Episodes of The Sport Clips Haircuts Hall of Fame Podcast - Krystle Sierras

In this episode recorded in February of 2019, we interview Krystle Sierras, one of the founding members of the Artistic Team. Krystle shares how a career at Sport Clips has allowed her to chase childhood dreams, including traveling the country, performing in front of large audiences and even appearing on TV. She explains how the safety net afforded her by Sport Clips during major life changes paved the way for her rise to the top. Make sure to follow her on IG at @krystlesierras_

Chad Jordan and Krystle Sierras holding a microphone

Episode Air Date Guest Name Guest Title Topic(s)
February 8, 2019 Krystle Sierras Founding Artistic Team Member The safety net and opportunities provided by Sport Clips

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Chad Jordan:                Well hey everybody. This is Chad Jordan from the Sport Clips marketing department. This is another edition of our Hall of Fame podcast, it's going to be a great one, I can guarantee you. I apologize for the sound of my voice, I'm getting over pneumonia, so hopefully by next week’s podcast the sound quality will be better. But enough about me, no-one's tuned in to hear me, everybody wants to hear especially from our guest today. So why don't we have you introduce yourself? Who you are, what you do, all that fun stuff and get us rolling here.

Krystle Sierras:             Awesome. What's up everybody? My name is Krystle Sierras. How are you guys? Wait, so first of all, pneumonia's not contagious, right?

Chad Jordan:                No. You're good.

Krystle Sierras:             Okay. Just checking.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah we're fine.

Krystle Sierras:             All right cool. But yeah, so that's who I am. I work for Sport Clips, I've been with Sport Clips ... actually this year will be 10 years.

Chad Jordan:                Wow. Nice.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. So it's crazy. But yeah, so where do I start? Do you want me- ?

Chad Jordan:                Okay. So you are with Sport Clips, but what do you do? Are you a stylist? What's going on?

Krystle Sierras:             So I started off as a stylist actually. Straight out of beauty school which was funny.

Chad Jordan:                What, you came here straight away?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Oh wow. Good first-

Krystle Sierras:             So I know. Which is funny. No, nobody wanted to hire beauty school girls which is hilarious because everybody's like, "They don't know how to cut hair, they don't want to train- "

Chad Jordan:                Had you wanted to do guys hair?

Krystle Sierras:             No. Actually I went to school for makeup. I was going to be a makeup artist.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Krystle Sierras:             Which I still am, so that's nice. But-

Chad Jordan:                Segway, we're getting ready to talk about that. Okay well go ahead.

Krystle Sierras:             Okay, so yeah. So I went to school for makeup artists and then I got married and when I got married I had to pay my bills. So it was just like, oh you have to pay bills now.

Chad Jordan:                You were the Sugar Momma.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. Well ... wait, what's that?

Chad Jordan:                You know, like-

Krystle Sierras:             I was like, wait, what?

Chad Jordan:                ... well instead of a Sugar Daddy. You had to go to work, you had bills to pay.

Krystle Sierras:             No, yeah. So I had bills to pay and then I needed a job that was going to pay the bills. So when I ... I started freaking out having to ... there was going to be no money and every time I did an interview they were like, "Oh you have to build your clientele, you have to build your clientele." And I was like, wait, what? How long is that going to take? I need money.

Chad Jordan:                You were hoping they had clientele for you.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So when they started saying that I started freaking out, thinking what did I get myself into? Why did I pick this and spend all that money on school? So from there there was a sport club next to an LA fitness which my husband ... he was doing that booth stuff and the area manager there was just like, "Oh here" you know, giving the coupons on stuff and he was like, "Oh my wife just graduated" and he was just like ... she was like, "Oh yeah, have her come over and apply and blah blah blah." You know, we're always hiring type of thing. And so he told me to go, I applied and when I did the interview the manager, she was like, "Yeah you get your hourly, your bonus, your commission, all this stuff" and I was just like, "Wait, it's not- ?"

Chad Jordan:                You don't have to build up a clientele?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, yeah. And I was just like-

Chad Jordan:                Music to your ears?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. It was really, really weird because I was like, hold on, everybody else was saying it's either just your hourly or your commission, it's one or the other. So when she was saying it I was like, hold on. This is legit.

Chad Jordan:                Too good to be true?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, yeah. And so she was like, "No I'm serious." So then after the interview she was like, "When can you start?" And I was like, "I just got out of beauty school, just to let you know."

Chad Jordan:                Full disclosure.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, yeah. Because then-

Chad Jordan:                I'm still being perfected.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, yeah. Exactly. And everybody's like, "Oh." Once they were interviewing and stuff.

Chad Jordan:                "Oh you're one of those?"

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah exactly. So I was like this is not going to end well for me. But then she just was like excited and just super happy. I think because she was, well now knowing everything, she had the ability to train me.

