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In this episode, we continue our "Haircuts with Heart" series, where we look at a few of the causes and charities Sport Clips supports. This podcast is with four winners of recent Hero Deal product contests. Every year, Sport Clips and its suppliers sponsor contests for stores to sell haircare products with a portion of those sales going toward the VFW's Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship program, which provides scholarships to active duty military and veterans. In this episode, we interview winning managers (and an Area Manager) of these contests. They share their secrets and tips of how they won and stories from the incredible trips they earned as Hero Deal winners.

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April 12, 2019 April, Reese, Candy & Morgan Winning Stores for Help A Hero Product Contests Secrets and strategies for winning Help A Hero Retail Contests

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Chad Jordan:                All right, hey everybody, this is Chad Jordan, Director of Marketing for Digital Services at Sport Clips, and we have a fun, I'm gonna say fun edition of the podcast coming up. I definitely know it's unusual, and has nothing to do with you guys, but it's because we have ... Typically I interview one person, maybe another if it's a couple like a husband and wife team or something like that, but I actually have four other people joining me.

Chad Jordan:                If you're not watching this on YouTube, you can't see through the podcast. They're all waving, by the way, after I just said that you can't see. That was their signal to wave. If you're out there, this is being recorded, and by the time you listen to it, it will have already been recorded, but still if you could just be praying for the host of the podcast to make it through with these four young ladies that we've got. We have a fun episode planned and you'll see why here in a second.

Chad Jordan:                We have a foundation at Sport Clips called Help A Hero that we support, which is a scholarship program for veterans and we work with the VFW and we raise literally a million plus dollars a year for the Help A Hero Foundation. We come up with throughout the year all sorts of creative ways to do this, and we've partnered with a number of our suppliers who contribute money. Sexy Hair, American Crew, people like that, to come up with incentive-based contests for our stylists to sell the product and then a dollar of that product for instance would be donated to the Help A Hero Fund.

Chad Jordan:                What I've done today, since we've got a contest going on right now with Sexy Hair and through the end of April, the stores ... Is at the top store or is there a number of stores? Is it seven stores, something like that? Does anybody know? Five.

April Allen:                   There's five regions. It's a top sales per region.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. And they're going to win a trip to L.A. for a Sexy Hair makeover. And I think it's a shopping spree. And trust me, you wanna be in that top five. It's gonna be amazing. And then Sexy Hair also contributes money to Help A Hero. So this is an amazing phenomenal way to raise money. And so we're joined today with some stylists or managers whose stores have won the these types of promotions in the past. So we thought it'd be fun. We're all together here at Annual Convention.

Chad Jordan:                They had nothing better to do in Vegas than to hangout with the director of marketing for ... Well what was supposed to be an hour, but now is running into two or three hours of some time together to talk about ... And it's for stylists out there to listen to, their stories on how the contests have worked for them. I wanna pick their brains a little bit on what they have done to sell the most, raise the most money, do all that stuff. And then we also wanna hear about their experiences winning these.

Chad Jordan:                That long introduction gives way to ... I want each of them to go down the list. They're gonna tell me their name. The store they're with and ... How about this? The most recent contest that they have won, because some have won up to seven I hear times. But we wanna hear that and then we're gonna fill in details around that. So to my right leading off our leading lady is

April Allen:                   April Allen L.A. 402. And the most recent contest I've won was the Wella Makeover.

Chad Jordan:                Awesome. We'll find out a little bit about that in a second. Okay. Next.

Reese Smith:                Reese Smith. TX 712. And I won the New Orleans.

Chad Jordan:                Awesome. Okay.

Candi Baldwin:             Candi Baldwin And I am an area manager with the Mansfield's and I recently won the first area manager trip contests.

Chad Jordan:                Where was it?

Candi Baldwin:             Cancun. Yes.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Wow. What a first contest to win. Have you ever won anything in your life until you -

Candi Baldwin:             My stores have, but not as an area manager.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. All right. Awesome. All right. And last but not least.

Morgan Byrd:               I'm Morgan Byrd. I'm at TX111. And the last one I won was the style sexy to Cancun. Okay.

Chad Jordan:                So a lot of Texas in the house and Louisiana. So it was all the same the same region. So you guys obviously have the special sauce, you guys know what you're doing in terms of a winning contests and selling product and all that stuff. So we're gonna start off yours was the Wella makeover? No. Yes. Okay. The Wella makeover. What does that mean to like a guy like me? What is a Wella makeover?

