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In this episode recorded in June of 2018, we interview Linda Casillas. Linda began her career at Sport Clips in 2011 after years of success in the industry. The best part of Linda's story is that she achieved her dream of getting to educate and become an even more accomplished platform artist. Enjoy the podcast!

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June 18, 2018  Linda Casillas  Coach, Artistic Team Member and Ambassador Lead Journey from Salon Owner / Educator to Coach and Founding Member of the Artistic Team

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Chad Jordan:                All right. This is Chad Jordan from Sport Clips. I'm the Director of Marketing for Digital Services. This is another edition of our Hall of Fame podcast. I'm pleased today to be joined ... Or actually tonight at this point. To be joined with Linda Casillas, who I hope I get all the titles right. She's a coach, she's a member of the artistic team. Fill in the blank. Is there anything else, Linda, that I'm missing?

Linda Casillas:               Ambassador lead.

Chad Jordan:                Ambassador lead. Okay. Ambassador lead. We can talk a little bit about that as well. Located in the Philadelphia area. What exactly is your territory as a coach?

Linda Casillas:               I have the Philadelphia area. Mainly the stores surrounding Philadelphia and then also the Wilkes Barre/Scranton area as well as one store in Delaware.

Chad Jordan:                Excellent. What we're going to talk about in this podcast as we do in a number of them is kind of the beginning, middle, and next phase of a particular person's career. Linda has a really fascinating story.

Chad Jordan:                We've done podcasts in the past, most recently with Tyffani Allen who is a coach and member of the artistic team as well. She's in the St. Louis area. She started her career literally out of cosmetology school at Sport Clips and grew through the ranks to become a star here.

Chad Jordan:                Linda's path to stardom is a little different. We're going to get into that a little bit today. What I find fascinating about all of these stories is that all roads lead to Rome. All roads can lead to success at Sport Clips. It doesn't matter necessarily where you started or what got you to start here. It's really the dedication and determination you put in and the effort that makes all the difference.

Chad Jordan:                That's certainly the story with Linda who she picked me up from the airport today. We had a pleasant ... Visited some store. Had a great time at American's favorite restaurant Cracker Barrel. Hopefully a future sponsor of the Sport Clips Hall of Fame podcast.

Chad Jordan:                During that time I found out a couple things. Talking about the before aspect of your career. You didn't break into the industry the traditional way that we might see some Sport Clips managers and eventually coaches and everything. Can you give me, remind me, and maybe give the audience the 50,000 foot view of how you got to Sport Clips? Not from diapers on but from where it really mattered in your career to then you starting with Sport Clips in I think it was 2011.

Linda Casillas:               Yup. I started in the cosmetology industry in 1997. I went to…

Chad Jordan:                You were 10 years old. Okay. Got it.

Linda Casillas:               Something like that. I went to beauty school and graduated. I really wanted to pursue education right from the beginning. Got my teacher's license right away. Started going to school, college, for education. Toyed with the idea of being a teacher. Decided instead to go the route of doing education like this, continuing education for stylists.

Linda Casillas:               I started working for product manufacturers. I worked for a big perming company. I worked for Sexy Hair as an educator. I worked for Regis as an educator. I also all throughout that time had been behind the chair in salons. I even had my own salon for a little while.

Chad Jordan:                You took that education experience and what? There was a help wanted ad for Sport Clips coaches in the area? What drew you? How did you get to Sport Clips?

Linda Casillas:               I actually found out about Sport Clips from a former acquaintance that I had through Regis Corporation. I had been in a similar position with the franchise division of Regis as an educator working with franchise stores.

Linda Casillas:               I actually heard that Sport Clips was a company that was really growing in the Philadelphia area. They had just recently opened three stores. Those were the first stores to come about in the Philadelphia area and actually one of the first that were happening in the northeast.

Linda Casillas:               When I came on I actually had the entire northeastern part of the country. I had three stores in Philly, one store in Buffalo, New York, and two stores in Connecticut. I actually had my first day of work participated in the opening of the sixth store in New Jersey.

Chad Jordan:                Wow.

Linda Casillas:               Now we have all these stores in the northeast and now we have 18 stores just in my area right here. I think Jersey has about 40 now. It's really grown a lot. More than doubled in size since I started.