Chad Jordan:                Right. She knew that they could make you into what you needed to be.

Krystle Sierras:             Exactly. Exactly. So I was like, "Whenever." And so she was like, "Okay, well do you want to do full time?" And I was like, "Wait, what? I'm going to be able to pay my bills?"

Chad Jordan:                Wow. What store was this? What store number?

Krystle Sierras:             This was PA ... it's in Robinson, I don't know the number anymore, but-

Chad Jordan:                Like Robinson township or something?

Krystle Sierras:             Pittsburgh Pennsylvania ... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Okay yeah. I know that store.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah so I started there-

Chad Jordan:                And this is 10 years ago?

Krystle Sierras:             Years ago.

Chad Jordan:                So 2009-ish?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                And you went from there to ... now here's why I say the Segway, you've appeared on TV for Sport Clips, you've done some stuff with ... there's a ton of stuff. But I've got to get to the TV piece and The Look ... all of that kind of stuff. So set that up for me, help me figure out how that process happened. How a stylist straight from beauty school gets hired after getting kind of turned down by other places, gets hired by Sport Clips, finds herself on TV in front of millions of people cutting hair and I think maybe doing makeup too, I can't remember, but anyways, set the stage for me there.

Krystle Sierras:             So with that [inaudible 00:05:34] the artistic team, so you ... well they-

Chad Jordan:                So what is the artistic team? Just in case somebody's listening to this and doesn't really know.

Krystle Sierras:             So the artistic team is basically a bunch of stylists that help educate and communicate and break it down with people on what they're doing. Like platform work, and you just make it fun.

Chad Jordan:                And these stylists are Sport Clips affiliated?

Krystle Sierras:             Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Chad Jordan:                So most of them have probably been managers?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah we've gone through the whole process, just-

Chad Jordan:                And become coaches at Sport Clips and from there a selection ... is it nine? Seven? Eight? Nine?

Krystle Sierras:             Now yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Get picked to be these platform artists, right? And represent-

Krystle Sierras:             And are trained, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                And trainers and become the artistic team. So you've been on the artistic team.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                And all right, okay, continue there.

Krystle Sierras:             Okay. So from there the TV show basically interviewed the artistic team.

Chad Jordan:                And this TV show is what? For those that might be listening that don't know.

Krystle Sierras:             It's-

Chad Jordan:                The Look is-

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah The Look All Stars. The way I like to describe it is, have you seen Cupcake Wars?

Chad Jordan:                All of them, yeah, get me hungry.

Krystle Sierras:             So with Cupcake Wars they give you a box and they're like, "Hey, this is all you can use in a certain amount of time." So that's exactly what it is but for hairstylists. "Hey, here's this box, this is all you can use- "

Chad Jordan:                And they pair you up with another professional-

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                ... or some makeup, hair or whatever? Dress?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah so you're a team of three and you have a wardrobe artist, a makeup artist and then the hairstylist. And then you just bam it out in a short amount of time.

Chad Jordan:                And do you have a ... is it a professional that works with you? Kind of a consultant kind of thing, or- ?

Krystle Sierras:             So basically I was the leader of the group.

Chad Jordan:                All right. So you were the professional?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. I'm like ... that was me. And then they just called us teams, so-

Chad Jordan:                And is it two? Three?

Krystle Sierras:             There's two different teams.

Chad Jordan:                So there were two competing teams and they ... for your episodes, there was more than one, right?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                They gave you ... was it a couple? Like date night or something if I remember right?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah one was ... I loved it because one was a couple. You went from a day look to a date night and how can you do it in a short amount of time, in 45 minutes. So that was crazy. But it was so good because I was telling a friend, I was just like, "It was easy for me because with hair we're trained to do it- "

Chad Jordan:                In [inaudible 00:08:07].

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                And you didn't have to worry about the massages or the-

Krystle Sierras:             No, I know. I was just like, "Oh I've got it in the bag." So that was one look and then the other look was-

Chad Jordan:                And was it the guys? Or were you cutting both?

Krystle Sierras:             Both.

Chad Jordan:                Both? In the same 45 minutes?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Oh my God.

Krystle Sierras:             No you had to do hair, makeup and wardrobe, everything in 45 minutes.

Chad Jordan:                And I bet your background, having been in makeup, you knew what look would pair well with-

Krystle Sierras:             Exactly. Exactly. So it was just like I felt like I was, "Okay, this one's going to be a piece of cake." But yeah, and with the training too. I mean hair is hair, no matter what it is, but with our training it's ... I felt super prepared for the females as well, you know? So that was cool.

Chad Jordan:                And this all ... is this in Hollywood? Where was this- ?

Krystle Sierras:             So this was in LA. Is that- ?

