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Red Banner with HOF EpisodeIn this episode, we interview Lisa Goodwin. Lisa is a U.S. Army Veteran and currently manages WV151, one of the busiest Sport Clips locations in the United States. Lisa and her store have reached numerous milestones, including best Grand Opening, Chairman's Club and more. Lisa also started a national trend by establishing the original record for most MVP's on a single Client in a single visit. In this podcast, we discuss her positive approach to life and what it takes to successfully manage a high volume store.

Chad Jordan and Lisa Goodwin in formal attire

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May 31, 2019 Lisa Goodwin Manager How to set trends and smash records as a manager

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Lisa Goodwin: We're ready.

Chad Jordan: Okay, hey everybody, this is Chad Jordan, director of marketing at Sport Clips Haircuts, and I'm coming to you from uh, we've never filmed a podcast at this kind of place. But we're at a Ashley, what's it called? Ashley HomeStore? Is that what this place is called?

Lisa Goodwin: Yep, that's correct.

Chad Jordan: Which is right down in the same shopping center as the manager of the store, we're going to find out a little bit about her store, as, right next door to this place, so uh… And it's got a great setup.
So if you're watching us on YouTube, hi! This is a little fancier setup than what we usually have but we knew we couldn't… Her store is so busy, guys, there's no way we could record this podcast in her equipment room. The vacuum would have literally been going off every 30 seconds.
So, we decided we would record here. There is a little bit of, what would you call this ambient music? I don't know, like pop lite music going on in the background, so you guys might be able to tap your toes to the podcast today, with the music going on in the background.
But I had to get Lisa, who is going to introduce herself in a minute, I had to get her on the podcast. We'll explain why in a minute.
But now that I've already revealed your name, why don't you fully introduce who you are, your store number, where we are, all that kind of stuff.

Lisa Goodwin: My name is Lisa Goodwin and we're in Morgantown, West Virginia. And I am the manager for West Virginia 151.

Chad Jordan: Team leaders are who?

Lisa Goodwin: Amanda and Ryan Donovan.

Chad Jordan: Are they more team leaders or more family to you at this point?

Lisa Goodwin: Oh, they're definitely more family.

Chad Jordan: So are you Auntie Lisa to their little one, or how does that work? Because they don't live nearby, right?

Lisa Goodwin: They don't. They're a few hours away, so I've gotten to snuggle with them a little bit, not a lot.

Chad Jordan: You have been at this location since it opened, right?

Lisa Goodwin: Grand opening.

Chad Jordan: Were you managing it right away? Or you're part of the grand opening scene?

Lisa Goodwin: I was a stylist.

Chad Jordan: Okay, you were a stylist. And we're going to get into your story a little bit, in a little while. But you guys, you set a record with that grand opening.
Hey, there's the Ashley Home Furnisher chiming in! Hi!
Anyways, your grand opening record, do you remember what the details are?

Lisa Goodwin: We were 15 consecutive weeks number one in all the grand opening stores. And I believe the record that we had to beat was 11 weeks, and then second place was four or five weeks.

Chad Jordan: And this is what, 2016?

Lisa Goodwin: Sixteen. So we did 15 weeks-

Chad Jordan: So you're going on, you're not even three years old as a Sport Clips.

Lisa Goodwin: Not quite. We're coming up on our three-year anniversary.

Chad Jordan: Cool. And we're going to get into your story today, how you became a stylist, obviously now a manager, what your journey has looked like. But the reason you are quote unquote in the Hall of Fame, you're a Hall of Famer, is because of some of the activities that you've done in the store since you guys have opened.
And you're super active on social media, which you know is near and dear to my heart. So I see all this kind of stuff. But you actually started a trend that has really, it's caught fire and it's caught the attention of a lot of stores. So I want to get into that today.
And the trend, I'm just going to intro it and then you're going to describe what the heck you were thinking and how you publicized it, how you convinced the client to want to be part of it.
But your trend that you started is the most, the world record for the most MVPs on a single client in a single day. Did I get that right?

Lisa Goodwin: That is correct. Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chad Jordan: And you, and I remember, was it six months ago or so, you reached out to me and you said, "Hey, do you know what the record…" And I was like, I think my immediate response was, like, why? Why would you want to know, I don't know, 10? I don't know how many… And so we actually put it out on social media, like, "Hey, how many…?" And I did like this informal poll, because we didn't want to let people know what you were up to yet.
And so we just, on social media, it was like, "Hey, you guys, how many, what's the most MVPs you ever…" And somebody came back with like 40-something-

Lisa Goodwin: Mm-hmm (affirmative), 45 or so they said.

