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In this episode recorded in November of 2018, we interview Sara Sandelovic. Sara has an incredible story about her 12 years at Sport Clips, as she has grown her career from Texas to California to North Carolina! Sara and Sport Clips are a perfect fit for each other!

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November 14, 2018 Sara Sandelovic Operations Coach Career at Sport Clips from coast to coast!

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Chad Jordan:                Alright. Well, hey, welcome everybody to this edition of the podcast. This is Chad Jordan. I'm the Director of Marketing for Digital Services at Sport Clips. This is another version of our Hall of Fame Podcast. And we're taking a look ... The whole point of these podcast episodes is to kind of take a look at the different journeys and tell the Sport Clips story from people all across the country really. So speaking all across the country, wait till you hear today's story and what the guest has to share.

                                    In fact, without further ado, I'll have you go ahead and introduce yourself for me, please.

Sara Sandelovic:           My name is Sara Sandelovic, I am an Operations Coach in North Carolina. Previously Operations Coach in Southern California, and previous to that a Franchise Coordinator in Texas at the corporate office. 

Chad Jordan:                What you guys can't see because you're listening to this podcast is my head is spinning literally on its axis right now, just topsy-turvy all over the place just trying to trace the path that Sara has taken in her Sport Clips career. How many years have you been with Sport Clips?

Sara Sandelovic:           November 6th was my 12th year-

Chad Jordan:                Oh, wow.

Sara Sandelovic:           Anniversary.

Chad Jordan:                12 years-

Sara Sandelovic:           Which-

Chad Jordan:                You're almost a teenager at Sport Clips.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah, I know. It was super exciting because today we had our North Carolina/South Carolina Leadership and Crystal Sutter from SCI was actually here today and that is the woman who hired me-

Chad Jordan:                What?

Sara Sandelovic:           12 years ago.

Chad Jordan:                Oh my gosh.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah, so-

Chad Jordan:                Amazing.

Sara Sandelovic:           It was very exciting [crosstalk 00:01:33]-

Chad Jordan:                Hope you guys got a good selfie moment in. If you not, you better go run and-

Sara Sandelovic:           We didn't. We didn't.

Chad Jordan:                You gotta run her down and-

Sara Sandelovic:           I know.

Chad Jordan:                And commemorate that. So okay, then let's see. So first let me break this down. Operations Coach at Sport Clips. What does that mean?

Sara Sandelovic:           So essentially I assist the team leaders or franchisees as well as the area leaders and the managers on helping them not only understand the business, but how to maximize the client experience inside the four walls.

Chad Jordan:                Alright. So you are putting yourself in the shoes of a client, right? More than the shoes of a stylist or the-

Sara Sandelovic:           I would say yes to the client, but really, how do you apply that client experience to the business itself? How do those two relate and how can you maximize that relationship?

Chad Jordan:                And was the role you were doing in Southern California as well?

Sara Sandelovic:           Yes.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. So how long have been in North Carolina?

Sara Sandelovic:           Just over two years.

Chad Jordan:                And then when you were in Southern California doing the same role, how long was that?

Sara Sandelovic:           Just over eight years.

Chad Jordan:                Wow. Okay. So then let's hit the rewind button. Get me to your in Georgetown, Texas, 12 years ago or wherever.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yes. 12 years ago.

Chad Jordan:                Did you grow up there? Or ...

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah, Georgetown, Texas, is my hometown.

Chad Jordan:                What?

Sara Sandelovic:           Yes.

Chad Jordan:                Oh, okay.

Sara Sandelovic:           So born and raised there. It has grown so much.

Chad Jordan:                And you're only 25 so, I mean, you and Sport Clips happened at the same time in Georgetown, Texas.

Sara Sandelovic:           Well, what's really funny about that is that I actually went to school with Edward Logan. We graduated the same class. I had no idea what Sport Clips was, even when I went in for my interview. I had no clue-

Chad Jordan:                And you had no idea there was a connection? You and Edward were-

Sara Sandelovic:           No, and that's what I felt was so funny. And one of the things that I really, truly respect about Edward is that here's this huge company, this huge name ... I mean, at the time there was ... I think they just had their either 300th or 400th store grand opening. But a small school, very small graduating class. But it was never a "Guess what my family does?" It was never anything like that. So so humble and just down to Earth. And just all-around-

Chad Jordan:                Unpretentious? Yeah, yeah.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah. And it's ... From what you see on like social media and, you know, The Kardashians and all of this ... Not to compare them, sorry Edward that I just did that ... But it's refreshing to see that.