Chad Jordan:                Yeah, yeah. Hollywood's in LA.

Krystle Sierras:             I'm like, is that Hollywood? Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. It counts. So they fly you in, right? And you stay-

Krystle Sierras:             Dude, it was all day. All day. Like morning until night. But they-

Chad Jordan:                For a "45 minute?"

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, yeah. You have to ... but it was just like noises, anything when they were recording, the temperature had to be right, it was crazy.

Chad Jordan:                That's funny because when we came in here to do the podcast you started going, "Hey, is that going to be a problem with traffic outside? And is the lighting all right?" I'm like, "What are you talking about? It's a podcast. We're fine." But it's because you work with real professionals and not-

Krystle Sierras:             It was crazy seeing that side of the world, and I was just like-

Chad Jordan:                Had you known any of the other people that you were going to work with that day? Or had you met any of the personalities before?

Krystle Sierras:             No, no. Nobody. That's what was crazy.

Chad Jordan:                And who were some of the personalities involved with The Look All Stars?

Krystle Sierras:             There was Tori Spelling.

Chad Jordan:                So AKA the unicorn from The Masked Singer, all right. Spoiler alert if you're behind a couple of episodes on that. And?

Krystle Sierras:             And then-

Chad Jordan:                Her husband was involved?

Krystle Sierras:             Her husband was involved. Sam Villa. I did know him, I'd never met him before. Angus was there, definitely met him, worked with him before because of our artistic team. And then the one that I was competing against, he was actually the face of Sally Beauty industry, so it was just ... I'm like, wait, wait, do you all know who I am? Wow.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Here we have this little girl from Pennsylvania.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                You know started out right out of beauty school.

Krystle Sierras:             It was crazy. It was honestly super surreal. I was just like, oh, hello.

Chad Jordan:                And how long before ... do you find out that day that ... ? Because another spoiler alert, you won.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                So I mean does it all happen that same day or was there a time lag?

Krystle Sierras:             It did. It did all happen that same day. So that was crazy. I wasn't allowed to say anything afterwards, but yeah, you found out and then you just get excited.

Chad Jordan:                I'm really glad you won because we kind of planned all this promotional stuff, like, "Hey everybody watch this thing." I mean none of us knew. We were just like, fingers crossed.

Krystle Sierras:             I know yeah. That would have sucked if I did not win.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah, yeah. We're putting out all this social media stuff and wah, wah, wah. But you know, just to be on there I know was such an honor and cool. I mean no other brands were on there like that, but then for you to win. And so you win and you got ... wasn't there a follow up episode because you won? Or how did that work?

Krystle Sierras:             There is, it's coming.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Krystle Sierras:             So yeah. So yeah, so it's still-

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Have you recorded it yet or anything?

Krystle Sierras:             Not yet, no.

Chad Jordan:                Oh okay, got it.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, so I was actually just talking to them two weeks ago I think actually. But yeah, so she ... it's like a whole process thing. I mean we recorded it and it was like a year later practically.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Okay. Well I just wanted to make sure that I can set my DVR and make sure to record it.

Krystle Sierras:             Oh yeah, do it.

Chad Jordan:                So that is the story of a small town girl who just wanted to do makeup and pay some bills with her family who now is in Hollywood lights, you've done some other pretty crazy things that we're going to talk about here in a minute. But can you take me back a little bit and just walk me through some of the highlights of ... I mean this is a Sport Clips produced podcast, so how did your training at Sport Clips and your experience kind of set you up for all of these great endeavors that you ... ?

Krystle Sierras:             No I mean Sport Clips literally is my life. Honestly.

Chad Jordan:                I heard you were going to change your middle name to Sport Clips.

Krystle Sierras:             I did actually. No, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Krystle Sport Clips Sierras. Okay. So yeah, just give me a little feedback on what it's been like.

Krystle Sierras:             No it seriously has made me who I am today. Even just with the whole leadership stuff as well. So I started off, totally had different plans, wanted to be a makeup artist. I started, you know, adulting, that's what they call it and from there they ... so this is what's funny, I started for three months and then became a manager.

Chad Jordan:                Wow.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. And so I remember it was hilarious because my team leader, Al Rodriguez, he came in and he ... I didn't know who he was at the time, so he stood behind me and I was like, "Oh how are you doing, sir, go and have a seat."

Chad Jordan:                "I'll be right with you."

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. And-

Chad Jordan:                "Clients aren't allowed back here because- "

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, like, "What are you doing?" And so he was just staring and I'm like cutting hair, I'm like, "Okay."

Chad Jordan:                Awkward.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. And he goes, "I want to know what you're doing." And I was just like, "What? I'm cutting hair." And he was just like, "I'm your boss." And I was like, "Oh hi." And then he was like, "No, all the numbers have gone up, what are you doing?"