Chad Jordan: In Illinois or something, I can't remember where it was. But so we thought, okay, that's what it is. And then you said, "I'm going to set the bar," and you went above and beyond that.
So now take me through it. Once you knew what the record was, what did the next little bit of time look like and how did you get to the point where you were able to be the first official record holder of the most MVPs on a single client in a single visit?

Lisa Goodwin: Well, if I go back just a little bit, we wanted to, our whole idea is guys are competitive and let's let them have some fun with this.
So we got a blackboard and stuck it in our waiting room, and we found out what the West Virginia record was, which was currently seven and actually it was my dad.
And so, but we were able to put that up on the board, and then men started wanting to beat it.

Chad Jordan: And this is a key point: Not for free. Not discounted. Like, you weren't up-

Lisa Goodwin: Full price.

Chad Jordan: Full price.

Lisa Goodwin: Well, we had a $2 off All Star because-

Chad Jordan: Was it July or something?

Lisa Goodwin: It was our veteran. So his $300 ticket was actually $298.

Chad Jordan: Oh, all right, all right. Not $2 per MVP, $2 total.

Lisa Goodwin: Not to give our, absolutely not. No, we can't double discount here. Okay, yep.

Chad Jordan: Okay, so you started doing that and it's, obviously it's helping your sales and all that kind of stuff as well. So that's kind of clever.
But all right, so you do this blackboard, it goes back and forth. What's the number get up to kind of in the store?

Lisa Goodwin: So we then had someone step up and take the West Virginia record, which was 10, which was also my client. And then-

Chad Jordan: Not your dad this time.

Lisa Goodwin: Not my dad, nope. And I had another client, his name is Brandon, and he's super competitive. And he said, "So, you know, let's beat this." And I said, "Well, if you really want to beat it, why don't we look at the national record."

Chad Jordan: Which just happens to be the world record, because-

Lisa Goodwin: That's right.

Chad Jordan: We might as well just call it like it is, it's the world record, so…

Lisa Goodwin: That's correct. And so I told him I was going to research it and that we definitely had to schedule this in, because it was going to take some time. So he confirmed that he wanted to do it at that point. We thought that 45 was the record.
And so we planned it out, we were at the store 15, 20 minutes prior to open to get it started, get our live video set up. And it was fun, it was four and a half hours of-

Chad Jordan: Did you really stream it, the entire time?

Lisa Goodwin: We didn't stream the whole time, we actually did the live video to open it up. We did a little joke video halfway through, with a theme song, and they were giving me, like, back massages and-

Chad Jordan: And water.

Lisa Goodwin: Water and stuff, yep. And then we ended it afterwards with another completion-

Chad Jordan: And how long did it take from start to finish?

Lisa Goodwin: It was four and a half hours. And I timed it, just to make sure I wasn't gypping him a minute and that he got the full experience.

Chad Jordan: So the MVP… Now, most people listening to this are stylists and they're team members, and they're associated with Sport Clips.
But for, just in case somebody stumbled upon our podcast and is listening, what is the MVP experience at Sport Clips?

Lisa Goodwin: So, typically, you start with a haircut and then we give them a steam towel, scalp massage with shampoo, with our Paul Mitchell teatree product, so it's a nice tingly touch. And then we have our Wahl hand massager and we do their neck, back and shoulders.

Chad Jordan: Okay, by the way, I got that today. I didn't get 55 of them or 56, I got one. And one was plenty.

Lisa Goodwin: I did offer a double.

Chad Jordan: You did. But I knew we had a podcast to record. That's why I might look more relaxed this podcast, for those watching on YouTube, than normal. Amazing. So it was an amazing experience.
Did you literally, obviously he can only get one haircut at that point, unless you, I don't know… So you give him a haircut. Then do you take him back and forth from the showers and where he gets his hair washed and back to the chair, massage the neck, or do you do it all at once? How does it work, for those that are also interested in trying to do this?

