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In this episode recorded in July of 2018, we interview John Lester, a Field Marketing Director at Sport Clips. John has been at Sport Clips since 2004 and is full of wisdom and experience about best practices for successful marketing in the community. In this episode, we discuss strategies for successful local marketing and how to get the most out of Grand Opening marketing efforts.


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July 3, 2018 John Lester Field Marketing Director Local Marketing Strategies and Keys to a Successful Grand Opening

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Chad Jordan:                Hey, everybody. Welcome to another episode of the Sport Clips Hall of Fame Podcast. My name's Chad Jordan. I'm the Director of Marketing for Digital Services here at Sport Clips. And surviving a food coma with me right now is Mr. .... Can I have you introduce yourself for me?

John Lester:                 Yeah. My name's John Lester. I'm a Field Marketing Director at Sport Clips.

Chad Jordan:                All right. And we're recovering. Please feel sorry for us right now. We're in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii, as John has been opening up HI103 this week, and so we just had a wonderful breakfast, and we thought it would be a good idea, well, before we fall asleep and crash and burn, let's go ahead and bang out the podcast and share a little insights into John's role, but also what we're really particularly looking at today is giving everybody a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what it takes to open a brand new Sport Clips. And part of the challenge in opening new Sport Clips sometimes is you're in either a new territory or you're in a market that there aren't a lot already, so you're really having to get the word out. So we're going to talk about that kind of stuff, any challenges that might get faced in a grand opening and how to overcome them.

                                    The highs, the lows, all that kind of stuff that comes with it, because we really believe the more knowledge that our managers and stylists and other team leaders have about what it takes to open a store, I think the greater the appreciation for everything that goes into it. So quickly, John, you're a father. You have two twin boys?

John Lester:                 I do.

Chad Jordan:                That are four, four and a half?

John Lester:                 Four and a half.

Chad Jordan:                And they're with nana and papa-

John Lester:                 They are.

Chad Jordan:                This week, and you're out here with your wife, who hopefully is sleeping still.

John Lester:                 She's probably sleeping in right now.

Chad Jordan:                All right. We're recording this first thing in the morning, because John has got to get out into the field. So tell me a little bit about, this is your second time opening a store in Hawaii, is that right?

John Lester:                 This is actually the third time.

Chad Jordan:                It's the third store that's gotten open.

John Lester:                 Third store.

Chad Jordan:                And second time you've done one here, right?

John Lester:                 Yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                So I know your role as a Field Marketing Director, am I saying that right?

John Lester:                 That's right, Field Marketing Director.

Chad Jordan:                So it's not just grand openings. So give me a quick run-through of what your role is, and then we'll get to the grand opening.

John Lester:                 So what I focus on is, and a lot of it is grand openings, so working with the franchisees, team leaders, to build a local store marketing plan for the store. I have a team of seven FMCs.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Which stands for?

John Lester:                 Field Marketing Coordinator.

Chad Jordan:                All right.

John Lester:                 And what they do is they go out to grand openings, like we're doing this week, and they work with a team to really build that relationship in the community. So giving out coupons is a component of that, of course, right?

Chad Jordan:                Yeah.

John Lester:                 So their goal is to give out 10 to 15,000 coupons in a week, right, but more importantly it's about training the team, getting involved with the community, working with the schools, finding fundraisers. Finding those upcoming opportunities are really key for the store.

Chad Jordan:                And so there's seven FMCs. Are they located throughout the country? Are they at the headquarters?

John Lester:                 Yeah, all throughout the country. So we have Kyle's in Phoenix where I'm at, we have Cindy out in Texas, we have Chris in Ohio. David is soon to be in Florida. He's moving to Orlando. We have Kyle, the other Kyle, in Austin. And they're in Minneapolis right now. So we're kind of spread out throughout the country, which is cool. Every day is different for us, right?

Chad Jordan:                Right. And so how do you know which FMC will help each store-

John Lester:                 That's a good question. So we try to look at their regionally and it makes sense, like Chris is Ohio. If we're opening a store in Ohio, in the area, we'll probably send Chris. But it doesn't always work out perfect like that, because stores get pushed and it kind of depends on a lot of its availability, so it's kind of where they need us.