Chad Jordan:                And you ... Was this right out of high school? Or what ... How did you get over ... How did you start interviewing at Sport Clips?

Sara Sandelovic:           No, I actually ... Of course, right after graduating high school, what do you do when you grow up in a small town? But you move to the big city.

Chad Jordan:                Was the big city-

Sara Sandelovic:           Austin.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Austin, yeah.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah, Austin, Texas. And-

Chad Jordan:                The whole 30 minutes away or something from Georgetown?

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah. Well, with traffic these days-

Chad Jordan:                Yeah, yeah. Exactly.

Sara Sandelovic:           But yeah. So moved to Austin and, you know, did the whole waiting tables and pretended to be a grownup for a while until I realized, "Man, health insurance-

Chad Jordan:                Right-

Sara Sandelovic:           Would be-

Chad Jordan:                Yeah, it'll bite ya.

Sara Sandelovic:           Such an amazing thing. So life kind of chewed me up and spit me out. And I moved back in with my parents. Tucked my tail between my legs.

Chad Jordan:                Had to go all the way back to Georgetown.

Sara Sandelovic:           All the way back to Georgetown.

Chad Jordan:                Oh, man.

Sara Sandelovic:           Which, you know, my parents do live out in the country in Georgetown, so it was a little further away. But ... So I started ... It was through a temp agency, actually, that I got hired on through. And when you get a job through a temp agency, they don't tell you really what your ... What job you're interviewing for until day of. "Okay, you're going to this company called Sport Clips." So I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I didn't know the brand. I didn't know what this company was. In my head I had the whole Hooters for Hair thing and ... 'Cause, you know, I'm not the clientele. So I almost didn't even show up for the interview.

Chad Jordan:                Wow.

Sara Sandelovic:           It was like the whole time, "Do I even want to interview for this place?"

Chad Jordan:                Had this been the first place the temp agency had hooked you up with an interview?

Sara Sandelovic:           Yes.

Chad Jordan:                That would have been-

Sara Sandelovic:           Very first place.

Chad Jordan:                A bad way to start off with a temp agency-

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah, probably.

Chad Jordan:                Not going to the first interview they lined up for you.

Sara Sandelovic:           Probably. But I ended up going and I don't even remember the interview process. I remember meeting with Crystal and we were in the front room at the Building One. And I got the job. So-

Chad Jordan:                And what was the position again?

Sara Sandelovic:           Front Desk Receptionist.

Chad Jordan:                Oh, okay.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah, so I was answering the phones and ...

Chad Jordan:                Building One, right? Was it still-

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah, Building One.

Chad Jordan:                It was still ... Wow.

Sara Sandelovic:           Same desk, even.

Chad Jordan:                Wow. That must bring back memories when you walk in there.

Sara Sandelovic:           It does.

Chad Jordan:                Did you carve your initials anywhere into the desk? Or ... Okay.

Sara Sandelovic:           I should have. I should have.

Chad Jordan:                If so, don't admit it, you know? Yeah. But ... And not that anybody cares about my story, but I also started right out of ... Fresh out of college at a temp agency, 'cause I was getting married and I needed a job quickly. Again, with benefits. So, hey, shout-out to all the temp agencies out there-

Sara Sandelovic:           Absolutely.

Chad Jordan:                Changing lives.

Sara Sandelovic:           Absolutely.

Chad Jordan:                So, okay. Front desk. And then ...

Sara Sandelovic:           Then about six months into it, there was an opening in the Franchise Department. And so I interviewed with them. And it was Tiffany Peterson and ...

Chad Jordan:                Oh, Tiffany now in Illinois I believe?

Sara Sandelovic:           Yes.

Chad Jordan:                St. Louis?

Sara Sandelovic:           Iowa?

Chad Jordan:                Iowa?

