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In this episode recorded in October of 2018, we interview Jennifer Justis. Jennifer is the Manager of CA630 and recently won "Manager of the Year" at the 2018 National Huddle. In this podcast, we discover what it is like to get your name announced in front of 3,000 screaming people, lessons for successfully managing a busy store and strategies for motivating Team Members.

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October 31, 2018 Jennifer Justis Manager of the Year Insightful strategy and tips for successfully managing a winning team

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Chad Jordan:                Well hey everybody, this is Chad Jordan, director of marketing for digital services at Sport Clips Haircuts, and this is another edition of our Hall of Fame Podcast. I'm actually here in southern California today. This is my home turf, so enjoying some time in my state and in the right time zone. And lucky enough, I've got a pretty big deal sitting in front of me right now. I'm going to let her introduce herself. Could you let us know who you are please?

Jennifer Justis:             Yes. I'm Jennifer justice. I've been with Team Taj for 10 years. Been the manager at our store in Glendora CA 630.

Chad Jordan:                All right. And the part that she left out was she is the reigning manager of the year. She's too humble to say it, but of course I've got to lead with that. So, we're gonna walk through today, what it's taken for her to get to this point of being recognized nationally, literally at an almost 1,800 stores in the US, Canada. How she was handpicked to be manager of the year, what she did, what her store has got going on. She's obviously got a great team leader, great system here. So we're going to talk through some of those things and discuss her journey a little bit, and hopefully encourage any team members out there that are looking to boost their career and see the kind of success that she has experienced as well. Does that sound fair to you?

Jennifer Justis:             Sounds good.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Now is it Jennifer? Jen, Jenny on the block? What do we call on you?

Jennifer Justis:             I like to go by J.Lo.

Chad Jordan:                J.Lo? Okay let's do it. #J.Lo. That's probably the answer to one of my questions later on that I'm going to ask you. Walk me through what it means to be manager of the year, so at our national convention or Huddle this year, the 2017. The convention was in 2018, but the 2017 manager of the year gets called out. Your name gets called. Walk me through what happens next.

Jennifer Justis:             So that moment I can say as old as I am, was it's indescribable. Sometimes it pops in my mind driving down the freeway and I still cannot believe it. It was such an unexpected shocking, epic moment. It seemed like five minutes of just tunnel vision. It was, honestly it was an out of body experience. It was just kind of a blur.

Chad Jordan:                Had Arif already won team leader of the year, had that been announced yet?

Jennifer Justis:             That's what makes this so special. The five minutes was his award was just before mine.

Chad Jordan:                That's what I was saying because-

Jennifer Justis:             It was back to back. That's a great word, pandemonium. Because as you know, we sit in sections by state. So anything that was related to California, you just hear this roar. So it was so loud and so chaotic when Arif's name, Arif and Susan's name popped up on the jumbo tron. And I can honestly say I knew without a doubt I could just tell you. I sat there and said I knew his name was going to pop up there. There was no one that wasn't going to tell me anything different. So when we saw his name pop up there, everyone jumps to their feed and then the whole state is all roaring, and it was just so beautiful.

                                    So all the hoopla and the hollering and the pictures. So what do I do? So I'm not wearing my glasses, so I'm blind. It's dark in there. I grab my phone, so I take a picture of the jumbo tron. So then I turn around, I sit down. Everybody's still standing, so I sit down. I turn my back to the stage and I'm trying to type a group text to my staff, and I was going to just send them the picture that says team leader of the year with him and Susan. So there I am in the dark like Mrs. Magoo trying to do it. And then all of a sudden I remember hearing this roar again. And everybody jumps to their feet again. So I'm in this little corner sitting down.

Chad Jordan:                "Don't be so rude. I'm trying to type a text here."

Jennifer Justis:             Yeah. For a split second I'm like, "What's going on?: I didn't know if something happened on staged, but I was too focused on sending this text. And I remember looking up and facing opposite and my table is screaming, Look, look." And they're pointing. And I was like, what? And I turned around and when I saw my name on the jumbo tron, I don't know, it was shocking. This can't be.

Chad Jordan:                I don't know all the criteria that goes into being-

Jennifer Justis:             I don't even know the criteria to be honest with you.

Chad Jordan:                I was like, do you have any other than the fact that your store's kicking butt?

Jennifer Justis:             Nope.

Chad Jordan:                And you're doing a good job.

Jennifer Justis:             No.

Chad Jordan:                Do they kind of give you a little wink and a nod or they kind of elbow you a little bit heading into huddle like, "You might be in the top 10"?

