Episodes of The Sport Clips Haircuts Hall of Fame Podcast - Rosalie Powell

This episode is with Rosalie Powell, the manager of the Sport Clips at Biltmore Park Town Square in Asheville, NC. In this interview, Rosalie discusses the importance of a positive approach in the workplace, explains her "Victory Wall", details how her store overcame recruiting challenges and updates us on the impact that social media has on her store culture.

Chad Jordan and Rosalie Powell holding a microphone

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November 22, 2019 Rosalie Powell Manager How to recruit and retain Team Members through positive culture

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Chad Jordan: All right. Hey everybody. This is Chad Jordan from Sport Clips. This is another edition of our Hall of Fame Podcast and I am here in, I was going to say one of my favorite states, but I just, I'm here in my favorite state. This is North Carolina and I'm sitting down with a special guest today. I'm actually here doing some store visits as part of this Eric Jones victory lap that he's going to be taking for winning the Southern 500 so we're visiting a bunch of stores tomorrow but we squeezed in some special trips to visit some special people today. And so that's why I'm here and I really am hoping everyone appreciates the story they're going to hear today because I think it's a great success story about how to come to Sport Clips and crush it. Absolutely crush it. So without further ado, could I have my wonderful host, you're my hostess I guess today. We're in your lovely equipment room with the, what do we call this thing? The victory board?

Rosalie Powell: The victory board.

Chad Jordan: Behind us. Could you do me a favor? Introduce who you are, what store number this is. Tell me a little bit about your team. What makes you guys special?

Rosalie Powell: Okay. I am Rosalie Powell and I'm at NC201 in Asheville, North Carolina. And let's see, my team is amazing. I got 11 stylists.

Chad Jordan: Your assistant manager, what's her name again?

Rosalie Powell: Kristen. I have Kristen and Renee are my two assistants.

Chad Jordan: Two assistants ladies and gentlemen. She's got two assistants.

Rosalie Powell: I got two assistants and a technical skill specialist, who is Amber and I have 11 stylists and they all are just awesome. They all work hard. They all have the same visions I do. And they're just rock stars.

Chad Jordan: I think I was in your store about 30 seconds before you started bragging about your weekly sales record that you guys just set. So tell me a little bit about where you are as a store, the sales record's over here over my shoulder, hanging, prominently displayed on your victory board. But tell me a little bit about where you guys are in the lifecycle of your store.

Rosalie Powell: So our store has been here six years in November, so I say that's new to the game. I mean we're still fresh to the game.

Chad Jordan: Yep, it's 26 year old brand, so six years, yeah.

Rosalie Powell: So six years is nothing. So I was here when this store first opened its doors and I saw it when it had no sheet rock up, like watched it get built from the ground up basically. And we started out really slow. We're in a good area. It's a very touristy area right here. We're right across the street from a Hilton so that is hard to get our retention rates up. But we started out probably doing 5,000 a week when we first opened. I mean we started out strong.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, six years ago, yeah that's good.

Rosalie Powell: Strong. And then I actually was here for three years and then I took a short break and I came back and when I came back they were doing about 7,000 a week and then I just said, "All right-"

Chad Jordan: You came back as a stylist?

Rosalie Powell: I came back as a manager.

Chad Jordan: Okay. Had you been managing at all before?

Rosalie Powell: I did manage before. Yep, when I left.

Chad Jordan: But you didn't open this store as a manager?

Rosalie Powell: I did not. I opened it as a stylist.

Chad Jordan: So had you worked at other chains or anything else before the first time that you came here?

Rosalie Powell: Yeah, so I worked at one chain and then I actually owned my own salon for five years.

Chad Jordan: Okay, so we're talking women's hair? Full color?

Rosalie Powell: All that. Yeah. Yep. So I've always had the desire to just do men's hair because it's easier. It's more comfortable-

Chad Jordan: More profitable.

Rosalie Powell: More profitable. You're not standing in one spot for three hours working with one person.

Chad Jordan: God forbid you don't get along with that one person. That conversation's going nowhere.

Rosalie Powell: Yeah. So I did that for five years, owning my own business. So I learned a ton. I was very young. I was 20 when that business fell into my lap. So I learned a ton about partnerships and-

Chad Jordan: Did you take over for somebody else?

Rosalie Powell: I did take over. Yeah. So it was when the economy crashed in 2008. So the lady that I went to the salon, she was like, "Okay, well my husband's been out of work, so we have to move to Texas and I'm going to close the doors or you can buy it."

Chad Jordan: And so what? You had been renting a chair?

