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Red Banner with HOF EpisodeThis episode is with Vinny Antidormi and his family. Vinny is an Honored Child with the St. Baldrick's Foundation. In this podcast, Vinny's parents, Jason and Brenda, walk us through Vinny's cancer diagnosis and treatment, while Vinny and his big brothers, Jake and Luke, share their perspective on how cancer has impacted their family and every day routine.  In 2016, Sport Clips Haircuts proudly signed on as St. Baldrick’s’ first National Partner, committing to give more than $1 million in support of childhood cancer research over the next three years. In 2019, we recommitted our efforts and will donate another $1 million to the organization over the next 3 years. For more information, visit: Sport Clips and St. Baldrick's Team Up to Fight Childhood Cancer

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September 20, 2019 Antidormi Family St. Baldrick's Honored Family The impact a cancer diagnosis has on an entire family.

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Chad Jordan: Hey everybody, this is Chad Jordan from Sport Clips and this is another edition of our Hall of Fame podcast. It's going to be a very special one, because it's part of our haircuts with heart series and I have five amazing surprise guests with me today. And they are an honored family with St. Baldrick's Foundation.
Everyone out there hopefully knows that we were the first national partner with St. Baldrick's. We pledged a million dollars in 2016, which we have then re-upped in 2019 to raise another million dollars for St. Baldrick's Foundation, which is... let me see if I can get this right, the world's largest private donor of childhood cancer research grants and funds and financing.
So we believe strongly in their mission, and we're here in lovely Charlotte, North Carolina right now. A couple months ago, earlier this month, it was Labor Day, so there was a NASCAR race and this family was able to join us. I say that with an asterisk because it got rain delayed, and the family eventually had to leave, but before they left, Vinny, who we're going to meet here in a second, got a chance to meet Coach Gibbs, he got a helmet, all that fun stuff and we got to hang out, and got to meet... you met Erik Jones, as well?

Jason: Yep.

Chad Jordan: So got to meet Erik and turned out to be the best good luck charm ever, because even though the rain delayed the race by four and a half hours, it eventually got started and though the Antidormi? Is that how... Antidormi family was fast asleep by then at home, Erik did win and we knew why. It was his good luck charm that he had, and that he was racing for that day.
So because we're back here in their neck of the woods, we've had the most amazing day. We'll get into that in a second. But we wanted to have their family on the podcast with us today. So let me see if I can do this, I'm going to speak on you guys' behalf. So I got big brother Jake, he is 10?

Jake: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: 10 years old, and he's in fifth grade, he's here. I got next big brother Luke, he is... are you seven?

Jake: Second.

Chad Jordan: Seven and in second grade.

Jake: He's in second grade.

Chad Jordan: Okay. I got mama Brenda, I won't say how old she is. She's here with us. Dad Jason and that's the... oh wait, and I forgot, we have one other little guy over here and that's Vinny. What grade are you in?

Vinny: I'm...

Chad Jordan: You're in first?

Vinny: First grade, but I'm not going into it yet.

Chad Jordan: You're not going? Oh, you haven't started first grade yet? Right? I feel like you've been there-

Vinny: A couple days.

Chad Jordan: Okay. Okay.

Jake: He starts Thursday, I think?

Chad Jordan: He starts Thursday? Well good, we have him here with us in Charlotte, because we went to Joe Gibbs' Racing Headquarters today and they have what's called a victory lunch. They put on this big lunch because Eric Jones won the Southern 500, the race that Vinny was the good luck charm.

Vinny: I liked the victory lunch.

Chad Jordan: What did you like about the victory lunch today Vinny?

Vinny: The tacos?

Chad Jordan: The tacos. You like it so much. How many tacos did you have today, brother?

Vinny: Four?

Chad Jordan: Four?

Vinny: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: You kept... some people... I noticed some people went back for seconds, you went back for fourths. You just kept going and going and going to get more food.

Vinny: And I had four eggs.

Chad Jordan: You had four eggs for breakfast?

Vinny: Yeah.

Brenda: Yep.

Chad Jordan: And then how... did you have any of the cookies at the victory lunch?

Vinny: No.

Chad Jordan: No, you didn't? Because you were too full from all those tacos, right? But you did have... what did you... did you get some...

Vinny: I just didn't want to get any.

Chad Jordan: Any, but what about... did you ever get M&M's?

Vinny: No.

Chad Jordan: No? Okay. What about-

Vinny: We got barbecue things out there.

Chad Jordan: Oh, that's what you got. You got some snacks out here. The boys were really... M&M is one of the sponsors for Kyle Busch's car and there's M&M stuff all over Joe Gibbs Racing Headquarters, so we had to try to track down some M&M's for them as well.
So let's talk quickly to you guys over here. Let's talk first about the day, the victory lunch. Anybody can chime in here, what was your guys favorite part of going? Let's start with the tour-

Jake: Meet Joe Gibbs.

Chad Jordan: Okay, you liked meeting Joe Gibbs. So after the tour was over, you liked meeting coach?

Jake: He won with the Redskins.

Chad Jordan: He won... Did he have his Superbowl ring with him, when you met him?

Jake: I don't think so, I saw it was like stacks rings.

Chad Jordan: Okay. Luke, you think you saw the ring?

Luke: I saw every single one of them.

Vinny: Yeah, I did.

Chad Jordan: And then all the trophies, you saw the trophy room?

Luke: It was pretty cool.

Chad Jordan: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Vinny: We didn't see the trophy room.

Jason: Yeah, we did.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, remember when we were up top, all those trophies and we were looking down into the garage, into the shop.

Jason: The gorilla.

Vinny: Oh yeah.

Chad Jordan: Mm-hmm (affirmative). The monster, you know the trophy they had as well.

Jake: In the victory lunch, we met Eric.

Chad Jordan: Yep.

Vinny: Eric Jones.

Chad Jordan: Eric Jones. What did you guys think of him?

Jake: Pretty cool.

Vinny: I like Eric Jones the most.

Chad Jordan: You like him the most? You could have talked his ear off at lunch, buddy. I had to go over there and break it up because other people wanted to talk to him and there you were just, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... Right?

Jake: I got his hair.

Chad Jordan: You do, so we're giving Jack some kudos because he is sporting the Eric Jones haircut, so obviously, Eric really liked that as well.