Jennifer Justis:             Never, never. And I can honestly say in all the huddles that I've been to, I think that was my seventh maybe. Every single banquet that I've ever been when it comes to that category, I always sit there and think that's pretty powerful. How in the world do you even accomplish that? What does it entail? We'd always ask what are the criterias? Nobody ever seemed to know. It was just so far fetched. It's like the Oscars, how do you even get there? Right. I can't even fathom.

Chad Jordan:                At least in the Oscars, you know you're nominated.

Jennifer Justis:             See that's what I said after that is at least you're nominated. So you're out of five people. So the thought of it being this whole room of thousands of people thinking there's no way. There's no way. It was a fantasy.

Chad Jordan:                Right. And it's got to be literally, I don't know because I'm not on that side of things. But I assume your store success check rating, obviously sales.

Jennifer Justis:             Retention. I'm sure, we could come up with a list. I'm sure there's numbers involved. It's not popularity by any means.

Chad Jordan:                But if you're running a really good store and you're running it really well, you're probably in the running for manager of the year. And that should give hopefully, there's thousands of managers, 1,800 at least that are listening to this are going, "Well shoot I got a shot because I'm kicking butt and my store is doing well. And hey, I might need to get my success check score up a little bit or maybe we got to be selling a little more retail," or whatever.

Jennifer Justis:             And that's what it is. You just work hard, strive for top. And people are aware, they know. You don't think people know, everybody knows, you know what I mean? There's somebody watching. So you always do your best and you keep striving. It was just a moment that it's unbelievable.

Chad Jordan:                A pretty cool Southern California sweep there, actually for Team Taj as well. Team leader of the year, manager of the year. What a moment, I don't know that that's ever happened in the history of the huddles, I can check the archives.

Jennifer Justis:             And then the fact that it was the 25th anniversary. It was so special, so special. And Arif and I worked together for 10 years. We joke and we say our relationship, it's more of a brother sister at this point. We know how to talk to each other, we know how to approach subjects. We don't always agree. We know to go to our corners and let it stew for a night or two and revisit the conversation. We've been through ups and downs, mostly good.

Chad Jordan:                So you've been with Sport Clips for 10 years, you've obviously been cutting hair at least that long. Give me a little bit of background on how you got into cosmetology, where all that stuff came from.

Jennifer Justis:             Okay. So I'm going on 27 years with my license.

Chad Jordan:                Wow. They license people at five years old nowadays? Wow. Who knew that?

Jennifer Justis:             You're so sweet. Thank you, wow. This is going to go super good. Yeah. So I originally went to cosmetology school in Louisiana. I'm from Southern California, I got married very young at a high school. Married a military guy. We were stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana. And the truth be told is I literally got lost going exploring by myself in a town that was about five miles away from post. And I took a wrong turn. It was a Friday. I passed a beauty college with a marquee that said, "New rotations starting on Monday." And I was bored out of my mind. He was an infantry soldier. So I spent a lot of time by myself, I didn't have children. I used to be so bored, I would iron my pillowcases. I had nothing to do. So this particular Friday when I got lost, I passed this marquee, drove about two miles past it and said, "I wonder what that's about. Let me go see." I flipped a U-turn, sat in the office. And by Monday morning I was in class.

Chad Jordan:                I'm a little speechless here because my jaw's hitting the floor listening to J.Lo. I've talked to my fair share of managers around the country. I don't know that I've ever heard anyone say, especially that's gotten to the level you've gotten, that it was just a whim. It was an accident almost. It actually seeing that there was a void in your life, you didn't know what was going to fill it. And maybe some clouds parted and the sky angels started singing or something led you to this beauty school. And where was it in Louisiana? Fort Polk?

Jennifer Justis:             Fort Polk, Louisiana.

Chad Jordan:                All right.

Jennifer Justis:             So the little town that I went to cosmetology school was Leesville.

Chad Jordan:                All right.

Jennifer Justis:             So that's how it all started. And here we are 27, almost 28 years ago. And, it's been the first job right out of school was literally at a military base.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah.

Jennifer Justis:             So to come back-

Chad Jordan:                Lot of buzz cuts.

Jennifer Justis:             So to come back to this day, it's kind of full circle because I've done all rounds, I've done the military base full service. I've had franchises are competitors of are the structured style. But this was targeted at a men's market which was the military base back in the day. So it's kind of full circle. That's how I started doing fades all day long.

