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In this episode recorded in June of 2018, we interview Jeff Burroughs. Jeff and his wife Robyn are award-winning franchisees who grew three franchised locations into a thriving business of 20 locations across the Mid-Atlantic. Jeff is an elected member of TLAC - the Team Leader Advisory Council and shares his insights into what it takes to be successful in franchising. Enjoy the podcast!

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June 26, 2018  Jeff Burroughs Team Leader Journey from Career in Auto Sales to Successful Franchisee at Sport Clips

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Chad Jordan:                Hey, welcome to another edition of the Sport Clips Hall of Fame podcast. This is Chad Jordan. I'm the director of marketing here at Sport Clips. I have with me today ...

Jeff Burroughs:             My name's Jeff Burroughs. I'm a team leader for Sport Clips for the state of Maryland and also southern Delaware.

Chad Jordan:                All right. Welcome, Jeff. Jeff is one of my favorite team leaders and it has nothing to do with the fact that we're both addicted to Mountain Dew. Maybe it has a little to do with that.

Jeff Burroughs:             Hey, I'll enjoy the little green stuff.

Chad Jordan:                We did find out prior to this podcast that we do disagree in one area. I'm a Dallas Cowboy's fan.

Jeff Burroughs:             And I bleed the burgundy and gold with the Red Skins.

Chad Jordan:                He's a Washington Redskins fan. We'll do our best to set aside those differences because we really do have a bunch of stuff to talk about today. As a matter of fact, we're probably gonna chop this podcast into two episodes because there's so much great content and opportunities to discuss some really great things about being a team leader at Sport Clips. By the way, in case you're listening to this and unfamiliar with our brand, maybe you're just listening from the outside, team leader is what we call our franchisees. Jeff is a team leader. There's so much great content around that part of his life, but I also want to talk in the second episode, about the other side, the extracurricular outside of Sport Clips world essentially.

                                    Jeff, you have been named team leader of the year before. I believe 2015-ish, which is a major award that we give out at our national convention. Can you just give me a quick rundown of how many stores you currently own, their territory, how far away they are from each other? Just give me a little lay of the land.

Jeff Burroughs:             Yeah. My wife and I joined Sport Clips back in 2009 with our first store.

Chad Jordan:                Your wife, Robyn.

Jeff Burroughs:             My wife, Robyn.

Chad Jordan:                Is the co-team-leader.

Jeff Burroughs:             She's the co-team leader/owner. At that point we both were working full-time jobs. I was in the auto industry and she was a cable splicer for Verizon climbing telephone poles every day. In doing that we started with our first store like a lot of team leaders do. They buy a three-pack. Get started there and say, okay, this is where I'm heading. I want to do a diversification. I've got my regular job. I have this other thing on the side that really is gonna help me go to the next level of my personal life. Then it got to the point where after we got to five or six locations, it was, okay, maybe we can put our foot on the gas pedal and I can step away from the corporate world and actually grow our business to a whole other level.

Chad Jordan:                That time you said when you got to five or six locations, are we talking a year, two years? How long were you into this?

Jeff Burroughs:             No. It took me five years to do that. I probably could have left at four, but in the industry that I was in, in the auto industry, I had some really good relationships with clients that actually held me in a little longer than I wanted to. In 2009 we opened our first one. I sit here today with 17 open stores. One under construction. Two purchases in the works that will take place somewhere between July 1 and the 15. We'll be at 20 Sport Clips locations. Once we put all that together, we will own 95% of the stores from Baltimore all the way to the furthest point south in Maryland. Also, on the eastern shore of Maryland and we will have one location in southern Delaware, which we picked up that territory because we just felt like it was a good fit for the eastern shore.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. You live really within your territory. It's all within pretty convenient driving distance?

Jeff Burroughs:             I live in the southern point of my territory right where I originally bought the three licenses. That's where we were gonna build our nest. I have stores now that are three hours away. I have probably a heavy majority of my stores that are at least an hour to hour and a half away. But the system and everything it provides makes it pretty easy to be able to manage this business model from afar as long as you do have that intention to still spend the time and travel to those stores on somewhat of a regular basis.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. How often do you say that you're in one of your stores?

Jeff Burroughs:             Well, when I was a three-store owner to a five-store owner, I was pretty regular. I was in them every single week. As you seem to grow, you seem to add your backside structure, maybe it's an area manager. Maybe it's an operations manager.

Chad Jordan:                Which those roles do what?