Chad Jordan:                Linda is so smart. She has an energy efficient car. She's had a Prius and now a brand new Hyundai whatever it is.

Linda Casillas:               Bionic.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. That gets you all over the place since your territory ... You seem to always be on the road. What have been some of the best parts ... Let's talk the coaching role. What have been some of the best parts of you growing in this coaching role at Sport Clips? The things that you love the most?

Linda Casillas:               I think obviously one of the things I love the most is being on the artistic team. That's been really huge for me to be able to go out and do the different hair shows throughout the country. I had done some things like that in the past with my former jobs but really getting into much bigger shows, more exposure in the different trade magazines.

Chad Jordan:                Had you been a platform artist prior to being on the artistic team?

Linda Casillas:               I had done platform work before but usually not main stage. Usually what we do at some of the hair shows where we're in a booth and we're on a stage. I had done a lot of that. Maybe larger audiences about 300 people but at Sport Clips the first time I was ever in front of 3000 people with some of the different shows we've done.

Chad Jordan:                We'll talk I'm sure quite a bit about the artistic team. In order to be on it do you have to be a coach? Is that kind of the requirement? Is that who they're looking for in terms to add to the artistic team? Do you know?

Linda Casillas:               Yes. All the artistic team members are coaches.

Chad Jordan:                There's how many people on it?

Linda Casillas:               Nine.

Chad Jordan:                Nine? Jog my memory. Were you one of the original members?

Linda Casillas:               Yes.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Were there always nine?

Linda Casillas:               No. We started out actually there were six of us that started out.

Chad Jordan:                When was this?

Linda Casillas:               They just announced it toward the end of 2014. Then really debuted in 2015 at the National Huddle that year. There was the six of us. Then one stepped down and then we got two more. Then we had seven. Then since then we've had one step down, we've got three more. We have nine.

Chad Jordan:                Nine. You've been on there ... I was told there would be no math in the podcast. Is that four years? This is going on your fourth year?

Linda Casillas:               This is my fourth year. Yes.

Chad Jordan:                Other than the numbers of people what changes have you seen in the artistic team in terms of whether it's exposure, opportunities to do different shows, different styles? What changes have you noticed over those four years?

Linda Casillas:               I think the changes have really been with the opportunities. We're getting to do more unique things like the cover of Man Magazine. They had a contest for Sport Clips team members for their cute son. They submitted photos.

Linda Casillas:               An area manager from South Carolina actually won. Andrea, who is on the team with me, was able to go and do the photo shoot and cut the hair for the little boy that was on the cover of the magazine.

Linda Casillas:               Krystle has gotten to compete on a reality TV show “The Look All Stars”, which is going to be premiering very soon.

Chad Jordan:                You're saying these names and I believe I know who they are.

Linda Casillas:               They're all on the artistic team.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Then give me their last names as well?

Linda Casillas:              Krystle Sierras was on the TV show.

Chad Jordan:                She's out of what area?

Linda Casillas:               She's out of Houston, Texas.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. All right.

Linda Casillas:               Then Andrea is out of South Carolina.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Andrea?

Linda Casillas:               Andrea Allemand. They've gotten to do those. We've had big spreads in Man Magazine, which is a trade magazine. It's part of Beauty Launch Pad. We've had spreads in Modern Salon as well, which is another trade magazine. We've been featured on Behind The Chair.

Linda Casillas:               The more that we do the more we get featured in different things and I think these different opportunities come up for us. Also, the level of the team as we get more experience we start to grow with our abilities as far as the platform artistry as well.

Chad Jordan:                Everybody sees the rock stars perform. Literally, a rock. A band perform. They don't see the hours preparing for the concerts and the late nights and all of that that goes into it. What kind of prep do you have to do for these shows being on the artistic team? Is there anything outside above and beyond the normal day to day stuff that you do that you got to get ready for when you're doing these shows?

Linda Casillas:               We have trainings every quarter. We go up to the headquarters in Georgetown, Texas and we have trainings where we work on hair cutting skills. We'll do ...

Chad Jordan:                Who is doing the training?

Linda Casillas:               Julian Perlingiero is our artistic consultant for Sport Clips.

Chad Jordan:                He's from?

Linda Casillas:               He's from California. He's had a lot of experience with Paul Mitchell as well as Vidal Sassoon. He works with us. We have trainings with him every quarter in Texas. We'll go and do different guest artist spots at the Paul Mitchell School there for practice with presentation skills and do different drills with haircuts and presentation skills.