Chad Jordan:                Well that kind of feeds right into, so you're in Louisiana. Do you pop around all over the country with your husband for awhile? How do you get to California?

Jennifer Justis:             Well, we were from California, so we stayed almost five years in Louisiana. Then we went to Houston, Texas. He got out full tile, he went reserve. And we were there for another five years. Then he decided to get out of the service, and we came home. And then 15 years into marriage, we parted ways and I became a single mom.

Chad Jordan:                How many kids?

Jennifer Justis:             Two children.

Chad Jordan:                All right. How old are they? And you want to give him a shout out?

Jennifer Justis:             Yeah, I have a son that's 27 years old. Excuse me, he just turned 26. 26, my son. And I have a daughter that's 21 and [inaudible 00:12:00].

Chad Jordan:                So let's back up then.

Jennifer Justis:             Okay.

Chad Jordan:                You got two healthy great kids. Get me back to 10, 11, 12 years ago. You're in Southern California. Were you working at a full service salon when you came across the Sport Clips concept or-

Jennifer Justis:             Working at a full service salon. One of our competitors. That was at that time, my twelfth year. I was managing a store in Manhattan Beach. I was living in Covina, and I was driving two hours in each direction.

Chad Jordan:                Which Southern California it's like five miles.

Jennifer Justis:             Right-

Chad Jordan:                With traffic.

Jennifer Justis:             So I always joke and say I left my personality on the side of the 105 freeway years ago, because two hours in each direction was just wear and tear. And unfortunately the kids because I was a single parent at that time, they spent a lot of time in daycare. So I did what I had to do, and then they started becoming the teenage years where I think that was more crucial for me to be around. And it just wasn't reasonable anymore to be so far away from them.

Chad Jordan:                And where were you living?

Jennifer Justis:             I was living in Covina and driving to Manhattan Beach.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Jennifer Justis:             So I was also working little side jobs just to make ends meet. Hustling, making sure that the kids had everything they needed, I didn't skip a beat. They didn't know anything different. So it was actually a girlfriend of mine who said she saw an ad that they were opening up a Sport Clips. And years ago I had read when I was in Houston, rewind, that there was a concept of male targeted market for men, salon.

                                    I couldn't remember the name, but I remember the concept, reading it in a local paper. And I thought oh my goodness, this is-

Chad Jordan:                It's made it here.

Jennifer Justis:             Yeah, it finally came across after all these years. So at the time I was struggling and my girlfriend had said, "Hey, I saw that they're opening." And I said, "Well, let me check it out." So I set up an interview, and the rest was history. I was literally at that point, it was like hitting the lottery once I got the job 'cause it was 1.8 miles from my doorstep. I didn't have to get on the freeway anymore, I was to work in three minutes.

Chad Jordan:                And are you hired on as the manager because you had experience or were you a team member?

Jennifer Justis:             There was already a manager. I was the second interview. I was actually hired as assistant manager. So I took over end of the second year as manager, the manager left.

Chad Jordan:                And this is Arif Taj's store?

Jennifer Justis:             This is Arif Taj's store.

Chad Jordan:                Was this his first location?

Jennifer Justis:             His very first location. The store was actually under construction and we sat next door at a corner bakery and that's where I did my interview.

Chad Jordan:                So you help launch a store?

Jennifer Justis:             In essence, yes.

Chad Jordan:                I mean, you were there, you were assistant manager. What do you remember about the early days?

Jennifer Justis:             The early days was, it was tough. It was a combination of people in Southern California not even knowing that brand. People would walk by, open the door and go, "What is this?" They didn't know we sold equipment.

Chad Jordan:                Sporting goods.

Jennifer Justis:             And always got the same reaction. They open up the door and the first thing their eyes look at is across the wall it says showers. And they'll be like, "Why do you guys have showers here?" And they were a little irritated, and it was funny. They were offended, like why are you giving haircuts and then you need to take showers? So it was always a joke. So because people didn't know our brand, we would go out and hustle. We'd go out and do grab men from the parking lot, "Hey, would you like to get a free service today?" And they always thought it was a gimmick, but we were just trying to introduce the community to what we were.

                                    And also at that time it was '08, 2008. The end of that year was the hardship of people losing their homes, the economy just really took a dump and it was scary times. But I can honestly say since day one, we have so many guests that still have been coming for 10 years even though even if they were a part of those hard times, they were loyal. They may have took longer to see us. Instead of coming once a month they came every two or three months. But they always stuck with us and the needle always moved forward.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. You have a loyalty built in at this point.

