Episodes of The Sport Clips Haircuts Hall of Fame Podcast - Shannon Villers

This episode is with Shannon Villers, a stylist at Sport Clips Haircuts of Vienna. Shannon recently won a custom built Harley-Davidson through an American Crew contest benefiting the Sport Clips VFW Help A Hero Scholarship Program. Shannon details the secrets to her retail success, shares what is what like winning the motorcycle and explains why supporting Help A Hero is so important to her.

Chad Jordan and Shannon VIllers with Harley in front of Sport Clips

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October 24, 2019 Shannon Villers Stylist Winning a Harley-Davidson in a Help A Hero American Crew Contest

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Chad Jordan: All right. Hey everybody. This is Chad Jordan from Sport Clips Marketing Department, and this is another edition of our Hall of Fame podcast. This is a special edition, and you're going to find out a why here in a second. But I am in lovely Vienna, Parkersburg area of West Virginia, I believe it's called. And first why don't I have my guest go ahead and why don't you introduce your full name, want you to say your full name, your store number, and you have five kids. I want to hear their names one more time, so do that for me please.

Shannon Villers: My name is Shannon Villers. I'm from store WV201. My children's names is Thomas, Daniel, Lucas, and Alina, and Michael.

Chad Jordan: So four boys and one spoiled rotten girl. That's what she's got on her hands. Right. So, and the reason we're here with Shannon today, and by the way, if you see us on YouTube, hello. You can tell we're recording this in the equipment room. And fortunately the team leader... Ryan and Amanda Donovan are the team leaders. Amanda Donovan was gracious enough to go buy a broom, because the store did not have a broom, so that we could record in the equipment room without the vacuum going off the whole time.
This store is slamming. This is a President Circle store within the first three plus years. They are crazy busy. They have been busy all morning. But, we wanted to capture Shannon's story cause it's super special and we really had nowhere else to go. So we, we found the space in this equipment room. It's kind of cozy. This is how we started off doing the podcast back in the day, by the way. I'd go to the stores and we'd grab a managers, whoever, and we'd talk in the equipment room, but we're back at it. Very special occasion today. What is it? August 29th is when we're recording this. And so you might've seen on Facebook, we did a Facebook live video and I put it on Instagram as well, but today is the day that we presented the Harley Davidson to the winning stylist from the American crew contest that we held back in June.
Shannon Villers won the Harley. It's a custom made bike. If you haven't seen the video, I highly recommend that you go watch the video that we did of the Harley presentation. The VFW... Guys from the VFW came. The Harley Davidson GM brought the bike to us, explained exactly what kind of... It's the sweetest. It's all black jet black. It is the sweetest looking a motorcycle I've ever seen in my life and Shannon won that. A Sport Clips stylist won that, team member won that, just from selling an American crew product. So we wanted to have her on the podcast today kind of to get a little bit of her story. Certainly the story about winning the Harley, but also her story on how she came to Sport Clips. I don't know what it's like being a stylist and juggling five kiddos and ages...What did you say? Two to 14 or something like that. So she's got teenagers. She... Is the two year old in diapers?

Shannon Villers: Yeah.

Chad Jordan: So she's still changing diapers and putting up with teenagers. So if any guys believe in the power of prayer, please pray for this woman because she can... I mean I've got two teenage girls so and then 11 year old, but I... That's only..., That's three for me, five for you. And all you mama's out there. Just so amazing. So we want to get to your story. Let's talk about the American Crew contest, first of all, 'To Help A Hero'. From your perspective, how did you hear about the contest? Had you participated in previous years? Some of the different 'Help A Hero' monthly contest, stuff like that. What's your perspective? Give me a rundown on what you've done in the past.

Shannon Villers: I found out through... There was a article of it in the Cosmoprof for the drawing for the Harley. And I've always liked motorcycles. I've always liked Harley. I love their backdrop story, big with history. So when I seen that they were raffling off for that, basically I was like, "Wow, I'd really like to have that." So...

Chad Jordan: Now you're not one of these people... I mean, I'm always... Forgive me. I'm always a skeptic who's like "A raffle? Yeah, right. I mean, really? One person? First of all, it's got to be rigged. And then secondly, is anyone really going to win it? And what are my chances of winning it?" So did that ever... Any of that stuff ever into your mind?

Shannon Villers: It did enter my mind. Honestly. I never thought that my name would have gotten picked. It's like winning the lottery. You have one in a million chances of it happening. And I know that I didn't have the most amount of entries that could've been placed in, but I put my faith in the good Lord above and I'm very thankful and humble.

