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Red Banner with HOF EpisodeIn this episode, we interview Katie Hackney. Katie manages VA206 and was recently named "Rookie Manager of the Year" at the 2019 National Huddle. In this podcast, we hear about her 12 year career at Sport Clips, why she eventually accepted a management role, how she juggles her busy schedule with being a single mom and find out secrets to her success.

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August 23, 2019 Katie Hackney Rookie Manager of the Year How to treat people the way they want to be treated

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Chad Jordan:                 Hey, everybody. This is Chad Jordan, Director of Marketing here at Sport Clips Haircuts. This is another edition of our Hall of Fame Podcast. I really do have a Hall of Famer here. We have the Rookie Manager of the Year from this last year's Huddle joining us, so we're going to get into her story a little bit, what makes her so great, what she has discovered in her Sport Clips career, all that kind of fun stuff and capture her story.

                                    Without further ado, why don't I have you, young lady, introduce yourself to everybody for me?

Katie Hackney:              My name is Katie Hackney. I am the manager of Virginia 206 in Midlothian, Virginia. I've been with the company for almost 12 years. It will be 12 years in October. I have a six-year-old daughter

Chad Jordan:                 I was going to say, "And mother, too." I knew that was coming

Katie Hackney:              Mother as well of a six-year-old daughter who is very lively and very active and keeps me on my toes all the time.

Chad Jordan:                 Isabella?

Katie Hackney:              Isabella.

Chad Jordan:                 We call her Bella?

Katie Hackney:              We call her Bella.

Chad Jordan:                 I'm sure we'll probably show pictures and other kind of stuff on the podcast, on the YouTube. If you're watching this on YouTube, hey there. 206, so your store is the one closest to where we're actually filming this, then, right?

Katie Hackney:              Yes, it's like literally not even five minutes down the road.

Chad Jordan:                 You're not here in between clients, are you?

Katie Hackney:              No

Katie Hackney:              I actually go in later today.

Chad Jordan:                 Well, thank you for joining us here. I wanted to obviously get a chance to sit down with you. Flew out here especially to see you.

Katie Hackney:              Yay.

Chad Jordan:                 Whenever somebody wins a big award at Huddle, they immediately get on the itinerary for a podcast interview because they have entered the Hall of Fame. You have been with Sport Clips how long?

Katie Hackney:              Almost 12 years.

Chad Jordan:                 12 years, that's what you said, so 12 years. I was 10 years old when you started at Sport Clips. That's amazing. You come right out of high school? What's your story?

Katie Hackney:              I graduated high school in 2007, and that's... I originally started in October of 2007

Chad Jordan:                 Did you go to cosmetology school while in high school?

Katie Hackney:              I did. I got my license after my junior year of high school.

Chad Jordan:                 Wait, are you an OG? Did you come right out of high school, cosmetology school, boom, and then Sport Clips? Or had you kind of floated around first somewhere else?

Katie Hackney:              I floated around a little bit and worked in a different chain, and then I was there for about a year and a half and then came to Sport Clips.

Chad Jordan:                 Decided that other... What I hear other people say is they got all their bad haircuts out of the way first at the other place and then came to Sport Clips

Katie Hackney:              Exactly

Chad Jordan:                 So I like it when that's the case. This year's Huddle was in Las Vegas, so had you... well, you hadn't been to Huddle before, had you?

Katie Hackney:              I had.

Chad Jordan:                 You've seen the awards before and the banquet. At any point, do you think are a nominee for Rookie Manager of the Year? Do you think your name could possibly be called?

Chad Jordan:                 I don't know how it works, so tell me.

Katie Hackney:              My team leader actually told me about an hour before the banquet, and she told me that she did nominate me. It was just kind of just-

Chad Jordan:                 Do you pass out like right there on the spot and

Katie Hackney:              No, I'm a very humble person I feel like and it doesn't really get to me, and then when they called my name up on stage, I was like, "Oh, wait. Did they really just call my name?"