Lisa Goodwin: In beating the record? Well, I thought twice first. And he has a bald fade, and I thought my poor little fingers wouldn't handle that bald fade for 55 rounds. So we actually sectioned it off in three sections.
So the first half was, we pre-counted all our steam towels so we didn't have to keep counting throughout the process.
And so I did about half of them. And then we went to the station and did half of the back, neck and shoulders, to give my fingers a break, a breathing.
And then we went back to the MVP steam towels. Did another 20-some rounds, then neck, back and shoulder. Did the haircut at that point.

Chad Jordan: Ah, okay.

Lisa Goodwin: Leaving two-

Chad Jordan: And you're describing, because rubbing against the bald fade would-

Lisa Goodwin: My fingers probably would have fallen off. So his hair was a little longer, it was about a month's worth of growth, so it wasn't as rough.

Chad Jordan: And this isn't cheating, this is strategy that you're describing.

Lisa Goodwin: I'm all about strategy.

Chad Jordan: It's wisdom.

Lisa Goodwin: It was fun this way. And so then I left two steam towels at the end, that's when I did the haircut, did the shampoo, finished it with-

Chad Jordan: A double, essentially.

Lisa Goodwin: A double, yep. And then we finished with a neck, back and shoulder.

Chad Jordan: For 55 times? Or 55 minutes I guess.

Lisa Goodwin: Altogether-

Chad Jordan: The neck and shoulder? Or just, had you been doing that when you were cutting-

Lisa Goodwin: We did that in the same three sections, so my fingers could dry.

Chad Jordan: Oh, okay, gotcha. Uh-huh.

Lisa Goodwin: That hour. It was approximately an hour of neck, back and shoulder each section.

Chad Jordan: And you being, and we'll get into your Army career, you being a veteran, and having gone through basic training and some pretty grueling things in the military. How would you rank this and the pain threshold, like did that help you get through the 55 MVPs? Or did you go to your happy place, or what was the physical toll?

Lisa Goodwin: You know, I'm so busy all the time, I'm used to being on my feet for 12 hours every Saturday and Wednesday, my clients know to find me, open to close. So as most stylists realize, we don't usually break.
So to me, it was four and a half hours. It was an easy day. I kind of compared it to, I did a half marathon one day for the first time ever, for a half marathon. And so I figured, oh, it's just going to be like I do it twice. So I just kind of focused on that.
And he's awesome, he was fun. We had conversation. And the whole team, everyone was like popping their head in and having a good time with it. So it was a fun day.

Chad Jordan: What kind of reactions did you see on social media?

Lisa Goodwin: Lots. We got a lot of reactions, people asking how my fingers were, a lot of that.

Chad Jordan: I would have loved to have seen the before and after, of the hands.

Lisa Goodwin: They looked, they were so pruned up that my fingerprint wouldn't read on the computer for me to clock out.
We got a lot of reaction to it. Different clients, everyone's asking, "What does this mean?" So we explain it. But we were used to it because we did it with the West Virgina record prior, so we were always answering that question.
So it was just fun and a lot of stores talking that they were going to beat it and I mean, have at it. It's fun.
We actually, I don't even know if you know how many people, there's at least three or four stores who have called us out, who have beat it. So they're just calling us out, and I think it's wonderful.
And every single one has been a veteran, so that just makes me so happy.

Chad Jordan: Right, what about, was Brandon a veteran as well?

Lisa Goodwin: He is, yeah. Mm-hmm (affirmative). And our last West Virgina record was a veteran as well.

Chad Jordan: Hey, if anybody deserves to be spoiled with the MVP…

Lisa Goodwin: It's our veterans. That's right.

Chad Jordan: So let's talk about, okay, you set the record, and that's why I wanted you on the podcast, because it did, it kind of started the conversation of, wait, that's actually a cool thing, we should try to beat it. And then you would have, usually on social media, that's how they're calling you out, they're not literally calling the store and saying, "Hey, by the way, you're going down." They're posting, they're kind of tagging you guys on social media.
So you see the one in, what was it, Kansas City? They were the ones that kind of went above and beyond and did 70, if I remember right.

Lisa Goodwin: I believe so.

Chad Jordan: And that was actually with, not just any veteran, that was with Lynn Rolf, who is our guy from VFW, our director of events or marketing or whatever. He does this, coordinator, whatever he is, he's a bigwig up there. And the veteran of all veterans.
And he loves Sport Clips so much, and wanted to make sure he participated in something with his team.

Lisa Goodwin: Kudos to him. I love their video, too. I loved it. It was awesome.