Vinny: What is kudos?

Chad Jordan: Oh yeah, kudos means...

Vinny: Pre ciation?

Chad Jordan: Yeah, appreciation, uh-huh(affirmative), exactly, good, yeah. So let's see, we had a good lunch. You got to meet coach. We did a little speech, in which we thanked you guys for coming. What about when everybody clapped for you guys? Was that pretty cool?

Jake: Yeah, that was cool.

Chad Jordan: What about when I said one of the brothers was uglier than the other, what about that part, huh?

Jason: Ooh.

Jake: Ooh, got called out.

Chad Jordan: We won't say which one, see I had really asked Vinny, "Who was the uglier brother," and he said... Do you remember who you said was the uglier one?

Vinny: Luke. I got to say he snitches a lot.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, you had said the other brother so I wanted to make Jake feel better, because he Eric Jones haircut so I couldn't call him out in front of everybody.

Jason: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: But you guys, you've been fun. You've been a handful. You've been exactly what we expect three brothers to be.

Jason: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: So I imagine let's see, a year ago... Lets mom and dad. A year ago, we're filming this in September. A year ago everything's normal.

Jason: Yep.

Chad Jordan: Right? You're living where a year ago? Where you already in South Carolina?

Jason: Yep, we're in South Carolina.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Jason: Vinny's doing Kindergarten, started kindergarten.

Chad Jordan: With Ms. Jones, who came with us today.

Vinny: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, uh-huh(affirmative).

Luke: Did you take tons of pictures?

Chad Jordan: Yeah and you had Ms. Jones and she was your favorite teacher.

Vinny: And it was going ching, ching, ching, yeah.

Chad Jordan: She was awesome. And then, so you're a month into kindergarten and then what happens?

Jason: Mom?

Chad Jordan: Mom?

Brenda: Got a phone call, Vinny wet his pants in school. It was unlike Vinny to do that. He's been potty trained since his two older brothers. Then it started at night when he was going to bed and I thought it was just we were busy, boys are in football, we have so much going on, I'm working. And then one night, Jake stayed after school for a club, took the boys to the park, Vinny had to go potty. No, potty and then came back over to me, two seconds later he had to go again so that's when I followed him. I'm thinking, what are you getting into.

Chad Jordan: Right.

Brenda: So in which, he just went on the side of the car.

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Brenda: So walked over... I thought he was playing with-

Chad Jordan: I hope it was your car.

Brenda: There was no one there, it was just us.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Brenda: And I snuck behind him. I didn't know what he was doing and he had some wadded up toilet paper in his underwear and I thought, where are the world are we going with this, what's going on? So then he said, "When I go potty, I just can't stop going, it doesn't stop." So that's when I something was going on, working in healthcare all my life.

Chad Jordan: So what is your career? What do you do?

Brenda: Ultrasound.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Brenda: So I immediately called the doctor and thought it was like a UTI or something. Boys don't usually get UTI's but I thought this the night before Thanksgiving and he got us right in for a urinalysis, to check his urine.

Chad Jordan: You said the night before, so this is Wednesday?

Brenda: Yes.

Chad Jordan: Before Thanksgiving...

Brenda: Before Thanksgiving. Got us into the doctors.

Chad Jordan: Like right away or after Thanksgiving?

Brenda: Right away.

Chad Jordan: Oh, okay.

Brenda: Well, I mean...

Vinny: Yeah, it's a lot.

Luke: He was like-

Vinny: I don't even like doing it.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, I know.

Brenda: So he went and everything and he said there was no bacteria in his urine to be a UTI so there was only blood and he said, "Is he urinated blood?" And I said, "Well not that I remember, I never really paid attention because never had issues."

Chad Jordan: You were thinking it was right, yeah, no big deal.

Brenda: So then he walked out to get us some blood work and he thought, "Well I'll just give you an antibiotic for UTI." And then I just so happened to be talking to my girlfriend at the hospital and I said, "Hey, I think I'm going to bring Vinny in and he needs an ultrasound." Just in my head, it just wasn't right and just, mama instincts, I guess.

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Brenda: And so the doctor came back in and I said, "Hey could I get an order for an ultrasound?" He really wasn't going to give me one. He said, "There's no reason, we'll just see what happens with the blood work."

Chad Jordan: And it's the night before Thanksgiving and kind of ever bodies...

Brenda: Everything's closing and...

Jake: We should have ate our crab legs, if you didn't have it.

Brenda: Hey...

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Brenda: We didn't get to have Thanksgiving dinner. So he's like, "It's the night before Thanksgiving, yeah let's see what's going on." I just wanted something, an antibiotic, pain meds or something so we didn't end up in the ER on Thanksgiving.

Chad Jordan: Right.

Brenda: So he said, "Sure, I'll give you an order." We went right over for the ultrasound and as soon as she the probe down, me doing ultrasound knowing, it was just...

Chad Jordan: So you're in the room, you're seeing the machine and... Oh my goodness.

Brenda: Yeah. So I actually ran my boys home because I didn't want to bring them into the hospital and they're...

Chad Jordan: After you had seen this?

Brenda: The doctor, yeah I dropped them off home thinking... Because I didn't want them... Being brothers, running around...

Chad Jordan: Right, right.

Brenda: I mean...

Jason: He's familiar.

Chad Jordan: They're usually perfect angels, I don't know what you're talking about.

Jason: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: [crosstalk 00:11:07] No you're not, you guys are perfect.

Brenda: So I dropped them off home and I took Vinny and... So as soon as she put the probe down I went out called Jason and I knew... I already knew...

Vinny: I could go nutcrackers.

Jason: Please stop.

Brenda: Why would you say that?

Chad Jordan: Okay, all right. We'll talk about that later.

Brenda: Then I called Jason, from work[crosstalk 00:11:29].

Chad Jordan: So Jason's at work, at that time.

Brenda: He was working, yes. It was about four in the afternoon and he was finishing up.

Jason: Trying to finish up at work for the following day [crosstalk 00:11:39].

Chad Jordan: Yeah, you got a four day break coming.

Brenda: I couldn't get him on the phone so I ended up calling his work and I think they came running out to you and said, "You have to get to the hospital."

Jason: "You need to go immediately."

Brenda: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: Now did they say, at all, what's up?

Jason: Well they didn't... They really didn't know.

