Episodes of The Sport Clips Haircuts Hall of Fame Podcast - Dan and Angie Roberts, Part 2

Red Banner with HOF EpisodeIn this episode recorded in May 2019, we conclude our interview with Dan and Angie Roberts, our recent winners of the Team Leaders of the Year (2018). In this episode, the Roberts discuss their approach to creating a healthy store culture, as well as how their Team Members have become part of their extended family over the years.

Chad Jordan with Dan and Angie Roberts holding a shadow box of photos

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June 24, 2019 Dan & Angie Roberts Team Leaders How family becomes the center of the Sport Clips experience.

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Chad Jordan: It didn't even take three seconds, it took three steps into any of your stores. What are you doing right now, now 11 years later, that resonates so well with your team, with your clients, just with the whole vibe of your store?

Dan Roberts: I think that you need to understand who you are and understand what you're good at. And, like you said, she referenced letting go of your kids and that. Let them do what they're good at and let's do what we're good at. Because, it really works and be flexible enough, as we're growing, that's been the challenging part of the last couple of years, is now we're... I mean, we're very blessed, first of all.
But, we have, what 120 people, depends-

Chad Jordan: And, we're going to have you list all of their names before the end of this podcast.

Dan Roberts: Right.

Angie Roberts: Awesome.

Chad Jordan: Just, you can test your recall.

Angie Roberts: We just trained six new people yesterday. You got to cut me a little slack.

Dan Roberts: Right, right, right. Yeah. We're actually training six today.

Angie Roberts: Today, today. I keep thinking today. Today, but yeah.

Dan Roberts: Yeah, so I forgot, lost my train of thought there.

Angie Roberts: Let them do what they're good at.

Dan Roberts: Yeah, let them do what they're good at, because they are good at it. It's kind of a self fulfilling prophecy because, it becomes more than a job when they are allowed the have pride in their job. It's great because it allows us to do what we're good at. And, we're pretty good with relating to them at the people end of it. Trying to do what's right.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, living by the core values and treating them the way they want to be treated.

Dan Roberts: I would say the key is, what we feel is, if you truly have those core values in mind with every business decision you make, things will turn out good. But, I think that if you are more, I don't know how to... selfish or self-centered.

Chad Jordan: Yeah,

Angie Roberts: Self gratifying.

Dan Roberts: Right. I think that you're getting away from the direction you should be going to.

Chad Jordan: And, it'll be obvious to your team that that's what is motivating you.

Dan Roberts: Right, right, right.

Chad Jordan: Like I said, they can walk away and go work the next day somewhere.

Angie Roberts: Oh, yeah, same day, same day. Same day.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, exactly.

Angie Roberts: Absolutely.

Dan Roberts: We're trying to make, the thing we're working on is trying to make it a career.

Chad Jordan: Well, you've don't that again, Hildamay, who's name will probably, I'm glad this isn't a drinking game. Well, it is, I'm having some Mountain Dew, so yeah.

Angie Roberts: Yeah, water and Mountain Dew.

Chad Jordan: But, women like her, you mentioned Sandy, whatever her maiden name is now, Palmer.

Dan Roberts: Palmer, yes.

Chad Jordan: But, you had-

Dan Roberts: 11 years with us.

Chad Jordan: 11 years, and just the point that you made about kind of releasing them to what they're good at. She seems to be good at everything, first of all. But, secondly, like she takes on a lot of the social media stuff for you guys, I think for all of your stores.

Dan Roberts: Yes.

Chad Jordan: One of the things that I come across, unfortunately, is I'll run into situations where team leaders don't want to give that control because they're scare, oh, my gosh, what my stylists might say on social media.

Dan Roberts: We've never had those thoughts ever.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, yeah.

Angie Roberts: Right.

Chad Jordan: But, you guys have discovered how to find someone who's good at it and this is their lane, let's give them the keys and have them driving it. What are some other areas that you see you can empower people in? Your stylists, managers, key holders? Besides social media, social media is just an example but what are some areas they-

Angie Roberts: It's really, it's unlimited. Anybody can become an assistant manager. We've really incorporated the assistant manager, the manager development program.

Dan Roberts: We don't have a limit, we don't say you can only have two assistant managers, you can only have three. If there are people that it's justified and they deserve the promotion, we can have 10 if you want.

Chad Jordan: Well, doesn't it give you kind of in your stable, just great quality leaders that-

Dan Roberts: Yes.

Chad Jordan: Especially, because you said, you don't hire managers from the outside, you promote from within so if you've got this envoy of assistant managers just waiting for... You're getting ready to open a new location.

Dan Roberts: Yeah, we're getting ready to open a store and we completed the... like a month-and-a-half ago. But, we completed the interviews.

Chad Jordan: [Taivonni 00:29:47], is that who it is?

Dan Roberts: Taivonni is our new manager and everybody was really surprised, but that reinforced why we allow anybody. You don't have to be an assistant manager to apply for the manager.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, Hildamay wasn't, right?

Angie Roberts: Uh-uh (negative).

Dan Roberts: Correct. Correct.

Chad Jordan: Shot of Mountain Dew.

Angie Roberts: That's what I told the girls. We interviewed 12. We did 12 interviews.

Dan Roberts: 12 this time, I was trying to-

Angie Roberts: For the new manager of NE115 opening in July. I had been contacted by a manager of another franchise. She won't come to work for me unless I hire her as a manager.

Chad Jordan: Which, makes sense on her side, I get it.

Angie Roberts: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Dan Roberts: She would have come if we guaranteed her manager within six months.

Angie Roberts: Right. So, I could've just brought her over and had that whole position filled in one hour. But, instead, we interviewed 12 people for an hour-and-a-half each, which we enjoy.

Dan Roberts: Yeah, each interview is going on-

Angie Roberts: We enjoy getting to know them and giving them that opportunity. But, I'm serious when I say we promote within.

Chad Jordan: Just think about the good will of all the rest of your team members.

Angie Roberts: Right.