Rosalie Powell: I had, yep. And so she was like, "You can buy it or I'm going to close it." And I said, "Well, I just got here. I don't want to leave now."

Chad Jordan: You're starting to build up clientele.

Rosalie Powell: Started to build a clientele and all that. So me and one of the girls in the salon decided we'd go in as a partnership, which was fun. We learned a lot that way.

Chad Jordan: You say "fun." I'm noticing a little sarcasm there. So...

Rosalie Powell: It was good experience, good learning experience.

Chad Jordan: Okay. All right. This is wonderful because I bet we have some people listening out there right now who, maybe they've been doing men's hair and that's all they've been doing. And they've been thinking, "I need to spread my wings. I need to go out and own my..." So, and I'm not trying to persuade anybody, everybody's going to follow... I opened my own restaurant chain at some point against the advice of a lot of people, but notice I'm not doing that anymore. So what are some of the challenges that you face that maybe that you didn't anticipate as a 20 year old when you're owning your own salon? What are some of the things and no one told you about that you might as well give everybody a heads up? If you're going to ever go this direction, be ready for... I don't know, fill in the blank.

Rosalie Powell: To be broke.

Chad Jordan: I love what they say is like, how do you make a small fortune in the salon business? No, it's, you take a large fortune and you open a salon, right?

Rosalie Powell: Exactly.

Chad Jordan: Then it dwindles down to a small fortune.

Rosalie Powell: And then it dwindles down to a small fortune, exactly.

Chad Jordan: All right, so you're going to be putting out a lot of money. All right. What else? What are some of the other lessons that you learned?

Rosalie Powell: It's definitely a challenge trying to, because you can't manage the people that are in your building. So they're renting from you. So it's their own thing. They can do whatever they want, they can charge whatever they want, they can do their own thing, they can take vacation whenever they want and you have no control over that. So that makes it hard to plan a business day when you have no control over a schedule or over what your stylist is doing because they're not really your stylist, they're just renting a chair from you.

Chad Jordan: God forbid you're a type A personality that likes order and structure and detail oriented.

Rosalie Powell: You're not going to get it in that, yeah. You're definitely not going to get it in that. So we did that for five years and then I decided that that was too much and after all-

Chad Jordan: Was it really? I mean I'm telling you, I got out of the restaurant business because I couldn't afford it anymore. That was literally, it was costing me everything and the time that I was... I had three small kids and so I just wasn't seeing them. I was in the restaurant 12 hours a day, seven days a week. What was it that eventually got you to say, "You know what? This isn't going to be viable anymore for me."

Rosalie Powell: It was definitely financial situation. Yeah. You definitely look at, "Okay, I'm paying this much out for rent and water and insurance and all those things," but it also gives you an appreciation for things like-

Chad Jordan: I was going to say, that's exactly what I was going to say. I wasn't trying to set you up, but I know that some of the team leaders out there are like nodding their head or they're watching, hi if you're watching this on YouTube, they're going, "Yep, that's the point right there." It's like they've taken this risk and it's all on the line for them. Whereas, the stylist, they have their license. You could go pivot and you did pivot and go to different places and apply your trade essentially. But there is that skin in the game that a team leader has and that... I just want to give team leaders a shout out right now because of everything that they've done, the risks that they've been willing to take. You've been there as an owner yourself of a salon knowing you got to pay rent and whether you have employees or not, there's all these sorts of things, these costs that are unexpected. Something breaks in the building, you got to fix it or all that kind of stuff.

Rosalie Powell: Nobody comes to your rescue.

Chad Jordan: Exactly you are...

Rosalie Powell: You are on your own.

Chad Jordan: You are on your own. Now fortunately with Sport Clips, obviously you're part of a brand. There's a process, there's a system, there are people to at least call, guide you and hopefully set you on a path to success. But you've seen the other side and without me putting words in your mouth, I think you were going here, it gave you a better appreciation when you came to Sport Clips for...

Rosalie Powell: To understand what they're putting up with, especially as the store opened. There were things that maybe we thought we needed, but they weren't that desperate of a need. Yeah. They weren't critical and it was, "Okay, well we're paying." We just opened this store, we're not making any money. we're putting all these free coupons out to get people in the door. And so to be able to talk other employees down from, "Oh well we need this right now," well, we really don't. It can wait and here's why. And they're like, "Oh yeah, that makes sense." Because a lot of people don't look at it from that perspective of a team lead and how much they're investing into us as stylists even.

Chad Jordan: Yeah. So you've been back here how many years now? I think you said, three.

Rosalie Powell: One year.