Chad Jordan:                Wow.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. And I was just like, "Making money?"

Chad Jordan:                Hustling? Every day?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. Yeah. So after that he was like, "No I'm serious. Did you do something different?" And I was like, "No. I just followed the five point play and the manager said if you follow this you're going to make money. And so that's what I'm here for." And he was just like, "Do you think you can change that and make everybody else do it?" And I'm like, "Yeah." And so he was like, "All right." And then he made me a store manager.

Chad Jordan:                Three months in, three months after beauty school, after getting turned down because you didn't have enough experience elsewhere, and here you are on the fast track to success at Sport Clips.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, it was insane. So from there-

Chad Jordan:                So yeah, why didn't you just stay there? I mean you had a good thing going.

Krystle Sierras:             Exactly.

Chad Jordan:                Because you went from Pennsylvania to Texas somehow so-

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah so from there they basically were saying, "Hey, we have all this stuff, you're not going to be just thrown into it. There's how to make a schedule, how to do this, how to do that, all this training." I felt safe. I felt like, "Oh my God, I'm not going to freak out."

Chad Jordan:                There's a safety net? Right?

Krystle Sierras:             Yes.

Chad Jordan:                You're not on the high wire by yourself.

Krystle Sierras:             Exactly. So then I was just like, "All right, let's do it." So I did it, I had my safety net. Then he saw that I changed that store and he was like, "Okay, I want you to hop around to all the other stores and- "

Chad Jordan:                So you're saying you became a hopper? Nice, I like that.

Krystle Sierras:             That was a good one.

Chad Jordan:                Just save that for later, it'll make more sense. But anyways ...

Krystle Sierras:             But then hopped around, helped them with their net sales and how to increase sales and after that I got pregnant. Sounds so negative but it's not. It was the best thing in the world. But it was scary.

Chad Jordan:                Of course. Many of us have been there too. Oh my Gosh, what have we done?

Krystle Sierras:             But yeah. So I got pregnant and-

Chad Jordan:                With ... remind me of her name?

Krystle Sierras:             Eden-Capri.

Chad Jordan:                Eden-Capri.

Krystle Sierras:             My little angel. So got pregnant and the only reason why I make it sounds like a negative is because everything was good, you know?

Chad Jordan:                Right.

Krystle Sierras:             And it wasn't a negative it was just like you're scared.

Chad Jordan:                It was a disruption from the norm.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. You're like, "Oh my God." Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                And you have known now this life for a few years.

Krystle Sierras:             Exactly.

Chad Jordan:                And things, momentum was building and now this unknown happens, right?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, yeah. So then everybody says, "Hey you need to move in with your family." Not in but move by your family.

Chad Jordan:                Where are you from originally?

Krystle Sierras:             Texas.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, all right. So this is ... okay now the Texas thing, full circle.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                So you take their advice?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah and then I was just like, okay. But the good thing about it is there are Sport Clips everywhere. So I was just like, okay, yeah. I'm going to be safe.

Chad Jordan:                Certainly there's a Sport Clips or two in Texas.

Krystle Sierras:             Yes, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                So your safety net got a lot bigger once you came here.

Krystle Sierras:             Yes, yes. So I called ... we got linked up and then I was like, I wanted a store manager position but then what's funny is they were like, "Hey, get here first, see what you like." And actually with me I actually felt okay instead of not being jobless, technically speaking, I knew that I could get a store like that.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah.

Krystle Sierras:             Because I knew the system. It's easy. If you're doing the five point play, if you're following the system you're going to be successful. Honestly.

Chad Jordan:                You're going to have a career for life.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. Yeah. Literally. So I came over here, area developers, Joe Klimek and-

Chad Jordan:                Bill Vandrick?

Krystle Sierras:             Bill Vandrick, they interviewed me, saw me and they saw my resume and they were like, "Hey, do you want to be a coach?" And I was like, "What's that?"

Chad Jordan:                Right. Did you not have coaches in Pennsylvania?

Krystle Sierras:             It was so small, the market was so small.

Chad Jordan:                At the time, yeah certainly.

Krystle Sierras:             At the time, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                At this point now Rodriguez is [inaudible 00:18:12] now.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, now, yeah. But-

Chad Jordan:                So they tell you what is a coach?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah so I was just like, "What's a coach?" And they were like, "Well they train and ... " And I was like, "Oh okay." I just didn't know the name for it. And so-

Chad Jordan:                Did that appeal to you? Was that something that instantly you're like, "Whoa, I'd like to try that challenge."

Krystle Sierras:             I did because I love helping people. If I can help you make more money and I can ... the best way I like to describe my job is like, how can I help you make money but speak your language? So I was just like, "Oh yeah." And then training and cutting fast and doing all that kind of stuff. I was like, "Yeah, let's do it." And so did it.