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Jason: They just...

Brenda: I don't think I could even talk to them, when I was talking to them.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, you were in shock and...

Brenda: Yeah.

Vinny: It was two hours away.

Brenda: Yep, and they sent us right down to MUSC and we were admitted that night and we didn't leave until right before-

Chad Jordan: Wednesday night, so this is all still Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Jason: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Brenda: We went home. We packed our bags.

Chad Jordan: Who's got the boys?

Jason: The neighbors.

Brenda: We took them to the neighbors.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Jake: I've got something to say.

Chad Jordan: You've got something to say, Jake, about that night?

Jake: So mom and dad said... Mom said, "Go to the hospital, Vinny and..." mom asked our neighbor to watch us while they're down there with dad and then they came back to say, "You got to go over to the neighbors house and stay there for the night." And I was just wondering about Vinny, how is he doing and what he doing, because we don't usually go to other peoples houses-

Chad Jordan: Yeah, that's not a normal thing, especially the night before a holiday and you know.

Jake: Yeah, and we have to have our babysitter take us to the restaurant with her dad because-

Luke: It's Thanksgiving.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, okay.

Brenda: Thanksgiving dinner they spent at a restaurant because our food was sitting on the counter, we weren't there...

Chad Jordan: Oh, okay.

Luke: So we had to-

Chad Jordan: What's up Luke?

Luke: We had to put the crab legs in the fridge so can eat them another time.

Chad Jordan: Eat them later, yeah.

Brenda: We put them back in the freezer.

Jake: By the time we came home, they were all bad. We had to buy new ones.

Chad Jordan: Of course, yep, that makes sense.

Jake: And we barely saw mom...

Jason: Yeah.

Jake: Most of this year without summer and he not have to be in the hospital a lot, she had to go through a week and or she went Wednesday and then we'd see her Friday night or when they first had to go to the hospital, our grandparents were coming down to help us out and they were helping out and it was like two months I think, like right before Christmas.

Brenda: One month hon.

Jake: One month, it felt like two but...

Chad Jordan: Yeah, it probably did feel like two, huh?

Jake: Yeah, because we're not usually...

Brenda: Away from each other.

Jake: Usually we're around mom and dad.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, I believe that.

Luke: And then-

Jake: And then in the spring we had to... Mom had to leave with Vinny and it was just me, dad and Luke.

Chad Jordan: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Brenda: Vinny had radiation. He had to proton radiation that isn't... We don't have a place near us so the closest place is Jacksonville, Florida. So we were down in Jacksonville, Florida for a month and a half.

Chad Jordan: So what does he... Hold on Luke, I'll get to you in minute.
Let's get back to Wednesday night. They obviously don't know what... You see that there's cancer or a tumor or?

Brenda: Tumors, everywhere.

Chad Jordan: You don't know the state... You don't know anything yet, right? So how long before you guys figure what he's really diagnosed with, what he's got?

Brenda: Unfortunately...

Jason: The next day was the holiday so they didn't do anything that day.

Brenda: And then Black Friday, no one was really in and then you have the weekend so it was pretty much pain control. Everything just snowballed that night and it just got... Pain got out control. Then that following Monday or Tuesday went in for that...

Jason: Biopsy.

Brenda: Bone marrow and the biopsy's of the tumor and everything else. He had a cystoscopy because the tumor is in bladder, in his prostate and in his penis so they had to go in and get a bunch of different biopsy's and then we didn't final dia...
They told us what they thought, which is rhabdomyosarcoma and they said... That was pretty much it and then they kind of gave us like, "We think this is what it is and this is what we're going to do." It took, I think, almost a week to come back to what it exactly was.

Jason: I think it was that Thursday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Brenda: And in the meantime-

Chad Jordan: I'm sure there's a fog around the dates and moments of that particular week.

Jason: Yeah.

Brenda: Yes.

Jake: I have something to say...

Jason: Luke, keep it down.

Jake: That summer, every Wednesday we would have to go down to MUSC. It would take two hours from where we live in South Carolina. It took three hours to get here in North Carolina.

Brenda: In South Carolina, MUSC in South Carolina.

Jake: Yeah, I know but down here in North Carolina.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, so you'd have to drive. It's not convenient is it for him having his treatments and... Yes, Luke you had something you wanted to say, buddy.

Luke: When our grandparents were going down here, they stopped by the hospital to see Vinny and see what Vinny was going through and Vinny has some beads.

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Luke: So can we show him?

Chad Jordan: Yeah. We'll show the beads. Vinny, do you want to show off what these beads are?

Vinny: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: Okay, show them to the camera over there and why don't tell us... Thank you Luke for introducing... You can leave the camera there. It's going to see it. I'll zoom in myself, okay.

Jake: Edit it.

Chad Jordan: He gets diagnosed with some tumors and some fancy words and has to start treatment and is it the hospital who gave him the bead kind of... who started this thing?

Brenda: So there's an activity woman that comes around and some kids like to do this, some kids don't and it's for every chemo, every hospital stay, every shot...

Jake: Ambulance ride.

Brenda: Every ambulance ride.

Vinny: I got five whole things on here.

Chad Jordan: You got five. So every time you fill one up you get another one? Is that the way it works?

Vinny: Every time we-

Brenda: So that's multiple...

Chad Jordan: Yeah and his has "treatment", uh-huh(affirmative).

Brenda: In the beginning I didn't want to do it.

Vinny: More like ten. [crosstalk 00:18:12]

Brenda: I was just so upset and so made and so just wanted to crawl in a whole.

Chad Jordan: You were over it?

Brenda: Yeah.

Jason: Yeah.

Brenda: And I didn't want to do it and I didn't do it in the beginning and then I realized that sitting in the hospital, everything he's going through, it would be nice to look on, when we finish.

Chad Jordan: Yep.

Brenda: So that's why we have kept up for the past eight months.

Chad Jordan: Well, and the thing that I... That struck me was how heavy they are.

Brenda: Very.

Jason: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Jake: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: That's almost symbolic right?

Jason: Right.

Chad Jordan: You know, how heavy this time in your life is, how heavy this moment is, how heavy the treatments are on him and not on just him. I was talking to the boys before we started recording about how heavy it is for brothers and sisters but for these guys to see... Right? What your brother is going through and...