Linda Casillas:               Also, for the bigger shows that we have we have a lot of rehearsals. It's working with professional dancers and the dancers are rehearsing and then we have a lot of cues coming in and off the stage that we have to rehearse and we have to do it over and over again until we get it right.

Chad Jordan:                Sounds stressful. How is it coping with that? Is it built into your DNA? This is what you live for or is that part of you've got to adjust yourself a little bit to handle that kind of pressure?

Linda Casillas:               For me, I don't have any stage fright.

Linda Casillas:               For me, I don't have any stage fright. So it doesn't make me stressed out to know that I'm getting up on stage. Obviously, you have to take it very seriously and you don't wanna miss any cues or mess up in any way, but at the same time, if you do, people aren't ... They don't know what you have planned.

Chad Jordan:                Right, right, exactly. You've got that advantage.

Linda Casillas:               And that's what I always tell myself that. And I think that's-

Chad Jordan:                I meant to do that. I meant to cut that hair that way.

Linda Casillas:               Yeah. I mean, that's the biggest thing I tell anyone when I'm teaching presentation skills is they don't have the script. They didn't know what you meant to say or if you were supposed to walk in at this time or if you were supposed to say this or that at this time. So as long as you don't show it on your face or make a big deal out of it, people usually don't even know.

Chad Jordan:                I love that. I think we need to underscore that a little bit more because that's a great takeaway for anyone that's up and coming and probably listening to this podcast for pointers, is that it's not a script that you're working off of, especially being a platform artist or any sort of hairstylist. You certainly are aiming for something, but how you get there necessarily doesn't always have to be exact. And so what you're saying is as long as you don't show it on your face or with a word, four letters or less, out loud, that you can really recover from it.

Linda Casillas:               Yeah, people don't know.

Chad Jordan:                So have you ... It's just you and me here. Let's turn the microphone off for a second. Have you been on stage and had an experience like that where wow, I kind of messed that up and I need to recover right now?

Linda Casillas:               I actually at the huddle this year, we had it all planned out, when I finished styling my model's hair, he had to jump up and start dancing and he was trying to hand me the products and cue me and I totally missed it. So he practically had to wave it in front of my face for me to see it. But I just saw it, grabbed it, didn't really pay too much attention to oh, I didn't do it in time, and nobody knows. Nobody knew-

Chad Jordan:                Until right now, in which we're all judging you and thinking "Oh my gosh." We're reading claimed it in our mind. No, that's such a great point. Just keep going.

Linda Casillas:               Yeah. Some minor things. I've never had anything serious happen, but there's been minor things where maybe didn't walk out at just the right second. Maybe it was a little bit late. But people don't know when exactly you're supposed to walk out.

Chad Jordan:                Don't just retreat to a shell, or don't crumble in front of everybody.

Linda Casillas:               Or don't start running because you're late. They won't know.

Chad Jordan:                I love that. So your artistic team travels, take you all over the place. Your coaching irresponsibility, we already talked about the Prius and the Hyundai electron. What do we call it?

Linda Casillas:               Ionic.

Chad Jordan:                Ionic. I'm gonna get it right before this podcast and before this week's over, at least.

Linda Casillas:               You got to drive it.

Chad Jordan:                I did. In the rain, nonetheless. So can you give me a major high that you get from coaching? What is one of the favorite things? Obviously you're educational base, that's something that you love to do. So on a Monday through Friday level, one of the best parts of your job is what?

Linda Casillas:               I like to teach the classes. I like to work with stylists who really are maybe struggling a little bit with haircutting techniques but really want to learn. And I feel like I can really work with them to help them to get better and I love to see when I get that aha moment when somebody really finally gets it, maybe something they've been struggling with. And for me, haircutting didn't come easy for me. It's actually the hardest thing I've ever learned and it took me years to learn how to cut hair and I thought I'd never be able to do it. I almost gave up a couple of times. And it was education for me, which got me over that. I took every class I could get my hands on, even if I had to pay money, even if I had to travel. And I took everybody's class, every manufacturer, everything I could do until everything finally clicked.