Chad Jordan: One year. Okay. So one year. So we're resetting the timeline. So you came back, what had you seen before? What has changed in the last year now that you're back? Because you saw Sport Clips five, six years ago. What are you noticing now that has been a big change?

Rosalie Powell: The promotional things like on TV and the marketing side of it, really.

Chad Jordan: You're not just saying that because the marketing guy is in the room or anything?

Rosalie Powell: I'm really not.

Chad Jordan: And I'm not baiting you. We literally have not talked about that part at all. Yeah.

Rosalie Powell: But we see it on TV more and coupons more. And now that I have a staff, when I came back to this store there was three of us. So to grow it from three people to 11, it was-

Chad Jordan: I mean you're three people, now you have two assistant managers, a TSS specialist, you have just that into three people, so let alone...

Rosalie Powell: So three people, we weren't able to, I wanted to grow and do and I have all these visions of what this store can be and do. And it was hard in the beginning because the first two months I had no staff. And so we couldn't do anything.

Chad Jordan: And so what did you do? How did you get from three to-

Rosalie Powell: I worked a lot.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, I'm sure.

Rosalie Powell: I worked a lot.

Chad Jordan: I'm sure you did.

Rosalie Powell: There's a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this.

Chad Jordan: Okay. So how did you survive that? When you came back, and I don't know, maybe in your mind you thought, "I'm going to come back and there's going to be rainbows and unicorns and everything's going to be fine." And you're, "Oh my gosh, no. I'm working my nails to the bones and all this kind of stuff." So fingers to the bone. How did you survive that?

Rosalie Powell: It's keeping that positive mindset, which is very hard to do because you want to sit in a corner and cry and there's lots of times as a stylist that you're like-

Chad Jordan: And I'm sure you never did. I'm sure.

Rosalie Powell: No, absolutely not.

Chad Jordan: You are strong and-

Rosalie Powell: Those 30 haircuts a day and the clients are complaining about wait times and of course it's our fault because we don't have any staff. So being positive throughout that and just cheering on the two girls that I had like, "Hey, we will get through this. It's going to get better."

Chad Jordan: Are they still here?

Rosalie Powell: They're still here.

Chad Jordan: Who are they?

Rosalie Powell: Renee and Kristen.

Chad Jordan: Oh nice, okay, awesome.

Rosalie Powell: Yep. And Heather, she was my part-timer, but when I came back she was strictly one day a week, 09:00 to 13:00. So I was like-

Chad Jordan: I hope that one day was a Saturday.

Rosalie Powell: It was a Wednesday.

Chad Jordan: Oh my gosh, okay.

Rosalie Powell: So it was okay, cool. I don't have to open on Wednesday mornings. That's great. It helped, but it was still a lot. So I actually had a girl walk in off the street, which would be Sabre, and she worked at a store in Texas for a couple of years and she walked in off the street. She said, "My name's Sabre, I just drove here from Texas 10 minutes ago and I need a job."

Chad Jordan: Lord have mercy.

Rosalie Powell: And I was like, "Oh my gosh, you're here."

Chad Jordan: It's like an angel.

Rosalie Powell: And she's actually what started, then they started rolling in and it was like all these people started communicating and replying to our posts and our ads. And I've known Amber for a long time. She's my technical still specialist and she was actually working one station booth rent and I told her, I was like, "Listen girl, you got to get in here. You're going to be such a huge asset to this company. Your personality's great."

Chad Jordan: Make more money.

Rosalie Powell: "Make more money, less stress."

Chad Jordan: Have more fun.

Rosalie Powell: Exactly. Yeah. So it took me about two months to get her, but I got her and she's here and she loves it. She's been here almost a year.

Chad Jordan: I mean, immediately when I walked in I could see she's happy, loving it, crushing it.

Rosalie Powell: She's got a great personality and I think when... I think for the biggest thing for other stylists and other managers that I would give as a takeaway is when I interview, I do a little bit of a different interviewing process.

Chad Jordan: Oh, please tell me.

Rosalie Powell: So Sport Clips has their...

Chad Jordan: You're fine.

Rosalie Powell: Sport Clips has their-

Chad Jordan: By the way, we're in an equipment room everybody, so if the phone goes off, that's all it is.

Rosalie Powell: Their interview questionnaire where you can ask certain questions and feel your people out. I don't use that because I want to see if you can carry on a good conversation with me. If you can carry on a good conversation with me in an interview and not feel pressured, you're probably going to be able to have good communication skills on the floor, which for this store was crucial. I needed people who could cut hair, yes, but I needed people who were nice and great customer service skills and were going to win those people over when they came in and-

Chad Jordan: You're going to spend eight to 10 hours a day with that person, so you want to make sure that there's a fit.