Chad Jordan: Oh, yeah. He did, and I mean he actually posted from the VFW social media account, it got thousands of views.

Lisa Goodwin: That's awesome.

Chad Jordan: So, great exposure for Sport Clips, obviously for VFW, but the wonderful partnership we have with Help a Hero.
So they held the record for a while and then, was it right after Huddle or was it right before Huddle? When Hawaii chimed in. I think it was right before.

Lisa Goodwin: It might have been right before.

Chad Jordan: Our national convention, Kirsten, who was at HI 102, she went triple digits on the MVP and went to 100, which I can't believe that was possible. But literally what she did was she came in on her day off and I think it took like six hours or seven hours or whatever it took.
And then she set the record that as of, what is today? It's the seventh day in April, no it's May.

Lisa Goodwin: May first.

Chad Jordan: It's May, when we're recording this. That is the official record right now of something that you started back in, when did you do it? January?

Lisa Goodwin: I think it was, yeah, it was January. Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chad Jordan: I know it was cold outside.

Lisa Goodwin: January, February, yep.

Chad Jordan: So the hot towel I'm sure felt really good. But yeah, so we're at 100. So if you're out there and you want to break the record, and do what all of these stores are doing, make it a social media event from your store's page.

Lisa Goodwin: Definitely.

Chad Jordan: That's the thing that I sometimes see is the stylists or team members will post from their personal, which is great, we appreciate that you love working at Sport Clips and that you'll do it from your personal stuff.
But we really want to see it from the store pages so that when the attention is drawn to the event, yes, you're getting the credit but it's also going back to the store and that's where the hype is coming from.
That's why I came to Morgantown today, was to see obviously you and the store where the record started really being set, the bar started being set high.
And while I was there, I mean, you guys, I felt like there were tons of trophies everywhere, tons of, tell me some of the other awards or records that you guys have under your belt right now.

Lisa Goodwin: We have-

Chad Jordan: And this is not a time to be humble. We had this conversation right before we went on air, about you being too humble. I want you to brag a little bit on your store.

Lisa Goodwin: On the store. We have an amazing team and we did get the grand opening, the Best Grand Opening consisted actually of four awards. And you're testing my memory on which ones. I believe it was Client Count, Sales, oh gosh, Back Bar, Payback Bar. There's another one.

Chad Jordan: [inaudible 00:16:04] per client, maybe?

Lisa Goodwin: Yeah, maybe. And then the next year, we got gold, Chairman's-

Chad Jordan: So your second year?

Lisa Goodwin: Our first full year, we got gold. Because someone told me that we couldn't. And then someone told me that we couldn't get the Platinum, and we just got the Platinum this past year.

Chad Jordan: Well, you know what, I don't think you can get a million dollar store, I'm just telling you you can't.

Lisa Goodwin: I was told that by many people and that's why we are busting it and we are going to make it.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, I saw your performance board, so I think you guys are well on your way.

Lisa Goodwin: Oh yeah, we got it. I don't doubt my team. We have an amazing team. And clientele. I mean, how else do you get 55 MVPs in one day? And to pay a $300 ticket.

Chad Jordan: That's amazing. When I was in your store I saw a couple other things that you did really well. You have displayed, in your location, something that, I think it's kind of unique. For MVP Stylist of the Month, or something like that? Describe that, I mean we're not videoing this from your store so describe what that is, to our listeners.

Lisa Goodwin: So the main purpose is to, I just really strongly believe in positive encouraging, and that is going to be key for your stylists, so they feel appreciated. Nobody wants to be disciplined, so just reward the ones who are doing what is right, well.
So we have a MVP board for our clients to be able to see, there's like 18 of us and they don't always remember our names. So we have a picture with our name on it, and then in the middle of this-

Chad Jordan: And you didn't stumble there, I just want to make sure. You said you have 18 stylists, right, working for your store? So there are some that are listening to this that are like, they would kill for double digit stylists and you're almost at twice what they would love to have. So 18, so you must be doing something right.
All right, you have them, their pictures-

Lisa Goodwin: Their picture with their name. And so people can identify them if they're looking for a certain stylist, and request them. And then smack dab in the middle of it is, like, I just made it bold and it says MVP of the Month and then directly underneath it, it says Runner-ups. So we have really three people who, their names-

Chad Jordan: Getting recognized.