Chad Jordan: Who saw and now they're going to hear this about what you did. You could've, I don't want to say it's the easy way out. You could've taken the easy way out.

Angie Roberts: Right, right. Quickly.

Chad Jordan: Just hired a quality woman who already knew how to manage the team members and that kind of stuff.

Dan Roberts: Well, and you have to think about the benefit that they get, too. Because, it takes courage to apply for that. It takes time to update your resume, nobody likes to do that stuff. And, it takes a lot of courage. This time, we had a team interview. So, it was me and Angie at every single interview and also Tessa who's our area manager. Operations manager, sorry.
That is good for their development. If they do have thoughts of furthering their career, those are things that they need to do.

Chad Jordan: You mean, sitting down and being interviewed?

Angie Roberts: Yeah, yeah.

Dan Roberts: Updating their resume. Being interviewed.

Chad Jordan: I heard you guys ask, "Why do you want to be? Why do you want this position?"

Dan Roberts: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: So, you really ask them to do a little soul searching.

Angie Roberts: Right, right, right.

Dan Roberts: Yeah, and we, every time we find out something new about the people. That you know, broadens our relationship with them and I think it also broadens their relationship with us. They learn a lot about us, too.
We take every candidate very, very seriously. And like I said, Tai was, if you're going in, you have people that you think higher-

Chad Jordan: She's only been here about a year, year-and-a-half, right?

Dan Roberts: Right, right, right. Right. She's very impressive to the process of-

Chad Jordan: Oh, she told me, she's going to have the top store in the market within two years.

Dan Roberts: Right.

Angie Roberts: Love it, I love it.

Chad Jordan: Just letting, I'm letting you all know, that she's throwing down the gauntlet.

Angie Roberts: It's been documented so we're holding her to it.

Dan Roberts: We love those interviews and I think that it's good for them, it's good for us. Hopefully, they'll... adds to the culture we want.

Angie Roberts: Well, and Dan even takes another step further which again, I think this is just another example of how we truly care about these people, too. And, he calls every single stylist. Every single applicant back.

Dan Roberts: Good point.

Angie Roberts: And, that's not an easy phone call, because only one out of 12 were happy.

Chad Jordan: Right, okay.

Angie Roberts: So, out of all the 12, he offers the position to whoever we chose. But, he contacts every single person that applied and gives them feedback. This is what you should put on your resume, this is what you shouldn't put on your resume. These are the things you did really well, here's a couple of things that work on for the next time we have... and, that's not an easy conversation.

Dan Roberts: Those are not easy conversations.

Chad Jordan: No, I'm sure.

Angie Roberts: He takes the time to contact each person back.

Chad Jordan: Former HR Director, before my restaurant days. That's why I got out of the HR.

Angie Roberts: Uh.

Chad Jordan: Because, I was tired of dealing with what you're talking about.

Angie Roberts: Right.

Chad Jordan: Telling applicants, I get it. That's not fun.

Dan Roberts: Yeah, when they get the courage to apply, they also get their hopes up.

Chad Jordan: They make themselves vulnerable.

Dan Roberts: They're excited about it. Yes, yes, and they are. But, I try to give them honest feedback in a positive manner and say, "You're doing a great job, this is what you need to improve upon and you'll be there."

Chad Jordan: Well, and it must be encouraging for them as well, to see... not like you guys are slowing down. You're adding new stores, you're...

Dan Roberts: Right.

Chad Jordan: They just know if they take your advice, they're going to get another chance down the road.

Angie Roberts: Right. And, that has happened. We have two current managers that applied more than once.

Chad Jordan: Really? Okay.

Angie Roberts: Then, got the position.

Chad Jordan: Amazing.

Angie Roberts: So, it has literally happened.

Chad Jordan: So, they stayed, they didn't leave bitter.

Angie Roberts: Right, right.

Chad Jordan: They stayed, they grew.

Dan Roberts: Right.

Angie Roberts: Yeah. One thing-

Chad Jordan: Improved.

Dan Roberts: Right.

Chad Jordan: Their resume skills and interview skills and management and leadership experience.

Dan Roberts: Also, we find out we have, well we had two managers apply that have been managers with us before. We're leaving it open enough that they feel comfortable enough to come back and apply.
We had people that have been on food stamps in their life and are now buying new cars getting new homes. We've had people that are building new families, I mean, it's, so that is a benefit, too, as we hear all these stories.

Chad Jordan: So, family. We'll talk about, a 16 and a 12-year-old? Is that what we?

Angie Roberts: Yes.

Chad Jordan: Has it happened? Do you find, do you have more family time now than you did 11 years ago?

Angie Roberts: Yes.

Dan Roberts: Yeah.

Angie Roberts: Yes.

Chad Jordan: Too much family time sometimes? Is that, is that such a thing?

Dan Roberts: No.

Chad Jordan: I'm saying as a father of three, it is such a thing.

Angie Roberts: Yes, yes.

Dan Roberts: Right, right. No, I get the opportunity to coach my daughter's softball team.

Chad Jordan: Wow.

Dan Roberts: You know, those are very important moments, we have a great relationship.

Chad Jordan: I hope Sport Clips is a sponsor of your daughter's-

Angie Roberts: Oh, yeah.

Dan Roberts: Of course, right.

Chad Jordan: The local Sport Clips.

Angie Roberts: Right, oh sure.

Chad Jordan: Okay, all right, all right.

Dan Roberts: Right. So-

Chad Jordan: That's a clue to other potential team leaders that are thinking to get-

Dan Roberts: Right.

Chad Jordan: It looks really good when you sponsor a sports team with Sport Clips. Yet another reason why you would want to buy into Sport Clips at some point.

Dan Roberts: Yeah, we have a high school Legion team that wear Sport Clips uniforms.

Chad Jordan: Oh, get out of here. That's next level, right there.

Angie Roberts: Yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan: Not that I'm winding the podcast down, I'm not, but I want to get, close the loop on the full circle of you got what you were after.

Angie Roberts: Yeah.

Dan Roberts: Yeah.