Chad Jordan: It really is. I mean, today's been so special. But when you, when you're doing it, what are... That month.... I think you and I, if I remember right, we were talking earlier this morning, you said you were a little more motivated, more than normal, to sell American Crew product that month. So what was your, I don't know, shtick or what were... Were you telling clients, "Hey, I have a chance to win Harley if you..." What was... How did that work out?

Shannon Villers: So most of my clients that usually sit my chair are motorcycle riders. A lot of them are. So, when I would talk about the contest, they were... We have such great customers that come into this store. Like if you tell them that you're doing a contest or you're raising money for our military men and women, they will help you. And that's just the beauty of being here in Parkersburg. We have such compassionate people that care about others but themselves.

Chad Jordan: And what we got to do is get a picture of you on your Harley and have it at your station. So when those clients come back and they can see that they helped you get that. That's pretty cool. So you enter... I think you've got six of the maximum. There was 10 maximum, I think entries. I think you qualified for six. Are you counting down? Are you even paying attention to when the raffle drawing's going to be? Is it kind of an afterthought? I mean, had you forgotten about it? Cause it wasn't until what? July, or...

Shannon Villers: July 19th.

Chad Jordan: Okay. July 19th.

Shannon Villers: I was under... When... I misread the article and I thought it was the 15th and kept asking our manager and our team leader "Hey, there's any information?" And of course, and I just assumed somebody else won. And then, yeah. And then Crystal showed, like played back the recording. I didn't know it was a recording. I thought that it was live.

Chad Jordan: So what you're describing, for those that hadn't seen it, is she got secretly filmed. It was a random drawing, but I think the drawing happened, whatever the date was, so that we could notify the team leader of which stylist had won. And then we announced it on July 19th and we did a Facebook live video from a Harley Davidson garage. Sporty was there. It was a really fun day. But you were cutting a client's hair, right? Right? Who was... Was it a normal... Was it a regular client?

Shannon Villers: No, it wasn't a regular client.

Chad Jordan: So it was a first time client kind of? Or...

Shannon Villers: He was more of like, he didn't care who cut his hair. He didn't have a stylist. Yeah.

Chad Jordan: All right. So it wasn't one of your old faithfuls that you had to cut. But you're... I mean you were clocked in, you weren't going to just pay attention to the video. So, you're doing that. Meanwhile... Was at Crystal, your manager? So shout out to Crystal, a manager of WV201, who has been here since the store opened three and a half years ago. She's a Sport Clips OG. So she seek... Do you even see her kind of getting her camera out? Or are you just focused on cutting the hair? What's going on?

Shannon Villers: I was just focusing on my haircut.

Chad Jordan: Good answer. Good answer. Every stylist, team member out there. Exactly. That's a great answer.

Shannon Villers: When I start doing something, I give it my all, regardless of what's going on around me. So I honestly didn't even pay attention to her, in general. She had me listening, not watching.

Chad Jordan: Right.

Shannon Villers: So it was... I was shocked.

Chad Jordan: Yeah. So again, if you haven't seen the video, she is... Shannon is in disbelief, as is the client. I think the client says something like, "Oh, I wonder if this is a practical joke" or something like that. And you're like, "Oh hope it's not!" So... But you kind of lost your mind. It was an incredible moment to get captured while you're cutting someone's hair. So, you find out you win. What? What's your... I mean, we saw your reaction as you tell people. Can you kind of give me some... What were their experiences once they found out you won?

Shannon Villers: A lot of them were just shocked. Like eyes got real big, mouth dropped open. I mean it...

Chad Jordan: Yeah. And your boyfriend rides motorcycles?

Shannon Villers: Yes.

Chad Jordan: Okay. Does he have a Harley?

Shannon Villers: No.

Chad Jordan: Okay. Well he does now kind of, right? So I wonder, I don't know... I wonder if two could fit on that one? Because you're getting... So you're getting your license.

Shannon Villers: Yes.

Chad Jordan: Were you already planning on doing that anyways?

Shannon Villers: Yes.

Chad Jordan: Okay. So you were so confident that you had a chance to win this sucker that you kind of envisioned yourself on a Harley. You're getting your license. So... Now leading up to today, what... Now I... Obviously I just got here this morning. What have... Have you guys been prepping for this moment? What's been going on behind the scenes for today to happen?

Shannon Villers: Well, we've just... Lot of teasing, a lot of great support within my team here. I honestly have to give a good bit of it to them because, if it didn't have the support system behind me, I wouldn't have been able to excel.