Chad Jordan:                 "There must be another Katie Hackney here."

Katie Hackney:              I just kind of sat there for a minute. I was like, "Well, okay." I go up there and I accepted and-

Chad Jordan:                 You're 12 years in, Rookie Manager of the Year, so that means rookie first-time manager is usually what a rookie means, but even in baseball, like you can win Rookie of the Year, get this, I don't know if you knew this, this is a mansplaining right here. You might know this, but just in case other people out there don't know this, you can win Rookie of the Year in baseball even if you played some games the previous year, it's just a certain number of games that would disqualify you.

                                    You had actually managed before, right? How do you win Rookie Manager of the Year? You managed before, so tell me... walk me through kind of a little bit of your Sport Clips career, and we're going to get into what makes you such a great manager. I've been to your store, your team loves you. We're going to get into all of that kind of stuff, but get me through. This is a pretty interesting story. You had managed, you've been here 12 years. Walk me through a little bit of that if you don't mind.

Katie Hackney:              I started at another location 12 years ago. It was at the Midlothian store, which is VA203, where Jenna, you've met her yesterday.

Chad Jordan:                 Jenna Snyder.

Katie Hackney:              I worked there off and on. I was there full time, but I actually... I started as an Assistant Manager, and then I moved up to Manager, stepped down when there was a couple of issues in my personal life that I couldn't focus on anything else but my personal stuff.

Chad Jordan:                 You knew you couldn't dedicate

Katie Hackney:              Exactly

Chad Jordan:                 What you needed to. Being a manager-

Katie Hackney:              It's a lot.

Chad Jordan:                 It's not for the faint of heart, right?

Katie Hackney:              No.

Chad Jordan:                 You recognized that.

Katie Hackney:              Yes, so I stepped down and then eventually when I got my stuff back together and I was able to focus on more stuff as a manager, I would step back up when I felt like it was okay for me to do so. Then, I had my daughter. I managed another location in Chester for about six months because that was a little bit closer to my home. My clientele, I have a large clientele, I normally have a three-to-four-hour wait every day that I work. When I went down to Chester, it was about a 20-minute drive for my clientele. They didn't all follow me, so I was there for about six months and

Chad Jordan:                 They would wait four hours, but four hours and 20 minutes and then another 20 minutes home for them, they're like, "All right, at some point  

Katie Hackney:              "I can't do it."

Chad Jordan:                 "We got to cut this off."

Katie Hackney:              I went back to the VA203, stepped down because I had... I'm actually a victim of abuse with my daughter's dad. We went through emotional and not physical but just mentally abuse. I stepped down because of all of that because I wanted to focus on my daughter solely. Debra had actually called me to ask me to take over the store two years prior.

Chad Jordan:                 You had turned her down at that point.

Katie Hackney:              I turned her down immediately. I was like, "No, absolutely not. I don't have the focus."

Chad Jordan:                 I've got to give her kudos because I talked to Debra about this. She called you a number of times for a number of stores.

Katie Hackney:              About two to three times.

Chad Jordan:                 You kept saying, "I'm sorry, it's just not for me, at least not right now", and she never gave up. She was like, "I know she is manager material. I know she is quality, so I'm going to keep trying and eventually I'm going to break through and the time is going to be right." At what point is the timing right?

Katie Hackney:              After I got through everything, got away from that situation, I started working on myself and my daughter. Our situation got a lot better. We found a home, all that good stuff. I was living with my Mom at the time, and once I got myself situated, she called me again. I said, "Well, let me think on this really fast and I'll call you back in a couple of days." I started immediately [crosstalk 00:07:50]-

Chad Jordan:                 That's the first time she

Katie Hackney:              That's the first time

Chad Jordan:                 Didn't hear, "No."

Katie Hackney:              No immediately.

Chad Jordan:                 There's a "maybe" in there.

Katie Hackney:              I immediately get on the phone with clients that I have numbers to and we're friends on Facebook. I would message them, "Hey, I know I transferred a while ago to Chester and nobody followed me. This store is closer. Would you be able to follow me there?"