Chad Jordan:                So that's a high travel job?

John Lester:                 It is. Yeah. For sure.

Chad Jordan:                And when they come in to like help out with the grand opening or something, they fly in one day and fly out the next, or what's the process?

John Lester:                 Usually it's Monday through Thursday. So they land Monday afternoon, they leave Thursday evening. So they're about three and a half days in that market. And really they're at the exposure of the team. So really working with the team, doing a pep rally. A lot of people think local store marketing they think couponing and in a way that's not the point, right? Couponing is a component of what they do but it's more about working with the team and finding those key opportunities.

Chad Jordan:                So there's seven. We traditionally, seven plus you I guess, right?

John Lester:                 Right.

Chad Jordan:                Well you count for probably two or three I guess. If you've ever seen John before, he's a hulk of a man. So there's seven of you all, eight, but we're opening 100 to 150 locations a year, so you guys are probably running with your hair on fire it feels like. Because you're always-

John Lester:                 The average FMCs probably on the road maybe 30, 40 times a year. So pretty significant.

Chad Jordan:                And how are you then able to give each store the dedicated time, energy, effort that it needs. Is this, you guys are a well oiled machine at this point or is there a challenge there sometimes to feel like-

John Lester:                 It can be challenging sometimes for sure. But that's probably where my role comes in. We work with a team leader and working with the FMC kind of building that bridge and following up also, because followups are really important.

Chad Jordan:                So the team leaders or franchisees, we call our franchisees team leaders as you mentioned, the one here, Eddie Khan, this is his third store that he's opened.

John Lester:                 This third store, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                So can you explain to me the difference in helping a team leader that has experience with a grand opening verus kind of a rookie team leader?

John Lester:                 Yeah, and there's a difference. I think a lot of it is just the expectation on what they ... Because I think we're at the point like with Eddie, he's opened two stores already, so he kind of knows what to expect and he understands setting time aside for the team to work on the local store marketing part of things and all that. Where I think a rookie team leader may not understand that the amount of time that it takes to local store market and whether it's behind the chair or things of that nature.

Chad Jordan:                Are they, do you think a rookie team leader is hoping the doors open and then it's just a flood of clients that come sit in the chair-

John Lester:                 That might be the case-

Chad Jordan:                That's their expectation.

John Lester:                 That might be the case for some of them, for sure.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah.

John Lester:                 But I always tell them, it's going to be a lot of work but it's also very rewarding because local store marketing ... The philosophy for me is no one within five miles of your store shouldn't know that you're there. I have market for stores that have been open for ten, fifteen years, and they literally go across the street and they're like, "What's Sport Clips?".

Chad Jordan:                Right.

John Lester:                 Who are you?

Chad Jordan:                Or Sports Clips.

John Lester:                 Yeah, it kills me every time. But yeah, so you never assume that people know who you are. So that's what's so key about local store marketing, especially for a grand opening because it accounts for about a third, a third of the clients who come in for the six months is done through local store marketing.

Chad Jordan:                And I will attest, I visited the new store, HI-103. I will never be able to pronounce the name of the town that it's in. Kapolei.

John Lester:                 Kapolei.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, thank you.

John Lester:                 Kapolei.

Chad Jordan:                That's what you're here for. And as I was driving in, you had wind signs that were-

John Lester:                 Yeah, they did a good job.

Chad Jordan:                It was so available for me to be able to find ... As someone who I was trying to, I have a rental car, I'm a tourist, I don't really know where to go, and yet it kind of gently guided me to where I was.

John Lester:                 Even the other day when you were there, I think a mom came in with her son from New York, so it was just one of those situations where she probably say the wind feather where the-

Chad Jordan:                She told me she was at the, it's near a Walmart, and there was a sign by the Walmart pointing to where the Sport Clips was and she looked at her son's mop of hair and said, "This kid needs a haircut even though we're on vacation", and so they came over. So what other efforts do you guys put into a grand opening in terms of getting the word out. You mentioned local community organizations and things like that. What else are you doing besides signage and coupons?