Lisa Goodwin: Are getting recognized, and not only that but we put it on the online, so when people are checking-

Chad Jordan: So on Salon Ultimate-

Lisa Goodwin: At Salon Ultimate-

Chad Jordan: It's the nickname feature, right?

Lisa Goodwin: Yeah, that's right. And it'll say MVP of the Month or Runner-Up MVP. So then people see that and oftentimes they select them because of that because they think it's cool.

Chad Jordan: And they probably tip better knowing that, hey this is the MVP of the Month, you know, I gotta make sure they're well compensated.

Lisa Goodwin: This is a special, special stylist here. Yeah, so I have something in the back that's called our Kind Box, and anytime someone goes over and beyond they will nominate someone. So-and-so took my shift when my grandfather died or something on that line.
And so then they can write these nominations; and the first of the month - actually, I'll be doing it today- will, I have the key to it so I'll read them all and then I'll post them later for them all to see.
So then they get this uplifting feeling, you know, every month, but then I'll pick the top three. Things that stood out. Like one time there was a stylist who needed a place to stay so she moved in with a different stylist for a week until her apartment worked out.
So, you know, things like that, going over and beyond. And then we also give them a box, I think I'm gonna, it's called Fab Fit Fun Box, so it has like $250 worth of beauty, fitness and stuff and so we will give them that and we'll also post them online so all our clients can see who it is, what they got, their award, runner's up get bragging rights. But it's just a neat thing.

Chad Jordan: Can you win back-to-back months? Or once you win-

Lisa Goodwin: We have.

Chad Jordan: Oh really, okay.

Lisa Goodwin: Not so much now because there's so many and there's so many nominations. Honestly that's why we have three, is because I couldn't pick just one and so it does get hard because we do have a really awesome team.

Chad Jordan: I love that you also have on your chalkboard when people walk in, something about reviews.

Lisa Goodwin: Absolutely. Yeah, reviews go far. Most of our clients come because they did a Google search and we have some of the best ratings in our town. There's so many competing. We have four across the street alone. And reviews go really far. So we always want to make sure that we follow up with anyone who didn't have a great experience.

Chad Jordan: Are you guys responding to all your online reviews?

Lisa Goodwin: Absolutely.

Chad Jordan: And monitoring all that kind of stuff?

Lisa Goodwin: Yep, absolutely.

Chad Jordan: Yeah. So for those out there listening, you do get reviewed on Facebook, on Google, Yelp and even your store website collects reviews. And your team leader or, I don't know, is it you? That's responding?

Lisa Goodwin: Me.

Chad Jordan: Okay or your manager can respond to reviews. And the best stores pay the best attention to their reviews and tend to have the best reviews because of that.

Lisa Goodwin: Yeah, it's, a lot of people find you that way.

Chad Jordan: Yeah. So you're crushing records, you're creating records that are motivating other stores.
And yet your career, your path to Sport Clips, was not the typical… You know, I interview a lot of people and a lot of them grew up cutting their Barbie's hair. In fact, Maria might be this way, Maria Jones the coach, she's on another podcast, but… You actually went a different path and you had a family, you raised some kids, what you have, what two kids?

Lisa Goodwin: Two kids. Teenage girl, who's equivalent to 18 stylists-

Chad Jordan: So prayer is appreciated for Lisa, she's got a teenager.

Lisa Goodwin: I will accept all prayer.

Chad Jordan: Teenage girl in the house, okay.

Lisa Goodwin: And my boy is 11.

Chad Jordan: And your mama's boy, hopefully, if he's 11.

Lisa Goodwin: He is.

Chad Jordan: My son is 11, mama's boy. So you were raising your kids, and then you… I believe a military career, sort of.

Lisa Goodwin: Just four years.

Chad Jordan: Okay, yeah, no, that's a career. I mean four years in the military, I'm an Air Force brat, you're a Navy brat?

Lisa Goodwin: Navy brat. Yep.

Chad Jordan: Okay. But you chose to go into what branch?

Lisa Goodwin: The Army.

Chad Jordan: You went in the Army. And then where'd you serve, all that kind of stuff?

Lisa Goodwin: Oh gosh. Well actually, small-town Pennsylvania. Saint Marys. And I lived in Pittsburgh at the time so I-

Chad Jordan: What was your role in the Army? Or can you not talk? Will you have to kill me if you tell me about it?