Angie Roberts: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: It wasn't easy.

Dan Roberts: Right, right.

Chad Jordan: You barely survived the early days kind of thing. But then, you doubled down, you went from your three pack to whatever you have, I don't have it, what your license is right now but-

Dan Roberts: Right, right.

Chad Jordan: And, you're not slowing down and yet you're getting that quality, family experience. Now, let's see, 12, so only six years and then he'll be in college.

Angie Roberts: Right.

Chad Jordan: And, so-

Dan Roberts: Then what?

Chad Jordan: You can see more of each... What were you going to say Angie?

Angie Roberts: Well, no, I think it-

Dan Roberts: So, there's going to be a lot of opportunities for our girls.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, there you go.

Angie Roberts: That's right, that's right. Yeah. No, I mean, yeah, we got to the point where it was too much for me and then, so three years ago, then Dan joined.

Chad Jordan: Okay, that's the, thank you.

Angie Roberts: Yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan: For tying that back in.

Angie Roberts: To kind of like, yup.

Chad Jordan: So, he... what did that decision... Who came to who and said, "It's time?"

Angie Roberts: I think he came to me and said, "Oh, crap."

Dan Roberts: I'm going to choose my words very carefully at this point.

Chad Jordan: All right, okay. We could edit this out if we need to.

Angie Roberts: She's just going to lose her mind.

Dan Roberts: I felt pretty strongly that the manpower or the team had gotten large enough that just too much for one person. The HR that you're familiar with.

Chad Jordan: Right, yup.

Dan Roberts: The paperwork, the daily operations, everything.

Chad Jordan: Even for Wonder Woman here, it was-

Angie Roberts: Well, and you were trying to do it in addition to your job and help out as much as you could, which anybody that knows in a traveling sales job, there's not a lot of free time.

Dan Roberts: Well, and I saw the results on my end, too. When you're pulled that hard in two directions, you can't do it.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, multi-tasking is a farce.

Dan Roberts: I had an honest conversation with my boss at that time. I said, "Look, this is the direction my family is going in." And, he was very supportive of it. But, in order to keep my wife, my wife, it was time.

Chad Jordan: Yup.

Dan Roberts: And, it was probably beyond time, to be honest with you.

Chad Jordan: You were in overtime in your career and at the buzzer.

Dan Roberts: Yes.

Chad Jordan: You hit the game winning shot and said, "All right."

Dan Roberts: Right, it's time.

Chad Jordan: What are the last three years been like? Has it been everything, let's, Angie. Everything that you have-

Dan Roberts: There's two perspectives.

Angie Roberts: Everything I've dreamed of.

Chad Jordan: Everything that you-

Angie Roberts: Ever dreamed of.

Chad Jordan: Or are you giving hints that maybe he should go back into sales.

Dan Roberts: First of all, I'd like to start the story in our home office. We still have a home office, out of our home.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Dan Roberts: We have a T-shaped desk.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Dan Roberts: The top part of the T is shelving, cupboards, bottom part of the T is literally a work desk. She sits on ones side of that bottom T and I sit on the other side of the...

Angie Roberts: So, we literally have to look each other in the eyes every day.

Chad Jordan: Whether you want to or not.

Dan Roberts: Right, right, right.

Chad Jordan: It's part of your work.

Dan Roberts: And, when I made the transition over, I was pretty good at what I used to do. And, Angie had spent the last seven or eight years building our business and she was very good at what she had done.
It was very humbling for me to go back to square one, basically.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, and she was holding your hand basically, right?

Dan Roberts: Yes, yes.

Chad Jordan: Showing you the ropes.

Dan Roberts: I had to ask her. She's like, "Just go on the online Huddle." And, I'd be like-

Angie Roberts: What is-

Dan Roberts: What's the online Huddle? And, you know.

Chad Jordan: What's iapps?

Dan Roberts: Right. Right.

Chad Jordan: You're still wondering what that is, but that's all right.

Dan Roberts: She would get frustrated with me. I would say, "You have to understand, I don't know this stuff." You know and-

Angie Roberts: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: I'm just a caveman that fell in some ice, you know.

Dan Roberts: Right. And, it was very humbling, very humbling. At that point, I did a lot of toilets. I did a lot of upgrades on the store and yeah.

Angie Roberts: Handyman work.

Dan Roberts: Right, right.

Chad Jordan: Angie, how have you handled the transition from him being out of your hair to being now everywhere you go?

Angie Roberts: It is a big transition. I think, it's like when you kind of have to let your kids to things their way because I kind of have a Type A personality so everything I did, I did at the best way and there was no other way you could do it. It was me letting go again and Dan had great ideas and I had to accept the fact that maybe the way he had to do it was more efficient, was a better way.

Dan Roberts: With a fresh look and perspective.

Angie Roberts: Exactly. That was hard for me to let, you know maybe do things differently but he definitely had great ideas and better ways of doing things and it was so helpful having the additional help.

Dan Roberts: The great part is I give feedback when she had great ideas, there was no doubt. Right?

Chad Jordan: No, oh, yeah.

Angie Roberts: And, you need to see it my way.

Chad Jordan: And, when you didn't have good ideas.

Dan Roberts: When I didn't having good ideas.

Angie Roberts: Actually, the girls are good at letting him know that, too. So-

Chad Jordan: Right, right, right. Right, right. Right.

Angie Roberts: Because, they got used to things being done the way Angie did them.

Dan Roberts: They're like, "Wait a minute, he's coming."

Angie Roberts: Right.

Dan Roberts: Mess it all up.

Angie Roberts: It was hard for the girls, too. You know, they were used to Angie's way.

Dan Roberts: It was.

Angie Roberts: And, Dan's way was a little bit different. They would probably say it was kind of an adjustment for them, too. The managers-

Dan Roberts: We separated responsibilities you know so that I understand where I can play and she understood where she could play and part of mine was HR. Doing, dealing with that.

Chad Jordan: Things like and we've talked about.

Angie Roberts: Yeah.