Rosalie Powell: That we can get along and there's a fit, and I tell them, I can teach anybody to cut hair. I can put you through classes, I can bring you in the back room and use a mannequin and we can cut hair. I don't look at their technical level as a bringing them in process, so I've got two-

Chad Jordan: That's not a go or no go for you.

Rosalie Powell: Right. It's not.

Chad Jordan: You're going to train them on that part. But you can't teach kindness. You can't teach personality.

Rosalie Powell: Absolutely. You can't. You can't teach hard work. You can't teach personality. And so I look for people who, you can feel when people have that drive in them. And so that's, I have 11 slowly staff girls that are-

Chad Jordan: And they're all awesome.

Rosalie Powell: ... Here and ready to work. I mean, they're ready to take haircuts. Nobody waits. They're throwing elbows to get up there. I mean, they're fighting over haircuts.

Chad Jordan: You're right. When we're in here, we're recording a Facebook live video. We had asked for a volunteer that if somebody client came in, in the middle of the video, who would take them and they were all fighting.

Rosalie Powell: They were all fighting over like, "I'll run, I'll go. Who's quicker? Who can run faster to the front?" Yeah. We definitely don't hang out in the break room. That's another thing is, they're on it.

Chad Jordan: The broke room, as it's called.

Rosalie Powell: The broke room, it is the broke room. Yep. But they're on it and they have that drive.

Chad Jordan: I will say though, I mean we're in the equipment room right now. You've done some really nice, I'm huge on culture. I love the culture and the feel of this store and especially the equipment room. So, do me a favor and I mean those on YouTube, they can see our faces. I'm not going to pan around all these different things, but describe to me what you've implemented just here and how it represents the culture of your store.

Rosalie Powell: So the biggest thing we did was our... Normally where the performance board is, we took the performance board down and put it in a different location and painted it with a chalkboard paint and-

Chad Jordan: The wall?

Rosalie Powell: The wall, yeah. And that gave people a freedom of creativity.

Chad Jordan: Expression, yeah.

Rosalie Powell: Yeah, they are free to write whatever they want on this chalkboard wall. But we made it like the victory wall, like you called it earlier and we put quotes up there. The awards that I have are up there from when I was here the first time. A calendar just so we can see what's going on. Our net sale record, we like to change that, changing that at least once a month we're changing it. And then that just gives us something to look at. And any time that I get frustrated, my biggest thing is I come back here and look at it and say, "We did this in a year. We took this from $7,000 to 13,500 in a year, which is insane.

Chad Jordan: Crazy, yeah, it really is.

Rosalie Powell: It's insane. And not with any extra marketing on our part. We weren't out passing out coupons. I was in my Listen 360 email and emailing those people back and letting them know, "Hey, new manager's here," or, "I'm back," if they were my regular clients and just getting the right people in the door. And now we're starting to hear, "Oh I hear it's doing better and I hear you guys are fully staffed and the wait time's down, so we wanted to try it again." So all those people are coming back in, which is huge for us.

Chad Jordan: The thing that I've seen, I mean you've got these a couple things that have photos of your team, I don't think... Well except they're making a goofy face om one of them, but they're not frowning in any of these pictures.

Rosalie Powell: None of them.

Chad Jordan: And a number of these make their way onto your social media sites. Right?

Rosalie Powell: Absolutely.

Chad Jordan: So especially Instagram, I know you guys are active there. Tell me a little bit about what your approach is to social media and can you describe who owns that for your store?

Rosalie Powell: I took over the Instagram, which is the one that I'm most familiar with and have easier access to and we just try to share. I try to share any pictures so I have a picture up on this wall of one of my stylists with a little kid and they're just, the stylist is laughing, the kid's laughing and it's just, you can tell that we love when the kids come in and they can have a good time and it's not a horrible experience for them.

Chad Jordan: Or for the stylist.

Rosalie Powell: Or for the stylist. Exactly. We dress up for any chance we can get to dress up. Christmas, we did Christmas PJ's, we did spirit week for back to school, which was fun. We did a whole week. Every day was something different and I let Amber take charge of that.

Chad Jordan: What were some of the things?

Rosalie Powell: So, we had like PJ day, we had Marvel Monday, we had Flashback Friday. That one was fun. So we all picked an era of time and-

Chad Jordan: Like the eighties?

Rosalie Powell: Like the eighties or nineties or sixties or whatever and just dress up.