Luke: And how where Vinny is in the hospital. We usually go to see Vinny once in a while when he's at the hospital so we saw him a few times. When I was in first grade, he got diagnosed with cancer so usually I had to...

Jake: That was when I was in fourth grade.

Chad Jordan: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Luke: Do stuff...

Brenda: We tried to keep the boys in school with some normalcy and...

Luke: And I tried not getting...

Jake: Trying to go to school.

Brenda: In trouble...

Luke: Sick or anything...

Brenda: Or sick...

Chad Jordan: Of course.

Brenda: They'd wear masks and...

Luke: We had to wear a mask.

Chad Jordan: Have you guys gotten a cold or anything since Vinny's been sick?

Luke: No, not really.

Brenda: There has been a... We're very wash our hands and we're constantly alcoholing and...

Jake: We have to wear masks [crosstalk 00:19:57] constantly. He wears masks. I wipe every handle in the house and make sure he doesn't go in my room.

Vinny: I wouldn't go.

Brenda: If they have a runny nose they automatically put a mask on, not knowing if it's allergies or a cold or... Same with Vinny but...

Chad Jordan: So this was in November, December... How many treatments are we into his cycle or...

Jason: 41?

Chad Jordan: What do they give you, a year's worth of treatments that they say, "We're going to start him on," or is there a certain time period, time frame?

Brenda: So he just finished his front line treatment, so his total treatment and right before Vinny was diagnosed they came up with the European doctors and researchers had some studies that were done. They had some clinical trials that proved that if you went and you got this far, that you could do some maintenance chemo. The reason why the have maintenance chemo...
So we're at 42 weeks now. We're at 40 weeks now and then he'll do another six months of chemo. It's a different type of chemo but it's because the type of cancer he has, relapse is high and then when children will relapse on this cancer it's usually into brain and lung and it's...

Jason: Metastasized to-

Brenda: Yeah then it's...

Jason: Other areas too.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, understood, okay.

Brenda: So we're trying maintenance chemo, which is just low dose of chemo but it's to keep everything in check.

Chad Jordan: At bay, yeah.

Brenda: This is our trying time because anytime something was wrong, there's no other treatments after this.

Chad Jordan: Um-hmm(affirmative) So this last week he had what, was it chemo and radiation?

Brenda: Nope, just chemo. Radiation was a month and a half, down in Jacksonville, Florida.

Chad Jordan: Okay, so that was the Florida treatment and that was just a one shot and that was it?

Brenda: Right.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Jake: Luckily...

Chad Jordan: Yeah Jake...

Jake: Luckily he came home for Christmas and we had a happy Christmas.

Chad Jordan: Okay. He was home? Okay.

Brenda: We did have a happy Christmas.

Jake: Luke has something to say.

Luke: And when we did that... When Vinny was diagnosed with cancer, we had our babysitter. We stayed over at our neighbors house for a while.

Chad Jordan: Mm-hmm (affirmative)- yeah.

Luke: And then we stayed over with our babysitter for a while.

Jake: Until our grandparents came.

Luke: Until Vin came home.

Chad Jordan: Here's one thing I want to find out... You guys can chime in too. So you guys said it was a good Christmas, Right?

Jake: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chad Jordan: Today was fun right, we've had a fun day?

Luke: Yeah.

Vinny: It was a very fun day.

Chad Jordan: What are some other really fun things that you guys have had happen over the last year? Oh Luke raised his hand. Luke what's a fun memory that you guys have had together?

Luke: This is the funnest thing yet, this year.

Chad Jordan: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Brenda: Ahhh.

Chad Jordan: Well thanks.

Brenda: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: What else has been fun... Well I'm glad you liked today, it has been fun.

Luke: This was the funnest thing out of everything this year.

Chad Jordan: Wow, well we love that.

Luke: Seeing Vinny at home.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, seeing Vinny at home was fun?

Luke: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: When he comes home because he's at the hospital a lot?

Luke: And the second thing was Easter.

Chad Jordan: Easter? What happened at Easter? Was he home for Easter?

Jake: Yeah.

Luke: Yeah. He got [crosstalk 00:23:43]

Chad Jordan: Did he get the Easter egg hunt?

Jake: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: He found every egg?

Luke: No, we didn't do an egg hunt at the house.

Chad Jordan: Oh, you didn't do that? Okay.

Luke: But me and Vinny did eggs in our room, hide eggs.

Chad Jordan: Oh okay.

Jake: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chad Jordan: Are you one of those people that you hide them where everybody can find them or do you hide them really hard...

Jake: I hide them really hard, under by bed sheets or something.

Luke: I hide them kind of easy and hard.

Chad Jordan: Okay. And he found all of them?

Jake: And he put some money in them.

Luke: He found every...

Chad Jordan: Ooh, I'd be motivated.

Jake: Yeah and he put the money back.

Luke: He found every single egg. I actually put some candy in it so he can...

Chad Jordan: What about this... When you guys were in Florida, were you able to go to Disney Land or do anything like that?

Jake: Oh yeah, we went to Disney World.

Luke: We went to Disney and Lego land.

Chad Jordan: I'm sorry, Disney World. I always do that. I'm from California. It's Disney Land to me but it's Disney World out here.

Jake: Yeah, I get it confused sometimes.

Jason: We did-

Chad Jordan: So you went to Disney World? Now was that part of Make-A-Wish or anything?

Jason: No, it was just a... about half way through his treatment was Vinny's sixth birthday.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Jason: We took a couple days off, took the boys out of school and we just bought some tickets and went to-

Chad Jordan: What other memories... What are looking forward to? Disney World has got to be... I mean you've done that... Hold on, mom's got something.

Brenda: We've got to get Vinny to talk about... While we were laying in the hospital, if we go back to between November and December, when Vinny was diagnosed, his pain tolerance was through the roof. There was a couple of weeks that he would be screaming, crying in pain and just thrashing around on the bed. There was nothing we can do.

Luke: Like a monkey?

Brenda: Remember, you've seen him?

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Brenda: I mean, it was...

Chad Jordan: Understood.

Brenda: Horrible like people...

Jake: He was jumping around in pain.

Brenda: Yeah he...

Jake: I didn't see like two days of it and I was like...

Jason: Okay, Jake.

Luke: We got a couple friends to come over to see Vinny, a couple of families.

Chad Jordan: To try to cheer him up, make him feel better?