Chad Jordan:                Were you the only ... were there other- ?

Krystle Sierras:             There was another coach. Yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Krystle Sierras:             And ... so yeah.

Chad Jordan:                And what year is this?

Krystle Sierras:             I'm trying to think right now.

Chad Jordan:                Oh. I saw that thinking look, so-

Krystle Sierras:             I know. I was like, what year was that? 2013?

Chad Jordan:                Well if your daughter's now-

Krystle Sierras:             13, right?

Chad Jordan:                Yeah, how old's your daughter?

Krystle Sierras:             Five. Six.

Chad Jordan:                Were you still pregnant or had you had her yet?

Krystle Sierras:             I was pregnant.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, well there you go. So 2013-ish.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. Ish.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. So you get out-

Krystle Sierras:             Wait, is that 2013? Yeah okay.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah, she's going to be ... or 14. Let's ... it's fuzzy math, I don't know. I was told there'd be no math on this podcast, but ... so you get out here, you start being a coach-

Krystle Sierras:             Started being a coach.

Chad Jordan:                It fits in with your family lifestyle or whatever?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah exactly. So I became a coach. When I ... so a year I was coaching, it was awesome. Helping people, train them, you get them excited for what they're doing, not just, "Hey." This isn't just a client in the chair this is a person, you know?

Chad Jordan:                Are you bringing ... in the time you're having Capri are you bring her with you on some of these?

Krystle Sierras:             Oh no, no, no.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, I can just imagine.

Krystle Sierras:             No.

Chad Jordan:                Her in the equipment room crying while you're trying to train or something.

Krystle Sierras:             No. But that's the good thing and it was such a huge blessing. With our careers, even as a stylist, there's single moms or families that can still support.

Chad Jordan:                Every store has one.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, yeah. So that's what I really loved about it. Seeing that. But ... where was I at?

Chad Jordan:                Oh. You're now-

Krystle Sierras:             Oh, so yeah yeah-

Chad Jordan:                You're becoming a coach and-

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah we're at a coach, we're doing these coaches trainings and they're like, "Hey guys, we want to create an artistic team."

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. So that hadn't existed yet?

Krystle Sierras:             No.

Chad Jordan:                The artistic team, you start hearing the idea.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Originally the idea was to have, I think, five maybe members on it?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. There was-

Chad Jordan:                So you're there for the birth of ... not just Eden-Capri but really of the artistic team.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, so-

Chad Jordan:                So what was happening when the big bang occurs and this thing is formed?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah when that happened I remember being like, "Oh my God, no, I'm not ready for that."

Chad Jordan:                Have you ever been on stage or cut in front of dozens of people?

Krystle Sierras:             No. Not cutting. On stage like speaking is a different story than on stage cutting. Like cut your knuckle off. And they train you for that.

Chad Jordan:                In case it happens? What to do if you cut off a finger in the middle of it.

Krystle Sierras:             No literally.

Chad Jordan:                Oh my Gosh.

Krystle Sierras:             No but ... so yeah, so they were like, "Hey we're taking auditions, blah blah blah." And I'm like, "Should I do it, should I not? Should I do it, should I not?" And, you know, you're nervous. You're like, all right, am I going to be trained? Am I going to do well? Do I want to do this? So I did it, I applied and got selected. So I was like, "Oh my Gosh."

Chad Jordan:                You made that sound so easy.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah it wasn't.

Chad Jordan:                Like anybody can do it, you know.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah it wasn't easy.

Chad Jordan:                Walk me through, what does that process look like?

Krystle Sierras:             So the whole process is obviously you need to work for the company.

Chad Jordan:                And crush it.

Krystle Sierras:             Yes, yes.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Krystle Sierras:             You have to know how to cut hair. But they're not going to throw you on there. The reason why I say that is because ... so they pick coaches. As of right now it's in the coach thing.

Chad Jordan:                And that's probably for their own benefit because they've seen you at a closer level.

Krystle Sierras:             Exactly.

Chad Jordan:                It's narrowed the field down from 1800 managers to dozens of coaches.

Krystle Sierras:             Right. Yeah, because ... and so many people, and I've seen this too, you can think that you want to be in front of people, but when it comes down to it it's a whole different ball game. So as a coach, being a coach for a certain amount of time and they can actually see you, they interview you, you do a clip like why you want to be on the artistic team and then you show them your cutting skills and teaching skills. So yeah, so I did all that, sent it in and they were like-

Chad Jordan:                And then you sit by the computer or waiting for your phone?

Krystle Sierras:             You're like waiting, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                And then how do you get notified? Is it at a coaches huddle? Was there a phone call?

Krystle Sierras:             I want to say it was an email and a phone call. Yeah, I think so.