Chad Jordan: Some of your stylists are probably young enough where it's like early 2000s.

Rosalie Powell: Right, exactly. But we just recently, we have one stylist that's getting ready to have a baby, so we just threw her a baby shower as our pep rally and so that was super fun and we surprised her with it. She thought that it was a pep rally and she thought it was a meeting. She was off that day. We turned all the lights out, we jumped out and screamed, "Surprise. "

Chad Jordan: I'm so glad her water didn't break or something.

Rosalie Powell: I know, right. And she just looked at us, she was like, "Oh, you guys." She was just shocked that we did something like that for which I don't know why she thought we wouldn't, but...

Chad Jordan: How long has she been here?

Rosalie Powell: She's been here two years, so she's my part-time girl.

Chad Jordan: Your Wednesday?

Rosalie Powell: My Wednesday girl.

Chad Jordan: That gave you that breather.

Rosalie Powell: That gave me that breather. And then once she got used to me being here, she started opening up that schedule a little bit. And started adding more hours, but she had gone through a lot of change too. But she's been with Sport Clips for a long time. She actually worked in a Raleigh store as well. So I have a few that are familiar to the system. And then we just, I like to post the pictures back here just so the girls can look at it and see, we do have fun because we are with each other way more than we are at home and there's days-

Chad Jordan: I mean you see them more than you see your family members.

Rosalie Powell: Yeah, exactly.

Chad Jordan: Or you see your cats, Kahlua and Cream.

Rosalie Powell: Kahlua and Cream, more than I see them. And we may want to scratch each other's eyes out sometimes, but at the end of the day, this is a family and we're a team and we work really well together and we get over things really fast. So they'll nitpick about something and I'll just stand there and I'm like, "Guys." And they're like, "I know it's silly."

Chad Jordan: What personality trait do you think helps you manage this team most efficiently? What about you in your nature can you point to and say, "This is kind of the secret to my success"?

Rosalie Powell: I want to say my drive because-

Chad Jordan: So you're very motivated.

Rosalie Powell: I'm very motivated, very goal oriented. My goal I set, the minute they were like, "Hey, we want you to come back to this store as manager." They laid the numbers out for me and I said, "I'll have that at 10,000 by December." And we did it, 10,500 by December. And I said, "All right, now we're going to do this by..." And I set those dates and I set reasonable goals.

Chad Jordan: So, you're motivated. How do you then translate that and have your team members respond to your motivational style? What are you doing?

Rosalie Powell: So when I do my reviews with them, in the beginning I was finding out what drives you? Is it money? Is it your kids? Is it vacation? What is it that motivates you?

Chad Jordan: Are you writing this down? Are you just absorbing?

Rosalie Powell: I write it down. Yeah. Just so I can keep track of everybody. So I write it down. I find out what motivates them and I also find out what their love language is because I think that's important.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, preaching to the choir now.

Rosalie Powell: So it's important to find out because, if somebody likes words of affirmation, I can write on their mirror or...

Chad Jordan: Yeah, let's go through this.

Rosalie Powell: It's so good.

Chad Jordan: The five words of affirmation, what are they?

Rosalie Powell: Oh, that's pressure.

Chad Jordan: I can fill it in, you tell me. And then I'll tell you-

Rosalie Powell: The five words of affirmation?

Chad Jordan: What are the five love languages?

Rosalie Powell: Oh, the five love languages. So words of affirmation, gifts, touch...

Chad Jordan: Acts of service.

Rosalie Powell: Acts of service.

Chad Jordan: And quality time.

Rosalie Powell: And quality, time.

Chad Jordan: So you have those five, and then what? You have your team members...

Rosalie Powell: Tell me what they think.

Chad Jordan: What they think theirs is? So when you find that out, say somebody's a gift giver and a gift receiver, gifts is...

Rosalie Powell: Is their thing.

Chad Jordan: And it's also my thing. By the way, thank you for the Mountain Dew shirt and the Krispy Kreme donuts and the Mountain Dew. So you find somebody who's wired that way. How does your approach change?

Rosalie Powell: I try and implement those things in their goals. So if they're a gift giver, if they, I say, "All right, I want to see you try to increase your take home by a dollar a pay period and start making that commission and start doing these things. If so, then you'll get this."

Chad Jordan: Like a Starbucks gift card or something?

Rosalie Powell: Like a Starbucks gift card, something small. You guys can go to the dollar store and those girls will go haywire. They don't care. It could be a pencil. And be like, "Oh my gosh, I love it."

Chad Jordan: Especially if they're wired to be a gift giver and gift receiver. It's not the quality of the gift.