John Lester:                 Well signage is important but some cities don't allow signage. They're a lot more strict. So Eddie's very fortunate that the city of Kapolei will let him do that, which is awesome. Some stores are not as fortunate. But other things we do is get involved with the schools. Obviously this time, we're recording this in the summer, so it's a bit more challenging to do stuff for schools this time of year because they're out of school. But this time of year we're looking at churches for summer camps, YMCAs for summer activities, libraries for summer reading programs. So we're kind of looking at things of that nature. Obviously next thing coming up right now as I'm recording this is Fourth of July. So what kind of things can we do for the Fourth of July? Are there any upcoming events that we can involve with parades-

Chad Jordan:                Block parties and stuff-

John Lester:                 Block parties, you know. So you have to kind of look at your, what's going on this time of year and cater it. Obviously we're in Hawaii, golfing is a big thing, right?

Chad Jordan:                So you've been suffering this week?

John Lester:                 Suffering-

Chad Jordan:                And going to the golf courses?

John Lester:                 Going to the golf courses. Talking to a golf pro. For example, the other day I went to learn it, talked to a golf pro and hey we're a Sport Clips, we're a new business neighbor, we want to come by and drop off some coupons for your team. But do you have any events or tournaments we can get involved with or any goody bags that we can provide free haircuts for, or anything like that? And they're very open to it generally, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                It's a perk for them. It's definitely a bonus.

John Lester:                 I think if you put a value on what you're giving them, so instead of me saying, "Here's a free haircut coupon", I think it's more powerful for me to say, "This ticket is good for a $26 value and you get a MVP experience. This is what you get with it." It's not just a haircut. This is steam towel, shoulder massage, all that good stuff.

Chad Jordan:                So we are in Hawaii obviously. It comes with its blessings and obviously its challenges.

John Lester:                 Sure.

Chad Jordan:                What do you do in a market where you're opening, it's the middle of winter, it's a cold territory, what do you do to bring people in? Maybe it's bad weather, rainy. What kind of things can you do in those sorts of instances?

John Lester:                 I was opening a store in South Dakota winter once, and it was, I think with windchill it was negative 35 below.

Chad Jordan:                Oh and you're from Arizona.

John Lester:                 I'm from Arizona. And so I'm all bundled up and I literally had drink in my car and I come back five minutes later and it's like slush. It's like ice. It was that cold. Eyeballs are freezing. But I still beat the streets and I think my coupon redemption was super high because people felt sorry for me. Because I'm sticking my hands in-

Chad Jordan:                You're not from around here, are you?

John Lester:                 The point is you have to go out, you have to go and do it. You have to let people know. Engage the community.

Chad Jordan:                And is it just you? Are you taking some team members from the store with you every time you go out?

John Lester:                 Always encouraged to take team members with me, for sure. Because I always tell, I can fish for you and I can feed you for a day or I can teach you how to fish and feed you for a lifetime, right? And that's my philosophy going into this. Because I feel terrible in situations where I go to a store and a team is not available to market it. Fortunately, that's not the case here. I went marketing with some girls. So it was great.

Chad Jordan:                And when you take them out, are you kind of leading the charge or after a while are you kind of sitting back and letting them kind of-

John Lester:                 A little bit of both, right? I'm not just going to like, "Hey, do it", right? So we go together and they kind of see how my spiel is and what I say and eventually get them to explain kind of the services that we do and then getting [inaudible 00:11:12], for sure.

Chad Jordan:                One thing that I hear from managers is they hate the no. When you go out to market and you ask if you could do something and no, or we're not going to let you do that, or whatever. So how do you get them, how do you coach them to face that fear of handling a no and maybe a tactic or two to get around it?