Jeff Burroughs:             Area manager, their job is to coach and manage the managers and provide every bit of support possible to those teams. The average area manager for us has seven locations. They're overseeing those seven locations providing support. As you can imagine, having 20 locations and being an owner, your time starts to get divided. The amount of time and effort you can give to each individual team is important, but it also gets kinda a little unfair if you don't provide some kind of middle support. That area manager's in the store every single week, if not twice a week. We try to get to the stores now, now this is 20 stores, soon to be 20 stores, we try to get to them at least every other week to visit the managers, check on the teams, see what they need.

                                    As I said, we have area managers in place. They're helping us with the day to day operations. We're there to provide that extra support, concerns, any issues they have, and also play cheerleader. The wife likes to play cheerleader as she's learning more now to get deeper into the business. She just retired February 22 of this year. It's a big transition 30 years with the phone company now to coming over to a different industry full time. The PR part, the cheerleading part of it, the coaching part, she's kinda got that down, but now it's kinda learning day by day the operation side, which is really adding extra for us, and also really helping the teams out because they're seeing help faster with anything they need.

Chad Jordan:                When you came in 2009, you had mentioned earlier that you had a full-time job, so did Robyn. What about this opportunity drew you? Was it the fact that it could be turnkey and you didn't have to give up your day job to be in this business?

Jeff Burroughs:             That's an interesting question. For me it was a couple different areas. I looked at several different franchises from some small fast casual type restaurant areas, some different things that I just thought peaked my interest. I really do believe if you don't love what you do, you're not gonna do it well. I was looking at a couple franchises. A gentleman by the name of Wayne McGlone, which is very prominent with Sport Clips with the Wayne McGlone fund, he worked for Ford Motor Credit and he was my regional finance person for Ford.

Chad Jordan:                I didn't know there was a personal connection. Cool.

Jeff Burroughs:             Wayne and I were really tight. Wayne said, "Hey, I'm getting ready to do this. Why don't you take a peek?" I'm like okay, whatever. I did. I will tell you that we almost signed up in 2008. It was gonna be a deal that was gonna be a partnership between myself and my little brother. We met with Wayne McGlone and a guy named Dick Muller and we sat on the couch and my brother asked questions and I asked questions, and it didn't seem like those questions were gonna line up too well. I said, "You know? Let me back up a little bit." I kinda backed up and said, "You know, maybe this might create some issues at Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner." I'm like, you know, if I'm gonna do something like this, maybe I want to do it on my own or do it with my partner, being my wife.

                                    Then Wayne and I sat down again and we sat and we decided in 2009 that this was the direction we were gonna go with a great amount of information that he was providing us and the very open information that Sport Clips was giving us. We decided to go with Sport Clips. Once Sport Clips was put in front of me, I did look at some other hair franchises just to kind of investigate. The thing that kept drawing me to this was there was two things. One, simple. Two, I used to coach sports and this is ... When you really look into the system and everything we have, it's about coaching people. It's about taking a system and coaching people. It's like a coach. Here's my game plan. Coach them to perform well with that game plan. It really, I just fell in love with it.

                                    It was a little bit of a sale. I'm a good salesman in the car business, so I had to sell my wife on it. I got past that hurdle and we bought three licenses. Never thought, never thought when we bought the three licenses that we would be sitting at 20. My real goal at that point was this is diversification of income because the car business goes up and down, peaks and valleys, and I had a kid that was planning to go to college. I was gonna say, hey, this was gonna offset and pay for college. Well, as we can all see, it's blossomed into a lot more.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. Within 10 years you're looking at 20 stores.

Jeff Burroughs:             Yeah. At the end of the day, it's blossomed maybe a lot because of our effort, but it's blossomed a lot because of the effort of our teams. Our teams are what have made the difference here. I am the owner and I write the checks, but the people that are on the front lines are what's helping us and making it possible for us to grow.

Chad Jordan:                I want to explore that really quickly because your team is critical. Your team is key. Your team is awesome. I've met many of them. How do you assemble a winning team like that? Do you wave a magic wand or cross your fingers and just hope for good luck? I'm sure there's some luck in it. What are a couple secrets that you could maybe give to others that are investigating this opportunity?