Dan Roberts: And, I came from the sales world so tracking numbers and trying to set goals and goal tracking and all that became my baby. So, I was having meetings with the managers and everything and that was probably really hard for them to get to know somebody new.

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Dan Roberts: And, obviously a male figure, probably gives them some trepidation, I'm sure.

Chad Jordan: Well, I mean, they're talking to guys-

Dan Roberts: And, fear-

Chad Jordan: Every day.

Dan Roberts: Right, right, right.

Chad Jordan: Jeez, Louise, and they're sitting in their chairs.

Angie Roberts: They're used to telling the guys what to do, though.

Chad Jordan: Right, exactly.

Dan Roberts: Right, right.

Angie Roberts: You can tell that why, to him.

Dan Roberts: There was a lot of making sure they knew it was going to be okay. You know that look, I'm here to look out for your best interests and I'm not looking for you doing something bad. I want to look for you-

Chad Jordan: You're not big brother.

Dan Roberts: Doing something good. You know?

Chad Jordan: Yeah. What re something, so you get a unique perspective here from being in sales. What kind of goal setting or incentives have you implemented for your team, or maybe over the last three years that kind of helps raise the bar for them whether it's paid back bar or retail or?

Dan Roberts: Well, I mean, I started doing sales contests more frequently.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Dan Roberts: Trying to, well, like you said, when you walk in the store, you feel an energy. And, I think one of the challenges is it is a repetitive job. You can get in the doldrums, so we have to figure out things that bring some juice back, you know? So, we would do, I mean, we do an annual March Madness, huge bracket where all the stylists, you know we seat them based on seniority from one to whatever we have at that point.

Chad Jordan: Okay. Oh, keep going, yeah. They have to what? What metrics are you measuring against each other? So, somebody goes, "Dear God," goes against Sandy, Hildamay, Tanya-

Angie Roberts: Tessa.

Chad Jordan: Tessa.

Dan Roberts: Yeah, right, right.

Chad Jordan: Okay, Amanda, Brooke, all right. They're going against all of these.

Dan Roberts: Right, right. That's kind of the intrigue of the contest is that you get to go against somebody across town.

Chad Jordan: Right.

Angie Roberts: A different store.

Dan Roberts: Head to head for one week so, it's much like March Madness where you advance round by round and the metrics are you know, pay back bar-

Angie Roberts: Pay back bar-

Dan Roberts: Retail per client, and-

Chad Jordan: Take home? Time?

Angie Roberts: I think it's just those two, isn't it?

Dan Roberts: I think it's just those two. But, we start out with something different, but we narrowed it down.

Angie Roberts: Yeah.

Dan Roberts: And, we rate them from one to 100 or whatever.

Angie Roberts: And, the lowest.

Dan Roberts: The lowest combined score moves on. [crosstalk 00:43:46]. If you're number one and number 10, you're rating goes a lot up.

Chad Jordan: Who won this year, do you remember?

Angie Roberts: Yes, [Tiffany Bibi 00:43:52], I tell you.

Dan Roberts: Tiffany beat Amanda's store.

Angie Roberts: Actually, she took it two years in a row.

Dan Roberts: Two years in a row.

Chad Jordan: Oh, wow.

Angie Roberts: She's back to back.

Chad Jordan: Reigning champ.

Angie Roberts: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: So, what, I was going to ask if it was an upset.

Dan Roberts: That's the bragging rights.

Chad Jordan: A Cinderella story, but it's not.

Angie Roberts: No.

Dan Roberts: No.

Angie Roberts: Nope.

Chad Jordan: She's like the mid-major that just keeps coming and winning, all right.

Dan Roberts: She is.

Angie Roberts: She does, she does awesome. She's at 80 with [inaudible 00:44:11].

Dan Roberts: Right.

Angie Roberts: [crosstalk 00:44:12] I think that.

Dan Roberts: But, yeah, Sandy's been beat, you know.

Chad Jordan: No-

Dan Roberts: Hildamay's been beat.

Chad Jordan: Oh, man, you're trying to incentivize them.

Dan Roberts: Right, drinking game, yeah.

Chad Jordan: Oh, yeah, oh, no.

Angie Roberts: You know, and I think that Dan is, I mean, we're really good at the contest and stuff. But, I think that also like they like when we come in the store, you know so coming from the sales background.

Chad Jordan: Oh, please do that, team leaders out there. They actually love seeing you.

Dan Roberts: I'm doing my sales calls at the stores.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, okay.

Dan Roberts: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: But, you're there, right?

Dan Roberts: Yeah.

Angie Roberts: So, instead of like always making them feel like they're chasing the numbers, because they are, but coming up with ways of always, they're like, I mean, it's like your kids, if you catch them doing good and rewarding them for good behavior, they're going to keep doing that good behavior. So, calling out the good instead of always the bad. So, we do do a lot of sales contests and a lot of fun stuff like that.

Dan Roberts: Right.

Angie Roberts: That he is really good at knowing how that feels to constantly be chasing that number and knowing there's other people that can take your position. We don't, and he keeps me in check, actually. The girls used to think that he was always the hard bleep, but it's actually probably more me.
It was his idea with Sandy to close for Mother's Day. I mean, he's the one that is a little bit, is kind of the gentle giant.

Dan Roberts: We'd like to be closed on Christmas Eve, too.

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Angie Roberts: I won't let him close on Christmas Eve.

Chad Jordan: That's a toughie.

Angie Roberts: But, just catching them doing, you know what I mean? That's part of I think our atmosphere is you know making it fun, too.

Dan Roberts: And, I think we cranked up the company party.

Chad Jordan: What do you do?

Dan Roberts: Well, each year, usually at the end of January, because I think the holidays are pretty busy for the business, for the families.

Chad Jordan: Do you do it on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

Angie Roberts: Sunday night.

Chad Jordan: Okay, Sunday night.

Dan Roberts: So, we do Sunday nights.

Chad Jordan: Okay, so after, so somebody, they work and then after-

Dan Roberts: People get off early.

Chad Jordan: Close early, okay.