John Lester:                 Well it's the same thing with selling products. Or it's the same thing for asking if you want MVP, right? It's the same thing. So I think generally in everyday situations, someone's going to say no. On average, I've been doing this for so long, almost 14 plus years, I can tell you out of 100 places, you might get one place say no. So it's really not that bad. And even if they're saying no, they're not saying no to you.

Chad Jordan:                Yes.

John Lester:                 They're not saying no-

Chad Jordan:                It feels so personal though, right?

John Lester:                 Right, right.

Chad Jordan:                And like you've been personally rejected and they never want to talk to you again.

John Lester:                 So my advice is just all we're doing the whole store marketing, we're taking that excitement from the inside the store, because I see team members all the time behind the chair, this is what we do, they show the light up card, this is what we do, you know? We're taking that excitement, we're just taking that outside the store. That's all we're doing. So we're not selling anything, we're not soliciting, there's no money being exchanged, right? We're just personally inviting them to our shop. That's all we're doing. And so I think if you take that approach, everyone will say yes? No. But the people who say no, you kill them with kindness. So for example the other day, I went to a Ross, and the manager's like, "I'm sorry."

Chad Jordan:                A Ross here in Hawaii?

John Lester:                 In Hawaii, yeah. And the manager was like, "No, I'm sorry, we can't take the coupons." And okay, well thank you for your time. At least you know where we're at. And we wanted take care of you. Thank you for your time. That's all I have to say. You walk away. Does that mean that I'll never go back to that Ross ever again? No. Because what I experience, I can go back today and-

Chad Jordan:                It's Assistant Manager or, yeah-

John Lester:                 Right. And then like, "Oh we love it." Great. You know? So you just kind of have to take it with a grain of salt and well, okay, that's great. Thank you so much for your time. Kill them with kindness. Don't make a big deal out of it, right? It's all about risk/reward. A lot of people get intimidated with the bigger places, right? The big corporate offices because there's a lot of people there, right?

Chad Jordan:                And suits.

John Lester:                 And suits. What I tell people is no matter who you're talking to, I know this sounds silly, but you're talking to humans. You're talking to people. You're not talking to a robot, right? So you're ... Just bring it to a level that you feel comfortable. And just know that you're doing them a favor. You're giving them some benefits to come check you out, that's all you're doing.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Humans with hair that need haircuts and probably half of them need a better haircut experience than what they currently have.

John Lester:                 Or know someone who needs a haircut.

Chad Jordan:                Right.

John Lester:                 So if I'm giving someone a coupon, give them a few extra for friends and family. You know, why not? Because at the end of the day it's a numbers game. So the best way to think about it is for every 100 coupons you give out, it's expect two to four back. In a matter of six to eight weeks.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah.

John Lester:                 So we really have to think in terms of thousands of coupons, right? So if I go out and talk to team leaders and they're like, "John, I'm doing a ton of marketing." My first question is, what's the time? Often times they're like a couple hundred a week. Well best case situation, you're going to drive in eight clients in over two months. How [inaudible 00:14:05]? But having said that it's also ... We were talking about this earlier about the quantity not quality, right? So it doesn't make sense to go to like a Jiffy Lube and drop off 500 coupons for the sake of giving out 500 coupons. That's not smart either. So you have to find that balance of like quality and quantity. So you want to be generous with coupons but you don't want to be like overly ambitious giving out too many at a time.

Chad Jordan:                And you've now been with Sport Clips for how long?

John Lester:                 I started in 2004, so-

Chad Jordan:                Wow.

John Lester:                 14 years. Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                So how many stores were there in 2004?

John Lester:                 Man, like maybe a little over 200.

Chad Jordan:                Wow. Okay. So you've really seen it explode.

John Lester:                 I started off as like an intern actually.

Chad Jordan:                Tell me, no, I don't know this story, tell me.

John Lester:                 So I started off I was with ASU, go Sun Devils, and so I was working for a franchise, a team went out there, and worked for two stores. And I wanted an experience with marketing because that's my major. This is before they had like internet, before you could go online.

Chad Jordan:                Right, yeah.

John Lester:                 So I was like literally going through the books and looking for internships.