April Allen:                   So that means that the top stylists from Wella are gonna come to our store and not only does myself, and the winning stylist get the makeover, but the entire team.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. So won the makeover for your team and what, do they shut the store down for the day? They come in after hours?

April Allen:                   I think that they come in after hours.

Chad Jordan:                So it's not happened yet?

April Allen:                   No.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

April Allen:                   It has not.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

April Allen:                   I think it's in July, but they're gonna do it after hours and it's a cut, color makeup. And then we're gonna do a photo shoot with the team.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Amazing. And what did you do to win it? What was the contest?

April Allen:                   I sold a lot of Nioxin.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. So it was a Nioxin-based contest and by selling a lot ... Is a lot like you sold a bottle a day? Do you know the number that you hit?

April Allen:                   I don't know the number specifically, but -

Chad Jordan:                Did you have a goal that you guys set up before the contest started to say, "Let's reach this?"

April Allen:                   We set goals individually with our stylists. So depending on like how well their numbers are, I want them to be realistic, but like my goal would be at least three a day. And then accordingly with the rest of the team.

Chad Jordan:                And, when the contest wraps up, do you know ... So were you the overall winner or were you one of the winners? Do we know this? Winner over region? Okay. The question that I wanna know, see if you know the answer to. If not, it's fine. We'll ask somebody else off air. But do you know by the margin that you won by?

April Allen:                   I do not.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. All right. Yeah. but you just have to set a goal and go crush it.

April Allen:                   Right.

Chad Jordan:                All right. And so some of the other things that you have won over the years...?

April Allen:                   The Sexy Hair, Mexico trip. I've been to California with Sexy Hair. I've been to Colorado with Gibbs, Miami with Crew. That one was really fun.

Chad Jordan:                Is there any product that you don't sell and haven't won a contest for? It's like, literally, I think you just named all of them that I can think of. So I was thinking like, you had a lane and you stayed in your lane and they were all Nioxin, Nioxin, Nioxin.

April Allen:                   No, I'm not brand loyal.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Whatever's offering the best -

April Allen:                   Right.

Chad Jordan:                - incentive.

April Allen:                   What's in it for me?

Chad Jordan:                No, no, no. Hey, but that's why we have all of these brands donating money to help a hero. And so yeah, I know you were joking, kind of tongue in cheek about "what's in it for me?" But they're putting these incentives out there to help you encourage your team.

April Allen:                   Right.

Chad Jordan:                Right. To sell more because it's all going to a good cause. So I love that. You are literally not a one trick pony. You are selling everything. You are agnostic when it comes to product. Okay, so the Wella makeover and that's coming up in July. And who was it again, the vendor, the supplier?

April Allen:                   It was for Nioxin sales.

Chad Jordan:                Nioxin, okay. And that one, we'll do a plug for the ... The Nioxin one has not happened yet or is it? Okay. All right. Okay.

April Allen:                   [inaudible 00:08:15]

Chad Jordan:                Okay. All right. Gotcha. All right, cool. anything else? You said you set a goal and then you just told your team to crush it. I know part of the reason we're doing this podcast ... but part of the thing that I knew it was gonna be tough was getting you guys to share your secrets. Because if you've won seven contests, you're obviously doing something right. But is there any ... think about all the managers out there and they're scratching their heads, "How do we really motivate our teams to sell more for Help A Hero?" Is there any secret that you're willing to share with us that if you can impart some wisdom to the 1800 other managers out there, what would it be?

April Allen:                   Well, I really like prepare a month in advance. Order and make sure I have enough of everything. The worst thing that could happen is I run out and they're selling it. So got to be prepared and order enough. I have a pep rally.

Chad Jordan:                Has that ever happened to you before? Where -

April Allen:                   Yes.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. So you crushed your goal, you oversold it and then they go to ... and you're out of inventory.

April Allen:                   I'm like running to other stores "Hey I need this." Yeah, definitely.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

April Allen:                   So ... what was I talking about?

Reese Smith:                You said pep rally.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah pep rally, yeah sorry.