Angie Roberts: We close early.

Dan Roberts: And, Mondays and Tuesdays aren't crazy busy in the morning, but Monday's pretty, so it's either that or Saturday night. We found that also finding facilities on Sunday nights is way easier.

Chad Jordan: Way easier, yeah.

Dan Roberts: Way. I mean, they're dying for business on Sunday nights. So, the last two years, we rented out a Blazing Pianos Bar.

Chad Jordan: Okay, is that dueling-

Dan Roberts: Yeah, dueling pianos. We rent out the whole bar and Sandy's husband is-

Chad Jordan: The caterer.

Dan Roberts: He's a caterer, so of course, that's where we get our food. He does great prime rib and steak and they grill it right there, it's really great. And, we gave out a large sum of prizes, awards, and money. We do our-

Angie Roberts: The season ticket contest.

Dan Roberts: Yeah, we do a season ticket contest.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Dan Roberts: Towards the end of the year.

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Dan Roberts: A trip, like a value of like $2,000 dollars.

Angie Roberts: That's where she's going, she's the only, Sandy won. She's going to the DR.

Dan Roberts: Sandy won last year.

Angie Roberts: So, when you gave her that T-shirt, it was perfect.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, all right.

Angie Roberts: She's going on vacation.

Chad Jordan: Yeah. I'm on vacation, yeah.

Angie Roberts: She's going, she won the trip.

Chad Jordan: Vacation mode, that's what it was. Yeah.

Angie Roberts: Yup, she won the trip.

Dan Roberts: Each time you sell a season ticket, you get a ticket to enter in for the drawing.

Chad Jordan: Like a raffle. Yeah, wow.

Dan Roberts: So, the more you sell, the better chance you have.

Chad Jordan: Oh, that's interesting.

Dan Roberts: But, if you sell one, you could win.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, exactly. Not, that's a wonderful idea. Yeah, uh-huh (affirmative).

Dan Roberts: Yeah, so the big prize there is the trip but we also have, I mean, I don't know we have, what, one of the purse brand.

Angie Roberts: MK purses.

Dan Roberts: MK purses.

Angie Roberts: And, watches and-

Dan Roberts: I need some help.

Chad Jordan: You don't know the purse brands, come on, Dan.

Angie Roberts: We send Sandy shopping.

Dan Roberts: And, we tried to broaden it this year, we got some vacuums in there, we got tickets to Justin Timberlake.

Angie Roberts: Justin Timberlake and Train.

Dan Roberts: Things that they might not buy with their own money that are nice.

Chad Jordan: But, experiential.

Dan Roberts: Yup, yup. Like the Google Homes and all that stuff. We tried to make it a big event. We sink a substantial amount of money into it and we do our 10 year bonus, that's what I was looking for. The 10 year bonuses. So, how many years they've been there.

Chad Jordan: What do you do?

Dan Roberts: We give them a cash bonus.

Chad Jordan: Is it a certain amount for every year?

Dan Roberts: Yeah, every year. And, we had to rewrite the book because now we have over 10 years, we didn't even have.

Chad Jordan: Right, of course, yeah.

Dan Roberts: More than made up for that.

Chad Jordan: Right.

Dan Roberts: So, she got a big crystal, you know in appreciation for her work and everything.

Chad Jordan: Who is it? Is it Sandy? Who was the 10 year?

Angie Roberts: We had three of them, actually. Right?

Dan Roberts: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: Oh, okay.

Dan Roberts: Yeah, and the cool thing is it's grown into a great event. They have a lot of fun.

Chad Jordan: I bet no one misses it unless their kids are sick or something.

Dan Roberts: And, I can tell you, the establishment loves it.

Chad Jordan: Do they? Because, there's a lot of active-

Dan Roberts: Good business for a Sunday night. Really good business. But, it's-

Chad Jordan: They bring their families?

Dan Roberts: It allows us to [crosstalk 00:48:41] they see us as people. We have fun with them.

Chad Jordan: And, you're outside the store.

Dan Roberts: We celebrate with them. And, a special thing that I want to point out is that our managers took it upon themselves every year, it's become a tradition. Well, there's two traditions, we tell them, a small presentation, something about us that they may not know.
I think one year, well... oh, oh, I'm in trouble now. Our 20th anniversary was one year.

Chad Jordan: Okay, okay.

Dan Roberts: We-

Chad Jordan: Wait, did you get married in 2000?

Dan Roberts: We played them-

Angie Roberts: '98.

Chad Jordan: '98.

Dan Roberts: In '88, yup.

Angie Roberts: We just had our 20th.

Chad Jordan: Oh, you just had, okay, I see, it was [crosstalk 00:49:17].

Dan Roberts: So, we played them our wedding video, you know that you play at the... things like that. We tell them something about this. But, they started their own tradition is, they buy us a present.

Chad Jordan: Oh, my gosh.

Dan Roberts: Present that with us. And, actually, one of the presents is right behind you there.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, yeah.

Dan Roberts: From this past year.

Chad Jordan: What is? It's over my, what is this? My right shoulder, if you're watching on YouTube, I know, so it's right here. And, I don't want to pick it up because it's heavy and breakable, and I've already dropped some things in my life on podcasts. All, Logan Trophy.

Dan Roberts: Oops.

Chad Jordan: But, what is this shadow box? What is this all about?

Dan Roberts: Why don't you tell him?

Angie Roberts: Pictures of all of us together at the Huddle and just some different gatherings we've done. And then, they printed out all of the letters that they wrote to nominate us for Team Leaders of the Year. I can't read them without crying. So, it's pretty cool.

Dan Roberts: There is some really good ones.

Angie Roberts: And, it's cool because it's how each one, how we have affected each one of them. Each manager. So, and then, a stylist here who is battling stage IV cancer. So, it's pretty cool to have them say that about us. Now, we can keep it forever.

Dan Roberts: And, it's great. I mean, that's what it's all about, right there, is being a big family and everything.