Sara Sandelovic:           I think Iowa.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, somewhere in the Midwest.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah, somewhere over up there. In the filing room in Building One, so it was very awkward. Very tight quarters. Looking back on it, hilarious.

Chad Jordan:                Great memories. Yeah.

Sara Sandelovic:           Great memories. I ended up spending a lot of time in that filing room and the Franchise Department. But yeah. So ... And then kind of worked my way up in the Franchise Department and then-

Chad Jordan:                And is that what gets you to California? Or what happens?

Sara Sandelovic:           So life took me to California. It was my now ex-husband. We went ... He had family in Southern California and we had an opportunity to move. And at that time it was, "Well, if this is where life is taking me, I've always wanted to see California-

Chad Jordan:                There are worse places to live than Southern California. Trust me.

Sara Sandelovic:           I know. So I talked to my supervisor at the time, Ms. Jean Booth. And, "Hey, this is what's coming up." And I gave ... It was like a three-month notice on ... In three months this is what's gonna be happening. And she helped make a few phone calls. One of which to Ron Chamberlain, who is the Area Developer out in Southern California. And said, "You know, there's this [crosstalk 00:08:44]-

Chad Jordan:                Hey, we got a great gal.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah. "Sara Sandelovic here. You're going to hire her." And ...

Chad Jordan:                There was no question. And when Jean says something's gonna happen, something's gonna happen.

Sara Sandelovic:           And ... Yeah. And so kind of the rest is history. But it was initially he was gonna hire me on as a part-time team member. "We'll figure out stuff for you to do. There's reports that you can do. You know, whatever. But we'll figure it out."

Chad Jordan:                But there wasn't a role as in Operations Coach?

Sara Sandelovic:           No.

Chad Jordan:                Or anything really that was ... Okay.

Sara Sandelovic:           No. I was gonna do like payroll and reports and real estate stuff.

Chad Jordan:                I just fell asleep listening to that-

Sara Sandelovic:           Right, yeah. All the real-

Chad Jordan:                So I can't imagine. Yeah.

Sara Sandelovic:           Fun stuff. But it turned out we had ... 'Cause it was right ... That was in 2009.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah, about nine or 10 years ago.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah, somewhere around there. And he ... So it was right after the economy and that housing bubble burst.

Chad Jordan:                Oh yes. I know that really well. Especially in Southern California. Yeah-

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah. So they went through like-

Chad Jordan:                Really hit hard.

Sara Sandelovic:           A three-year stint of stores were closing and no stores were opening up. And it was at the tail end getting into 2010 when all of a sudden we were starting to have stores- 

PART 1 OF 3 ENDS [00:10:04]

Sara Sandelovic:           Is getting into 2010 when all of a sudden we were starting to have stores open up and-

Chad Jordan:                Things were turning around.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah! And I'll never forget it he made a call and he said, “Well Sara we've got this store opening up in Mira Loma, I need an operations coach and I need you to do the Grand Opening training. So call your people at Sport Clips and see what you need to do to make that happen.”

Chad Jordan:                And by the way you have a couple weeks to [crosstalk 00:10:33]. Yeah?

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah. Kind of so it was uh oh my gosh, okay, here we go-

Chad Jordan:                Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Sara Sandelovic:           Well who do you call? But Sandy Craven-

Chad Jordan:                Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Sara Sandelovic:           Because that's the woman with all the answers.

Chad Jordan:                Of course. Still true today.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah, so I called Sandy and she helped me out and directed me to the mecca of the online huddle.

Chad Jordan:                Ha, ha.

Sara Sandelovic:           And Sport Clips University, and Poor Jadene and Tom Umashta, who are opening up that store-

Chad Jordan:                Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Sara Sandelovic:           When they fast forward about a year later when they opened up Mira Loma had to apologize to them on the job I did for their Grand Opening-

Chad Jordan:                What you didn't know at the time.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yes. I said this one is going to be completely different. But it was a sink or swim type of moment and I am so thankful that it happened that way.

Chad Jordan:                Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Sara Sandelovic:           Because it, man if something's going to test your determination that's it right there.

Chad Jordan:                Right yeah, and you survived.

Sara Sandelovic:           Absolutely.