April Allen:                   So we have a pep rally and just focus on product knowledge for that product and then I meet individually with the stylists to go over the entire product line and set their goals with them before we start. I also sometimes do like fun games for the clients to get involved. Like this year, we're doing one way or whenever they buy a Sexy Hair product, they open an Easter egg and it's gonna surprise in it. And it's just kinda fun to get them involved and they're asking about -

Chad Jordan:                A surprise, like what?

April Allen:                   Surprise like I've got some, double your MBP coupons in there, so that helps our back bar. And then I have some samples of the foursome and the hardup gel that I've put in the egg. So it's a mix.

Chad Jordan:                You're a pro at this point, in other words. So it sounds like you've got it.

April Allen:                   Yeah, I guess.

Chad Jordan:                Did you get one of those Ed Huddle, the big deal, I'm a big deal or whatever.

April Allen:                   I did.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Okay. I figured. Yeah. You earned that one on on the ribbons. All right. Excellent. I love it. All right, let's pass it down. Good job. Thank you.

Chad Jordan:                So yours, it was New Orleans -

Reese Smith:                I went to New Orleans.

Chad Jordan:                And it was Sexy Hair? Which one was it?

Reese Smith:                It was Nioxin also.

Chad Jordan:                It was Nioxin. Okay. All right. So this was last years?

Reese Smith:                Yes.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. So you did Nioxin. First of all, tell me is there anything you would add to what she had to say about what ... Is there something special that you do?

Reese Smith:                I'm worried about product depth as well. I like to talk about with my stylist.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Reese Smith:                Contests are great for because they already have the contest. Yeah. but just really good at them to familiar with the products. Talk to them about how to talk to the clients about products. Describing, yeah, just really go in depth with those product knowledge so that they know what they're actually selling and is it best for the client's hair? but yeah, that's mainly what we do.

Chad Jordan:                So it sounds like you're trying to get the 'why' out there. Why would I want to buy this thing? And have a compelling reason for the client to understand it.

Reese Smith:                Yes. And a guy that is really loyal to his products and if you find the right thing, he's going to use it forever. And so if we can get that forever product, then it's going to be continued sales for lots of years.

Chad Jordan:                And guys are stylist-loyal before they're product-loyal.

Reese Smith:                True.

Chad Jordan:                So you get him you get one that loyal, happy returning client coming in and you build up this great trust with them and you know enough about the product to be able to answer questions or know why he would be an incentivized to buy it.

Reese Smith:                Yes. And then he gets tired of one and "What did you not like? Well, let's talk about what you do want." And it's the best way to sell product. They're going to keep on buying, you know what I mean? But yeah, just mainly -

Chad Jordan:                Especially Nioxin. I mean that's the thing that you're selling. That's the one that you got -

Reese Smith:                Yeah. You actually have to know what you're talking about.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. So New Orleans, Well, you're from Texas, had you been in New Orleans before?

Reese Smith:                Never. It was my first time.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. All right. So tell me a little bit about the trip and about what Nioxin did, or was it DB involved as well?

Reese Smith:                Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                And what kind of accommodations? Give me all that. Yeah.

Reese Smith:                We had such a good time. So they took us on a culinary tour, which is my favorite part about it. So we got to go to all these old restaurants. So you know New Orleans is old. We got to try so many awesome foods. I'm a foodie. And so we got to do that. And then we did a ghost tour, which was interesting. I wouldn't say it was awesome.

Chad Jordan:                Wait, a what now? What is a ghost tour?

Reese Smith:                It was a little lame. But, it was the thought that counted.

Chad Jordan:                Was it like ... is it supposed to be haunted or they take you all these places were famous people died?

Reese Smith:                Yes.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. All right. Okay.

Reese Smith:                Yes, yes. And, it was pretty funny. But you know everything was taken care of. very well taken care of. Food, hotel, picking us up from the airport. Lots of fun. It was just a lot of fun. I had never been and man what a city.

Chad Jordan:                Is that your first trip that you've won?

Reese Smith:                Yeah, it was the first trip I've won. I've won other, when they were doing gift cards and such.

Chad Jordan:                So you got some work to do to catch up to seven?

Reese Smith:                Yes. I'm on it.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. All right. Any other tips or anything that you got? You're the product knowledge expert.

Reese Smith:                Yes, I'm all about their product knowledge because in the long run they're going to do what they're supposed to do. And I'm more about let's get this done and not just give you prizes every time.