Chad Jordan: It's funny, because I was going to ask you, one of my final questions was, what's the most rewarding part about being a team leader? I feel like is what's over my shoulder? Is that kind of...

Angie Roberts: Yeah, and I have another story that I often share is, it was Valentine's Day, and I think I still have the text on my phone. So, it's Valentine's Day, you know we're 20 years in, so of course, we're doing something super romantic, you know we have two children-

Chad Jordan: McDonald's? What's going on? Chick-fil-A?

Angie Roberts: Right. Catch you on the couch at 9:00 after the kids are in bed type of a thing.

Dan Roberts: They actually bought us a $250 dollar gift certificate to a really nice restaurant.

Angie Roberts: We were probably attending this, some sort of child event, but, at any rate, it was Valentine's Day, not this year, couple years ago, and I see a text message come through from one of the assistant managers of one of our stores and I'm like, oh, great, what's going on? And, it literally said, something to the effect that, "I just got approved for a house. By myself, I would've never had this opportunity if I didn't work for you and Dan. Thank you so much."

Chad Jordan: Wow.

Angie Roberts: That, to me, that is so rewarding. We've had, you know, we've had people be able to get off of government assistance, we've had people buy their first cars and that's what's rewarding for me.

Chad Jordan: The crazy thing is, and you've probably always had a heart for other people, but you made this decision for Sport Clips, 11, 12 years ago because you needed a change. You really, it sounds horrible, you weren't being selfish, but you needed to think about your own family, and yet the reverberations, like ripples in the water, and look at all the people that you're affecting because you made a great decision. And, you keep making good decisions and you tweak and you calibrate and you refine along the way, and yet you got stylists like this.
Like, Tara, what is it Tara?

Angie Roberts: Tara. Yeah.

Chad Jordan: And what, the one battling cancer and-

Dan Roberts: Yeah, I mean a rising tide hopefully rises all boats, you know.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, exactly.

Dan Roberts: And, I think you definitely have the opportunity to do that with this. But, I would say, my you know the most rewarding thing for me is our relationship with our kids. Because, that's what we-

Chad Jordan: Yeah, that's what you did it for.

Dan Roberts: Yup, yup.

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Dan Roberts: And, you can't get that back. You know, that time is very, very important. You can't put a dollar value on that.

Angie Roberts: What was it a couple weeks ago, I don't know. My daughter did track and she runs an 800, which is two-and-a-half minutes, that's it, you know? And, she had a track meet a couple hours away, and I was like, there's no way. I mean, I have so much I need to do, and Dan's like, "Remember, this is why we work for ourselves."

Chad Jordan: You can do those things later.

Angie Roberts: Right. This is why we work for ourselves.

Chad Jordan: You can do those at midnight if you want.

Angie Roberts: Yup. So, I drove two hours one way to watch her and she had a PR.

Chad Jordan: Oh, of course.

Angie Roberts: And, that's my thing, I'm a trackster, so, and that was even my event.

Chad Jordan: All right.

Dan Roberts: They may not know what PR means. So, you better...

Angie Roberts: Personal Record. That's, yeah. So, I remember you know cheer 'em, I mean, this is a moment I will never, ever forget.

Dan Roberts: Wait. Did you have your phone out? And, you were videoing the whole thing?

Angie Roberts: Oh, absolutely. I go on the backside of the track and train like a crazy lady.

Dan Roberts: All right. Uh-huh (affirmative).

Angie Roberts: So, nobody can see me.

Chad Jordan: Well, you are, you are a crazy lady.

Angie Roberts: I am a crazy lady, yes, yes.

Chad Jordan: At least you're embracing it.

Dan Roberts: But, I mean, I think that's important, is that you have to remember who you are and why you got into it. And, it's really actually difficult the more we grow, there's more temptation to get away from why you got into it. But, I think if you stay laser focused on why, then if you're doing things for the right reasons, it will work out.

Angie Roberts: I think that's where we come from.

Chad Jordan: Iowa?

Angie Roberts: I just think that's, I don't know. My little saying is when I interview the people, you know Sport Clips and I share our mission statement with them but it's even more importantly is how can I ask you as an employee of me to provide an excellent client experience if you don't have that experience as a stylist?

Chad Jordan: Very good.

Angie Roberts: I learned at my very first job out of college, that it doesn't matter who you are in that organization, I don't have a job without you doing your job. Even if your job seems very task oriented, I need you to have my job. I need every one of these stylists or I don't even have a job or a company. I think about that.

Chad Jordan: It's crazy, they need you, and you all need them.

Angie Roberts: Right, right.

Chad Jordan: Mutually beneficial.

Dan Roberts: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: Symbiotic, I think is the word that we're looking for.

Dan Roberts: We're pretty ordinary people, I don't need fancy things. I guess, you'd say. We're pretty Midwestern, I guess you would say.

Angie Roberts: Yeah, yeah.

Dan Roberts: I'm happy to allow, you know if somebody is doing good, they deserve to be paid.

Chad Jordan: I got a couple questions, but this, I need you to help me settle something. Do you guys live on the Nebraska side or the Iowa side?

Angie Roberts: Nebraska.

Chad Jordan: Darn it.

Angie Roberts: We used to live in Iowa.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Dan Roberts: I grew up in Iowa, so-

Chad Jordan: I know. The reason I'm saying this, and this has nothing to do with the podcast, but I'm recording, I'm not going to stop the record button but, so at Huddle, we're backstage prepping for the award ceremony the day before. And, we're running through stuff or whatever, and Gordon and Ed were on the stage and pops up, Team Leaders of the Year. Spoiler alert-

Dan Roberts: Right.

Chad Jordan: Okay. But, it didn't say where, it didn't say your store numbers but it was supposed to say where you were from. All right? And, in my mind, I know Hildamay. Right?

Dan Roberts: Right.

Chad Jordan: And, Sandy, as well, but Hildamay is the one I probably communicate the most with.

Dan Roberts: Sure, sure.

Chad Jordan: IA601.

Dan Roberts: Right.