Rosalie Powell: It's that you did it.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, exactly. It's the recognition.

Rosalie Powell: Yep. Yep. And then if they like words of affirmation, I write on their mirror with a little marker and just, "You're doing a great job," or, "You're a rock star." We also implemented stylist of the month and we don't base that on metrics in this store.

Chad Jordan: Is it what? A nomination? Or what do you do?

Rosalie Powell: We nominate and we base it on the values. Values, heart of a champion, best team player.

Chad Jordan: So what? People will submit into a cookie jar or something like that?

Rosalie Powell: They'll submit it into a little fish bowl and then at our pep rally every month we draw out and I count.

Chad Jordan: Is it a random... Oh, okay.

Rosalie Powell: I count most votes.

Chad Jordan: Can they win two months in a row?

Rosalie Powell: They can. There's no limit and I even let my assistant managers win it, if that's who they're voting for. Because I feel like in a lot of stores it's, well the manager and assistant manager are supposed to do those things so they shouldn't win, but they should because yeah, they're supposed to do those things, but they're leading by example. And so I think it's huge for assistants to get that recognition too and not be pushed off to the side.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, I love that. What are some things you wish you would have known that you know now? When you started managing, looking back, you're going, "Huh, I wish I could figure this out earlier." Is that maybe other managers or people that, team members are going to manage one day. What is some advice that you'd give them?

Rosalie Powell: Definitely communication. Communication, five years ago was very different for me. I was younger and-

Chad Jordan: So was it more intimidation factor?

Rosalie Powell: It was more intimidation factor. And it was, if they're telling me that this is how it has to be done, then I come in here and I'm like, "All right, listen, this is how it has to be." And that doesn't work, people are intimidated by that. They feel like you're bullying them, they feel like you're being stern or, "Hey guys..." And now I approach it as, "All right, so here's what I'm hearing. What do you guys think?" And I get that feedback from them because they're here 95% of the time along with me, but they're on the floor way more than I am. I mean, there's a lot of things that I do paperwork-wise and all of those good things. So they hear it more than I do. So for them to give me the feedback and I let them help me manage really, because I don't want to have to be a manager that is pointing fingers or shitting on people because that's not what we want. And I think that's helped create the culture that we have.

Chad Jordan: So is there, in the back of your mind, are you worried that you might be raising up the next manager of another Sport Clips when one opens?

Rosalie Powell: Oh, I hope so. Oh, I want them to grow. They're like... I love seeing them succeed. And it just brings me so much joy to watch them grow and flourish. And when they hit their goals, they're like running back here, they're like, "I just sold this and it was a hundred dollar ticket." And they're so excited about it and I love that because it's uplifting them do more in their industry.

Chad Jordan: For me, I felt like, obviously I've sat down with a few managers and some are worried about if they grow the store or have team members grow up on that, they'll come after their job, instead of your approach. "Well I hope they eventually get another store or something like that."

Rosalie Powell: Yeah, I want them to of that.

Chad Jordan: I mean for you it's got to be great. I bet the stress level's a lot lower now, even though your store is doing more and you have more and more clients and all that kind of stuff, but the fact that you have built such a great team around you it's not...

Rosalie Powell: It takes the stress away when you have a team like that. And they all chip in and I have had to go to other stores and help because our market's so big and go to other stores and help and I say, I can send a message in our app, we use the Crew app, I can send a message in there and say, "Guys, they need me for 10 days." And they've got the schedule figured out, they've got it covered and they're like, "Okay, we'll see you when you get back."

Chad Jordan: Wow, fantastic.

Rosalie Powell: Oh my gosh. It's like relief off your shoulders when they can come together as a team and do that. And it is rare to find that many people that can work that well together and I'm very fortunate to have that for sure.

Chad Jordan: Yeah. You've got a great team. One thing we skipped over, so we'll finish with this and then I got some just fun questions. The modern salon, we didn't talk about that. So it was father's day and... Now the Modern Salon, the magazine, it's a magazine, right?

Rosalie Powell: Yes.

Chad Jordan: It's online and also-

Rosalie Powell: Online and paper, yeah.

Chad Jordan: Did they put out a contest or did you guys just self nominate? What happened?

Rosalie Powell: North Carolina put out a contest, actually.

Chad Jordan: Okay. So all the Sport Clips in North Carolina.

Rosalie Powell: In North Carolina were going to dress up for father's day. So we came together and came up with, any dad can be a Sport Clips dad and we all dressed up as different dads. So I was a cat dad, of course. I had a shirt that said "best cat ever" and had little stuffed cats.