Jennifer Justis:             Loyalty.

Chad Jordan:                What are some things that you are doing now as manager that you wish you would have known or done in those early days?

Jennifer Justis:             Like anything, it's a growing process. What I learned really quickly is it doesn't matter, the hardest part of building a team obviously is finding quality team members. It's very hard to find staff. And what I can say is you never, ever, ever have to hire because you're desperate, that'll bite you in the butt every time. You have the right and you should be choosy and picky, even in desperate times. Because there's always a way you could work split shifts. You'd be surprised, two team members will work hard for you, work six days if they have to, you pull together. So even though it might be a little rough patches where you really have to work super hard, it's better than hiring someone because you're desperate and that person causing havoc. Whether it's they're not technically strong, they didn't have experience, or they're just not a fit personality wise or they're just not responsible work ethics.

Chad Jordan:                That advice is so consistent with what I've heard other successful either managers or team leaders say. So if you're listening to this and you're a store that maybe you're struggling on hiring people right now, listen to the pros, the experts who are saying don't go in desperation mode and hire just because you have to just hire anybody. Still be a judicious and careful in your hiring process and it'll pay off in the long run.

Jennifer Justis:             Right.

Chad Jordan:                So you were assistant manager for how long before you, before you became manager there?

Jennifer Justis:             About a year and a half. It was the tail end of the second year when I took over, and it was literally overnight. It was Arif calling late at night, 10:00 and said, "Hey, this is what's going on. This is what I want to happen. Are you good? Meet me at the store at 7:00 in the morning, 7:30 in the morning, changing of the guards." And that was it.

Chad Jordan:                Was there a hesitation? Did you have to think about it? Was it a no brainer?

Jennifer Justis:             Well, for me it was a no brainer. I was doing most of the managerial tasks anyways. So we worked together in that. So it wasn't foreign to me. I had 12 years as a manager prior to Sport Clips, so I knew I was capable. So it was a no brainer. It just was like another day. And just going in there, it was a changing of the guards tag you're it.

Chad Jordan:                And you probably already even the team members, you were already together with them. It wasn't like you were walking into a situation where nobody had your back or-

Jennifer Justis:             Just carry on.

Chad Jordan:                Was there ever a point in over the last 10 years where, I mean you're single mom, two kids. One now in college, where you thought this isn't gonna be enough for me to make ends meet? Or have you always said that the harder I work, the more it's going to benefit my family and I can make a career out of this?

Jennifer Justis:             I learned that yeah, you work harder. And one of many things that I've learned from Arif he's always said don't chase money, chase success. The money will come. And it's 100 percent true.

Chad Jordan:                What does that mean, chase success? How do you chase success?

Jennifer Justis:             You want to make sure your store is successful? You want to grow your store, you, you want it to thrive because obviously when your store grows and you generate more business-

Chad Jordan:                How was you, and this is just inquiring minds over here. I'm not a team member at a store level. How do you make the store successful? What do you do in your role as a manager to chase that success? What are the things that you're implementing that have paid off?

Jennifer Justis:             What I also learned is that it's not one particular secret. It's not one thing that makes it work. It's that it's almost like a star. Hey, how about the five point play? There's different aspects to make the wheel turn. First and foremost, it's the team. You have to pick the right team. And again like I said, you have to make sure that it's ... A lot of times, everybody brings something to the table. I can't have all of me that wouldn't work. Everybody brings strength. Some people are good at working with kids, some people have great customer service. Some team members are great at fades, some people are just hard workers and will pick up the extra shifts. All that contributes to a team and to the success.

Chad Jordan:                And you have to be able to cultivate and coach that as a manager. Right?

Jennifer Justis:             Right. So you have that. You also have to obviously first and foremost, you have to be technically strong team. You have to give great haircuts.

Chad Jordan:                As a manager, what are you doing to make sure your team is strong technically?

Jennifer Justis:             We watch haircuts, if even some days I'm off. I've been doing hair so long, but that doesn't mean I give the best haircuts. Some days you're off. If someone sees, "Looks like you need a little blending here or there"-

Chad Jordan:                So you're looking out for each other?

Jennifer Justis:             We look out for each other. It's a combination of constant training. It's a combination of having the appropriate tools could even break you. If I'm not using great tools, that could give a bad haircut. If I'm not doing good maintenance on my tools, I'm not giving good haircuts. That's the first sign, you'll hear you're doing a fade and you're like oh goodness. Okay how about change your blade? It's simple little things. So it's being responsible, making sure that as a manager or even just a team member that you and your teammates have great tools and they're appropriate working condition.