Chad Jordan:                 Closer by how many... are we talking

Katie Hackney:              It's probably

Chad Jordan:                 Five minutes?

Katie Hackney:              Five to 10 minutes or so. It's not bad, and a lot of my clientele actually live in the middle of these two locations, so it

Chad Jordan:                 Just as convenient for them.

Katie Hackney:              Exactly. About 95% of my clients

Chad Jordan:                 You're doing the math, like financially. Like, "If I go take this store, I need to make sure that some clients are going to come."

Katie Hackney:              Especially being a single mother. You have to make sure if you are financially stable. About 95% of my clientele said, "Absolutely." I called her and I was like, "You know what, Debra? I'll go ahead and take over the store."

Chad Jordan:                 She's doing... she calls it the Booyah Dance, so she's doing the Booyah Dance on the other end of the phone

Katie Hackney:              She was.

Chad Jordan:                 Like, "I finally got her." When did you start? When did you go over to your store?

Katie Hackney:              I actually worked over there a couple of shifts before I actually made the decision.

Chad Jordan:                 Because what? You wanted to see the team members? You wanted the interaction?

Katie Hackney:              I wanted to interact with the team members and see how they meshed well with me.

Chad Jordan:                 See which ones were going to give you... let's be honest, which ones were going to give you trouble.

Katie Hackney:              Exactly.

Chad Jordan:                 You knew you needed to schedule them last because you didn't want... no.

Katie Hackney:              Luckily, with Debra having so many locations in the Virginia area, we are able to travel to our sister stores to help out when they need it.

Chad Jordan:                 Just yesterday alone, I went to nine stores, and probably six of them had either stylists or managers or assistant managers from other locations just filling in because people are on summer vacation or whatever.

Katie Hackney:              Exactly.

Chad Jordan:                 It is a really good network.

Katie Hackney:              With me being with the company for so long, I have been into these stores and I have interacted with the stylists and everything, too, so that really helped me with making my decision as well. I worked there for a couple of shifts and then I actually finished working at VA203 for about a month to let all my clients know where I was going and whatnot. About a month later I transferred over.

Chad Jordan:                 Now, the fact that you had kind of tipped your toe in the water being a manager before, did that give you a good sense of what you needed to do to kind of hit the ground running with this store?

Katie Hackney:              Absolutely, and not only had I grown personally, but I was so young, straight out of high school when I started managing that I didn't know everything. You're not going to know everything. I'm still learning to this day, and I've been with the company for almost 12 years. I've grown as a person and also as a manager.

Chad Jordan:                 What areas are you stronger in now that have helped you?

Katie Hackney:              Definitely having a heart-to-heart with my team members when I need it. I kind of let them kind of walk all over top of me a long time ago because I was very naïve and just very young, didn't know any better. Now, I have that structure. I let them know when they're doing something wrong and

Chad Jordan:                 You're a Mom now, too, so

Katie Hackney:              Exactly

Chad Jordan:                 You're used to saying no

Katie Hackney:              Exactly

Chad Jordan:                 Even when your heart wants to give in.

Katie Hackney:              That has also helped me grow.

Chad Jordan:                 You had mentioned earlier... I want to make sure I don't gloss over this, that you had worked on yourself, like you had taken care of yourself, made sure you were in the right place. What did you do? There might be some people listening to this that have struggled in whether it's self-confidence or self-worth or feeling certain ways about themselves. How did you turn the corner? What happened?

Katie Hackney:              I feel like I took more time for myself, which is very important, especially when you have kids. You have kids, you know that, definitely.

Chad Jordan:                 That's why I travel so much.

Katie Hackney:              To get away

Chad Jordan:                 I got to get away from them!

Katie Hackney:              I always tell my clients that this is my vacation away from home when I come to work, but you also have to take time for yourself outside of your job, outside of kids.

Chad Jordan:                 That me time.