Lisa Goodwin: Yeah, well, everybody, you know, has their job, which was petroleum pipeline supply. But what I really did, I was that person in the little office who weighed and measured you and told you if you had to lose weight.

Chad Jordan: Oh, fat boy program.

Lisa Goodwin: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: Okay, all right. No wonder you've been judging me while I've been drinking all this Mountain Dew since I've been here.

Lisa Goodwin: Not at all.

Chad Jordan: Oh, I see what's happening. Like, "Uh, Chad we need to have a talk". Okay.

Lisa Goodwin: Then I did actually cut Barbie's hair. My sister hated me for it. So it had always been a desire, my mom was a hair stylist.

Chad Jordan: Oh, right. That's right.

Lisa Goodwin: And she kind of talked me out of it at one point. She didn't like it so much. But then I also had, I got married very young and had my kiddos and was able to stay at home with them for about seven years. And then I… Do you want me to keep going? Finish my story?

Chad Jordan: Sure! Yeah, of course! I mean whatever you want to share.

Lisa Goodwin: I started working at our church here in Morgantown, we moved here about, I guess 13, 14 years ago. It's considered a mega church and so there's thousands of people who go there and I actually did more management, so I oversaw a lot of small groups, making sure that they were healthy, all the leaders were doing what they were supposed to do. I organized big events, did little things like this as well.

Chad Jordan: Were you already good at that or did that help refine your management, kind of, chops?

Lisa Goodwin: It actually probably defined me, because I normally would pass out with a microphone in front of me. I get very nervous. You said this isn't live at the moment, which is the only reason why I'm breathing.

Chad Jordan: Oh, by the way I was just kidding, this is going out. Hey, everybody!

Lisa Goodwin: Well, shoot.

Chad Jordan: No. See if this church lady can cuss.

Lisa Goodwin: You won't catch it. But the Facebook live videos, I would never be able to have done that if it wasn't for-

Chad Jordan: Which by the way I used in my first ever break-out session-

Lisa Goodwin: Yes, you did.

Chad Jordan: -At a Huddle, was one of your live videos that I showed.

Lisa Goodwin: I think it was when our new systems came in that I was showing people how to use the-

Chad Jordan: Online check-in?

Lisa Goodwin: Online check-in. Yeah and the kiosk and everything.

Chad Jordan: Kiosk, yeah, mm-hmm (affirmative).

Lisa Goodwin: Yeah, I didn't expect that to go as big as it did. So, um, yep. So I did that for a while and I just went through some difficult things which made me redirect my life and direction.

Chad Jordan: I'm sure no listener out there has ever, you know, had anything difficult happen that kind of altered their career. No, I mean, there's a lot of heads nodding on "Yeah, that's a lot like what happened to me."

Lisa Goodwin: Yeah, so I pretty much had to start all over with my two kids and me, and went back to school for cosmetology, which is what I always kind of wanted to do. Loved it. I actually graduated from the beauty school just, maybe, I remember they did a-

Chad Jordan: Is it here in Morgantown?

Lisa Goodwin: Yeah. They did a Sport Clips… Maria, actually, did it.

Chad Jordan: No way.

Lisa Goodwin: And I had a client in my chair-

Chad Jordan: You remember her in class? Maria's offline but she's answering our questions still.

Maria: I do. I remember talking to her.

Chad Jordan: Talking to her or talking her into, twisting her arm, to come to-

Maria: No, I remember her coming up and asking questions specifically about what we did, and knowing what she wanted.

Lisa Goodwin: Yeah, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to pamper people and I didn't want-

Chad Jordan: No wonder you went for that MVP record, it's kind of where you're wired.

Lisa Goodwin: I really… Well, I was actually choosing between masseuse and hair stylist. Then they were talking about Sport Clips as I had a client in my chair and I was trying to like listen in from a distance.
They said a couple of key things: Health insurance, which is what I was looking for, and they were talking about how it's more the experience, it's not just a haircut.
A friend actually tried to get me to open up a different hair place. Let's just say that their theme is more in and out. And I hated the idea of that. If I'm gonna have someone sitting in my chair, I want to make a piece of art work. I don't want to make a mess just to be in and out.

Chad Jordan: It's all I could do to convince you not to give me lightning bolts in my head today when you were, because you're, I guess you're really good at the design aspect of stuff.