                                    But it's customer service. It's building the store on ... We're a high volume store. So a big challenge is a manpower. You don't want to lose clients, or guests excuse me. You don't want to lose your guest to because we're so busy, but at the same time you don't want to rush and give us a-

Chad Jordan:                10 minute haircut-

Jennifer Justis:             10 minute experience when it should be 20. So it's balance, like anything it's balance. So as a manager you have again, there's different points in the star that make it work. And my challenge for the new team members that join in is that they could keep up to, it's very intimidating. We're a 600 plus a week store. I think we're at about 625 men a week. There are 625 men a week that are going to walk through the door no matter what. If I'm short staffed, I'm in a bad mood or whatever the situation, that's not going to stop the people walking through the door.

                                    So we have to always be on and be ready for anything. And, we have to be well rested if you're tired or fatigued. That'll crap the experience as well. So it's a-

Chad Jordan:                What do you institute a curfew for your team members? They have to be in bed by a certain-

Jennifer Justis:             I have a team that likes to party. So no, it's all in fun. The scheduling is probably the toughest in correlation with hiring.

Chad Jordan:                Who does it? Do you do your own schedule or-

Jennifer Justis:             Yes.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Jennifer Justis:             Yes. You just have to be conscious of people. I see that if you work more than five days in a row, you feel it. Physically, you feel it. So you as a manager, you have to be conscious of what day is that, since we're open every day. Sometimes you make a blooper and oh my goodness. The 14 days later when you put two weeks together, you're like oh it could happen. So I try to be super conscious of no more than five days in a row. Four is better to have a little break. Two days in a row together are definitely better than one day then coming back, two days off together. Yeah. Excuse me. But, that doesn't always work that way. But it's being conscious of the girls being fatigued.

Chad Jordan:                I feel like you're drawing out some great things, so I want to ask this question. What personality traits serve a manager well? In order to be a good manager, I need to be fill in the blank. Right now the reason I ask that question is because sensitive. You're sensitive to scheduling, you're sensitive to how many times your team members are working in a given ... But what are some things that you find that maybe other managers out there could benefit from if they focused their energy on being, whatever the adjective is?

Jennifer Justis:             I think as a stylist first, to be honest with you.

Chad Jordan:                I like that. Okay. I wasn't expecting that answer. So to think like a stylist?

Jennifer Justis:             I think like a stylist, What motivates me, what works for me. Now of course everybody's, there's the book of the five languages of love. You apply that to your team.

Chad Jordan:                What are they, let's go through those because I love that. You ready, you got it? Go.

Jennifer Justis:             Let's see, help me out if I forget. It's some people like acts of kindness. Some people like touch, physical contact. Some people like praise.

Chad Jordan:                Words of encouragement or affirmation.

Jennifer Justis:             Exactly. Gifts, rewards. Gifts, they need treats.

Chad Jordan:                And quality time.

Jennifer Justis:             Yes, and time. People just want time and attention.

Chad Jordan:                And those five ways, I love what you're going here. So those are five ways that people receive love or give love. And what you're saying, what I think you're stumbling upon here is that you want to be sensitive to the fact that people here love and receive love different ways. And you could give gifts to, stylist of the week gifts or something to a stylist every time. And if her love language is quality time, she just wants to hang out here. She just wants to hang out. You could give them a gift and it really not impact them. So what you do is you kind of hone in on, if I were to put words in your mouth, what their love language is and you try to speak to that and incentivize that.

Jennifer Justis:             It's key. You learn your team members and you learn what makes each team member tick. And you would be surprised on the results. Personally, individually as a team member, as a relationship with a manager and a team member. It's when you discover what makes each team member tick. It's a beautiful thing. So once you learned that, it just makes for a better environment. Everybody's happy. Some people just want to hear praise, as simple as giving them a compliment, praise them when they do good.

Chad Jordan:                My oldest child, my daughter, just tell her she's awesome. That's all she needs to hear.

Jennifer Justis:             And that's exactly, but it's a lot like parenting, whether it's a relationship with a significant other or if it's a parenting or of it's a team member. It's the same thing. It's the language of love, what makes people tick.

Chad Jordan:                What makes them light up, right?

Jennifer Justis:             Yes.

Chad Jordan:                And you'll know, right? Really once you spend a little bit of time with one of your team members you get-

Jennifer Justis:             You pick up on it. And I feel like that is a lot to a successful environment. We spend so much time at work. It's our second home. Some of us think it's our first home. So you feel it, You feel when an environment is happy, happy place. And for me it works.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah, I love that. I think we're coming into understanding a little bit more about how you became manager of the year.