Katie Hackney:              That me time, definitely. I had my Mom, she helped me out a lot with taking care of my daughter while I went off and got my nails done, got a massage-

Chad Jordan:                 Nice, I like it.

Katie Hackney:              Stuff like that. That really helped me get through.

Chad Jordan:                 Well, think about clients are coming into Sport Clips that literally... the guys are coming, they need to be pampered. That's what the MVP Experience is all about. We're not getting our nails done. We're not going to day spas. Sport Clips is our day spa-

Katie Hackney:              Exactly.

Chad Jordan:                 And so the reason I like your answer so much is because guys, just as you need your me time and that helped you, that's what Sport Clips is. That is the guy me time. The stylists, the team members, she is helping him relax . That's why delivering that 5 Point Play, that MVP Experience is so critical because you are in a much better place now because you took care of yourself and you focused on improvement and all of that kind of stuff. I know it sounds silly, but that's what the haircut experience is at Sport Clips, especially... man, you put me in that washing bowl and the showers and the massaging, shampoo, and the hot towel, man, and the neck and shoulder massage later, dude-

Katie Hackney:              You're doing a double.

Chad Jordan:                 Double... I love me some double. That is like, "Yes, I deserve this. This is what's right with the world." That 30 minutes, 25 minutes, whatever it is, this is what I needed. People always ask me, "How come you get your hair cut every week or two?" That's why, because I like the me time.

                                    That helped you turn the corner?

Katie Hackney:              Yes.

Chad Jordan:                 You hit the ground running... Give me the number, VA206?

Katie Hackney:              6, mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chad Jordan:                 VA206. You had probably known some of your team members. What's the vibe as soon as you start? Is everybody all-in? Or are you having to convince some people like, "Let's see if this really lasts"?

Katie Hackney:              They welcomed me with open arms, which really helped as while going in there, especially going back into management after I think it was like two, almost three years of me not being in that position. With them, open arm welcome was huge on my part. The vibe in the store is always uplifting and positive. I have a team member in there, if you are having a bad day, she immediately notices and she takes you to the back and she gives you a little heart-to-heart-

Chad Jordan:                 Wow.

Katie Hackney:              She picks you up.

Chad Jordan:                 Who is it? Was she there yesterday?

Katie Hackney:              Her name is Wanda, she wasn't there

Chad Jordan:                 Oh, I missed Wanda! I heard that, "Man, you should be here when Wanda is here", so doggone it. I got to get back to your store at some point and make sure I see Wanda.

Katie Hackney:              She was disappointed that you were coming to see her days off.

Chad Jordan:                 Most people are disappointed when I'm coming, Katie, just so you know, and disappointed when I left, too. That first year managing, give me some... I tell you what, I don't want the highlights yet. Give me... what were some of the hard days? Hardest parts of the days?

Katie Hackney:              Hardest part of the day, you're going to laugh and it might sound silly, but getting managerial stuff done when you have a four-hour wait.

Chad Jordan:                 You're like, "How am I supposed to do all of this?" That's a great question. How do you do all of this?

Katie Hackney:              I go in early and I stay late sometimes. Sundays are the best times for me to do that. Since we opened for our summer hours, we changed from 12 to 5

Chad Jordan:                 Oh yeah, you guys do 12 to 5, that lets people that want to go to church or have some family time can do that. It's still has the luxury of you guys are open, so there is a shift there. Do you have to do your lunch break on the 12 to 5?

Katie Hackney:              No.

Chad Jordan:                 There's that. I bet your slammed from 12 to 5-

Katie Hackney:              We are.

Chad Jordan:                 So all the clients that would have come in early now are coming in the 12 to 5 time. Stylists are happy because they're busy, the day is flying by, and yet you've given people that flexibility of having some family time. For you, that's an opportunity you can probably go in early?

Katie Hackney:              Yep, I go in early and

Chad Jordan:                 Get some stuff done

Katie Hackney:              I stay about an hour after closing.