Chad Jordan:                The old days.

John Lester:                 The old days, right? Flipping through the catalog of internships and I see Sport Clips in there. I've never heard it before. And I contacted the team leader, franchisee, his name is Brian. I'm like, "Brian, I'd love to work for Sports Clips." I remember it like, I said Sports Clips. He hired me. Literally gave me a box-

Chad Jordan:                Despite that.

John Lester:                 Despite that.

Chad Jordan:                He looked past that.

John Lester:                 And he said, "John, here's some coupons. Have fun." He didn't train me at all. So I kind of went into it-

Chad Jordan:                He threw you into the pool and said you've got to learn to swim.

John Lester:                 Right, pretty much. And so I did that. I'm like, "What do I do with these coupons?" I have no idea. No one told me what to do. So I literally taught myself everyday. And even today I'm still learning things from him. But I taught myself what to say, what to do, how to approach things, and by the time I graduated Sport Clips approached me like, "We like what you're doing. We don't really have ... We're not doing this across the country. Can you please write together a job description based on what you're doing."

Chad Jordan:                Oh my.

John Lester:                 And if we like what you write then we'll hire you. So I literally wrote my own job description and kind of moved up from there.

Chad Jordan:                You wrote your own job essentially.

John Lester:                 Yeah, right.

Chad Jordan:                You created it. So that's, gosh 14 years.

John Lester:                 Fourteen years, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                So have you been involved with grand openings that whole time?

John Lester:                 A little bit, yeah. For the most part. But also helping existing stores too. Because this can also apply to an existing store.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Everything you're saying is-

John Lester:                 Local store marketing can always apply to existing stores.

Chad Jordan:                A store can take that and expect it's really boots on the ground.

John Lester:                 Boots on the ground.

Chad Jordan:                And getting that stuff out there.

John Lester:                 That's right. I think the biggest challenge people have though to be honest is just getting people to do it.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

John Lester:                 Right? Because not everyone, a lot of teams, I think out of a team of like eight to ten people, you'll find that there will be like two to three that really like it. Two of three absolutely dread it. And everyone is kind of in between, right? So the rest are in between. So you've got to find that marketing lead on that store. And I believe everyone has their strengths. So even if someone may not, the hardest part about local store marketing is what I call ice breakers. Breaking ice, right? Going out and introducing yourself to a random person and saying who you are. That's the hardest part. But the followups not too bad. So if you can find that, go to GameStop and you talk to John Smith and say, "Okay, John, we're going to drop off some coupons and followup here on this relationship." You can delegate that to someone else on your team and say, "Okay, Susie, I'd really like you to talk to John. He's expecting you every couple of weeks." And just make sure they have coupons and we're good to go. That should be done.

Chad Jordan:                That's a great tactic.

John Lester:                 Right.

Chad Jordan:                You've seen over the last 14 years how grand openings were done a decade ago to what their done now. How has the process been more streamlined and become more efficient in your eyes?

John Lester:                 We have a lot more tools available, which is nice. The marketing toolkits are great.

Chad Jordan:                What is that?

John Lester:                 [inaudible 00:17:32] because there's a lot of toolkits on there that have specific ideas on whether it's golf courses, or Buffalo Wild Wings, or GameStops, or bowling alleys, or weddings, or-

Chad Jordan:                Oh, so it's really by avenue.

John Lester:                 By avenue, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Oh, okay.

John Lester:                 So if you're like, "Oh, I want to get involved with schools." Boom. There's a toolkit on how you get involved with schools and the ABCs of what to do, right? Or there's one about golf courses. There's one about tuxedo rentals and weddings. So those are super helpful. And there's a lot of tools. There's tracking cheats and a ton of local store market tools that are available that weren't available back in the day.

Chad Jordan:                Plus, I imagine there weren't seven or eight of you scattered across the country.

John Lester:                 No.

Chad Jordan:                Was one guy who was going around.

John Lester:                 Yeah. I got three more states I've been to all 50.

Chad Jordan:                Oh wow. Okay. What are they, do you know?