Brenda: Yes, so we eventually got him on a morphine pump and...

Chad Jordan: Okay. That actually was doing what it needed to?

Brenda: Yes.

Chad Jordan: Uh-huh(affirmative)

Brenda: It really wasn't but it took the edge off, for a while till we started chemo and the tumor shrunk a little bit. In the meantime we would sit in the bed and we'd watch the Disney channel.

Chad Jordan: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Brenda: The Disney channel has a commercial for...

Vinny: Like a Disney cruise?

Chad Jordan: Ooh.

Brenda: The Disney cruise, right?

Chad Jordan: The Disney cruise. Oh my goodness.

Brenda: Here you tell...

Chad Jordan: Tell me what did you like about that commercial, about the Disney cruise, what's up?

Vinny: The big boat?

Chad Jordan: Yeah, the big boat.

Vinny: The big water slides all over.

Jake: He loves big boats, like the Titanic.

Chad Jordan: You like the ocean, right?

Vinny: I like the Titanic.

Chad Jordan: You like the Titanic and...

Vinny: Two of the Titanic's ships sunk but one stayed alive.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, that's good movie too but I don't if you're allowed to see it.

Vinny: No.

Jason: We watched a documentary of it.

Chad Jordan: Okay, that's a great decision, mom and dad.

Jason: He developed an infatuation with the Titanic, out of left field and coupled with what they saw in the commercial, it became an infatuation for him.

Vinny: It's inappropriate for me.

Brenda: It is inappropriate for you.

Chad Jordan: You're exactly right. The movie is inappropriate for you and your brothers.

Jason: Yes.

Chad Jordan: So, about the Disney cruise, is that something you want to do? Is that something you've done, what's going on?

Jason: Is that something you want to do, buddy?

Vinny: What?

Jason: Is that something you want to do, right?

Vinny: Yeah.

Brenda: Hey, tell him about what you wanted to do on the Disney cruise.

Jason: What kind of Disney cruise?

Chad Jordan: Are there different kinds?

Jason: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Brenda: In this commercial, it went to Alaska.

Chad Jordan: Oh, yeah and you see the whales jumping.

Vinny: I wanted to go to Alaska with that but they didn't do it that way.

Chad Jordan: Oh really, not for kids one?

Vinny: They went to the Bahamas.

Chad Jordan: Oh yeah.

Jake: We never left the country.

Chad Jordan: Got it.

Brenda: With Make-A-Wish they do Disney cruises but they only go to the Bahamas.

Chad Jordan: Gotcha.

Brenda: We decided that we... When we were in the hospital, probably about in February or March... Vinny designed his own T-shirt so we had friends and family... What Jason's wearing.

Chad Jordan: Is that the victory for Vinny? Oh okay.

Brenda: We sat there and he designed it.

Chad Jordan: It almost looks like a scissor pose, right there. Remember when we were doing that?

Jake: Oh yeah, I see the "V".

Chad Jordan: Yeah, you see that? That's the scissor pose.

Vinny: It's not scissor pose.

Jason: Kind of.

Chad Jordan: I know, okay. It's the V for Vinny. Fine, you called me out.

Jason: You caught me stealing your thunder.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, okay.

Jake: It's from Star Trek.

Vinny: A "V".

Chad Jordan: Okay, that thing... Live long and prosper? So you designed that and then what? Did you guys sell it?

Brenda: Yeah, we raised about a $1,000 so we have that for his trip.

Vinny: A "V" is for...

Brenda: And then the rest we just went and... We're in the process of looking to book it.

Chad Jordan: When's the best time of the year to go?

Jake: Not in winter.

Brenda: Probably in the summer.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Brenda: I would assume.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, I mean, Alaska in the winter would not be... I just know of spring, fall... In the winter the whales there...

Jason: We have family friend that, actually, just lived up there after few decades after he got out of the Navy and he said, "It's temperate. The summer's are mild." I couldn't imagine what the winters are like.

Chad Jordan: Well yeah. What's that show where they're on the sea, their crab fishing... The Deadliest Catch or whatever. Yeah, no.

Jason: No.

Chad Jordan: Wouldn't be there in the winter.

Jason: That's why we moved to the beach.

Chad Jordan: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Jake: Yeah, because we have [crosstalk 00:29:22] want to go there.

Luke: We moved because the blizzard usually... Dad got... Vinny got off of this snow blower, it moves the snow out of our driveway-

Chad Jordan: This is not South Carolina. This must be somewhere else.

Luke: ...he got off and then he jumped and then he fell in the snow and he was screaming so we had to-

Jake: He was really small-

Luke: ...dig and I was digging-

Chad Jordan: There was that much snow and he was covered...

Jason: He got stuck to his armpits and couldn't move.

Chad Jordan: No way. You were up to your armpits in snow?

Luke: He was like, "Daddy, help me, daddy." I actually shoveled behind him.

Vinny: I was just in the path for four seconds.

Chad Jordan: You were in there for four seconds? Longest four seconds ever, huh?

Vinny: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jason: Dad had to save him right?

Chad Jordan: My goodness, good thing dad was there, swooped in to help.

Jake: I got something else.

Luke: Vinny had to have... When Vinny-

Jake: [crosstalk 00:30:21] Luke...

Chad Jordan: Hold on... What's up Luke?

Luke: When we were still at home after Vinny got everything settled, when he was at home, we started to know that Vinny's hair is falling out.

Chad Jordan: Oh yeah. You guys all have dark hair, right?

Jake: Vinny's the only Blondie.

Luke: Vinny was the only one that has blonde.

Chad Jordan: Was Vinny adopted or what, because he's got blonde hair? What's going on?

Luke: No he's [crosstalk 00:30:46]

Jake: No he's [crosstalk 00:30:46] he's my brother.

Chad Jordan: Did you just pick him up somewhere?

Jake: No.

Chad Jordan: So you have blonde hair and you can see the blonde hair, dirty blonde hair.

Luke: Yeah. That's just how Vinny is.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, that's just how he is.

Luke: He's[crosstalk 00:30:54]

Chad Jordan: He sees he's a different kind of guy.

Jake: He's the sassiest person on earth.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, he is sassy. He's a good hugger.

Luke: Blonde is just kind of his color because he's so sneaky.

Chad Jordan: Yeah right.