Chad Jordan:                Well, here's a follow up question then. Are you, I hate to use the word micro manager, but are you on a daily or weekly basis checking things and saying, "Hey Sally, it looks like you're fallen off pace and ..." Are you doing anything like that?

Reese Smith:                Yes. We actually do what we call one on ones weekly where we actually go over their retail sales. And so new tricks on what to say. We feed off of each other. So like I had to make sure I'm doing my job first because I'm a big believer of it trickles down from the manager. If I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing and talking to the clients about it and I'm engaged with the clients, not just sleepy talk. When you're sitting there in front of people and you're engaged with them. And I feel like that really works. And so it trickles down from us. And then they buy in and they keep on going.

Chad Jordan:                And refresh my memory. Is it the the top stylist and the manager of that store that get to go?

Reese Smith:                Yes, so it was my assistant manager who actually took us on the trip. Like, I sold it too but she was like over a thousand or so.

Chad Jordan:                So do the whole store get to go then?

Reese Smith:                No, two of us.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Gotcha. And is that true for all the trips typically?

Reese Smith:                Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. I love it. Okay. And another ... No, you weren't New Orleans here. We're gonna pass it. Candi, Cancun?

Candi Baldwin:             Yes. The area manager.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. So you said earlier that you had won some stuff when you were a manager or -

Candi Baldwin:             Well since I am area manager and Reese is one of my stores. I have five stores.

Chad Jordan:                Right, okay.

Candi Baldwin:             Three of them are the Lubbock stores. And so between the three Lubbock stores, I think we've won... we win about four to six a year. Out of -

Chad Jordan:                Isn't one of them a million dollar store?

Candi Baldwin:             Yes. That's sort of my other ones.

Chad Jordan:                From all the product that you're selling probably all the great -

Candi Baldwin:             It doesn't hurt.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. It definitely helped. Okay. So tell me, as an area manager, you went on the Cancun trip, which was for ...

Candi Baldwin:             Sexy Hair.

Chad Jordan:                Sexy. I'm not remembering all the things. So Sexy Hair and you sold the Sexy Hair products and or your stores did.

Candi Baldwin:             Yes. So that with area manager trip, they took, all of your store. So I have five stores. So they took all of your stores and they took all the sales and they divided it by how many stores you had. So if somebody had 30 stores, they would divide all of that by a third. So out of my five stores, I was number two in the nation. My five store average was number two in the nation.

Chad Jordan:                And they took how many area managers?

Candi Baldwin:             Six area managers.

Chad Jordan:                Had you been to Cancun before?

Candi Baldwin:             Never. O had never been to a beach. I had never been -

Chad Jordan:                Wait, what?

Candi Baldwin:             No.

Chad Jordan:                Because you are in, is it Lubbick?

Candi Baldwin:             I'm in Texas, yes.

Chad Jordan:                Which is landlocked.

Candi Baldwin:             Red Raider.

Chad Jordan:                Oh yeah. There's the final four going on right now. We got where's some wood we can knock on? I don't want I don't wanna jinx this. Oh, right before, because this podcast will air after the final. Okay. So you had never been to the beach and you're 21 years old -

Candi Baldwin:             Obviously yes.

Chad Jordan:                So for 21 years you had never never gone to the beach. That's amazing. what other firsts? Had you been out of the country?

Candi Baldwin:             Yes.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Candi Baldwin:             On a cruise ship, but -

Chad Jordan:                Yeah, it doesn't count. Yeah. So Cancun and when did you go? Cancun can get smoking hot and humid in -

Candi Baldwin:             Was it June?

Reese Smith:                It was November.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Oh, perfect.

Candi Baldwin:             I'm not even -

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Yes. June, November. Yeah, same thing. You're fine.

Candi Baldwin:             It felt like June in November.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Yes, I understand it's pretty warm down there.

Candi Baldwin:             Being an area manager, we don't ... This is a newer position over the years. The last five years, it's gotten a little bit bigger. But I was one of the first ones and there's not a big group of us. And so -

Chad Jordan:                You had to blaze your own trail.

Candi Baldwin:             Exactly. Yeah. I didn't have that allies, somebody I could just call it because we were so far and few in between. So now that it's gotten bigger, I got to meet five other area managers that do what I do from all over. Wow.

Chad Jordan:                And you're not just talking about Sexy Hair and what you did for that. You're trading a bunch of information back and forth.