Chad Jordan:                That's when you could have just-

Sara Sandelovic:           Yep-

Chad Jordan:                Folded it all up and said eh, we'll go find something else.

Sara Sandelovic:           Absolutely. So with the operation's aspect of it and kind of everything involved. Everything that I know stemmed from the Chamberlain's.

Chad Jordan:                What changed in that year of growth for you? What did you learn that you wish you had known originally? You're apologizing to them, so what are some of the things you found out that you wish you had known at the time?

Sara Sandelovic:           Honestly kind of the basics of how to present and how to lead a class and how to keep people engaged. And how to handle hecklers and how to handle those difficult questions that you get, which yes you can take classes for but a lot of it just comes with experience and getting those questions asked.

Chad Jordan:                Heckling? You're going to have to help me out. Who is heckling at these classes?

Sara Sandelovic:           So there is in any large class, there is always going to be that one person that asks the super difficult question-

Chad Jordan:                Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Sara Sandelovic:           Or the one that challenges you more than you had planned for-

Chad Jordan:                Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Sara Sandelovic:           So maybe not necessarily heckling is the right word, but the challenging team member.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. And being ready. Bracing yourself, not taking it personally maybe-

Sara Sandelovic:           Exactly. Exactly. Being able to have that answer or having the maturity to say, "you know I don't have that answer, but let me find out for you."

Chad Jordan:                Good question! And then-

Sara Sandelovic:           Yes.

Chad Jordan:                I'll get back to you.

Sara Sandelovic:           Absolutely. So I think a lot of that and just how to facilitate a Grand Opening training.

Chad Jordan:                Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Sara Sandelovic:           Because a lot of it was yes we have the schedule, but what exactly does that look like?

                                    Because I'm the type of person that I can over complicate things if I'm allowed to. So being able to take a step back and say you know what? I need to get X, Y, and Z-

Chad Jordan:                Yeah-

Sara Sandelovic:           Covered, how do I do that while keeping people interested.

Chad Jordan:                Mm-hmm (affirmative)- and you lasted, you were in California you said eight years, nine year?

Sara Sandelovic:           About eight years, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. And you decided this tan Southern California lifestyle, I've had enough of it. Or no, that's obviously not what happened.

                                    How does one, not that I'm wondering, but how does one leave Southern California? Especially for the fine state of North Carolina? What happened?

Sara Sandelovic:           It was difficult but it was my mother-in-law. She was diagnosed with ALS.

Chad Jordan:                Mm.

Sara Sandelovic:           And this was gosh maybe-

Chad Jordan:                And living here?

Sara Sandelovic:           In North Carolina.

Chad Jordan:                North Carolina. Okay.

Sara Sandelovic:           Mm-hmm (affirmative)- and so she, this was about a year, a year and a half after the big ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Chad Jordan:                Oh right, yeah. Like 2013 or so?

Sara Sandelovic:           Something like that. Then about a year later we had a manager, Brittney Greer and her mother was diagnosed with ALS and so it made that more powerful. Then all of a sudden, we get the phone call of hey, this is what's going on.

                                    And if anybody's familiar with that disease, that's- it's a beast.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah.

Sara Sandelovic:           And there's nothing that can prepare you for it. So we knew as soon as we got that call well we've got to be there.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. This long distance stuff or visiting once a year or whatever wouldn't have-

Sara Sandelovic:           Well because the average diagnosis from diagnosis you've got two to five years.

Chad Jordan:                Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Sara Sandelovic:           That's the life expectancy. Even that it takes on average 18 months just to diagnose it.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. So you're already, on borrowed time.

Sara Sandelovic:           Absolutely.

Chad Jordan:                By the time you find out.

Sara Sandelovic:           Absolutely. So it was- that was a quick turnaround and a very stressful time, and that was- you transfer once to a different state and that's a miracle in itself.

                                    There's no way it can happen again. So I'm crying on the phone to Robin Chamberlain because she's my momma.

Chad Jordan:                So Ron's wife. Robin.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yes, she's my momma in California. I wouldn't be anywhere without her. You know, what do I do? Talking to both her and Ron and the voice of reason Ron comes on and he says well you need to send out an email.

                                    Here are the people you're going to copy on that email, and here's what that email's going to say.