Lisa Goodwin: That is what I'm known for is the Lightning Bolt Lady of Morgantown, yeah. But, yeah, so I heard them talking at a beauty school and I already had a couple of different salons reaching out to me. I wasn't the average student. I was older, very dedicated. I was graduating quicker than I was supposed to because I stayed late, I did what I was supposed to do.

Chad Jordan: Motivated. Yeah, you had kiddos, you wanted to do that.

Lisa Goodwin: I remember my kids sat in the classroom with us one time because there was a snowstorm and I had no child care. So I was not gonna be missing school. And so they sat and learned about physics when… I sat right there with them. I started working, I chose to go to a booth rental.

Chad Jordan: Out of beauty school?

Lisa Goodwin: Fresh out of beauty school because I had a clientele. And she was wonderful, and she was great for me to start for that first couple of months while we were waiting for Sport Clips to open.

Chad Jordan: Oh, I see.

Lisa Goodwin: Because Sport Clips hadn't yet opened yet.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, and this is the only one in the town, so it's not like you could go work at another one while they were waiting to open theirs.

Lisa Goodwin: No. Well and I really planned on doing both. So I started off as a stylist, that was May. By June I was a key holder, July I was an assistant, and by July 31st I was the manager.

Chad Jordan: And so you're not doing both at that point.

Lisa Goodwin: No, I had to quit the other one. I'm still very good friends with them. They're awesome.

Chad Jordan: Well, was part of the worry… Were you thinking, I'm going to have to do both just to make ends meet? Is that what you were thinking originally? And then realized, actually I can-

Lisa Goodwin: I actually was still at the church. I was doing three jobs, single parenting. So I was doing all three at one point. And the owner had a different plan for me, and she didn't let on to her plan. I'm sure she's probably giggling right now when she hears this.

Chad Jordan: The owner of the salon? Or of-

Lisa Goodwin: Amanda Donovan. She kind of saw something apparently in me and didn't tell me. So I just kept moving up and-

Chad Jordan: She's a sneaky one, that Amanda.

Lisa Goodwin: She was a sneaky one, yep.

Chad Jordan: But she got what she wanted in the end.

Lisa Goodwin: She did. I guess so, yeah.

Chad Jordan: That's awesome. I have a couple questions over here I want to ask you but quickly. You've mentioned church and some other stuff. I don't know if you want to chime in a little bit about your faith and the role it plays in your life but I want to give you that opportunity.

Lisa Goodwin: Yeah, I appreciate it. Honestly I give 100% of the credit to God. Because he brought me where I'm at and different things that have happened to me and I wouldn't have been able to do that without his strength. Definitely not by mine. So he's been amazing and he's been through every step and looking at where I was even four years ago and to where I am now. I have my dream car and I just purchased a house and I actually just celebrated my one year anniversary with my husband.

Chad Jordan: Give him a shout out in case he listens.

Lisa Goodwin: Hey, Eric. Love you.

Chad Jordan: All right. So if he's listening… Sounds like that Rascal Flatts song, "God Bless the Broken Road," you know. Sounds like that's been a little bit of your story.

Lisa Goodwin: So all credit goes to Him. And He has provided me with the best team ever and amazing team leaders.
And Sport Clips. I just love what they stand for and who they help and how they do business. There's nothing I don't love about it.

Chad Jordan: Well, let's do this, because you actually have a client waiting for you right now. So, what's his name?

Lisa Goodwin: Oh, gosh, I didn't-

Chad Jordan: I looked at the board before we left but. So, I'm going to go through these last 10 questions.

Lisa Goodwin: Okay.

Chad Jordan: And I will not ask follow-ups to these. These are just intended to be fun. And a way for you to transition out of the podcast and back to… Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, she's going right back to cutting hair. That's how dedicated she is. So thank you, Lisa.
Okay, question number one: Which super power would you most like to have?

Lisa Goodwin: Flying.

Chad Jordan: So, Captain Marvel, that's who flies now. The woman. Number two, what is your personal motto?

Lisa Goodwin: You can't grow if you're uncomfortable.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Lisa Goodwin: Sorry! No, no! I said that wrong. See? I'm getting all like… nervous.

Chad Jordan: You're fine. Because I was gonna re-

Lisa Goodwin: You can't grow if you're comfortable.

Chad Jordan: I was gonna re-interpret it.