Chad Jordan: And we... So today again, if you didn't see the video, go back and watch it. We obviously know that Shannon... You won the Harley lottery. I mean you participated in the contest, so you put yourself in that lottery, but you do have a great team around you. So we coordinated with... Sport Clips coordinated with American Crew and Harley Davidson, and we actually got swag bags for everybody on Shannon's team and made sure that they got mugs, pins, emblems, might've been some tee shirts in the bags. I can't even remember all the things that they got because we wanted them to at least feel like your win was a win for them as well because we know that they were big part of all this happening.
So today we get here. VFW is with us. We had four guys from the VFW show up, the... Two that served in the Navy, two that served in the army, the actual West Virginia, the head of the West Virginia VFW showed up for you today. So that was really special that the GM from the local Harley Davidson dealership, he showed up with the bike. Now this... Did you realize this was a custom made bike?

Shannon Villers: No.

Chad Jordan: This is not just one you could go pick up in any Harley Davidson showroom. So this was made especially with American Crew, Harley Davidson, and Sport Clips. So that's why it's all jet black and just some of the specifics about it. So he came, presented it, we had this humongous party, this great event. And you were kind of nervous this morning. What was the most nerve wracking part of the whole kind of experience. The anticipation. What was it?

Shannon Villers: Well, for me, I'm not the one that likes to be put in the center of attention. I'm more of behind the scenes, kind of lurking. So it's a different experience for me, in general. So that makes me nervous. I'm not... I don't know how to explain it.

Chad Jordan: Had you... So what we... We didn't blindfold you, we put a hat over your head. We walked you out there. Obviously the Harley Davidson wasn't going to fit into the store. So we all go out there and we show you. Now, when you see it for the first time, it's kind of a slicker, slender model. Right. Is it what you were expecting or were you kind of expecting one of the big old ones with the big old handlebars? Like what... How did it meet your expectations?

Shannon Villers: It actually far exceeded my expectations. The paint job is exactly what I would've preferred..I like black, I liked the fact that doesn't have any chrome on it, so you don't have to worry about any water splashes or it looking like crap. So yeah. I'm just... I'm still stunned.

Chad Jordan: Yeah. We're capturing our... Literally, this is minutes after the party and the presentation that we've had. Who... Okay. You've got... You said you have four sons and a five year old girl. Which of your boys is going to be most impressed with this motorcycle when you bring it home?

Shannon Villers: My eight year old, Luke.

Chad Jordan: Okay. Is he into this kind of stuff or...

Shannon Villers: He is very..., He's kind of like me doesn't believe stuff until it actually happens. So, when he actually sees it in the driveway, it'll become real to him.

Chad Jordan: No, that's going to be fantastic. And, who knows? Maybe one day they'll be riding it. And at least, you can take them out for a spin. So you've been at this location how long?

Shannon Villers: It'll be three years in March.

Chad Jordan: Okay. Three years. And you've been a stylist for how long?

Shannon Villers: I've been a stylist almost 10 years.

Chad Jordan: Okay. What, what made you get into cosmetology and all of that?

Shannon Villers: Well, when I was in high school, I had a choice between auto mechanics, auto body and cosmetology. Auto mechanics and auto body was already taken. So I guess cosmetology it was.

Chad Jordan: Did you take to it like a duck to water or are you kind of, you could take it or leave it.

Shannon Villers: I took to it okay.

Chad Jordan: So you, you jumped in with both feet and enjoyed it?

Shannon Villers: Yes.

Chad Jordan: Yeah.

Shannon Villers: Yes. I worked a full service for a while.

Chad Jordan: Okay. Mostly women's hair.

Shannon Villers: Yeah. That was all right. But I came to realize that, yeah...

Chad Jordan: What didn't you like? Was it the money or the fact that it couldn't make as much or the time it took to do the hair or the pickiness of the client?

Shannon Villers: All the above. All the above. With men, I think that there is a lot more creativity that can be done within the haircuts. They're obviously faster and easier to style and men are a lot easier to please than women are.

Chad Jordan: Yeah. And they get their haircuts more frequently.

Shannon Villers: So it means more money.

Chad Jordan: Yeah, exactly. That's what I'm saying. So, that's a perfect fit. And then... So do you bounce around from full service salon or you been at kind of one for a while before you figured out to get into men's hair? What?

Shannon Villers: So I worked at Master Cuts for several years and then I left.

Chad Jordan: Is that a women? What is that?

Shannon Villers: That's a Regis corporation salon within... Usually you find them in malls. And then I went from there to working in a private salon and my hometown and just couldn't... Was not a good experience.

Chad Jordan: It wasn't a good fit.

Shannon Villers: No, it wasn't a good fit for me.

Chad Jordan: So how did you find out about Sport Clips?

Shannon Villers: Well, I went to an interview for Sport Clips up in Washington, Pennsylvania, and I really liked the aspect, the atmosphere...

Chad Jordan: That is, by the way... I believe the Logan trophy winning store is in Washington, Pennsylvania. So, Jeff Crummy store. So, okay. You went to interview at that location?