Chad Jordan:                And the reason I'm asking all this stuff is because, just today I got a haircut from TX236, [Britney's 00:23:33] the manager there.

Krystle Sierras:             Yes.

Chad Jordan:                Well she's not a new mom, but she's had her second child recently and she was telling me her dream is to be on the artistic team one day and she was picking my brain-

Krystle Sierras:             That's awesome.

Chad Jordan:                ... like I know everything, right? And I said, "Well, I don't know the whole process but I know someone who's going to be very familiar with it, I'm talking to her in a little bit." So I wanted to kind of get to the route of how this happens because there are stylists and managers listening to this that-

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                ... are interested in that. So you get picked for the artistic team. What is that ... I mean is it a whirlwind tour your first year or two? What exactly are you doing once you- ?

Krystle Sierras:             You're really training the first year.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Krystle Sierras:             Honestly, when it comes down to it.

Chad Jordan:                You're being trained or you're in training?

Krystle Sierras:             You are being trained. Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, so you're in training, you're not training people, you're yourself absorbing-

Krystle Sierras:             Exactly.

Chad Jordan:                ... and receiving all this-

Krystle Sierras:             So it's kind of 50/50. So we have trainings once a quarter and they just prepare you and fill you up for like ... I mean talking about you're on stage and we'll go to beauty schools and we'll practice there because it's the best place to practice. But how you're standing and how you look in front of a camera, we record each other which is nerve wracking. But you're being trained ... they don't want to throw you out there. It's not going to-

Chad Jordan:                Not with a Sport Clips logo on your-

Krystle Sierras:             No, no, exactly.

Chad Jordan:                Sure, right.

Krystle Sierras:             But yeah. No, so they train you and they get you ready and then you do beauty shows or-

Chad Jordan:                This is when you go to Capers and barber expos?

Krystle Sierras:             Oh my Gosh, yeah. It's like the artistic team is really what opened up the door to a whole other level of career life.

Chad Jordan:                Exposure?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah big time. But yeah.

Chad Jordan:                I'm sure because of this you've met ... so can you tell me some of the personalities in the industry that you literally could call on?

Krystle Sierras:             Oh my God, yeah. In the industry there's Angus Mitchell, there is-

Chad Jordan:                A pretty famous name.

Krystle Sierras:             Oh yeah, yeah. I mean to have them even ask for us to do their event, like for Caper, that's a big deal, you know? Let's see who else. I'm farting in my head. I'm not ... erase that.

Chad Jordan:                I'm not going to erase that. I'm not going to erase that. No. Julian I mean, I know there's-

Krystle Sierras:             Julian. Julian. I mean, gosh, to be able to be trained underneath him, that was really cool. And then he opened up the door to a whole bunch of other people. I'm really drawing a blank with names, but-

Chad Jordan:                No I get it. What I wanted to do is I want to tag some of them in the podcast-

Krystle Sierras:             Yes, yes, yes.

Chad Jordan:                Just so we can link it to them and people can find out more about what they're doing. I mean that's the great thing. That we live now in a society where you can go follow barbers and stylists and see all this stuff on social media and really watch their channel, see what they do, what makes them great, so-

Krystle Sierras:             No yeah. FernTheBarber, Jason Reyes, there we go. Tommy [Callahan 00:26:48]. I was like-

Chad Jordan:                By the way I'll be interviewing Tommy for the next-

Krystle Sierras:             When?

Chad Jordan:                Next week.

Krystle Sierras:             Oh tell him I said hi. Hi Tommy.

Chad Jordan:                For his podcast. Yes, I will and I've got to call Ramona later today, so ... his wife.

Krystle Sierras:             Yes. No yeah. So it's just like ... it was a whole other world. But even Sam Villa, so many people, even outside of barbering in the industry are like, "Hey, you want to come and do a tutorial? Train people?" And I'm like, "Heck yeah. That's amazing." But-

Chad Jordan:                And it's really lead to some cool opportunities. I love ... I mean we just had the X Games.

Krystle Sierras:             Dude that was insane.

Chad Jordan:                You've got to tell me, I mean I'm watching the X Games. First of all I'm seeing our competitors were sponsoring some of the-

Krystle Sierras:             I know, I saw that.

Chad Jordan:                And then I was like, yeah, but we've got actual stylists there-

Krystle Sierras:             We're actually in there. Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                ... doing the haircuts. So what was going on at the X Games?

Krystle Sierras:             So we set up shop.

Chad Jordan:                This is Breckenridge or Aspen? Where is this?

Krystle Sierras:             Aspen. Aspen, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                This is Aspen, okay.

Krystle Sierras:             So we set up shop, there's a bunch of different barbers and then me and Gabby, which she ... we were with Sport Clips which was awesome, but what I loved too which was crazy is that barbers cut a little bit slower, you know? But because of our training we were like, da da da da. So it was really cool.