Chad Jordan: She is that crazy cat lady.

Rosalie Powell: I'm the crazy cat lady. And so then, but everybody picked some type of dad, jock dad, a hippy dad, the farmer dad, whatever. And we all dressed up and we took a picture to submit it for the North-

Chad Jordan: I love that all the dads have hats on. I think all but maybe one has hats on.

Rosalie Powell: All but one has hats on. And we had the nerdy dad and everything. So we submitted it for North Carolina because we were trying to take our, they have a trophy that they do that we can win, a bragging rights trophy.

Chad Jordan: And Hickory was the reigning-

Rosalie Powell: Hickory has it. Yeah. So we're coming for them to take that trophy away.

Chad Jordan: By the way, I'm going to Hickory right after this so I'll let them know that you're-

Rosalie Powell: We're coming for it. And then Amber actually posted it on her Instagram, she had some cute quote underneath it and all the hashtags and Modern Salon reached out to her, called her at the store here and asked to speak to me and said they wanted to showcase our picture in Your Best Day at Work. And it was just amazing.

Chad Jordan: Here's why I love that story, because our local Instagram and Facebook pages and the culture in the stores is so important for showing how fun it is to work here. And, knock on wood, you've got 11 team members, you're doing great, but you used to be at three. So something had to change to get you from three to 11 and so it was those little things, those tweaks right there.

Rosalie Powell: They make a huge difference.

Chad Jordan: They really do, especially in recruiting and keeping your team members, I mean, once the word got out that you were a good manager, that it was fun to work here, Saber showed up and brought all the good.

Rosalie Powell: Yep, Saber, I don't know what happened. She just brought all the people.

Chad Jordan: Exactly. So that's why I really, you know me, I believe in the power of social media. If I can legally change my name to social media, I would.

Rosalie Powell: You would.

Chad Jordan: But the fact that that is, I think just a microcosm of what you're doing right here. And why, we already talked about this earlier today, but not on air. Why I took a red eye to Charlotte, North Carolina and drove all the way.

Rosalie Powell: Two hours.

Chad Jordan: Which by the way is in Western North Carolina because I had to get to this store because you guys are doing such a phenomenal job.

Rosalie Powell: And it's so fun and Sport Clips, as a brand is a good company to work for and they care about their people and I think that once the girls see that, they're like, "Oh, this does exist. It's not like other places."

Chad Jordan: The Wayne McGlone Memorial fund, I don't know if you guys have ever had anybody here that's been a recipient of that.

Rosalie Powell: In our market we have but not our store specifically.

Chad Jordan: Just the fact that all the charitable stuff, the Help A Hero, Saint Baldrick's, which right now we're recording this in September, childhood cancer awareness month, American Red Cross stuff, which is actually really big here in North Carolina.

Rosalie Powell: We even did free haircuts for students, we partnered up with a church last month and Amber and Kristen went out and they did haircuts for students whose families couldn't afford haircuts.

Chad Jordan: Oh, that's awesome.

Rosalie Powell: And so it was a huge turnout. They want us back next year, but we went and set up the tent and the girls went out there and cut some hair.

Chad Jordan: And it's marketing. I mean I bet they showed up in Sport Clips gear and all that kind of stuff.

Rosalie Powell: Absolutely. They talked about the brand while they were out there, but they met a lot of good stories too.

Chad Jordan: I think that's so important. Like ageless aviation, if you guys have had one of those out here yet, but what we're trying to provide at Sport Clips is a great work life balance. I mean, it was a little wonky for you coming back and only having three. But now hopefully with 11 team members and people doing, like your stylists doing the thing at the church, that's what we're trying to provide. This well rounded approach to, "Yes, you have a job but you have a life as well and you can enjoy both."

Rosalie Powell: Absolutely. Yeah. And it's been great to be able to balance both of those for sure.

Chad Jordan: Well listen, we got to wrap this up because at some point you got to cut hair today. But I've got 10, these are just 10 fun questions I'd like to end the podcast with. Okay? So all the pressure's off. By the way, you did a great job.

Rosalie Powell: Thanks.

Chad Jordan: Thank you for walking me through all this stuff.

Rosalie Powell: Thanks for having me.

Chad Jordan: So the first question I'm going to ask is, which superpower would you most like to have?

Rosalie Powell: That's a tough one. I want to say mind reading, but then I'm scared of that. But that's the one I would probably go with.

Chad Jordan: Okay, boy. Being able to read what your client's thinking about while you're cutting their hair.

Rosalie Powell: Exactly.