Shannon Villers: And the manager at the time said that she felt that it wasn't right a right fit for me at that time.

Chad Jordan: Was it a commute for what it had been a commute for you? How close was it?

Shannon Villers: I would have been about a half hour, 45 minute drive. Right. So, I was like, "Okay." So then I continued to do women's hair for a while. And then... My boyfriend is originally from the Marietta area, so we had come down here to get a whole new fresh start and I started looking around for jobs, seeing that there is Sport Clips here and they were hiring and come in and filled out an application.

Chad Jordan: And you'd already been through the process, kind of. Had you done a technical interview? Had you cut hair at the Washington one and showing them what you could do?

Shannon Villers: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Chad Jordan: Okay, so you were pretty comfortable then.

Shannon Villers: Yes.

Chad Jordan: Having already interviewed once and you come here. Now did... Was Amanda the team leader involved in your interview at all or was it all Crystal?

Shannon Villers: I was all Crystal.

Chad Jordan: Okay.

Shannon Villers: And Stacy.

Chad Jordan: And Stacy, the assistant manager. Okay. Hired you on the spot or did you have to toss and turn and wait for them to call? What...How did that work out?

Shannon Villers: They made me sweat it out a little bit, but that's quite all right. I mean, I had a couple of other interviews, but I knew this was the place ultimately that I wanted to work at. The amount of love that's in this store is amazing, compared to other places that I've worked. When you get a bunch of females in the same area, a lot of them tend to get very catty and it's not like that here. We actually treat each other as family. We spend more time with each other here than we do at home with our family.

Chad Jordan: That's cool. What kind of team events do you guys do? Or, if you guys go out and about, what are some fun things that this store might do?

Shannon Villers: Hmm, I have not been out on any yet.

Chad Jordan: Okay. It's all the fun you have is within these four walls essentially. Yeah. No, about the cattiness part. I'm laughing because I coach both my 15 year old and my 13 year old daughters' soccer teams. And, so, there's so much drama from one week to the next. And the people that are fighting this week are best friends next week and they're now turned on others and they're fighting within it. So, I'm always amazed when there's a really functioning family like atmosphere and, like at Sport Clips because you're like "I wish we could bottle that up and give it to my teenage girls." But what are you going to most remember about this entire experience? Besides the Harley sit it in your garage, driveway.

Shannon Villers: Just the whole experience of the amount of love and support behind people that... Yeah, you fight and you argue and you have your disagreements, but when it comes down to it, we're family.

Chad Jordan: Yeah. You got each other's backs.

Shannon Villers: Exactly.

Chad Jordan: So are you keeping an eye on the 'Help A Hero' calendar to see what other things are available to win coming months and rest of the year?

Shannon Villers: Absolutely. Always looking.

Chad Jordan: Yeah. I think... You know, and I'm just throwing this out there, you can win more than once. There's no... It's not like you exceeded your lifetime possibilities. So if I were you... It sounds like you've got to hit those clients up next time there's a contest and see if it's just like... You have the picture to prove that there is a winner. So... I might be coming back. Let's put it this way. I might be coming back. I teased everybody that, why couldn't you have been located in Hawaii or you know, like a destination like that. But I love West Virginia. So I appreciate getting a chance to come out here and spend time with you guys.
It's been amazing. So I just wanted to have you on here cause we needed... For those watching on YouTube, we wanted to see an actual winter and hear from someone that's won. We've done a podcast with, back at Huddle, with a four or five team members and managers that have won different contests, but to actually be present when one's given away and... It's just a really special, so I wanted to capture you today because the others were recorded after the fact. This is live today. You got it. The Harley Davidson's right out front and it's been such a special morning. So thank you very much for being on. And any final words that you have for maybe others kind of dipping their toe in the water and whether they should do these contests.

Shannon Villers: Don't ever give up. Shoot for the stars. Keep your nose up in the air and just thank the good Lord for what you got.

Chad Jordan: And keep plugging away at every little thing you do, every product you sell. I mean, we're raising money for 'Help A Hero', the scholarship foundation for veterans that are transitioning to civilian workforce and want to get a higher education. So, everything that you've done has helped raise money for them. And that's amazing.

Shannon Villers: And, I didn't know that at the time. And that's really exciting for me.

Chad Jordan: It's so incredible. And for American Crew and Revlon to partner with Harley and Sport Clips to do this. Golly, it's just... What a company to be a part of. So thank you Shannon. Congratulations to you and thanks to all our listeners. I can't promise we'll have a Harley Davidson winning a stylist on the next episode of Sport Clips, Hall of Fame podcast, but you never know. But tune in next week, we'll have another great addition for you. Thanks everyone.