John Lester:                 Rhode Island.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, all right.

John Lester:                 Vermont and West Virginia.

Chad Jordan:                So you have to open those. [crosstalk 00:18:20]. Okay, so those three states you got to be involved in a grand opening.

John Lester:                 I do, I do.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. That is our mission.

John Lester:                 That's my mission.

Chad Jordan:                All right. If we choose to accept it. So other than, and I want to respect our time here, other than the challenges we've already kind of faced and described in this podcast, are there any other challenges that you see that brand new stores have to overcome, besides the ones that we've been talking mostly about are hitting the ground and getting the coupons out.

John Lester:                 Yeah. I think being consistent has go to be, it's a challenge. Behind the chair is super important so shout out to behind chair because buddy cards, those are so crucial. And that's really where local store marketing starts is finding out where your client works, right? Hey, where do you work, oh you work at such and such building? Cool. Who do I need to talk to so we can hook you guys up with a discount? Or get the word out about Sport Clips, you know? Using the clients, your client as your biggest advocate makes the most sense.

Chad Jordan:                I like it.

John Lester:                 So that's a challenge too because a lot of people don't do that to be honest.

Chad Jordan:                Can you give me, you've told me a South Dakota, your drink was turning to ice. Can you give me a crazy grand opening story off the wall, you guys wouldn't believe that this has happened, out in the field, kind of scenario?

John Lester:                 Where was I? I was in like-

Chad Jordan:                One of the 47 states that you've helped.

John Lester:                 I want to say Oklahoma. It was like years ago and like literally going to the airport and there's like a tornado.

Chad Jordan:                That sounds like Oklahoma.

John Lester:                 And it was like in the distance. I'm like, "Holy cow. You can see the funnel." And I'm like driving to the airport and I didn't catch my flight.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah, yeah. You had to go get a new change of clothes and-

John Lester:                 It was very unnerving. Being in Arizona we don't see that everyday. I've kind of seen it all. It's been fun. I've kind of dealt with all situations. I've mentioned a couple say no, I've had a whole bunch of people tell me no but you know what? I've had so many more people say yes.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. What is the best part of your job?

John Lester:                 Everyday is different. And just talking with people and I love, you know, when I'm talking to these businesses and engage with them, I also like to ask them how their business is going and how their day is going because I think people don't like to hear about, they want to talk about themselves.

Chad Jordan:                Right.

John Lester:                 Right? So if I just go into a business and I'm like, "I'm John with Sport Clips and this is what we do and we're founded blah blah." I think it's more powerful if you're like, "Chad, how are things going for you guys? We appreciate you and we want to take care of you. But I'm also sincerely interested in like how you guys are doing."

Chad Jordan:                Right.

John Lester:                 And that helps too I think quite a bit.

Chad Jordan:                Well and I imagine, having been here for 14 years starting with 200 stores, now we're at over 1700 stores, it's a lot easier when you go into markets now and the name Sport Clips rings a bell for most people.

John Lester:                 Most people. But to be honest we were mentioning earlier in the podcast, I'm here in Hawaii. The brand awareness is not strong at all because we're so isolated, right? And the other two stores are miles away. So not many people have heard of-

Chad Jordan:                Even though the mom from New York had never heard of a Sport Clips, she saw the logo and came over because she felt like it was a brand she could trust, but even in New York and kind of the New England area, northeastern area, they still have that brand awareness stuff. And that's why that local field marketing is so important because when you can't use the cache of the name, you got to get out there and do it yourself and then bring people in and they'll be your biggest advocates.

John Lester:                 That's absolutely true.

Chad Jordan:                And any other words of advice? I have a surprise ten questions I'm going to ask you that you don't know about, but-

John Lester:                 Any words of advice is you just have to just keep at it. And like everything else you got to learn something new every day, right? You've got to do something and you might not be perfect at it right away, that's totally fine, but take the positive, run with it, and take what you may improve, and make it better.