Chad Jordan:                 You're looking for those windows of opportunity to get your managerial stuff-

Katie Hackney:              Every chance I get.

Chad Jordan:                 The hardest part, and I bet other managers that are listening to this are nodding their head. They're going, "You go, girl. You're right. Yeah, this is not easy." What are some of the rewarding parts?

Katie Hackney:              Rewarding parts are when my team members come up to me and they are excited because their metrics are doing better and stuff like that. I think that's what I strive to do every single day is help them be successful.

Chad Jordan:                 Great. Great lead-in. It's almost like if I had notes and you were looking over my shoulder reading them. I don't because this is we're going with this. What are you doing to lead them to success getting their numbers up, all of that kind of stuff? People are listening, they're like, "Rookie Manager of the Year, I got to listen to this podcast and find out. How did she do it? What is she doing? How did she hit the ground running?" How is your team successful? What are you implementing?

Katie Hackney:              I actually take the time to get to know them on a personal level. Knowing them on a personal level helps me help them a little bit more. I have a team member who has struggled with getting a haircut done in less than 45 minutes-

Chad Jordan:                 Oh my.

Katie Hackney:              So sitting down with her one on one every so often

Chad Jordan:                 Is she just a talker? Or is it technical? She's just super precise? Wants to be

Katie Hackney:              She's very precise

Chad Jordan:                 Very careful?

Katie Hackney:              And she's a talker.

Chad Jordan:                 Double whammy.

Katie Hackney:              Double whammy. I will use key words while she is cutting hair.

Chad Jordan:                 Like what?

Katie Hackney:              Like, "Hey, Rita, do you want to go to Starbucks for lunch?" Or, "Hey, Rita, what time do you have over there on that clock, by the way

Chad Jordan:                 By the way, Rita, we're calling you out, just so you know, Rita.

Katie Hackney:              Throw it out there, but don't make it obvious for the clients, either. That way it doesn't make her feel uncomfortable

Chad Jordan:                 She knows, you and her have had this conversation. Like, "Hey, when I say this, this is a trigger for, 'All right, we're just going to pick it up a little bit right now"?

Katie Hackney:              Exactly, and she has improved her haircuts from 45 minutes to 30-

Chad Jordan:                 Nice.

Katie Hackney:              So that's huge and we're still working.

Chad Jordan:                 No, but she's... that's-

Katie Hackney:              She's getting there.

Chad Jordan:                 Shoot, I can't do math. We need Debra Sawyer in here. What is that, 25% faster or whatever it is?

Katie Hackney:              Right.

Chad Jordan:                 From 45 to 30. That's great. That's one takeaway. We got key words just to help people. You have the personal aspect where you know your team members really well. What are some other things that you think you're doing that are helping your team succeed?

Katie Hackney:              I really want to say it's all luck, too.

Chad Jordan:                 This is the humble... Remember earlier when you were saying you are humble? Look, I'm not wanting you to be humble in this moment. I kind of need you to brag about yourself because that's what pays the bills for the podcast, but people are listening. They're subscribing to this. They're like hanging on every word and they're not looking for you to say, "Oh, I'm just lucky." You're not just lucky, you make your own luck. We all know that. This is not a fake it till you make it kind of job. You're doing some things very well. I was in your store and they love you. It was very well run. Clients are happy. Give me some more specific, non-lucky answers. What are you doing well?

Katie Hackney:              I treat everyone like they want to be treated.

Chad Jordan:                 That's what I'm looking for. Great. How does that work out? What are you doing?

Katie Hackney:              Like I said, getting on the personal level, making sure they are treated well and they want to do their job because they are treated well.

Chad Jordan:                 I think a part of it is, correct me if I'm wrong, it sounds like we're not diving deep into this emotional... this is not a Dr. Phil Podcast, right? It just sounds like there has been some things that you have experienced in your own life and way that people have made you feel and you're like, "No way am I going to treat people like that. I'm going to make sure everyone that I treat I treat with respect, that they know that I appreciate them." When I was there with your team yesterday, I really sensed that, that there was this mutual... it was like a family.