Chad Jordan:                Do you do any of the ... I remember talking to Tiffany Allen. She mentioned a couple of YouTubers that she follows for pointers and she watches videos. Can you learn that way, or are you more hands on? You need someone in a classroom showing you on Steve's head in order for you to get it?

Linda Casillas:               So what's kind of funny, we talk about the different learning styles. It's most people in general, but stylist are visual and also very hands on. I'm neither. I'm actually verbal linguistic and math logic. So I like to read things, I like to listen, I like to do math problems and things of that nature. So haircutting ... That's why it was so hard for me because everything you see and you do.

Chad Jordan:                Your side of the brain is-

Linda Casillas:               So I had to really force myself to be able to see and do. And I always still, I wanna know why. And I wanna hear you explain it to me in words. I can see it and I can do it, but if I don't have words to go with it, it's very difficult. So of course everything that I love to do is all hands on. Like I love dance fitness and for me-

Chad Jordan:                Oh, I forgot to list that as one of your major things. Zumba instructor. I blew it. Maybe I could edit this and we can put that back at the top.

Linda Casillas:               And that's something too. I would watch a lot of different instructors and I'd ask them these questions and it would be like "Um, let me think about the answer to that." And my hair teachers used to do the same thing. "But why?" "Well, because that's how you do the hair color." "Yeah, but why? If you're not here, how do I know?" And so I've kind of, like I said, gotten over that. Now when I was in, the late '90s when I was learning, there wasn't all the YouTube and all the different things. So I actually did go to in person classes and I just had to keep finding that right person that could tell me why. And then that's how I was able to learn. At this point I could watch a video and know what's going on, 20 years later.

Chad Jordan:                Is that really it? That you have to get to a point, no matter what kind of way you learn, what kind of learner you are, that eventually you can do it by feel and it's intrinsic and it's just part of who you are? Or some people are never gonna get it and they should just tuck tail and run?

Linda Casillas:               I wouldn't say ... If you want to get it, you'll get it. Because I was told I would never be a haircutter. And I was told to stick with makeup and skincare because that's what I was naturally good at and I did stick with it. I decided-

Chad Jordan:                And why? What was it about it that made you say "This is it. This is my calling. This is what I need to be doing."

Linda Casillas:               So this is actually a really funny story. I was working at Staples.

Chad Jordan:                Alright.

Linda Casillas:               And it was the day I was graduating beauty school and I was actually about to start the teachers program and I was so depressed because I needed help on a haircut that day I graduated, on a client, on the floor. A basic haircut. I just couldn't do it. And I asked the teacher for help and I kept doing my Y thing, and she kept doing her because that's the way you do the haircut thing. And I went into work and I said "You know what? I'm done with haircutting. I'm not gonna do haircutting. I'm just gonna focus on makeup and skincare." And there was this lady who worked, she was working at the copy center, I was behind the service desk. And she said to me "Now what do you mean you're not gonna cut hair and you're gonna be in the cosmetology industry?" And she said "I'll tell you something." She said "The only thing I go to a salon for is a cut. I put my own perm in, I put my own color in, I put my own makeup on." And she's like "When times are tough, people don't pay for that stuff. If you don't know how to cut hair, you're not gonna be anything." And she said that to me and I thought-

Chad Jordan:                She's a cashier at Staples or a customer?

Linda Casillas:               Yeah, she was in the copy center. She worked with me.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, one of your coworkers.

Linda Casillas:               Yeah, she was a coworker and she just told me haircutting is the basic thing that everybody's gonna get a haircut. Not everybody's gonna get a facial. Not everybody's gonna get their makeup. Maybe for their wedding.

Chad Jordan:                Or when times are tough and a recession or the economy's down, they're gonna cut back on that stuff, but they ain't gonna let their hair grow to their knees.

Linda Casillas:               And so when she said it to me, it just made so much sense. I was like "You know what? You're right. I'm gonna learn how to do this."

Chad Jordan:                Wow. So that day-

Linda Casillas:               Yes, that was the day.

Chad Jordan:                That was the life changing day.

Linda Casillas:               Yep. And I don't even remember her name. I wish I could find her because I would tell her.

Chad Jordan:                Well, let's hope she listens to this podcast and then she reaches out to you and, I don't know, we'll give her a huddle T-shirt or something. So that's what got you here. That was the before and kind of currently what you're kind of doing with the artistic team. What's next? Artistic team is a four year ... It's two two year terms, right?