Candi Baldwin:             Yes. You know, we saw each other in November and we were saving seats downstairs in our area manager meeting - couldn't wait to see each other. So I give that back to sexy and DBE and they brought people together that would never be together. And so I take that away. Not only was the trip great, but then what I continue to get out of the trip.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah and it's relationships or friendships, but also great career building because you can share information. So Cancun, obviously you went to the beach, that's what you lead with. Well what were some other features of that trip in particular?

Candi Baldwin:             We did have a Sexy, workshop. It was done on the beach.

Chad Jordan:                Wow. Sunset nice -

Candi Baldwin:             It was in the morning so we had the mimosas.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Candi Baldwin:             I got to work on the beach so it's like one of those... But we brainstormed, we did dream boards about Sexy, we did all these things and you almost have to pinch yourself and look around. Like I'm working on the beach.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Yeah. That's a social media moment, if I've ever heard one. So hopefully I don't want -

Candi Baldwin:             We did take pictures.

Chad Jordan:                I was going to say, are you guys sharing this stuff?

Candi Baldwin:             We did.

Chad Jordan:                That's awesome.

Candi Baldwin:             Yes.

Chad Jordan:                So now, knowing what it took to win, what is some advice you could give other area managers? Like, what are some things that you did looking back? I mean obviously you've got great stories in your marketing, but what -

Candi Baldwin:             Okay. So I feel a little confession. I didn't tell my stores about the area manager trip.

Chad Jordan:                Oh, okay.

Candi Baldwin:             I didn't tell them go do this to -

Chad Jordan:                for me.

Candi Baldwin:             I did not. So they didn't know that I had a trip on the line. So I went in and said, "You have a trip on the line, you can do this." Worked with my five managers ... "what do you need from me?" And if it's meant to be, then I'll get to go. And so that was really great. But I feel like we do it for every day because it's our passion. We're educators, so we don't do it for contests. That's what we say. We don't contests that much, because I want to do it every day. I don't like fluctuations.

Chad Jordan:                Ramp up and do it. The peaks and valleys of it.

Candi Baldwin:             Yes. And some stores are stronger at certain product sales, certain product lines. One of my stores won the Gibbs one, that's their clientele. They're all over the Gibbs. But if you know how to sell anything, then everything else is just a perk. So not only are you making your money, you're getting your client retention, you're getting the loyalty, you're building the brand and now you get a trip or some money or everything else on top of it. Whenever all you did was your job, you don't have to do anything special.

Chad Jordan:                What about the impact for ... are you communicating ... This is a question for all three of you so far, and then we'll get down here too. But are you communicating to your clientele about Help A Hero during all of this?

Candi Baldwin:             We officially do it real big in October, but it's still the contest. We still have the stuff posted.

Chad Jordan:                Right That's what I'm saying.

Candi Baldwin:             The girls will say, "Okay, I've got a trip on the line.:

Chad Jordan:                You sure you don't need this -

Candi Baldwin:             Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                - three bottles of Sexy Hair or whatever?

Candi Baldwin:             We're going to use Sexy today because I've got this great product. So our clients do experience different product lines based on what contest it is. But when it comes down to it, we're going to sell the client the product that they need, even if it's not in that line. But we know all the products to where I can take a Gibbs line and make it into a Sexy line. Make the product transfer from one line to another and then the client's still happy.

Chad Jordan:                The picture sounds the same or whatever.

Candi Baldwin:             Exactly.

Chad Jordan:                You're still scratching that same itch for the client.

Candi Baldwin:             Exactly.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Yeah, I like that. That's good. All right. And so Candi, did you go with Morgan?

Candi Baldwin:             I went with Morgan and then I went with her.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Candi Baldwin:             April.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, you went to Cancun too?

April Allen:                   Yes.

Chad Jordan:                That was one of your seven.

Candi Baldwin:             That wasn't her last one -

Chad Jordan:                Oh, that's right. I asked her most recent. Okay.

Candi Baldwin:             My million dollar store did win the Wella one for our region.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. So let's get it to Morgan then because she can share it from a manager's perspective. What are you wearing? Is that President's circle? What's going on there? What's that?

Morgan Byrd:               My trophy,

Chad Jordan:                Logan trophy, of course. Of course you're wearing your bling to the podcast. Yeah. That's awesome. Yeah, you should just walk around all week with that. Okay. So we got a Logan trophy, award winning store, who obviously can sell Sexy Hair. And so Candi comes to you not telling you that she could go.

