it over with your family or ...

Barbara Montes: Nope.

Chad Jordan: Okay. But the fact that he didn't just jump on it and say, "No, no. Yeah, okay. You've committed. You can't ... Don't take it back." But he wanted you to go back to Greg and the three boys and just talk it out. I was going to say, were they super excited like "oh, my gosh, my mom's going to be managing."

Barbara Montes: They were very excited, yes. They were very supportive. So, then I came back and when I saw Ron, he was like, "Did you talk to your family?" I'm like, "Yes, and we're all ready."

Chad Jordan: Great. So, you got to open a store as a manager, is that ...

Barbara Montes: No, I stayed in the same store in Lake Forest. I didn't move to the other one because Ron wanted me to stay where I am at.

Chad Jordan: Got it. I missed that part. Okay.

Barbara Montes: I'm sorry.

Chad Jordan: No, no. Okay. So, how did that feel then at the store you started at, now you've grown through and now you're managing this? The minute you put the manager name tag on, did anything change with you and the team or did you feel differently at all?

Barbara Montes: No, I didn't. The team was happy that I became the manager. They knew that they can rely on me and that I was going to be there for them. I follow the five point play. They did the same thing. So, it was a very easy transition in between them and I, yeah. So, we started growing the store. We grew and grew, and then after a while, Ron and Sara Sandelovic pull me aside.

Chad Jordan: Yeah. So, Sara was here at the time. Okay. A former podcast episode guest.

Barbara Montes: I Love Sara. She believed in me when I didn't see the potential in me, and I love that because that's something that now I'm passing on to others.

Chad Jordan: Right. Yeah, you're looking for people that might not believe in themselves and you're going to them and telling them. Yeah.

Barbara Montes: Because she was very encouraging. But they pulled me aside and said, "Hey, we know you love the fight point play. You have grown the store. Can you become a coach?" And I said, "Okay, I'll try it. Sure."

Chad Jordan: And were you one of these coaches that was still managing?

Barbara Montes: Yes.

Chad Jordan: Okay. So, you were going to manage your ... Is it 510? SA 510?

Barbara Montes: Yes.

Chad Jordan: And then coach for these other southern California locations?

Barbara Montes: Yes. I was doing classes. I was doing [inaudible 00:15:02] and I was managing.

Chad Jordan: Was it just for Chamberlain stores?

Barbara Montes: No, it's for the whole territory.

Chad Jordan: Okay. Right.

Barbara Montes: But there's four coaches. So, we all divide the stores.

Chad Jordan: All right. So, you make the transition from ... Well, not from manager to coach, but you added coach to your title and you got to do that for a little while. Now some people go from manager to coach and they're not managing anymore and they liked it. Maybe the schedule's better or the travel. It's more their style. But you found that coaching really wasn't what you necessarily wanted to do, especially full time, right?

Barbara Montes: Right.

Chad Jordan: So, what was the ... Why was there a struggle there or a challenge?

Barbara Montes: I felt that coaching wasn't for me because at the time I was still managing, I was transitioning. So, I knew what managing was, and I like developing my teammates, my team, moving forward, seeing results, seeing the store grow, winning all these awards. The Chamberlains, every time we break a record, they take us out to a very nice dinner. So, we like celebrating.

Chad Jordan: Well, hey, I live in southern California. So, why don't you guys keep breaking records and then just invite some Sport Clips folks? Okay.

Barbara Montes: We had a great culture. It was like family. Clients, team members, everybody. So then when I went to coaching, I enjoy teaching the classes. However, it didn't feel the same because I will teach the classes and then I wouldn't see those team members. Or I will do the success checks and maintenance.
When you're going to do success checks, people see you differently. You're not their favorite person because they think you're there to judge them where we are not. We want to help them improve. We want to give them ideas. We are there to really help them.
I used to welcome coaches into my store. I love when they will fail me believe me or not because if I wasn't doing the five point play, following it ... And I was telling my team members, "This is what we have to do. We follow the five point play and they weren't doing it." When they used to come in, the coaches, and do the success check, if they will mark me down for something, I would say, "You see? I've been telling you guys that we need to say, 'Welcome to Sport Clips' and we're not doing it. So, they marked us down." They're doing their job.
But yeah, so when you go into stores and do success checks, it sometimes you're not everybody's favorite person.

Chad Jordan: You're like an inspector more than a [crosstalk 00:17:38] Yeah. Well, the thing of it is just probably you still have the benefit of managing. So, you were still in the store. But when you're manager, you're still part of the team, right? You're in there. But when you're the coach, you're not on the field with them. It's a different dynamic for sure.
So then, what do you do? Did you go back and and tell the Chamberlains "I really prefer not to do this" or what happened there?