Jeff Burroughs:             You know, it's funny you ask that because the first store it is wave the magic wand, try to figure it out. Think about this, you're opening up a brand and a market. When we opened up our Waldorf store, nobody even knew what Sport Clips was. The stylist industry in Waldorf, Maryland did not even know what Sport Clips was. We were trying to get people to fall in love with the concept, like we were. Then we were trying to see if they were a good fit for the concept. There were so many working pieces. I felt like we did a really good job hiring the folks that we did there. We were very committed to the ones who started with us in the beginning to train them to be successful. To not just look at them as here's our first store. They're just gonna be stylists with us forever. Once we got the first store open, I was addicted then. It was, "I got to get another one." We were already working towards the next one, when we opened our second store, one of our stylists got an opportunity from just a stylist to actually manage her own store. When we opened our third one, we did the same thing. Our belief is, our team, it's about growing. Train them to grow and it helps us grow. I've looked at a lot of different ways were we can bring people in from the outside and they think they know everything. They've been in the hair business for 20 years.

                                    I actually like the people that are brand new to the industry. We can provide them everything that they need to be successful. A lot of its education. Most of them want to learn, when they go to hair school, they learn how to cut hair, they don't come out with a business degree. So if you want to train somebody to grow with you, you have to just provide them the tools, which Sport Clips easily provides with, between training classes, webinars, the regional and area coaches that are out there in the market to provide hair cutting classes.

                                    I look at it also for me, it's about coaching. I love the fact to watch a person go from a stylist in our organization that we hire, move up the ladder. Get to a point in their career that I'm seeing a social media post that says that they bought their first house, or they bought their first car.

Chad Jordan:                That's so cool.

Jeff Burroughs:             There's a lot positives out of that, as an owner, to just be able to feel that. That you made a difference.

Chad Jordan:                Do you put, right in the interview process, do you start laying out possible career paths that these stylist can take once they join your team? If they are lucky enough to get invited?

Jeff Burroughs:             We do, we do give them a heads up of where this could go if they are willing to commit their time and effort to it. We do not try to over promote the fact of this is where you will be. We kind of promote the fact of, "Hey, if you follow our lead, and if you follow us with the training we're going to provide, these are opportunities that are out there. That you could see in the future." Because I don't want to create false hope. Because sometimes, and I'll say it just recently, I had an area manager step back and say, "Hey, I really don't want to be an area manager anymore." The one reason she said it, it's not because she doesn't like the job, it's not because she doesn't like the owners, I hope. She looked at us and said, "I love to cut hair. I want to cut hair."

Chad Jordan:                Want to be on the floor everyday.

Jeff Burroughs:             Right. "I want to be with the client." So she thought that she wanted to be at the highest level, but she got there and looked at us and says, "I really want to be back." We're going to make it 100% possible for her to make the easy transition back, and allow her to grow her career at that level. At the pace she wants to grow. Because some people they have high expectations. They think, "Hey, I want to be area manager because that's a great name tag." They get there and they figure out they miss something that they really loved about this industry.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah, their passion that's not getting filled.

Jeff Burroughs:             Absolutely, the creativity. Some of the-

Chad Jordan:                But what a great dynamic that you have that relationship set up, that trust that's built in on both sides that she could come to you and say, "Hey, this wasn't the right path. Can I go a different way?" And you say, "Of course."

Jeff Burroughs:             That's one of the things. We treat all of ours like family. We try to distill the whole aspect of you're not just an employee, you're part of our family. There's a lot of times that Robyn will make the comment, "They're like our daughters." 95% of the folks that work in our company, are actually female. So it's a lot of relations of daughters. One of guys that's already a son, he's in the company. So he gets the one off.

Chad Jordan:                Do you have any daughters?

Jeff Burroughs:             No, no, no, no.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, there you go.

Jeff Burroughs:             It kind of fills that void.

Chad Jordan:                The adoption process is going on with you.

Jeff Burroughs:             Exactly. But so it's great to see that and it's great to, on Mother's day, as Robyn will get texts that say, "Hey, happy Mother's Day to my second mom." I get the same on Father's day. That just says that there's a lot of respect. For what we do as a company, and I think that builds value in what you get out of your team also.

Chad Jordan:                You've opened stores, that's how you got your start here, with your three pack. All those you had to open, right? You weren't buying-

Jeff Burroughs:             That's correct, three. One each year.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, about the time, 2009, like you said, Sport Clips wasn't well known yet.

Jeff Burroughs:             When we opened our store, our first store, that's what I said, Nobody knew us. We were 600 stores deep in the country, US only, not in Canada yet. At that point there was only one or two stores in Baltimore, which was about two and a half hours away, two hours away from this location. Just a whole different marketing area where everybody is what the heck is that?