Candi Baldwin:             She's not one of my stores.

Morgan Byrd:               No. We were just on the same trip.

Chad Jordan:                Oh, she's not. Okay. Oh, got it. Okay. But you are both from Texas, right? I got that part. Right. Okay. How about this? Did your area manager tell you there's a trip in it for me if you win.

Morgan Byrd:               Oh yeah,

Chad Jordan:                Okay. All right. Excellent. Okay, so you get told there's this trip going on. Had you won any other ones previously?

Morgan Byrd:               I hadn't. So my specific store has won the trip for our region, like the last five years and I had just taken it over. So I had a lot to live up to.

Chad Jordan:                The pressure's on.

Morgan Byrd:               Yeah the pressure's on.

Chad Jordan:                Had anybody passed along like, "hey, here's some helpful tips, here's how you can go crush it."

Morgan Byrd:               Yes.

Chad Jordan:                And what were those tips?

Morgan Byrd:               The same thing. Be Super prepared. The whole month before you find out about it, just stock up. They had a great deal where they had gel, the hardup gel is like 100% more. So the whole month before I just ordered it and kept it in the back and just stocked up on it. So soon as the contest came, we're pushing those. Just make it fun for the girls and the clients.

Morgan Byrd:               We usually have some drawing -if you buy or sell Sexy, you could enter to win a prize for the stylists and them. And then of course my area leader was just like pushing and pushing and pushing and did a great job of motivating us to keep it going throughout the whole month.

Chad Jordan:                Now Cancun, had you ever been to the match before?

Morgan Byrd:               I had, yes.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. All right, so your experience was a little different.

Morgan Byrd:               Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                So what was the best part of the trip for you?

Morgan Byrd:               The best part was ... what really motivated us through the contest too, is one of my best friends is my assistant. We would never be able to take a trip together and leave the store together. So we were like, this is it. We have to win this. So that was just amazing. And the resort that they did, even though I had been before, I mean it was probably the best all inclusive resort ever. And they gave us credit too you as well.

Morgan Byrd:               So we were able to swim with the dolphins for free and do all kinds of fun stuff. So it was incredible. It was one of the best trips.

Chad Jordan:                It's a question I have for all y'all then. So obviously social media is a big deal to me. How are you guys promoting this? You're talking about, you're mentioning it to the clients and your stylist are well educated and informed about it, but are you doing anything on social media? Posting on Facebook, Instagram, something about the contest, stuff like that? So we'll start ... You've got the mic so you start.

Morgan Byrd:               Yeah definitely because a large amount of my clientele, I've had for a long time there be more like friends and they're all friends with me on Facebook. So to let them know like, "Hey, I can possibly win a trip to Mexico." And that was another thing that we did as well was the last week, we knew that there was a store that was right on us, the whole entire time. So I'm like, if you guys need anything right. Shampoos something let's go. And that helped out a lot of the social media helped out a lot.

Chad Jordan:                Any anybody else?

Candi Baldwin:             I post for our five Facebook pages for our stores and so she would send me boomerangs.

Chad Jordan:                Nice. Okay. I was gonna ask what kinds of stuff? Yeah. All right.

Candi Baldwin:             Product set up or girl holding it. Jumping. Or a client holding it because they just bought it with the with a good haircut. And so I would post it on all of them, not just their stores, but on all five of the stores to just keep getting that name out there.

Chad Jordan:                I love that.

Candi Baldwin:             Over and over and over again.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

April Allen:                   So a couple of years ago, was it two years ago or one year ago? I went to one of your classes on social media -

Chad Jordan:                Yeah two years ago probably.

Candi Baldwin:             Yeah, man. After that we took off on social media and we were so pumped up about it. I mean we had thought about it and then Yelp the other thing's you -

Chad Jordan:                Yeah we did reviews.

Candi Baldwin:             I tag everything with my sport clips.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, nice. Yes. Yeah. That was why that was last year. The #mysportsclips. So the social media rhythm and all that.

Candi Baldwin:             We were so pumped up about it after we went to your class. That was awesome.

Chad Jordan:                Well, okay, well, well thank you for that. It was unplanned blurb by the way. I did not ask her to say that, but yes. Okay, good. I'm glad. So you're incorporating some of that stuff and the main thing is being active with it. And obviously it works. April it looked like you were gonna jump in. Were you gonna say the same thing that you've been to the class? All the social media stuff.