Jake: Can I say something?

Chad Jordan: Yes, of course.

Vinny: Is it over?

Jason: Almost buddy.

Jake: The only thing he did was like play video play games, Minecraft, Fortnight, all those games. That's the only thing there were to do, we mostly did that during the summer, either that or going to a water park, we've been going to for a while.

Vinny: The more they talk the more [crosstalk 00:31:32]

Chad Jordan: Hey Vinny, what does a good day look like? For a perfect day for you, what does it look like, right now?

Brenda: Today, today was a good day.

Chad Jordan: Was today a perfect day?

Jason: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Brenda: Yeah.

Vinny: No.

Chad Jordan: Even though you didn't get M&M's?

Jake: Mm...sad

Jason: Dude, tell him the days not over.

Vinny: No, water park.

Chad Jordan: A water park.

Jake: A water park.

Chad Jordan: I think going to the water parks pretty perfect.

Luke: We have Wild Water in Wheels.

Chad Jordan: Wow, that's a lot of "W's".

Jake: Why, Water Wheels, that's the name of a park.

Jason: We have a few. Being a vacation town we have...

Chad Jordan: So you go there as often as you can?

Luke: It's only three "W's".

Jason: And trying to just do things with limitations and trying to have somewhat of normal childhood.

Chad Jordan: So you can go even though you got in your chest? You can go down water slides and all that kind of stuff?

Luke: Yeah, only if his port...

Brenda: Certain...

Jason: On the good days.

Jake: Yeah, it was really boring when we first went there because-

Chad Jordan: He couldn't do much.

Jake: We'd have to sit in the baby area. I could go on nothing.

Jason: Ah, poor Jake.

Brenda: No-

Luke: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jake: It was sad.

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Brenda: There's days Vinny needs morphine, still.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Brenda: He's still in bell pain. There's days he's on neurontin for his feet burning from a side effect from the chemo and it helps with walking so he walks on his tippy toes and he has some side effects from the radiation to his hips, where he'll probably need hip replacements if we get down the road and he's having issues because his hips are bent forward a little bit.
All that together, it all plays a role and now he has the blood clot in his heart so now he's on blood thinners, so if he's running or he's...

Jason: Bumps his head, falls, cuts-

Brenda: Bumps his head, we're to the hospital.

Chad Jordan: But you know what? That part worked I bet... Watch boys. That works his advantage, because can you retaliate and get back at him if he does something to you?

Jake: No.

Chad Jordan: Is he off limits, isn't he? You can't do anything right?

Luke: Yeah, he wouldn't try.

Jake: Yeah, but he aggravates us.

Chad Jordan: I know he does. I was a big brother. I get it that the little brother... and then you can't touch them and you know I won't say, never mind. I'll save that story for later.

Jason: [crosstalk 00:33:42] to our story.

Vinny: He aggravates me a lot so I get mad.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, I know buddy, he's got spunk.

Luke: Well he attacks to us.

Chad Jordan: Ah yeah.

Luke: Jake comes in our room when we say not to. I'm not ever in Jake's room.

Jake: Well you guys go in my room.

Luke: Vinny is always in Jake's room [crosstalk 00:33:54]

Vinny: I'm never-

Luke: Because he has so much cushion on his bed.

Chad Jordan: Mm-hmm (affirmative)- He's got them all comfy.

Vinny: I'm not in his room now and he still says that we still go in his room, which is we don't!

Jake: You do.

Brenda: It's brotherly love.

Chad Jordan: Even though you don't.

Luke: It's brotherly love!

Chad Jordan: Yeah, of course.

Luke: It's brotherly love.

Jason: Yeah.

Luke: If Jake's in a room [crosstalk 00:34:16]

Vinny: More like not brotherly love.

Chad Jordan: Hold on... I've got a very important question. You guys ready for this? Here we go...

Jake: Yes, sir.

Chad Jordan: Vinny, I'm going to ask you this first. You've got to tell me, what is your favorite thing about Luke?

Jake: Being a [crosstalk 00:34:30]

Vinny: Being kind?

Chad Jordan: Being kind? He is kind. I've seen... He is such a sweet soul.

Brenda: Very loving to Vinny.

Chad Jordan: Yes, I know. I saw... Was it last week where you weren't feeling good and he was helping take care of you?

Jason: Yeah.

Brenda: Oh, when we went to Sam's Club, in the cart, he was holding him.

Chad Jordan: Yep.

Luke: He had to sit on my lap-

Chad Jordan: Yeah, you're doing a great job.

Luke: ...because he liked to the thing[crosstalk 00:34:51]

Chad Jordan: Now he's got to think... Okay, now think about this guy right here. What is your favorite thing about him?
Think hard...

Vinny: Not the favorite thing is him going in room.

Chad Jordan: No, your room is off limit.

Brenda: Not favorite.

Jason: Not the least favorite. What's the most favorite.

Chad Jordan: What's the most favorite?

Brenda: When you're up all night, though, who let's you sneak in his room, in bed, and snuggle.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, I remember, weren't you telling me about... Which bed do you go sleep in?

Jake: He goes into my room. He used to be on the top.

Brenda: Hey, it's Jake's turn, then Luke's turn.

Jake: Luke [crosstalk 00:35:24]

Vinny: Jack would lie right here, like with the pillows right here and the sides are right here, my feet were like sticking out like this and his feet are sticking out like this.

Jake: It was hard to go down.

Chad Jordan: Yep.

Brenda: Yeah, and you sneak in the side of Jake and you guys cuddle, don't you?

Jason: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: That's sweet.

Jake: Well, It's hard to sleep all night because if I don't sleep I get grumpy, and I can't do school work...

Chad Jordan: Yeah, but you've got him coming in there. It's fine.

Vinny: Can I talk about something?

Chad Jordan: Hold on one second. Now Vinny's going to tell me his favorite thing about his daddy.

Vinny: About I love him?

Chad Jordan: About, yeah. Is that it?

Vinny: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: It's just everything? You just love him so much?

Brenda: Bro's for life?

Jason: We're bro's.

Jake: Bro's for life.

Jason: Tell him.

Chad Jordan: Okay are you ready? Last one. What's your favorite thing about mommy?

Vinny: What about you?

Chad Jordan: Okay, what's your favorite thing about me?

Vinny: Your kind.