Chad Jordan:                The biggest takeaway for me from this podcast so far has been when you mentioned that if you have a store of eight to ten team members, they're not all going to want to do and be good at the field marketing stuff, the local marketing stuff. But find that one who embraces it, loves the challenge, loves the interaction, and really assign that, give that person the power.

John Lester:                 Empowerment, for sure.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Empower them to go out there and do it.

John Lester:                 You have to lead by example. So if you're a manager and just like anything else, and you're not doing it, it's going to be hard to get anyone else to do it, right? So you have to, even if you're a manager and you don't like local marketing, you have to step up and do it to get your team to do it.

Chad Jordan:                Well I will say this, the managers that get the trophy's at huddle and walk across the stage and shake Gordon's hand, and they've been doing the local marketing stuff-

John Lester:                 For sure. Absolutely.

Chad Jordan:                So that's excellent. Okay. Let me ask you these ten questions then I know you actually have to go do some local marketing stuff. So I've got to get you out of here eventually. These are just ten fun questions. I can't ask any followup but what I haven't told my other guests is I can secretly judge you for the answer. I won't do it on the podcast but behind the scenes I might be going, "Wow. I can't believe that person replied this way." So anyways, here are the ten questions. Number one, which super power would you most like to have?

John Lester:                 I think I'd like to be like Mystique. I don't know if you know who she is, but-

Chad Jordan:                Yes. X-Men.

John Lester:                 Yeah. I'd be able to transform into anything.

Chad Jordan:                I like it. Okay. I've never had someone choose the opposite sex of what they are as an ... Okay, again. I'm not judging. I'm just saying. What is your personal motto?

John Lester:                 Seize the day, carpe diem.

Chad Jordan:                Other than where you live now, where else in the world would you most like to live?

John Lester:                 Oh, in the world? Wow.

Chad Jordan:                Yep. The world is your oyster.

John Lester:                 Probably Australia be really cool.

Chad Jordan:                Australia, you ever been there?

John Lester:                 I've never been to Australia but I'd love to go.

Chad Jordan:                We've got to get Sport Clips. Canada, Australia's next. Other than where you live now, oh. We've already asked that. Who is a celebrity you would most like to meet one day?

John Lester:                 George Lucas.

Chad Jordan:                George Lucas.

John Lester:                 Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                I love it. You're not a geek. I'm not judging. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

John Lester:                 Cheers.

Chad Jordan:                Cheers.

John Lester:                 Even when I'm marketing, I'm always like, "cheers".

Chad Jordan:                Oh, okay. Whit sound or noise do you love?

John Lester:                 Sound or noise do I love?

Chad Jordan:                And it can't be the plates banging in the background of this area of the hotel where we are.

John Lester:                 I love my kids saying I love you.

Chad Jordan:                Oh, that's awesome. Yes. That's great. Especially since you've been away from them all week.

John Lester:                 Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                What sound or noise do you hate?

John Lester:                 Oh, nails on a chalkboard.

Chad Jordan:                Nails on a chalkboard? I thought maybe you were going to say a tornado in the distance or something. What profession other than your own would you have been good at or at least have waned to try?

John Lester:                 Oh, a profession? I'd do like professional E Sports player.

Chad Jordan:                A what kind?

John Lester:                 An E Sports.

Chad Jordan:                Oh, E Sports. Okay. Are you good at, do you do-

John Lester:                 I play my share of video games, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. What's your favorite?

John Lester:                 I'm more of a retro guy.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

John Lester:                 Because I play the-

Chad Jordan:                Old school.

John Lester:                 Old school. Yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                What do you consider your greats achievement?

John Lester:                 My family.

Chad Jordan:                Your family.

John Lester:                 Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                I love it.

John Lester:                 Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                And last. If heaven indeed exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

John Lester:                 Welcome and good job

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Love those answers, John. Thanks so much for joining us. We've had John Lester here today on this edition of the Sport Clips Hall of Fame podcast. Appreciate your time, John.

John Lester:                 Thank you for having me. Appreciate it.

Chad Jordan:                And we will do this again soon. Thanks everybody.

John Lester:                 Cheers.