Chad Jordan: You know what, I think once he's in your chair, he's just spilling his guts anyways. So I think you're kind of already there. Number two, what is your personal motto?

Rosalie Powell: My personal motto is, I mean to just give it all you got. Yeah. And don't give up when it gets hard because it'll get hard.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, you live long enough, your life will get hard. Other than where you live now, which is one of the best places in the country.

Rosalie Powell: So pretty.

Chad Jordan: Where else in the world would you most like to live?

Rosalie Powell: Oh, Ireland.

Chad Jordan: Ireland? Ah.

Rosalie Powell: Did you love it?

Chad Jordan: I absolutely loved it. In fact. Okay. Breaking news, I've got to step out of these questions. So we got back from Ireland, by the way, my wife's almost 100% Irish. She's Irish Norwegian. So, the Jordans, when we were traveling, there's Jordans in Ireland like in these places that we went. So we're like, "Okay, when we get home I got to do ancestry.com or do something like that." Today, this morning I got my results back and are you ready?

Rosalie Powell: We're ready. Let's hear them.

Chad Jordan: 2% Irish. And like 97% British. So anyways, that's where the Jordans are from if you guys be wondering. But yeah, Ireland, I completely agree.

Rosalie Powell: It looks beautiful.

Chad Jordan: We want to go every year. I don't know if that's possible, but I'm begging Gordon to open up a store in Ireland.

Rosalie Powell: I'm down.

Chad Jordan: So I said we have to go do a exploration. Okay. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Rosalie Powell: What do you mean? That's what I say.

Chad Jordan: I know, I was going to make you repeat just for a faf, but yeah, what do you mean? Okay. You haven't done that too many times this time. What sound or noise do you love?

Rosalie Powell: Do I love? The ocean.

Chad Jordan: And you live in the mountains of North Carolina.

Rosalie Powell: But I grew up at the ocean.

Chad Jordan: That's true, from Florida. What sound or noise do you hate?

Rosalie Powell: Ah, that's tough. There's a lot of sounds and noises.

Chad Jordan: Just pick one, we only got a half hour podcast.

Rosalie Powell: Definitely basketball shoes.

Chad Jordan: Like squeaking?

Rosalie Powell: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah.

Chad Jordan: Oh, okay. All right. You have to watch a game on mute. These next three questions are all similar. When they make the movie based on the story of your life, what actress is going to play you?

Rosalie Powell: I mean, I would like Jennifer Aniston.

Chad Jordan: Okay. Go for it. Yeah. Jennifer Aniston. Let's do it. Okay. That second question, kind of related, what is the title of the movie? What do we have to call it? And Crazy Cat Lady is probably off the table.

Rosalie Powell: Off the table, yeah. I would call it Tougher.

Chad Jordan: Tougher?

Rosalie Powell: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: I like it. Last question with that and then one final question. So in the movie that's going to have a soundtrack, which band or artist is going to be on that soundtrack?

Rosalie Powell: Oh, that's tough. I don't know.

Chad Jordan: I mean, is it Bon Jovi? Is it N'Sync?

Rosalie Powell: It could be Bon Jovi. It could be Tom Petty.

Chad Jordan: Tom Petty?

Rosalie Powell: Yeah, let's do his sound.

Chad Jordan: It couldn't be anymore but-

Rosalie Powell: It couldn't be anymore but we can compile his stuff.

Chad Jordan: We can compile his stuff, okay. Got it. All right. Last question, if heaven indeed exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Rosalie Powell: I would like to hear him say, "You did it."

Chad Jordan: Hey, you've done it so far. From us sitting down, I found out so much more about your story, about what it takes to succeed, how you bounce back from owning your own salon and finding that wasn't... Thank goodness you had that experience early on our life, right? I mean it wasn't like a dream of yours to one day have it in your 50s.

Rosalie Powell: Yeah, and then do it and it crash and burn.

Chad Jordan: And so yeah, you definitely have done it and what you've done with this store, this team's amazing. Of course, we love your team leaders, but you are the backbone of this store. And I am so excited to be here. You guys got the first official scissor pose shirts.

Rosalie Powell: We got the new shirts. We love them.

Chad Jordan: And you already had the passion, do it with passion shirts. That's how much you believe in this stuff. So very proud of you. Thank you Rosalie for this time. And I don't know, who knows? I mean, keep setting these sales records and I'll just have to come back.

Rosalie Powell: We're going to keep doing it.

Chad Jordan: We'll make it happen. Hey, that's all we got time for this week. Tune in next week for another episode. Thanks so much.