Barbara Montes: So, I started listening to people talk about area managers where you will be helping the managers and you will help the stores grow, develop a culture within the store, and like I said, I'm built to see results. I like to see results. So, I wasn't doing that and-

Chad Jordan: Are you competitive?

Barbara Montes: I Am very competitive.

Chad Jordan: Okay. All right. Okay. You've gotta have that [crosstalk 00:18:31]

Barbara Montes: I like to touch that wall. So, I went up. I talked to Ron again and I said, "You know, this is not my shape. I like to be out there. I like to be with the team. I like to help stores grow, develop leaders. So then he said, "Okay, well, what do you want to do?" I said, "Well I want to be an area manager." He said, "Why do you want to be an area manager?" I said, "I want to grow your stores. I want to help the managers grow the stores."

Chad Jordan: Did he have any area managers at this time?

Barbara Montes: Nope.

Chad Jordan: Okay. So, you go in there and you pitch "Here's a vision I have. I heard there's area managers across the country at different, other markets. Can we have one? And here's what I can do as one."

Barbara Montes: Yes. Yup. He said, "Yes."

Chad Jordan: Okay. You're a sales lady.

Barbara Montes: Yes, I am.

Chad Jordan: You sold yourself and your idea and he liked it. And so what ... You've mentioned culture, you mentioned some other. So, what are some of the things that you began to implement and institute once you hit the ground running as an area manager?

Barbara Montes: I started talking to my managers to let them know how important it is the culture within the store. It's important for the clients. It's important for team members to retain team members. It's going to help you grow your store, and be happy when you come to work. You want to be happy when you come to work. You don't want to get up in the morning and say [crosstalk 00:20:00]

Chad Jordan: Right. Hate your job.

Barbara Montes: "I don't want to go in there" and-

Chad Jordan: You spend 60 hours a week in this place basically. So, you don't want to be miserable that whole time.

Barbara Montes: And previously I had seen 510 grow. I think when I took it over, it was doing about five or six and I got it to 10k. And then I also manage 501 in Irvine. And that was also a store that was maybe doing about 10 and I brought it up to ... we just hit 20 over 20 plus years. It's very exciting.

Chad Jordan: It sounds like that was a meal, a team dinner that you guys [crosstalk 00:20:34] I bet.

Barbara Montes: So, the first three stores that he gave me was between Irvine and Lake Forest. So, I was being a support to the managers.

Chad Jordan: So, are you going there on a weekly basis? Do you visit each store? What does your typical week look like?

Barbara Montes: My typical week starts on Monday where we have conference calls with the Chamberlain team. The area developer is the first one because I'm still a coach. So, we go over the success checks, coaching, and all that stuff, what's happening on the area.
And then the second call that I have at nine o'clock is for just the Chamberlain stores, the 17. So, I'll go over my seven stores, let them know what's happening, what we need. Spencer Chamberlain is a huge support. I love that guy. Hopefully he won't hear that.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, I know he'll hold it against you now that he knows how you really feel.

Barbara Montes: But we have learned a lot from each other. I think we're a great team. So, he's our IT support. So, if anything happens-

Chad Jordan: Oh, he's definitely technologically advanced that guy.

Barbara Montes: Yes. So, we worked together all these years, actually, for 10 years now, maybe less. Maybe eight years. But he's amazing and so, we work together. He takes care of marketing and IT and I take care of operations inside the store. Or in fact, manager's having a meltdown because somebody just walked out or ... They call me like, "I need therapy. I need to talk to you. What do I do?"

Chad Jordan: So, everyone listening to this has had that happen. "Oh, good. It's not just us."

Barbara Montes: Yes. No, it happens all the time. And I think what I tell them is people are going through different issues all the time. We all have issues. We all have life, right? So, if that's ... And they're like, "Well, what do I do? How do I talk to them?" Then I'll coach them on how to talk to them. How to just be a friend at times and how to be a boss or a manager at the times.

Chad Jordan: All right. So, how ... I noticed today that in your MTC I was eavesdropping. You guys were doing some role playing, right? Is that one of the things that you'll try to walk a manager through and have them put themselves in a team member's shoes and all of that?

Barbara Montes: Yes.

Chad Jordan: What are some of the big, your go-to moves on encouraging a manager or somebody that's down or panicking? What are the things in your playbook that you'll bust out to lift their spirits or to get them on the right track?