Chad Jordan:                Now you're at a place where you do sometimes transfer buy existing stores, right?

Jeff Burroughs:             Yep.

Chad Jordan:                So I imagine there's challenges for both, opening a store, then obviously transitioning from one team leader to the other. Can you kind of explain to me what those challenges might be? What they might look like? And how you overcome them each time?

Jeff Burroughs:             Well, probably the biggest challenge with anything, is just going in and reassuring the culture. Sometimes when you have a store that, if they're challenged and they've been struggling, there could be reasons. It could be reasons maybe the owner/team leader is not following the system. Maybe that owner is allowing the team not to follow the values of the system of Sports Clips, which is very important to follow, because you know I'm a true believer, we buy a system, stick with it. Then we'll some where you'll have a person that says, "You know, it's my time. I'm ready to retire." The two stores that we're purchasing right now, the gentleman has moved out of state. He's ready to step back and do something different. The cultures in his two stores are great, so that's a great thing. We're going to walk in, we've already been involved with the teams and we feel like they're already part of the family.

                                    There will be a few little things that we'll have to work out because people are creatures of habit. So we'll have to break a few habits. But the one thing about it is, you're walking in and taking over the system that you've already purchased. With the same brand. As long a people inside those stores are following the system, they have good values, and the culture in the store is good, normally your transitions are pretty easy. You do run into a few of them where you'll look at a store and it's struggling, okay?

Chad Jordan:                Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jeff Burroughs:             When you really start to look at why is that store struggling? Sometimes the writing is on the wall. You don't want to be very up front and admit it to whoever is selling, but you could look at it and say, "Okay, why?" Maybe they're not following the system. Maybe they're not staffing right. Maybe their hair cut prices are kind of wrong for the market. If you get those things back in line pretty quick, two things happen. The store turns around and the culture blossoms.

Chad Jordan:                It's almost like that analogy you used earlier, the coach.

Jeff Burroughs:             Yeah.

Chad Jordan:                So, Phil Jackson, extremely successful with the Chicago Bulls, because he instituted ... obviously he had Michael Jordan ... but he instituted that triangle offense. Then picks up and goes to the Lakers, same offense, same system, and has success there as well. So you come in and you put the Sports Clips system, make sure everything followed along, and you institute that and you're a success.

Jeff Burroughs:             When you talked about Phil Jackson a while back, you look at Joe Gibbs being a part of the Redskins. His whole deal was, he was a coach, and he wanted to have great people under him that would coach to make a great team. When he came back to the Washington Redskins, he had realized times and the culture of the NFL had changed. What he did back then wasn't as effective now.

                                    Times do change, and you have to kind of adjust. We'll look at ... Every store purchase that we've done, it's had it's little challenges, but there's nothing you ever lost sleep over. Because if you look at a purchase just like a new construction, but you're not having to build the brick and mortar, they're very similar. It's all based around coaching the team to be successful. I do truly believe there's a thing that you get what you give. So if you give that store the effort, you should get the production.

Chad Jordan:                We were talking before the podcast about an executive at Sport Clips and how approachable he is. I imagine that's probably unique, especially in the franchise industry, that the executives of the company are really available when the owners, or franchisees need something, have a question, want to dig in more. Can you describe to me, maybe your relationship with Gordon Logan, our CEO and others that you're able just to pick up and talk to from to time?

Jeff Burroughs:             Yeah, I look at it ... I worked in the auto industry with the Ford automotive dealership side. We felt very reserved in dealing with the higher ups, people that felt like they were on a different level. I walk into Sports Clips, and I literally feel like it's a family. What I mean by that is, it's been many times on a Saturday or and dinner time, I'm getting a phone call from Gordon, or I'm getting a phone call from Edward, the president of the company. Or Scott Perry, the CFO. The conversation is kind of interesting, they'll ask the question that they need to ask, but it's like the conversation carries on for 30 to 45 minutes. And it's all about personal. We're talking about each others family and how things are and what's going on. That's a major part of this company, the values of where they care about us, and return, we kind of return that care back to our teams. And-

Chad Jordan:                Sure, flow from the top.

Jeff Burroughs:             Yeah, when you've got 1700 stores across the country and every once in a while, you're getting a phone call from the founder and CEO of the company, and it's a general conversation. Some people would probably be, if they're looking at their sales numbers, they maybe looking at, "Do I answer this phone call?" But I always answer that phone call, and it's quite interesting. Not always is it about Sports Clips and about the hair cut side. Sometimes it's about some of the other things that we do out there, getting involved in Ageless Aviation, or Aleethia Foundation and things, "Hey, can you help out?" Doing those type things and getting those phone calls from people like that. Them calling us being so prominent in the company but calling us on a one on one basis just makes us feel like we matter. Our stylists wanna feel like they matter and we get those kind of calls at a very casual basis from the corporate level. It makes us feel like we matter.