Chad Jordan: So, from backstage, I shout, "It's Iowa." And then, somebody relays to the you know Gordon or whatever. Again, this is like, this is all pre, you know no one's around.

Dan Roberts: Right, right, right. Right.

Chad Jordan: It's just practice. And, Gordon is like, "I don't think it's Iowa. Edward, where is... Where do the Roberts live?" Edward say, "It's in the Midwest somewhere." And then, Gordon says, "Oh, I think it's Nebraska." And, I was like, "No, it's Iowa!"
And so, anyways, eventually, they tell the production team, "Put Nebraska on the slide and we'll figure it out later."

Dan Roberts: Right.

Chad Jordan: I was hoping it was Iowa just so I could... I've never been right with Gordon. So, anyways.

Dan Roberts: If it's any consolation, I grew up in Iowa.

Chad Jordan: I know, see?

Dan Roberts: Right, right.

Chad Jordan: Iowa State is your-

Dan Roberts: Iowa State, I love.

Chad Jordan: And, your brother and your uncle, or your dad and okay.

Dan Roberts: Yup, yup.

Chad Jordan: So, anyways. Okay, so back to the podcast.

Dan Roberts: Go Cyclones.

Chad Jordan: I'm going to ask you 10 random questions here in a second. But first, I'm going to ask you each a specific question.

Angie Roberts: Wow.

Dan Roberts: Oh, boy.

Chad Jordan: Okay, and I'm going to start with Dan.

Dan Roberts: Do we have a buzzer?

Chad Jordan: No.

Dan Roberts: Oh, okay.

Angie Roberts: Oh, geez.

Chad Jordan: No, but this one. See, I'm going to ask Dan first to give Angie time to think about her answer. Dan, the best thing that Angie brings to this partnership at Sport Clips is, what?

Dan Roberts: I would say, planning, discipline, organization, and faith.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Angie Roberts: Oh, geez.

Chad Jordan: So, you've described a Type A person to a T right there. Okay? All right, I like it.

Dan Roberts: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: Angie, the best thing that Dan brings to this partnership is?

Angie Roberts: Patience. He thinks through things, he's analyzes. He's very intelligent, very good with numbers, he's really good with the girls, like just a more emotional, he's more even keeled. I would say those things.

Chad Jordan: Okay, so we got the A and the B. Okay? So, we've got the left brain and the right brain working here.

Dan Roberts: Right.

Chad Jordan: All right, great, this has been amazing, by the way. And, I went over half-an-hour longer than I had intended to. So, my bad. But, this has been such good stuff, I wanted to keep going. Can I ask you the 10 questions? These are just fun and I'll just volley back and forth.

Angie Roberts: All right.

Chad Jordan: So, I'll start, Angie, I'll start with you. Ladies first, again.

Angie Roberts: Okay.

Chad Jordan: Okay? Which super power would you most like to have?

Angie Roberts: Which super power?

Chad Jordan: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Angie Roberts: I don't know, what super... to grant everybody whatever wish they wanted.

Chad Jordan: Okay. Have you seen Aladdin trailers or something right now?

Angie Roberts: Right, right, yeah.

Chad Jordan: So, you want to be that genie.

Angie Roberts: Genie, yup.

Chad Jordan: Okay. All right.

Angie Roberts: Sure.

Chad Jordan: Okay, I like it. So, we'll switch to Dan. Number two, what is your personal motto?

Dan Roberts: Oh, boy. Can you go YOLO? Or, not?

Chad Jordan: YOLO?

Dan Roberts: Is that too basic?

Chad Jordan: Yeah, that's fine, yeah. Basic, yeah.

Dan Roberts: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, you only live once, okay. That's fine. Back to Angie. Other than where you live now. Where else in the world would you most like to live?

Angie Roberts: Hawaii.

Chad Jordan: Hawaii?

Dan Roberts: Oh, yeah.

Chad Jordan: Do you guys go?

Angie Roberts: We've been. We actually went there and used our travel vouchers.

Dan Roberts: We would use our travel vouchers from Sport Clips.

Chad Jordan: Really?

Angie Roberts: For our Logan Trophy-

Chad Jordan: What island?

Angie Roberts: Maui and Oahu. And, we actually visited Sport Clips while we were there.

Chad Jordan: You did?

Dan Roberts: We visited Sport Clips.

Chad Jordan: Oh, I love those Sport Clips. I'll be seeing them again.

Dan Roberts: Was that Oahu?

Chad Jordan: I'll be seeing them again. Yeah, Oahu is the only ones that have them right now.

Angie Roberts: Anyway, yeah, somewhere like that, where it's just peaceful, I guess.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, that's a good answer. Either one of you, who's the celebrity that you'd most like to meet one day?

Dan Roberts: Ooh. I don't know my favorite move of all time is Field of Dreams.

Chad Jordan: Okay, so Kevin Costner, or?

Dan Roberts: Kevin Costner would be a good one.

Chad Jordan: Okay, yeah. A good Midwestern boy.

Dan Roberts: Yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan: His favorite movie is the Field of Dreams. Lets see, I usually ask this of the person, but I'm going to ask Angie this about Dan. Which words or phrases does he most overuse? Does he say too much?

Angie Roberts: You know, I don't know. You know?

Dan Roberts: You know?

Chad Jordan: You know?

Dan Roberts: I could see that.

Chad Jordan: Okay, Dan, what about her?

Dan Roberts: You know? I do everything around here.

Chad Jordan: Ah. All right, wow, sorry.

Angie Roberts: Teasing.

Chad Jordan: I guess you're, who drove here?

Angie Roberts: Separately. We drove separately.

Chad Jordan: Okay, you drove separately. Good. Good thinking.

Angie Roberts: Right.

Dan Roberts: Did you feed the dog?

Chad Jordan: Yeah, okay. Okay, let's see. Angie will do this one. What sound or noise do you love?

Angie Roberts: Sound or noise do I love?

Chad Jordan: And, it's raining outside, so that's any easy, oh, okay.

Angie Roberts: I will say the oceans. Time to go to Hawaii.