Lisa Goodwin: Thank you. You got me.

Chad Jordan: We're good. Other than where you live now, where else in the world would you most like to live?

Lisa Goodwin: Anywhere with clear waters.

Chad Jordan: Clearwater, Florida?

Lisa Goodwin: That could… I did get married there.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, that's great.

Lisa Goodwin: As long as it's warm.

Chad Jordan: Number four, who is a celebrity you'd most like to meet one day?

Lisa Goodwin: Andy Stanley. He is-

Chad Jordan: Oh, okay. He's one of my favorite pastors.

Lisa Goodwin: He's a well-known pastor in North Point. Went to a bunch of conferences with him and he-

Chad Jordan: Catalyst? Or what?

Lisa Goodwin: Yeah, yeah. And he created a study that I still volunteer and lead.

Chad Jordan: Which one is it?

Lisa Goodwin: Starting Point.

Chad Jordan: Oh, yeah. Nice. He also developed Preaching Rocket, which you might not know about but pastors do. And it's a way for pastors to more easily process and deliver sermons, so, just trust me that's a good… Yeah, I love him too. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Lisa Goodwin: Oh, goodness. Um… Shoot.

Chad Jordan: What would your teenager say?

Lisa Goodwin: She tells me I'm too positive. Something on that line. Stop being so happy all the time or something like that.

Chad Jordan: So it's more of an attitude is what you most overuse.

Lisa Goodwin: Well, she's 15, yeah she's 15.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, she's gonna eye roll everything.

Lisa Goodwin: Yeah, that's right. "Needless to say," that's what someone says I say that all the time. Needless to say. Apparently I talk too much.

Chad Jordan: I'll check the transcript of this and see how many times you said it. What sound or noise do you love?

Lisa Goodwin: A fart. Who doesn't like a good laugh?

Chad Jordan: Wow. Okay. That was… I've never heard that answer.

Lisa Goodwin: C'mon. You have to have fun in life.

Chad Jordan: I guess it is [inaudible 00:33:26] sound or noise, it's not what smells so I guess we're good there. What sound or noise do you hate?

Lisa Goodwin: Oh, gosh. Let's see… sound or noise… Honestly, negativity.

Chad Jordan: Okay, so anybody who's like "ugh omg."

Lisa Goodwin: It's draining. Yeah.

Chad Jordan: What profession, well, this is gonna be a toughie, other than your own would you have been good at or at least have wanted to try that you didn't? I'm only talking to an Army veteran, and a church manager and…

Lisa Goodwin: I, probably, something in the art world.

Chad Jordan: Okay, yeah, graphic, yeah.

Lisa Goodwin: I did go to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh but I wanted hands-on, computer graphic design wasn't, I wasn't feeling it, that's why I kind of dropped out of that.

Chad Jordan: Okay, so an artist.

Lisa Goodwin: An artist. Yeah, you could say that.

Chad Jordan: What'd you call, you're the Lightning Bolt Lady of Morgantown, West Virginia. I mean… What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Lisa Goodwin: Forgiveness.

Chad Jordan: Oh. That's a good one. Boy, I wish that was my greatest achievement, I guess I should get to work on that. If heaven indeed exists, last question, what do you hope to hear when you walk through the pearly gates?

Lisa Goodwin: Let's party.

Chad Jordan: Let's party? Okay.

Lisa Goodwin: Yeah, because I'm hoping to have a big old party up there with a lot of people I know.

Chad Jordan: That hopefully you got to bring along with you or that you had an influence in getting them there.

Lisa Goodwin: That's right.

Chad Jordan: Well, I loved everything about this especially the fact that we're in Ashley Home Furniture in Morgantown, West Virginia. Got to see your store, which I've been dying to see. See the MVP record, that sign that you have for Brandon D. So shout out to Brandon. And all the stuff that you've got going on in your store, your amazing career, just everything about you. And your positivity.

Lisa Goodwin: Thank you.

Chad Jordan: So that's actually a breath of fresh air.

Lisa Goodwin: Well, thank you.

Chad Jordan: Appreciate you and all you're up to and looking forward to you guys being a million dollar store this year.

Lisa Goodwin: Oh, we got it. We got it. And we appreciate you coming and visiting us.

Chad Jordan: All right, thanks so much. Thank you, Lisa. Thanks, everybody, for listening. Stay tuned, we'll have another good episode next week.