Chad Jordan:                Yeah. I tell this story all the time but, about a year ago, I called Gordon Logan, our founder. I was expecting either voicemail or his secretary. He picks up and I'm shocked and I said, "Uh, Gordon, this is Chad. I wasn't expecting it to be you. I thought it would be your secretary." He said, "Well I'm sorry to disappoint you Chad, but would you still like to talk?" And of course I did. But that's how approachable these guys are on our executive team.

                                    I like to hear that from our team leaders too, that they have that same kind of relationship.

                                    I wanna talk quickly. I know we're winding down on the first part of this broadcast, but you're on TLAC. Can you explain what that acronym is and explain what the role of the TLAC is?

Jeff Burroughs:             Yeah. So it's a Team Leader Advisory Counsel and this is my second go around. The first go around I was appointed based on the year that I won Team Leader Of The Year, which was an awesome add to being the team leader of the year. Getting asked to be a part of TLAC and that was like invited to the party. And I didn't realize what the party was all about.

                                    Then when it came up to be an elected spot, I was one of the first ones. I'm in. I wanna be a part of it. And the reason why is because we're a group of seven now that are team leaders across the country that are heavily involved in the conversation with corporate about future changes, issues now.

                                    I would tell you that I feel like we're the voice of all the owners out there. Of course how many times can you pick up the phone in one day for somebody to file a complaint, or have an issue, or give a creative idea.

                                    By having it divided up by different regions in the country, it allows it a little bit of a division and a focus on what is needed in each division. We'll have people asking about our point of sales system now with Salon Ultimate. Hey these are some positive things that we as owners feel that we might wanna look at that could make a difference for the business. We start providing that information and we have monthly calls. Sometimes the monthly calls get into weekly calls depending on how much traction we're getting on something we can make a positive change for the company.

                                    It's a very important role to me because I really do feel like, as we go and as we grow as a group. The group does change every year by a couple people being who's elected or not. We're making such a difference in items that are reinforcing either our values or the direction of this company.

Chad Jordan:                What are some of those items? If they're not secret. If you're allowed to share them.

Jeff Burroughs:             No. So we were heavily involved with the whole new point of sales system with Sport Clips. The Online Check In. If anybody hadn't heard, when you walk in the front door at Sport Clips, "Hey, have you checked in online?"

                                    So that whole system that is kind of taken us from maybe being a step behind our competitor to a step ahead. Which is really helping the customer check-in online, helping the experience of the client.

                                    We were heavily involved in those items. Some of the other items behind the scenes have to do with our renewal checklist. Every owner, every five years, needs to renew their license.

                                    We're looking at issues that either need to be address to either make it better at that renewal time either for the looks in the store or maybe on the pocket. What we have to spend to do that. Those type of items, we are definitely looking at ...

                                    Also, we're looking at the things around the marketing. The marketing, the IT, human resource.

                                    We actually fly to Georgetown, Texas now. Have a two day complete meeting, bell to bell and the VPs from the company are sitting in there and it is a brainstorming on how can we as a collective group make a change? How can we make this better?

                                    We have a new success check coming out. All our managers out there oughta be really excited 'cause there's a few little changes, little tweaks.

                                    And I will tell you there was some back and forth in that room. And I can tell you that the man in the white hat was sitting behind me and he was pushing for a little bit higher number but he gave in a little bit and our success check number that we get graded and rated on inside of our stores, they've changed. And they've changed because our experience in the store and where our overall numbers, they have risen. And we're continuously trying to push the bar.

                                    Those type of things that we're going to those meetings and we're looking at it as a group and we're not just focused on here. Let’s figure how much money we're gonna spend on marketing for the year. No, let’s talk about every component that can make a difference 'cause if you take 10 things and you make a little change on 10 things, it adds up to a lot. And this company has grown over 100 store per year for the last several years. It doesn't look like we're gonna slow down.

Chad Jordan:                Nope, we're going strong. I know we're winding down on this portion of the podcast, this episode. I have a couple further questions I wanna squeeze out if I can. The first being, alright you're almost 10 years into this, you and Robyn, and we'll talk about the Jeff-Robyn, husband-wife dynamic in the second podcast. What is one thing you know now that, in 2009 when you started, you wish you had known, that would've made your like a little easier?