Barbara Montes: So, the most important thing, I feel, that is just listening to them. Just listening because sometimes, like I said, managers are in a lonely place. They can't just turn around and start talking about their issues or what they're going through with a stylist. So, it's good for them to have somebody to call and say, "Hey, this is what's going on" and I just listen. And once I listen then I can give them feedback or I can let them know what they can do, how to coach the team member, let them know that it's not them because a lot of them-

Chad Jordan: Yeah, don't take it personally.

Barbara Montes: It's so personal. We take it so personal, and just to be there and just give them the support that they need.

Chad Jordan: What are ... You've been doing this how many years now have you been area manager?

Barbara Montes: About three.

Chad Jordan: Three years. Okay. So, what are the mistakes that you made along the way that you would like to help other people avoid?

Barbara Montes: Probably make a comment when I'm in the store like, "Why is it like that?"

Chad Jordan: Without thinking.

Barbara Montes: Yeah, without thinking. Thinking out loud. "Oh, why is this like that? Why isn't this clean?" Yeah, I try to be really careful of making comments like that. Spencer is really good at coaching me about that stuff. So, yeah.

Chad Jordan: Oh, great. His head's just getting bigger. This guy.

Barbara Montes: He's like, "You didn't just say that in front of anybody or anything. Where are you?"
One thing that I am learning, and I have been learning this for the past three years, is to let them make their own mistakes sometimes because I'm a mom. And I'm going to try to save them from making those mistakes, and I have to trust them and I have to let them make those decisions and learn from their mistakes and then I can say, "I told you so."

Chad Jordan: Right. Yeah, you are a mom, aren't you, especially with boys? Where are your boys? Are any of them still in the house? Are they all now-

Barbara Montes: They're all at home. Yes, they're going to school, working. Yeah. But they did everything with Sport Clips. They were supportive, they were marketing with me, they were coordinators, vacuum hotels. Yeah, they grew up in Sport Clips.

Chad Jordan: It is a family business, that's for sure.

Barbara Montes: That's right. Exactly.

Chad Jordan: Well, here's what I want to do. I want to pause real quick.
Okay, because what I want to do is I've got 10 fun questions that I'm going to want to ask you. But before I get there, I know a big part of your story, as it is mine, as we talked about off air, is your faith. In fact, you mentioned Sundays your Jesus day. You can't work on, you weren't able to work on Sundays back in the day. I don't know if that's changed.

Barbara Montes: Jesus won't get mad at me if I work. But I like to go to church.

Chad Jordan: You like to have that Sabbath, that one day off where you dedicate to that.

Barbara Montes: Exactly.

Chad Jordan: So, tell me a little bit about how your faith has impacted and influenced your career and whether that's with your family involved or just a just faith-focused. Gimme a little rundown on that.

Barbara Montes: So, about 18 years ago I started going to Saddleback Church, which is-

Chad Jordan: Rick Warren's church.

Barbara Montes: Rick Warren's church. Read the book [crosstalk 00:26:39] , and he's a wonderful teacher. And he teaches practical messages that come out of God's word, The Bible, and I have put a lot into my way of leadership.

Chad Jordan: You applied a lot of those lessons to your style. Yeah.

Barbara Montes: Exactly. And I don't go around preaching, but I believe people around me and that work with me know that I'm a big believer in Jesus, in the word. So, many times when the team members that are going through a difficult time, they will come to me and ask, "Would you please pray for so and so? Would you pray for me? Would you do this?" And I love that.
And I feel that a lot of us don't have the confidence as stylists. We feel that, "Oh, we're hairdressers. We're stylists." And my passion is to let everyone know how valuable they are, how much they have in them, what I see in them, the potential, how they're capable to grow with the company and to just ... That God wants more than what they're doing or what they're thinking. God loves them. He has a purpose for their lives. If I can be a part of that, it's such a blessing. I have seen girls that didn't know God and because I was there, now they know God.

Chad Jordan: Like you said, you weren't preaching to them. You were just available, especially if they went through a tough time to be the one that they come to and know that you're reliable and they've seen ... That's a great thing. They've seen it, right? You've been able to bear the fruit over the course of the couple of years they've known you of someone that's reliable and dependable.

Barbara Montes: I get texts from them, team members. They're not even managers. Team members. "Will you please pray for this? Would you please pray for me?" And I'm able to, I love doing that.

Chad Jordan: Oh, that's great. Everybody needs prayer. So, at least they know where to go to.

Barbara Montes: Exactly.

Chad Jordan: All right, so here's what I want to do now. We've got 10 questions I like to end with. These are just off the wall fun questions. So, you don't have to worry about these, and there is no wrong answer, okay?