Chad Jordan:                2.2 an hour.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. Very true. But I loved it. Just being able to cut people's hair that are famous and-

Chad Jordan:                And have a conversation with them.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, and won gold medals. I'm just like-

Chad Jordan:                They won gold medals because of their haircuts?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. Obviously. Duh. But no, it was insane, it was awesome, it was really cool.

Chad Jordan:                And you've done stuff with [inaudible 00:28:46] grooming I've seen.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. Paul Mitchell. Yeah. All of them, all of them. And it's really cool. Like sexy hair, we did one of them. But I love that just you would never think that it opens up doors to places, you know? That's really cool.

Chad Jordan:                What are some of the ... I'm going to start winding this down here a little bit because I've been fascinated but I know you've got to run. What are some of the challenges? Obviously you had an unexpected life change and you had to adjust from that, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Any other challenges that you met along the way that you had to find a way to overcome that maybe could inspire other stylists to get to the point you're at today? Any periods of self doubt? Or I'm not good enough to do this? Or have you just always plowed through and found a silver lining?

Krystle Sierras:             I think with anything that you want to move forward to, you're always going to have self doubt. And it's just, can I do it?

Chad Jordan:                What gets you to break through that barrier though? What possibly is on the other side? Or you just wanted to test the limits on, I've got to see if I can do this?

Krystle Sierras:             It's more of that but then also ... so for example with this career, I know it's so big and so broad it's like, yeah, it's not just Sport Clips, there's so many different avenues within it that it's not ... like I said earlier, it's my life. It technically is because I feel safe and I'm like embedded into it, you know? But if, for example, this recent change I just did was I want something different. What can I do? And instead of freaking out or going somewhere else, I was just like I knew I had the whole safety net. And I was going to be safe and I was going to be okay, you know? So for me and the career and for everybody else out there, you're going to have to ask. Ask. If you want to go somewhere, ask. If you want to do something, ask. If you have a vision for something, let it be known. You can't ... and it's okay if you're going to get a no or something in the beginning, but you just have to keep pushing forward.

Chad Jordan:                I think that the hashtag I'll use for this podcast will be safety net, because it feels like that's the luxury that's been afforded for your career.

Krystle Sierras:             Oh yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Right?

Krystle Sierras:             Oh yeah.

Chad Jordan:                And countless others. But the fact that this brand is stable, it's all over the place, there's opportunities everywhere and you can do things. Like right now you're working with Hopper. That's the last name of the team leader, that's why I said it would come full circle. And you're working with their group, but then that gives you a little bit more flexibility to do some of these other events and start to travel and-

Krystle Sierras:             It's really cool, yeah. And it's like once you get into the safety net, you're family.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah.

Krystle Sierras:             That's what I love too, it's just like a big family.

Chad Jordan:                And I've met so many people that are Sport Clips for life.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah. Literally.

Chad Jordan:                Like I said, you changed your middle name for it, so-

Krystle Sierras:             To Sport Clips, I mean come on now.

Chad Jordan:                But that's cool. What's next? What do you envision? Your dream scenario involved with Sport Clips and your career? Is it the next episode of The Look All Stars? What is out there that you say, I know this is shooting for the moon, but I want to try to do this?

Krystle Sierras:             Franchising.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Really?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Oh all right, yeah. Well you definitely know a thing or two about Sport Clips and-

Krystle Sierras:             I love numbers.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Krystle Sierras:             I'm definitely a geek, but don't tell anybody.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, so a team leader. A future team leader, Krystle. Well this has been amazing. Can I ask you, I've got 10 just random questions-

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, let's go.

Chad Jordan:                And then we'll stop the audio version. I do want to talk to her about her kiddos-

Krystle Sierras:             My babies.

Chad Jordan:                And what life is like as a mom with her schedule and all of that kind of stuff, but we'll save that just for the YouTube version. But for the audio version I have 10 questions to wrap up, to wind this down. So question number one, which superpower would you most like to have?

Krystle Sierras:             Superpower.

Chad Jordan:                I can't answer for you.

Krystle Sierras:             I know. I'm like, what are ...

Chad Jordan:                So you've got invisibility, you've got fire, walking through fire and not being burned, you've got flying, you've got incredible strength.

Krystle Sierras:             I was about to say I think strength.

Chad Jordan:                Strength? Like the Incredible Hulk? Without the green color?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah okay.

Krystle Sierras:             I'll say that.

Chad Jordan:                Or Wonder Woman. She's kind of strong too.

Krystle Sierras:             I like that one, yeah. Strength.

Chad Jordan:                All right. Number two, what is your personal motto?

Krystle Sierras:             Isn't it motto?