Chad Jordan: The ocean, okay, all right.

Angie Roberts: Yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan: Dan, what sound or noise do you hate?

Dan Roberts: Oh, [inaudible 01:01:12]. I was going to say, I like the sound of a fan.

Chad Jordan: I hate, we didn't ask you that question.

Dan Roberts: I know, I got to shift gears.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, uh-huh (affirmative).

Dan Roberts: I'm sorry.

Chad Jordan: Think on your feet.

Dan Roberts: What do I hate? I would say, goodness, gracious.

Angie Roberts: Whining.

Dan Roberts: Yeah, thank you, thank you.

Chad Jordan: Anybody? Whining? Or, is there is like a dog whining sound?

Dan Roberts: No, I would say, kids whining.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Dan Roberts: Yeah, yeah.

Angie Roberts: Yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan: Kids or teenagers?

Dan Roberts: Yeah, right.

Chad Jordan: You know what I? The sound or noise that I hate? It's the sound of my teenager's eye roll.

Angie Roberts: Oh, yeah.

Dan Roberts: That does make a sound.

Chad Jordan: It does... oh, okay. Like, in my mind, it has a sound like, "Ugh." Okay, what profession, I'm going to ask Angie. Other than your own, where you're at now, would you have been good at or at least have wanted to try that you didn't?

Angie Roberts: And profession. I was going to say teaching, but I don't know that I'd really be good at. I think I would be good at it.

Chad Jordan: Track coach?

Angie Roberts: Right. I'll just go with teaching.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Dan Roberts: I'm surprised you didn't go back to Des Moines with your college marketing.

Angie Roberts: Well, yeah, I did that, marketing, I do that.

Chad Jordan: Marketing is overrated.

Dan Roberts: She gave up her dream job when we left Des Moines.

Chad Jordan: Oh, wow.

Dan Roberts: College marketing, yes.

Angie Roberts: That was fun.

Dan Roberts: Yes.

Chad Jordan: Oh, very nice.

Dan Roberts: Yeah, yeah.

Chad Jordan: And now, you're living another dream.

Angie Roberts: That's right.

Chad Jordan: A better dream. I'm going to ask each of you this question. I'll start with Dan. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Dan Roberts: Boy, I would say, outside of being married for 20 years-

Chad Jordan: 21.

Dan Roberts: 21, almost.

Chad Jordan: Oh, okay.

Dan Roberts: I would have to say, looking back at it, I would have to say probably building his business to what it's done, because that, as we talk about it, the impact-

Chad Jordan: Right.

Dan Roberts: That we, I would've never imagined, I mean, the first awards party we had, we had seven or eight people in the room. And, our last one, I look out at the room and there's 115 people.

Chad Jordan: You're pinching yourself going, "I can't believe we're here."

Dan Roberts: Right, and you have to remember that each one of those has mouths to feed, a house to go back to. So, it has to be that. Has to be.

Chad Jordan: Angie, greatest achievement?

Angie Roberts: I would say, our marriage, our family, and just staying who we are, staying humble and staying, you know.

Chad Jordan: I don't... if you're from the Midwest, do you have a choice?

Angie Roberts: Right.

Chad Jordan: But, to be humble and-

Dan Roberts: Right.

Chad Jordan: It's not like you're a Californian where you, you know.

Angie Roberts: Right, right.

Dan Roberts: Yes.

Angie Roberts: Actually, we've come across-

Chad Jordan: Humble people.

Angie Roberts: We've come across people [crosstalk 01:04:13].

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Angie Roberts: So, I think that's.

Chad Jordan: Last question. I'll ask Angie. Dan, you talk too much. If heaven indeed exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Angie Roberts: Wow.

Chad Jordan: Wow? Yeah, that's not what I want Him to say if I... "Wow, how did you get here?" No.

Angie Roberts: No, right, right.

Chad Jordan: What-

Angie Roberts: Wow, you did so-

Dan Roberts: He probably would say-

Angie Roberts: Right. I would want him to be proud of everything that I did, what he's asked me to do. I do try to put him first. So, I would say-

Chad Jordan: So, "I'm proud of you," kind of statement.

Angie Roberts: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. "You've done what I've asked you to do." I got some work to do, but...

Chad Jordan: Dan, I'll ask you, too. What do you hope to hear?

Dan Roberts: That was an incredibly appropriate question for me, by the way. That's like perfect. I would say, you know, "I'm proud of you." But, I would say, "I'm proud of you for what you've done with what I've given you." You know? Because, everybody has gifts, and it's whether or not you share them.

Chad Jordan: Exactly. Well, there's a parable about that, as well.

Dan Roberts: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: Not that I'm going to reference that right now. But-

Dan Roberts: Right, right.

Chad Jordan: Hey, you guys have been amazing. Obviously, you win awards, not just Team Leader of the Year, but your stores, President Club, Chairman Store, I mean, everything, a Rising Star Store, Shooting Stars, all this stuff. But, it's not just about the awards, I think it's about the experiences and the memories, even as we talked about what your team members go through and how they share their thoughts about you and what they feel about you. It goes to say a lot about how you're leading and thank you for choosing Sport Clips all those years ago. And, making those tough decisions early on and doubling down and doing hose necessary steps.

Angie Roberts: Well, we're thankful for Gordon and Edward allowing us to have this dream and franchising. Because, they could've kept it all to themselves.

Chad Jordan: Right.

Angie Roberts: So, we're thankful for the opportunity.

Chad Jordan: Right.

Dan Roberts: Sharing the idea. And, Gordon could vouch for this every time I run into him at the Huddle, I thank him for the opportunities he's given us.

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Angie Roberts: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: That's amazing. Well, thank you guys, again. Thanks for joining us. Thank you, Gordon. And, thanks everybody for, we know Gordon's listening, but thanks everybody else for listening to this edition. I know, especially, team leaders, you're going to get a lot out of it, and I think the stylists team members will, as well. So, thanks everyone.

Angie Roberts: Thanks for having us. Bye.