Chad Jordan:                Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Sara Sandelovic:           And he was like I don't want you to worry about it because just with that email I know that there's going to be somebody who says, nope, we've got you covered.

Chad Jordan:                Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Sara Sandelovic:           And that's exactly what happened.

Chad Jordan:                So the email goes out to whom?

Sara Sandelovic:           To Gordon, to Earle, to Sandy, to Julie, to everybody in Sport Clips-

Chad Jordan:                So Gordon Logan our founder.

Sara Sandelovic:           Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chad Jordan:                Earle Blood Senior Director of Operations, Sandy Craven the Senior Director of Training I believe-

Sara Sandelovic:           Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chad Jordan:                Julie Vargas Senior Director of Career Opportunities.

Sara Sandelovic:           Career Opportunities.

Chad Jordan:                So you're hitting the big guns and just saying hey, remember me?

Sara Sandelovic:           Exactly. And kind of thanking them for being a part of my Sport Clips journey and how amazing it was because these are all people that in one way or another directly impacted who I am today.

Chad Jordan:                Well I love, and obviously we'll keep picking up the story, but I love how you felt, first of all you had a mother role, in Robin.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yes.

Chad Jordan:                Right? And then you had this you know kind of fatherly mentor role in Ron, and being able to walk you through, calm you down essentially.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yes!

Chad Jordan:                And let's think rationally here, they're rational thinkers right?

Sara Sandelovic:           Absolutely.

Chad Jordan:                Lets think rationally through it and we got a great culture, we got a great company here. Let's utilize that. Reach out to some very high powered people-

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah-

Chad Jordan:                But approachable people.

Sara Sandelovic:           Absolutely.

Chad Jordan:                And say hey, I don't want to leave this company but I have another opportunity living arrangement wise that I need to consider-

Sara Sandelovic:           Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chad Jordan:                All right so you reach out and then, what happens after that email goes out?

Sara Sandelovic:           I can't piece together exactly what happened after that, but there was emails going back and forth, there was, I don't remember if it was Gordon or Earle who mentioned, hey, let's talk to Matt Lewis.

                                    I know there was an area developer meeting or some kind of leadership meeting that brought Gordon Logan, and his wife Betty Logan to Southern California and they invited myself and the Chamberlain's out to a dinner.

                                    And I was able to talk to Gordon and Betty then, and they-

Chad Jordan:                And you'd already known Gordon from-

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Working in Headquarters.

Sara Sandelovic:           Especially in the Franchise Department. I was, he was essentially my direct supervisor because really everybody else in the Franchise Department especially at that time all worked remotely.

                                    So I was-

Chad Jordan:                Yeah-

Sara Sandelovic:           The only person in that room. So if I needed an immediate answer, well Gordon always had his door open-

Chad Jordan:                Yep-

Sara Sandelovic:           So as long as he wasn't on the phone with somebody-

Chad Jordan:                That's still the case.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                1800 stores later. Yeah.

Sara Sandelovic:           Absolutely. So he's yes the founder and CEO, but always if you need something come on in.

Chad Jordan:                Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Sara Sandelovic:           So they talked to me- we're going to talk to Matt for you and expect a phone call and this that and the other, and that's what happened.

                                    Got on the phone with Matt Lewis, talked to him for a little bit. Talked to Tracy Carter and you know, here's my role in California-

Chad Jordan:                Explain the Tracy issue that was on the episode of a podcast.

Sara Sandelovic:           She is the area coach for and Director of Training in North Carolina and a team-leader as well.

Chad Jordan:                Yes. Mm-hmm (affirmative)- in scene 104.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yes.

Chad Jordan:                Thank you.

Sara Sandelovic:           Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chad Jordan:                So you talked to her-

Sara Sandelovic:           Yep, and we figured out that at that time Tracy was looking and telling Matt we need somebody strong in Operations here in North Carolina-

Chad Jordan:                Boy wasn't it crazy? It just so worked out she had been talking about needing someone-

Sara Sandelovic:           Right? Now that's what she tells me.

Chad Jordan:                No, no. I'm serious. That's just weird how life works out that way.

PART 2 OF 3 ENDS [00:20:04]

Sara Sandelovic:           ... that tells me, I don't know if that's true.