Barbara Montes: Okay.

Chad Jordan: So, for instance, question number one, which super power would you most like to have?

Barbara Montes: I Don't know. I'm going to copy my son. He said ... They asked him that question at school. He was doing an interview, and he said he wanted the power of healing because he had a broken finger. But I love his answer. He said he didn't just want the power of healing physically, but he wanted the power to heal their souls, their heart. Yeah, for a 20 year old, that was amazing, right?

Chad Jordan: Yeah, that is. How tender, yeah.

Barbara Montes: So, I'm like, "Oh, my gosh. Okay. I'm going to copy his answer."

Chad Jordan: All right. We'll take it. Healing power. All right. What is your personal motto?

Barbara Montes: Love God.

Chad Jordan: That works. Other than where you live now, and you live in one of the best parts of the country, where else in the world would you most like to live??

Barbara Montes: Okay. So, that answer the Chamberlains will know it. Hawaii.

Chad Jordan: Hawaii. Okay. All right. Any certain island or wherever? Have you been to Hawaii?

Barbara Montes: I have, yeah. The only island I haven't been to is Maui and we're going this summer.

Chad Jordan: Okay. Boom. You crossed it off your [crosstalk 00:30:23]

Barbara Montes: ... family time when we go to Hawaii, and I think that is why it's my favorite place. Family time.

Chad Jordan: We go every summer, too, to Oʻahu with my family and we love it. Number four, who is a celebrity you would most like to meet one day?

Barbara Montes: A celebrity?

Chad Jordan: Rick Warren doesn't count.

Barbara Montes: I know, right? I'm going to go with Toby Mac.

Chad Jordan: Toby Mac. Okay. So, he's a Christian hip-hop [crosstalk 00:30:50]

Barbara Montes: Yeah, I love his music. It has a great message, great beat, happy, dancing beat.

Chad Jordan: Never makes you sad, that's for sure.

Barbara Montes: Yes, yes.

Chad Jordan: I listened to some on the way down here today. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Barbara Montes: Um. Great job.

Chad Jordan: Okay. Well, that's a good one.

Barbara Montes: Amazing.

Chad Jordan: Okay, great. I love those. We need to hear more of that. What sound or noise do you love?

Barbara Montes: The sound of the ocean.

Chad Jordan: Okay, well, perfect for southern California and Hawaii being your dream destination. What sound or noise do you hate?

Barbara Montes: TV. Sports.

Chad Jordan: What? I hope not. We're going to edit that part out just so everybody knows. Let me stop the recording right here.

Barbara Montes: After an eight hour shift, I cannot hear sports anymore.

Chad Jordan: Okay. So, going home. Sports at home. Maybe that's it.

Barbara Montes: As soon as it's six o'clock turn it off.

Chad Jordan: What profession other than your own would you have been good at or at least have wanted to try?

Barbara Montes: I will love to meet a missionary.

Chad Jordan: Really?

Barbara Montes: Yes. I've done a couple of mission trips to Africa.

Chad Jordan: Whoah. What part?

Barbara Montes: Rwanda, Kenya, and Ghana.

Chad Jordan: Oh, my goodness.

Barbara Montes: So, I love learning other cultures, emerging in their [crosstalk 00:32:11]

Chad Jordan: You didn't adopt any of the babies or ... Yeah. I know. I've been there.

Barbara Montes: It's not that I didn't want to.

Chad Jordan: Greg was like, "No, don't." Did he go with you?

Barbara Montes: No, he did not. I went with my three boys, though.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Barbara Montes: Yeah. Yeah, he was at home working.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, I know that's the pull when you go.

Barbara Montes: But he has been there before. So, he knows.

Chad Jordan: It's a struggle. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Barbara Montes: My marriage and my boys. I've been married 28 years.

Chad Jordan: Wow. You got married at 12 years old. That's amazing. That's great.

Barbara Montes: Yes, and my boys have good work ethics, integrity. I'm so proud of them.

Chad Jordan: Oh, that's tremendous. Good answer. Okay, last one. You ready? If heaven indeed exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Barbara Montes: [inaudible 00:33:03] my faithful servant.

Chad Jordan: All right. Excellent. I'm sure that will happen. And this was fun. Thank you for ... And what a venue to have to record this podcast in, and we've had some surprise visitors during our recording here. But congratulations on area manager of the year. Well-deserved. Hopefully others listening to this will be encouraged and believe in themselves the way that you believe in others. And I believed in yourself as well. So, thank you so much. Appreciate it. Thanks, everybody. Tune in next week.