Chad Jordan: I am. I do my best. What about this? What about the scissor pose? That's not your favorite thing?

Luke: Peace sign, peace...

Vinny: You could either do this for peace or this.

Chad Jordan: What about the piggy back ride that I gave you?

Jason: Yeah, in the rain?

Chad Jordan: In the rain, when I got my shoes all muddy. That wasn't my favorite thing?

Brenda: Oh I heard about that.

Luke: I heard you gave him a piggy back ride-

Chad Jordan: And you held an umbrella over you-

Vinny: Yeah, that was the two favorite things.

Chad Jordan: ...and not even over me, right? You remember that?

Jake: You're mean.

Chad Jordan: You were holding the umbrella but you were holding it over your head, not my head.

Jason: Tell him he's got to get a bro's for life haircut for that.

Jake: No, I think your haircut is fine.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, we'll see. I have to talk to my wife about that.

Vinny: You're going to probably have to get a bigger one.

Chad Jordan: Okay, a bigger what?

Jason: Bigger umbrella?

Chad Jordan: Umbrella?

Vinny: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, so it will cover us both. Okay, now you've had time to think about what's your favorite thing about mommy.

Jason: Okay, favorite thing about mama.

Vinny: About that she gets salt for my eggs?

Chad Jordan: She gets salt for your eggs?

Jake: Hard boiled eggs.

Chad Jordan: You could have picked anything in the world, all that your mom takes you to...

Jason: Because for you... it's the salt.

Chad Jordan: All the time she spends with you and you chose that she gets salt for your eggs.

Jake: Hard boiled eggs.

Vinny: Yeah, I love it.

Chad Jordan: Do you want to reconsider that answer or are you going to stick with that one, huh?

Jason: How about she's your biggest fighter and advocate for getting you healthy?

Vinny: Yeah, I'll put that [crosstalk 00:37:40].

Chad Jordan: Yeah, I guess that's important too.

Jake: I think my favorite thing about Vinny is the sassiness.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, we said he was sassy.

Luke: That's your favorite thing about Vinny?

Chad Jordan: Yeah, oh let's talk about... Great-

Jake: My favorite thing about-

Chad Jordan: Hold on... No, Luke started it. Luke, what is your favorite thing about Vinny?

Luke: My favorite thing about Vinny is that he lets me snuggle with him in bed and...

Brenda: The other night Luke-

Chad Jordan: Hold on there. Are you done?

Luke: No.

Chad Jordan: And what?

Vinny: I didn't care about...

Luke: I'm kind to him. I usually give him stuff when he doesn't feel like getting up so I get him stuff.

Chad Jordan: Oh, yeah and you like that. You like actually being able to be helpful. That speaks a lot about who you are.

Vinny: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Luke: That's my favorite thing.

Chad Jordan: That's awesome. Okay, now it's Jake's turn. What's your favorite thing about Vinny? Favorite thing, not things that are not your favorite. What are your favorite things?

Luke: When he doesn't aggravate me.

Chad Jordan: When he doesn't aggravate you, which is I'm sure is like very hour of the day, I'm sure he never aggravates you so you're-

Jake: No, he doesn't.

Luke: He really doesn't.

Chad Jordan: It's always his favorite.

Jake: [crosstalk 00:38:42]

Vinny: We have nurf guns.

Chad Jordan: You're sure that's... That's your final answer?

Jason: How about he's funny.

Jake: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Brenda: We always laugh at him.

Jake: He's sassy.

Chad Jordan: He's sassy. Yeah, you've said that word a couple of times so I do think you like that about him.

Luke: He is.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Brenda: He's a jokester.

Luke: And he's sneaky.

Chad Jordan: Now...

Jake: Yeah, he's sneaky.

Chad Jordan: It's tough, you know-

Vinny: I could sneak on his lap and moms and his.

Chad Jordan: You can sneak what? You can just all of a sudden be on their lap? You can come out of no... Oh, that's right. What is your nickname?

Jake: The weasel.

Chad Jordan: The weasel right.

Jason: The weasel.

Chad Jordan: Because you can just weasel your way onto somebody's lap, right?

Jason: Anyone.

Vinny: That's my middle name.

Chad Jordan: Oh okay, Vinny Weasel Antidormi, okay.

Jake: He teleports. The second you see him there it disappears and he can be right there.

Chad Jordan: Hold on. I got two more important questions, okay. Dad, what is your favorite thing about Vinny?

Vinny: What about you?

Chad Jordan: No, after... Remember it goes right before your mom, then it's my turn.

Jason: First thing. My favorite thing is he is a unique personality.

Jake: Very.

Jason: He does not stop for anyone. He will speak his mind. He's a very funny little boy and challenge he's presented he goes through full force, he doesn't stop and nothing can slow him down. Right?

Vinny: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Jake: What's your favorite thing [crosstalk 00:40:06]

Chad Jordan: Oh and then well have our mom? My favorite thing about Vinny is he speaks his mind. Whatever he thinks, he speaks it so you always get honest out of him, alright.

Luke: Not him, not really.

Chad Jordan: Yeah but this, I'm serious. He's told me a number of times exactly what he thinks and it doesn't matter if it wasn't polite or maybe he shouldn't have said it, he's going to say it anyways and I love that, that he's honest.

Vinny: I'm a trickster.

Chad Jordan: And you are a trickster.

Jason: He is a trickster.

Chad Jordan: I've got my eye on you. Okay, we got one last question and then we got... Remember we've got those Krispy Kreme donuts we're going to go eat, right?

Jason: Dude.

Chad Jordan: The question is, mom? What's your favorite thing about Vinny?

Brenda: That's a hard question.

Chad Jordan: You can pick as many... How about what are some of your favorite things about Vinny?

Brenda: It is. I know there's like... My favorite.

Chad Jordan: You're spending more time him than anybody.

Brenda: I know.

Vinny: Say anything that...

Brenda: Anything in the world?

Vinny: Yeah.

Brenda: Yeah?

Vinny: That you like about me.

Brenda: My favorite thing about Vinny is he's trying his-

Vinny: No, what about massages?

Brenda: Ahhh, Vinny does give good massages.

Chad Jordan: Oh, okay. You're not supposed to answer for her, okay.

Brenda: Yes.

Vinny: I just can't?

Jake: I give good massages too.