Chad Jordan:                No, no, I'm serious. That's just weird how life works out that way. Yeah.

Sara Sandelovic:           Absolutely. Absolutely. So yeah, I came out here and here's what I've done in California. Here's what I can bring to North Carolina, and let's see if we can carve out a role for me, and that's essentially what we've done.

Chad Jordan:                So before you get me to North Carolina, what's that goodbye process like in California? Did you have a team dinner or did you just go around stores crying your eyes out?

Sara Sandelovic:           You know it was kind of perfect because we had the Rancho Palace Veritas grand opening. Then maybe a couple of weeks after that we had our leaderships. So we essentially made the announcement at the leaderships to the team leaders-

Chad Jordan:                Oh wow, to everybody that was there.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah. Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Wow.

Sara Sandelovic:           So it was a very emotional day.

Chad Jordan:                So everybody had their own box of Kleenex. Yeah?

Sara Sandelovic:           Yes, and thank goodness for that grand opening. I was able to get my boxes to move. So that was was very helpful too.

Chad Jordan:                Oh yeah, all the left over ...

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah. Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                Good.

Sara Sandelovic:           So yeah, it was an announcement at leadership and that was something else.

Chad Jordan:                So you broke the news, then you, what, two weeks later you're out in North Carolina starting over?

Sara Sandelovic:           To be honest with you, I don't even know.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah, it was a whirlwind?

Sara Sandelovic:           Is it such a blur because especially with ... because we're coming up on the year anniversary of my mother-in-law's passing and that it was 18 months that we were taking care of her, and those 18 months, I mean ... they went by.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah, yeah, and you're adjusting to a new state, a new role really, at least a new market, all of that going on as well.

Sara Sandelovic:           Absolutely. Absolutely. So it was something else, that's for sure.

Chad Jordan:                So now that you're in North Carolina, what are some of the major differences that you've seen California, West Coast, East Coast, either in the market, in the stores, in the stylists?

Sara Sandelovic:           Well one thing I found that mountains are my happy place. So I thought California was just a fluke, but now here in North Carolina too, I've got to have mountains.

Chad Jordan:                Well after growing up in Georgetown, Texas not-

Sara Sandelovic:           It's completely flat.

Chad Jordan:                Uh-huh (affirmative). Exactly.

Sara Sandelovic:           I think that there is no difference from what I see, because I hear it a lot from some managers and team leaders in North Carolina where, you know, they compare it to California, and for people who haven't been to California, a lot of their viewpoint is what they imagine Hollywood is. It's, "Well, let's go visit Lake Elsinore," and that's so far from a vision of Hollywood, but it's the clients are the same. The stores are the same, the stylists are the same, the struggles are the same, the celebrations are the same.

                                    The 5 Point Play at work. It's amazing. No matter if you're Gulf Coast, West Coast, or East Coast, it's all the same. So really being able to break that down and really build those relationships, I think has been the biggest.

Chad Jordan:                Give me, I want the two things, and then I'll get to my 10 questions, best part of your job is what?

Sara Sandelovic:           Best part of my job is seeing the light bulbs go off. Just seeing team leaders or managers, or area leaders say, "Oh my gosh, I get it now." That's amazing.

Chad Jordan:                Mm-hmm (affirmative). Is there one common area that, that typically happens?

Sara Sandelovic:           Not necessarily, it could be anything from the scheduling tool, to a marketing initiative, to how to have a conversation with somebody. So really it happens in all aspects.

Chad Jordan:                Then my final question before the 10 fun ones, best part of being at Sport Clips is what?

Sara Sandelovic:           You're never alone. You've always have somebody who's got your back, always.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. It's crazy that your story really connects those pieces. I mean, everything from ... or starting at the temp agency and interviewing with Crystal, to the Robin and Ron Chamberlain connection, back to Gora, and all of it. Traci Carter, Matt Lewis, all of them, that's certainly been true for you. So amazing. Thank you for that story.

                                    Now before I let you go, let's go through 10 fun questions. I can't ask followups to these so I got to live with whatever bad answer or good, you provide. So number one, which super power would you most like to have?

Sara Sandelovic:           Is teleportation a superpower?

Chad Jordan:                Yes, of course.