Jeff Burroughs:             When I first got in, I thought I knew everything. And I understood I was buying a system, but I thought I only had to follow half the system and I could put Jeff's other half in there.

                                    Everybody in my area knew me as the car guy or the truck guy. I could market myself with no problem.

                                    You give me a bar of soap, I'm gonna sell it to somebody. Even if he's already taken a bath.

                                    I kind of was going against the grain a little bit as I would say. And I learned after a couple of years, don't go against the grain follow it to a T. You'll save yourself a lot of time, and you'll also save yourself a lot of money. I wish I had of done that, probably on my first couple stores, where I'd of just really follow the system because there were a lot of bumps and bruises I took at that time but for every bump and bruise, I learned a lot. There's a lot of value in those bumps and bruises but they're a little painful in the pocket.

Chad Jordan:                That's a great lesson. Another question I'd like to ask in these podcasts, is what is one real life challenge that you face in your role, as a team leader, on a pretty consistent basis and how do you tackle that challenge?

Jeff Burroughs:             My biggest challenge right now as an owner is, I like being in the stores. I like visiting the stores. And as we've grown I'm having to find out how to make time to make personal visits myself. I like this concept. I love it. I love the people that work for us. And I don't wanna be drawn to the fact where I'm stuck inside four walls, trying to manage everything on the outside and I don't get to be involved with my teams.

                                    I don't want to be the one that walks in with a whip. I wanna be the one who walks in with a high-five. And that is the thing that I'm a little challenged right now and that's really causing us to add a little bit more behind the scenes operations people. And somebody would look at it and say, "Well you're adding that person. Do you really need to?" You know there's a value in adding maybe one more behind the scenes person because I don't fall out of love with what I do and there's a lot of value in that.

                                    Yeah I may pay salary for somebody to do a job that I could do. But if I'm doing that job, I can't go visit my stores.

Chad Jordan:                It frees you up.

Jeff Burroughs:             And also, have personal time for my family or other things that I'm involved with in the community. And those three thing have to align. If they don't align then there's a crack in that heart and you don't wanna have that crack.

Chad Jordan:                I love it and that's a good segue into what we're gonna discuss in the next podcast which will be family, marketing, and extra curricular activities, being involved in the community. But before we get there, I end every podcast with some random, off the wall questions.

Jeff Burroughs:             Here we go.

Chad Jordan:                So I usually ask 10 questions but since we'll chop this podcast up into two, I'm gonna ask you five now and five later.

Jeff Burroughs:             Okay.

Chad Jordan:                The catch is, I can't ask any follow up questions.

Jeff Burroughs:             Okay.

Chad Jordan:                So I gotta just let the answer just lay there. So number one, which super power, Jeff, would you most like to have?

Jeff Burroughs:             Superpower would I like to have? A protective shield.

Chad Jordan:                Okay protective shield. Like it. Captain America.

Jeff Burroughs:             Yep.

Chad Jordan:                What is your personal motto?

Jeff Burroughs:             Go get it.

Chad Jordan:                Go get it? All right. Sounds like get 'er done. Go get it.

                                    Other than where you live now, where else in the world would you most like to live?

Jeff Burroughs:             Nowhere. I love where I live and the family I have.

Chad Jordan:                Wow, so not even ... I can't ask follow-up. Okay.

Jeff Burroughs:             Nope. I'm good.

Chad Jordan:                All right, who is the celebrity you would most like to meet one day?

Jeff Burroughs:             Believe it or not Jeff Burroughs. There was 1971 and he was a baseball player signed by the Washington senators and that's who I'm named after.

Chad Jordan:                What? Wow.

Jeff Burroughs:             Yeah and he actually lives in San Diego, California now. I'm tracking him down so watch out.

Chad Jordan:                We'll tag him in the podcast and see if we can get him.

Jeff Burroughs:             Yep

Chad Jordan:                Last but not least, which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Jeff Burroughs:             You know, that one's tough. Here we go.

Chad Jordan:                Here we go? That's yours?

Jeff Burroughs:             Here we go.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. All right, that's been a podcast with Jeff Burroughs. He and I, right now, will celebrate with a little bit of Mountain Dew and we'll come back with episode two at a later date.

                                    Thank you so much. Thanks Jeff

Jeff Burroughs:             No problem, man. Thank you.