Chad Jordan: Okay, so we've established Vinny does good massages, what else mom?

Brenda: His smile. He lights up the room wherever we go, he doesn't even have to know the person, he just.

Jake: He's the mayor.

Brenda: I tell him he's like the mayor.

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Brenda: Everybody knows Vinny.

Jake: No, four people know him.

Brenda: It's not every two minutes there's a smile on his face no matter if he's getting treatment, no matter if he's sick as dog, vomiting. Someone walks in the room and he's smiling. You know, he's just...

Vinny: Sick as a dog?

Brenda: Sick as a dog.

Chad Jordan: Sick as a dog. You probably smell like a dog.

Brenda: But yes, just the biggest personality, very outgoing. All three boys are obviously different and.

Luke: In the personality.

Brenda: In the personality wise, yes and Vinny just has the biggest heart, biggest smile.

Jason: Personality.

Brenda: Personality.

Chad Jordan: Well here's the thing about... And we're going to wrap it up so we can get those donuts, okay?

Luke: Can I say one more thing?

Chad Jordan: You want to say one more thing Luke? Sure.

Luke: When-

Vinny: Can I stop the recording?

Chad Jordan: In a minute. I'm going to let you stop it, okay? When it's time, okay? You're going to go down here.

Luke: I'm glad we're here today because I like seeing everything that Vinny has, what he does and his personality is the most weird thing out of him.

Chad Jordan: It's unique that's the word your dad used. That's the word I like. Well here's the thing that I'm going to comment on and then we're going to go, okay?

Vinny: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: I'm going to say how unfair all this is.

Jake: Very.

Chad Jordan: You guys don't deserve it, right? This isn't fair.

Luke: No, it is fair because Vinny's getting better.

Brenda: No.

Chad Jordan: Well, yes that part... It's fair that there's treatment available. It's not fair that he had to get sick to get the treatment.

Vinny: That was not my fault.

Chad Jordan: It wasn't your fault. You didn't do anything.

Jake: You can not spread it. You can not catch it.

Chad Jordan: You can't catch it, right?

Jake: It just usually happens.

Chad Jordan: It's one of those unlucky things that happens.

Jake: And then it appears on him.

Luke: It's probably when someone touches the walls...

Chad Jordan: No, this is not like catching a cold.

Brenda: No.

Jake: I'd rather me have it than him.

Chad Jordan: All that to say is, even though it's unfair. You guys are doing a great job, okay. You're doing a great job.

Luke: I don't care-

Chad Jordan: You're getting him better. Mom's doing a great job. You guys, dad's got his new job that he just started-

Vinny: He likes his new job.

Chad Jordan: Thank Progressive, thanks for giving him the day off so he can come enjoy-

Jason: Yes.

Vinny: He likes his new job [inaudible 00:44:03].

Chad Jordan: Yes, I know he loves his new job. And his boss is his favorite boss ever I'm sure.

Jason: Yeah, that he's me?

Jake: I'm not progressive but I'm Jake from State Farms.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, Jake.

Brenda: Jake.

Chad Jordan: Even though it's unfair you guys are doing a great job. I just want to say, "Keep going, the fight is worth it." I'm looking forward to... You know these heavy beads that you have. I don't know what the bead is that you're going to eventually get that says-

Vinny: There's more than a hundred.

Jake: Be done.

Chad Jordan: Is there? The bead that gets that says, "You're done," but that's the one I want to see. Make sure you send me that picture when you're all finished.

Luke: When there's all different colors, every single color on it.

Chad Jordan: So this is why, Sport Clips, my company, that I work for, that we do so many things with St. Baldricks because they want to raise more money to give more treatments to people like Vinny.

Jake: And help.

Chad Jordan: And help more kids and so-

Vinny: And find cures.

Chad Jordan: And find cures-

Jason: Yes.

Chad Jordan: For every type of childhood cancer and everything-

Luke: Make sure you...

Chad Jordan: What do you want? You go ahead, you were going to tell people-

Luke: Make sure you give blood if you're old. Make sure you give blood to people.

Jason: Old.

Chad Jordan: Yes, if you're old enough.

Brenda: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: Let's say that. If you're old enough to give blood or if you can partner with St. Baldrick's in a "Brave the Shave" event or in donating money or in doing anything like that, we at Sports Clips, would love that.

Vinny: I don't really like giving blood.

Chad Jordan: Vinny, any last words that you want to say to the people out there?

Luke: Out in the world.

Jason: Thank you to [crosstalk 00:45:36]. Thank you to Mr. Joe Gibson.

Vinny: Thank you for Chad and thank you for Joe Gibson.

Chad Jordan: No, did you think of that all by yourself, buddy? Holy moly. Or is there a little monkey whispering in your ear. More like a gorilla, you're the monkey, he's the gorilla.

Jason: Oh come on.

Vinny: I got to say gorilla.

Brenda: You know what's ironic? A week before... Not even week before that weekend before Vinny got sick, we all went for haircuts at... We take the boys and-

Jason: Shout out to Surfside Sport Clips.

Brenda: Yeah, that's were we go.

Vinny: Yes, shout outs.

Brenda: That's where we go and he just got his haircut, you know-

Chad Jordan: And not knowing that-

Brenda: Not knowing a couple of weeks later it was all going to fall out.

Vinny: How can he have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

Chad Jordan: Wow. I'm sure that's a line from some movie somewhere.

Jason: Pink Floyd.

Chad Jordan: Is it Pink Floyd? Oh my goodness, okay.

Vinny: Yeah.

Jake: A brick in the wall.

Chad Jordan: Oh, okay, all right.

Luke: Can I say [crosstalk 00:46:32]

Chad Jordan: I love it.

Jake: I like the new Mr. Beast.

Chad Jordan: Like we said, spunky, sassy, full of life and I love that.

Jake: And the mayor.

Vinny: No full grown monkey kong.

Chad Jordan: You're a full grown monkey. I'm going to get you a banana. That's what we're going to do. Everybody else gets donuts. You get a banana.

Jason: Easy.

Chad Jordan: Hey, that's all the time we've got for today, everybody. Thanks so much for joining us. Thanks to the Antidormi family and thank you guys for supporting St. Baldrick's foundation with Sport Clips.

Vinny: And give a thumbs up.

Luke: Can I tell them one more thing?