Sara Sandelovic:           I would love to teleport.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. All right. Excellent. Just to bypass traffic or...

Sara Sandelovic:           Well, I still have family in Texas and I'd love to see the Chamberlains more, and I've got family in-

Chad Jordan:                Okay. There you go.

Sara Sandelovic:           ... the northeast.

Chad Jordan:                Just pop in and surprise everybody?

Sara Sandelovic:           It'd be so much more convenient.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Number two, what is your personal motto?

Sara Sandelovic:           Everything with intention.

Chad Jordan:                Hmm. Explain that.

Sara Sandelovic:           So another way of saying it, is doing it with purpose. So for every interaction, for every conversation have a purpose for it. Have a reason for. And if we can be more purposeful in our actions I think we'd have a better world.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Good. Other than where you live now, where else in the world would you most like to live?

Sara Sandelovic:           I would love to live just anywhere in the mountains.

Chad Jordan:                Okay.

Sara Sandelovic:           Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chad Jordan:                As long as you get dropped on a mountain somewhere, you're cool?

Sara Sandelovic:           As long as I'm on top of a mountain, I'm happy.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. You're climbing mountains?

Sara Sandelovic:           Yes.

Chad Jordan:                All right. Number four. Who is a celebrity you'd most like to meet one day?

Sara Sandelovic:           I was thinking about this one, and I struggled The very first celebrity that really comes to mind is Bill Belichick

Chad Jordan:                Oh, are you a Patriots fan?

Sara Sandelovic:           No, but he is an amazing coach.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Oh, that's true. You could connect with some coaching tips. You could give him a few, maybe he could give you a few.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yeah, because one of Lou Holtz big thing is when he tried to coach pro, it wasn't the same as college because it was the egos and the paychecks, but Bill Belichick, he's got something where he can get past that, and I'd be interested to pick his brain..

Chad Jordan:                I like that. That's a great answer. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Sara Sandelovic:           I overuse, "I love it." And, "Does that make sense?"

Chad Jordan:                What sound or noise do you love?

Sara Sandelovic:           I love when my boys are laughing.

Chad Jordan:                You got kids?

Sara Sandelovic:           I have three step-kids. They are amazing.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. What are their ages?

Sara Sandelovic:           They are 15, 13 and nine.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Boy, you got teenagers and they're laughing, not beating up each other?

Sara Sandelovic:           No.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Good.

Sara Sandelovic:           They're amazing.

Chad Jordan:                Wow, that's some good parenting. What sound or noise do you hate?

Sara Sandelovic:           I hate the sound of .... Gosh, I don't know.

Chad Jordan:                Nothing gets under your skin, your that unflappable?

Sara Sandelovic:           Loud chewing.

Chad Jordan:                Ooh, I'm glad I spit my gum out before this podcast. That would have been a close one. What profession other than your own would you have been good at, or at least have wanted to try?

Sara Sandelovic:           Before life happen to me I was going to be a PPCD teacher, which is a Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities. So I had a year internship as a teacher's aide in one of those classrooms, primarily kids under six-years-old, primarily with Down syndrome or autism. It was the most amazing-

Chad Jordan:                I bet.

Sara Sandelovic:           ... and challenging experiences I've ever had.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Oh, neat. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Sara Sandelovic:           My greatest achievement has been simply to ... What's the word I'm looking for? Adapt to new environments.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah, as shown by the your last 25 minutes of sharing your story. Last question, if Heaven indeed exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Sara Sandelovic:           "Welcome Sara, I've been waiting for you."

Chad Jordan:                Okay, excellent. Well, a fascinating 12 years. Let's say 12 of 40 more left, hopefully or so.

Sara Sandelovic:           Yes.

Chad Jordan:                And who knows what mountain top you will be on the next time you and I talk?

Sara Sandelovic:           Well I plan to be Sandy Craven when I grow up, so that's my goal.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. That is something to aspire to.

Sara Sandelovic:           That is my goal.

Chad Jordan:                It might be taken. But anyway, she's pretty fantastic, as are you.

Sara Sandelovic:           Absolutely, she is.

Chad Jordan:                So thank you so much Sara. And thanks everybody for listening. I hope to have another good episode for you next time.

PART 3 OF 3 ENDS [00:29:49]