April Allen:                   I was in attendance at that great class yes.

Chad Jordan:                What do you do online?

April Allen:                   We do post the client with their haircut and the product that we used to create that look. I have a really great stylist, she loves taking pictures. So she's on it. we take pictures of them with their little Easter basket.

Chad Jordan:                Here's a question for y'all and I'm getting ready to wrap this up, but do you know if your team leaders ... because they have access to send out emails to clients that can be product based. So do you know if they send those out or would that be something that you recommend that they do? Like to tell the clients come in this month and get your ...yours was Nioxin and whatever.

April Allen:                   I don't think we've done that in the past but that would be great.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Okay. So here's a question. If your team leaders are gonna send out emails for ... we're in the Sexy Hair promotion window right now. What should it be? What should the email be formatted like? Should say, "hey, come in and get your Sexy Hair this month." She should it be like "10% off" or anything like that or nothing off or I don't know. How does that work? No discount.

Candi Baldwin:             We're not sure, we don't discount.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. I just want to know. And I can't discount for you so I need to find this stuff out.

Morgan Byrd:               I think that the client should definitely know that it's helping Help A Hero.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Okay. So number one, it's gotta be a certain product type. Number two it's got to be Help A Hero.

Candi Baldwin:             Now you can upgrade the MVP. You can do a double MVP for the price of one when you purchase. So we're not discounting the product. You're never gonna win if you discount products and so you need to add on to the process.

Chad Jordan:                I see. Okay. Gotcha. So okay, so it's overall dollar amount.

Candi Baldwin:             We never discount products.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Yup. I got it. Yeah. No. Okay.

Candi Baldwin:             You add on an extra service.

Chad Jordan:                So I think I've got homework now. Actually the digital marketing team as homework over there that we wanna put some let's get the calendar of all the other events that, that are going on this year and we will have a campaign ready that will not be discount based, but we'll -

Candi Baldwin:             Just branding just -

Chad Jordan:                Yes. And tell the client. And we'll have a second version where maybe if the team leader chooses, it could be get a double MVP for the prices of a single if you also buy this particular brand. Right. Does that help?

Candi Baldwin:             This line, yes.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. All right.

Candi Baldwin:             And the Help a Hero obviously.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Yeah. And the Help A Hero aspect of it. This was amazing. Any, anything else? I think we stumbled upon that last tip, but anything else that y'all wanna add that would be great for raising funds for Help a Hero that would impact a sales for whether it's the Sexy Hair one or the American Crew one coming up and all that.

Morgan Byrd:               I just try to keep it really fun with my stylist because I have a really top performer. So some of them might get discouraged throughout the contest because they know she's probably going to win.

Chad Jordan:                She's gonna crush it. Yeah.

Morgan Byrd:               So I do a different contest and stylists... like you have to stay on it. So I'll do like a contest that runs a week and then do a different contest. And they're all different. Like one week it'll be take out the top stylists or one where you get highest and lowest and lowest has to come in early and roll all the steam towels or something. And then the highest gets something. We'll do like a brag it contest. But I find that they lose interest if the contest runs too long. They're just kind of over it. So you've just got to stay on top of them and keep it fun. And then a big thing that I did [inaudible 00:31:07] was letting the clients know that it's for helping a hero.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. And then what that's all about, right?

Morgan Byrd:               Yeah. it's good to be able to talk about it and then they're more inclined to buy it if they know that it's for a good cause also.

Chad Jordan:                And that's the important part. I know we're getting trips out of this and obviously recognition, you guys are in the hall of fame podcast now. And all that stuff is great, but it's really about Help a Hero and getting these veterans scholarships which we're also passionate about. Obviously DBE, all our suppliers are passionate about it as well. Putting literally tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars collectively together to combine for that program.

Chad Jordan:                So y'all are amazing. You're hall famous. So thank you for joining me today. And I imagine, I mean your seven deep already. So I imagine there are more trips, more things planned for you. You guys are gonna end it, you guys gonna keep ... you've set the bar high, that's for sure. So keep going with it. Keep crushing it. And thank you all for joining me. Thanks everybody for listening. It'd been a special edition of the hall of fame podcast. I hope you'll join us again. Thanks.