Katie Hackney:              It is a family

Chad Jordan:                 You guys all have each other's backs, you all care for one another. Rarely do I go into a store and everybody... you might crack jokes and you might do stuff, but you're not picking on each other, and certainly yesterday that wasn't the case. You guys were there for each other. We had a good time, but not at anybody's expense. I really trust that that wasn't a show-

Katie Hackney:              No, it really is every day

Chad Jordan:                 That that's how it is for you guys. What's next? Rookie Manager of the Year, now you could be manager, you could be Team Leader of the Year one day. What do you want out of your Sport Clips career?

Katie Hackney:              My Sport Clips career, I would love to be Manager of the Year eventually, but

Chad Jordan:                 I don't know what metrics are involved, so I don't know if you can transition from Rookie Manager of the Year and then go right into Manager. I don't know how it works, but so you're aiming for that.

Katie Hackney:              I'm aiming for that. I think for now in my personal life, I would like to stay manager, just because I love... I have a passion to do hair and make people feel great and that's what I love to do and I don't want to step away from that.

Chad Jordan:                 Now that you think about it looking back, are you glad you didn't accept manager all those other times Debra asked? Or are you kind of

Katie Hackney:              Absolutely.

Chad Jordan:                 Kicking yourself? No, you're happy, like

Katie Hackney:              I'm happy.

Chad Jordan:                 This is the right time for you.

Katie Hackney:              This is the right time.

Chad Jordan:                 Well, I love it, and I love Bella, the pictures. You showed me the side by side, right? Yesterday

Katie Hackney:              Yes

Chad Jordan:                 When she was a year old or something.

Katie Hackney:              Two.

Chad Jordan:                 Two, and now she's going on six, going on...

Katie Hackney:              She is

Chad Jordan:                 She is-

Katie Hackney:              Six and she is going on first grade.

Chad Jordan:                 First grade is coming up. A tomboy, getting ready to play... you said softball. How about soccer? I'm just saying.

Katie Hackney:              She... soccer, too

Chad Jordan:                 Give her a shot at soccer

Katie Hackney:              She is not very graceful for her age

Chad Jordan:                 That's all right. Hey, give it time. Maybe put her in a ballet class, too, while you're at it. Here's what I want to do. I've got... Unless there's anything on your heart that you want to share, I want to get to my 10 Fun Questions because you have a shift to go work and I want to make sure I get you there. Anything else? Any words of advice or heads-up that you want to give any other rookie manager? How about this, what is one piece of advice you'd give a rookie manager that is going into a store maybe for the first time? You've kind of been able to do it a couple of times, and now that you've done it two or three times, what is a piece of advice you would give somebody starting out?

Katie Hackney:              My advice would be to get to know your team members. Really get to know them because if you don't, you ask them to do something, they're not really going to do anything that you want them to do. I'm not going to ask you to do something that I'm not willing to do myself. Don't be naïve. Just be yourself and be confident and they'll love you. I have employees that they literally look at me, "I wouldn't have done this for any other manager but you."

Chad Jordan:                 That's where the connection really comes in with the community and the team, the family aspect. You do more for family than you do for a stranger, right?

Katie Hackney:              Exactly.

Chad Jordan:                 Especially more for family than someone you hate, so the fact remains if you can get the team on your side, show them that you care and what's in it for them, that they'll respond. I love that you modeled that.

                                    Here's what we're going to do. We're going to these 10 Fun Questions and you're going to go cut some hair, and I'm going to drive to North Carolina, okay? Sound like a deal? Number one. Which superpower would you most like to have?

Katie Hackney:              What superpower? I would like to fly.

Chad Jordan:                 You would like to fly.

Katie Hackney:              I would.

Chad Jordan:                 I asked Debra Sawyer that, your team leader, and she has motion sickness, so she chose not to fly. She said invisibility was hers. You want to fly. What is your personal motto?