Chad Jordan:                Here's why I say motto, here's why ... so newsflash, here's a little insight. Because I once interviewed one of my favorite ... she's now a coach but she was a manager, stylist and Spanish is her first language and so when I so motto I said it real fast, what's your personal motto, and she heard model.

Krystle Sierras:             Oh.

Chad Jordan:                So she thought I was saying role model and so she answered it, "Shout out to Lucy and [inaudible 00:34:12]." So now I say motto to really enunciate that. I'm not saying your model. What is your personal motto or phrase that you live by?

Krystle Sierras:             Mine is if you wish love in the world, create love around you.

Chad Jordan:                Cool.

Krystle Sierras:             So-

Chad Jordan:                I haven't heard that one yet on a podcast.

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Other than where you live now, where else in the world ... you've got the whole world here, would you most like to live? You've been to Hollywood, you've been to Aspen, you've been to New York City, but you've got the whole world now.

Krystle Sierras:             This is really hard. It's either a beach or a city.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. But like a New York City or-

Krystle Sierras:             Major. If I could live there maybe New York City.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Yeah.

Krystle Sierras:             But if I'm like relaxing ... actually I wouldn't be able to live off a beach. I would be too ... yeah. So New York City.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. New York City for the vibe, the energy, the hustle?

Krystle Sierras:             Yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                I love going there too for that reason, but I couldn't live there.

Krystle Sierras:             Really?

Chad Jordan:                I think it's a nice place to visit but then after three days I'm like, "Ah. Get me out of here."

Krystle Sierras:             My nickname used to be New York.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Krystle Sierras:             Because-

Chad Jordan:                Your nickname, you've got a middle name Sport Clips. Number four, who is the celebrity you'd most like to meet one day?

Krystle Sierras:             Oh my God. Angelina Jolie.

Chad Jordan:                Oh wow. That was easy. Okay. We're going to tag her in this to see what happens.

Krystle Sierras:             Please do.

Chad Jordan:                Number five, which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Krystle Sierras:             Bro.

Chad Jordan:                Bro?

Krystle Sierras:             Bro, dude, babe.

Chad Jordan:                I was going to say like.

Krystle Sierras:             Like I do say like a lot. Yes.

Chad Jordan:                What sound ... number six. What sound or noise do you love?

Krystle Sierras:             Sound or noise? My kids laughing.

Chad Jordan:                Ah cool. What sound or noise do you hate?

Krystle Sierras:             Smacking?

Chad Jordan:                Like-

Krystle Sierras:             Eating while your ... no.

Chad Jordan:                Oh I thought you meant like-

Krystle Sierras:             What is that called?

Chad Jordan:                Yeah smacking while you eat, okay. I'll remember that and I'll chew with my mouth closed next time around. What profession, other than your own, would you have been good at or at least have wanted to try?

Krystle Sierras:             Professional volleyball.

Chad Jordan:                Really? Do you play? Like recreation?

Krystle Sierras:             For fun, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Did you play in high school? Like regular volleyball?

Krystle Sierras:             Oh yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Nice. Were you setter?

Krystle Sierras:             No. Spiker, setter. We did it all but ... yeah. That I would have definitely-

Chad Jordan:                And do you like beach volleyball or- ?

Krystle Sierras:             Love it.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Krystle Sierras:             Both.

Chad Jordan:                So that's why so when you're on vacation at your beach you'll play volleyball?

Krystle Sierras:             Always.

Chad Jordan:                Number nine. What do you consider your greatest achievement? And we've listed a lot.

Krystle Sierras:             My kids.

Chad Jordan:                Your kids?

Krystle Sierras:             My kids.

Chad Jordan:                Out of all the things that we listed, you're going to go with kids. Okay.

Krystle Sierras:             I know. But it's a hard job. It is, to raise children. I'm like ... when you know you're being good, I'm like, gosh.

Chad Jordan:                No I love that a lot. I love when I hear parents say that. Number 10, last one, then we'll wap ... we'll wap it up.

Krystle Sierras:             Wap it up.

Chad Jordan:                We'll wrap up the audio version and then she can make fun of me on the video version some more. If heaven indeed exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Krystle Sierras:             You made me proud.

Chad Jordan:                Aw. That is awesome. Hey, speaking of making people proud, you make Sport Clips proud. We're glad to have you and personalities like you and people like you. Thank you for changing your middle name to Sport Clips as well.

Krystle Sierras:             Hey, any time.

Chad Jordan:                I mean you represent us so well. Keep it up and we know the sky's the limit for you. So thanks for being on here.

Krystle Sierras:             I love you guys.

Chad Jordan:                Appreciate it. Okay. Thanks again.

Krystle Sierras:             Bye guys.

Chad Jordan:                Look forward to having everybody on the next episode. Talk to you then.

Krystle Sierras:             Bye.