Jennifer Justis:             We've had some struggles, but-

Chad Jordan:                Any time in your struggle, and I'll start winding it down here where you felt like there's gotta be something better than this. Or did you think, "Well this is the best. So I just got to figure out a way to get over this hurdle."

Jennifer Justis:             Never ever once did I want to walk away, never was I pushed to that point. There was a few times they felt broken, and just needed to maybe just get a little pep talk. Arif always manages to do that. And he even knows-

Chad Jordan:                He's a good talker.

Jennifer Justis:             That he is. That he is. And we've gotten to know each other so well that I don't even have to say anything and he knows if there's something going on, good or bad. So no, I just knew that I just had to push through. And for me when I won manager of the year, it was validation, total validation. Honestly I thought to myself that night if I died today, it was all worth it.

Chad Jordan:                I made it to the top of that mountain.

Jennifer Justis:             That's how I felt. That's how I felt at that moment was, it was priceless.

Chad Jordan:                Now I'm beginning to wonder, can you be a manager of the year two years in a row?

Jennifer Justis:             You know what? I won't even be selfish. Once is fine. I did it once. Nobody can take it away from me. I'll share-

Chad Jordan:                You could be competitive in the sense that you won it one time. It's like winning the Super Bowl. You don't have to win it every year, but you can't take that ring. Okay, listen. We had a bunch more things that I had hoped to talk about, but this conversation was so great and I know you have to get to work at some point. So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna wind down with our 10 kind of off the wall questions that I can't ask followup questions to, whatever you answer. It's just your answer. Okay? I can't make fun of you. None of that stuff. So I'm going to do my best here.

Jennifer Justis:             Okay.

Chad Jordan:                So the first question is which super power would you most like to have?

Jennifer Justis:             I'd like to fly.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. So that would be Super Woman. Okay. What is your personal motto?

Jennifer Justis:             Personal motto. Personal motto. Things are never what they seem.

Chad Jordan:                Interesting. Other than where you live now, where else in the world would you most like to live? And Fort Polk, Louisiana is in the running if you would like to move back there.

Jennifer Justis:             Fort Polk, Louisiana would never be where I would want to go back to. If I could live somewhere, I've always been intrigued with Japan.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Like it. Who was a celebrity, and we're in Southern California. So who was a celebrity you would most like to meet one day?

Jennifer Justis:             Oh my God. My favorite question. Jack Nicholson.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. That was Gibb's answer, yes, when he had his interview.

Jennifer Justis:             Are you kidding?

Chad Jordan:                Got to get you two together with Jack Nicholson. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Jennifer Justis:             Which word?

Chad Jordan:                Like if your team members say, "You're always telling us this," or your kids say.

Jennifer Justis:             Oh, wow.

Chad Jordan:                Are there not? I mean maybe you have a very extensive vocabulary and feel like-

Jennifer Justis:             No that definitely isn't the case. Maybe, are you kidding me?

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Are you kidding me? What sound or noise do you love?

Jennifer Justis:             I love the sound of leaves rustling in the wind.

Chad Jordan:                The wind. Okay. In Southern California we get our fair share of wind. What sound or noise do you hate?

Jennifer Justis:             I hate the sound of nails on a chalkboard. Sends me over the edge.

Chad Jordan:                There is no chalkboard in the room we're in right now, so I won't do it. What profession other than your own would you have been good at or at least have wanted to try?

Jennifer Justis:             I would have loved to be a negotiator for the FBI.

Chad Jordan:                Wow. J.Lo full of mystery. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Jennifer Justis:             My greatest achievement. Motherhood.

Chad Jordan:                And that this is on the heels of you just admitting that professionally, winning manager of the year was the top of the mountain, but motherhood trumps that. I love that answer. Lastly, if heaven indeed exist, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Jennifer Justis:             "J.Lo, I've been waiting for you for so long."

Chad Jordan:                Yes. That'll mean you had a long life too. So what a wonderful time I've had with you. Thank you so much for who you are, for all you do, for these words of wisdom. I know a ton of our team members are going to benefit from them and maybe future team members. And it's been a blast and congratulations on your success and many more successful days to come, I'm sure.

Jennifer Justis:             Thank you so much. It was fun.

Chad Jordan:                Thanks again everybody.

Jennifer Justis:             Bye bye.