Katie Hackney:              My personal motto? I really don't have one. Let me see.

Chad Jordan:                 Now, I could tell you what I would assume yours was going to be.

Katie Hackney:              Let's hear it.

Chad Jordan:                 I thought you were going to say, "Treat others the way they want to be treated"

Katie Hackney:              Yes, exactly

Chad Jordan:                 Because that's seems to be how you manage.

Katie Hackney:              That's true.

Chad Jordan:                 I don't want to put words in your mouth. I already mansplained one time on this podcast and I'm not looking to take your... Other than where you live now, where else in the world, you have the whole world, where else in the world would you most like to live?

Katie Hackney:              Any beach.

Chad Jordan:                 It doesn't matter just as long as it ends in "beach"-

Katie Hackney:              Beach.

Chad Jordan:                 Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach

Katie Hackney:              It doesn't matter.

Chad Jordan:                 Palm Beach, okay. What sound or noise do you love?

Katie Hackney:              My kid's laughter.

Chad Jordan:                 What sound or noise do you hate?

Katie Hackney:              Nails scratching on the chalkboard.

Chad Jordan:                 Oh, I thought you were going to say Bella's whining or crying for something.

Katie Hackney:              No.

Chad Jordan:                 Well, see, what a sweet mother. This next one is a fun one. If they made a movie on the story of your life, who would play the title character?

Katie Hackney:              The title character?

Chad Jordan:                 You, in other words, who would play you?

Katie Hackney:              That's a good one.

Chad Jordan:                 You have a very Hollywood look about you. You might be able to star in it yourself.

Katie Hackney:              Yeah, true. I mean, me.

Chad Jordan:                 That's what it is?

Katie Hackney:              Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                 You want the role?

Katie Hackney:              Yeah. Who else to play the role of myself other than myself?

Chad Jordan:                 I guess it would be an autobiography movie. What are they going to call the movie? What's the title?

Katie Hackney:              That's a good one, too. Katie's Life? I don't know. The Life of a Hairdresser and a Mom

Chad Jordan:                 That doesn't have... there's not been a movie called that yet.

Katie Hackney:              That's true.

Chad Jordan:                 We at least know... There is 16,000 I think team members across Sport Clips, and then we have competitors. That's at least 16,000 people that would come see the movie. The Life of a Hairdresser. Very important, question number eight. You got to pick one band to do the soundtrack for the movie of your life, about the story. What band is it? Who do you want to pick? Don't give me some death metal or like some...

Katie Hackney:              I was going to say Guns N' Roses.

Chad Jordan:                 That's not death metal. It can be Guns N' Roses. We can get them back together. That's fine. That's fine. Number nine. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Katie Hackney:              Being a mother.

Chad Jordan:                 Excellent. You're in trouble if you answered anything but that, by the way. Just so you know. I wasn't even going to ask you this next question, so no, that's great. Last question. If Heaven indeed exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Katie Hackney:              That you've done a good job.

Chad Jordan:                 In other words, "Well done"?

Katie Hackney:              Well done.

Chad Jordan:                 I like that. That's one of my favorite answers to that question. Hey, you have done a good job. You done a great job, and not just because of the Rookie Manager of the Year and coming up on stage at Huddle and taking all of those pictures and the fancy dress and all that kind of stuff, but what you've survived, what you've gone through, how you've come through it. Obviously, being Bella's mother, managing VA206, being a great... what did I say yesterday? Kate with a three-hour wait? Katie with a three-hour wait-y? Your clients love you, your team loves you, your team leader loves you, daughter, all this kind of stuff, but we at Sport Clips were so proud of you. Thank you for your dedication. 12 years and let's say, I don't know, 30 years to go. I know that sounds like a long time but

Katie Hackney:              Until I decide to put it up.

Chad Jordan:                 Hit the retirement, but thank you for carving some time out for me today.

Katie Hackney:              Thank you for having me.

Chad Jordan:                 Thanks everybody for listening. We'll have another edition next week.