Linda Casillas:               Yep.

Chad Jordan:                So what's next then? How does this work?

Linda Casillas:               I can re-audition to get back on after the next term. So you sit out a term and then you can audition to get back on, which I definitely would do.

Chad Jordan:                And in the meantime, coach for this area?

Linda Casillas:               Yeah, so I still have-

Chad Jordan:                Ambassador team-

Linda Casillas:               A lot of different things and then the ambassador team is the team that goes out to the different beauty schools. So I work with the different stylists in the stores here and train them in presentation skills, get them into the schools and they go in at least every quarter and do presentations.

Chad Jordan:                I'm really interested in that part of it, because that's new, right?

Linda Casillas:               Ambassador program is fairly new. I think I was one of the first coaches that went through the training in it to get certified as an ambassador lead so I could start training my ambassadors and getting them into the schools.

Chad Jordan:                And so who qualifies to be an ambassador? How does that work?

Linda Casillas:               So they work for their team leader, or their individual franchisees. And that's who selects them.

Chad Jordan:                Are they ... And they're ...

Linda Casillas:               They're stylists.

Chad Jordan:                They're stylists, but not managers?

Linda Casillas:               Some of them are managers. We don't necessarily recommend managers, just because of sometimes the time commitment. They have a lot going on as a manager. So definitely anyone who the team leader wants to put up for an ambassador, I will train them and get them going. Not everybody wants to be an ambassador. Not everybody feels comfortable with speaking in front of 50, 60 students, or something like that. Something I don't understand because it's something I've always been comfortable with. But if someone is willing to learn, they don't have to have any presentation experience. I take them through the presentation skills, I teach them the do's and don'ts.

Linda Casillas:               And skills I teach them the do's and don'ts and the ins and outs of it. I go with them until they're comfortable to watch them present, give them feedback. And, been pretty successful with it, I've had some ambassadors who are really good with going into the schools.

Chad Jordan:                How much of a time commitment are we talking about for these ambassadors? I mean, they're stylist right, so they already have the Monday through Sunday or whatever they're working. So, what are they having to, I don't want to say give up because they are furthering their career and helping their team leader and Sport Clips out but ...

Linda Casillas:               Usually each ambassador will do two beauty schools per quarter so, they'll do maybe two visits per quarter, and the presentations are only about an hour long. So, they get there early obviously to set up, but, it's not a huge time commitment, especially if they are in pretty close proximity to the schools which they usually are 'cause I let them pick the schools that they most want to be in. And pair them up together so they're in groups of two when they go in.

Chad Jordan:                What kind of personality are you looking for in ambassadors? Outgoing?

Linda Casillas:               Hopefully someone's who's outgoing, definitely enough to be able to get up and speak and also to interact with the students, they may come up even after the presentation one on one, have some questions. So, someone who feels comfortable talking about the company and the values and all of the different things at Sport Clips because all of those things are in the presentation. Preferably someone who has a great image, I have a uniform that I provide for the ambassadors so they wear a black blazer that's embroidered with the ambassador logo, and they wear dress pants, and dress shoes so they're a little more dressed up than what they normally are in the store. And they present that image, and then also, someone who usually embodies the standards of Sport Clips. Someone who really does the five point play, which is the client service system. Someone who is very comfortable talking about professional products with their clients, and recommending those things and doing the MVP service, 'cause that's also things that we touch on and go over with the students.

Chad Jordan:                Two more questions there. The first one, what competence level do they have to have for being presenters? Is it something, in other words, is this something where I might not feel very comfortable presenting yet but I want to grow in that? Should I try to be an ambassador or, do I need to wait?

Linda Casillas:               For me, I think if anyone wants to do it, they should let their team leader know because I'll train them in the presentation skills and get them comfortable. We do a lot of getting up and presenting in the training over and over again, everybody gives each other feedback and they keep practicing. And then, as I said, I'll go with them when they go to the schools to present to watch them give feedback as well. But, I think the only way to get good at presenting is to do it. And the more you do it, the better you get at it. If you don't do it and you just think about doing it, you're not going to get better.

Chad Jordan:                And what's, I guess my other question is, what's the term that they're an ambassador, is it a year, until further notice?

Linda Casillas:               Yeah, there's no term so they can just keep going as long as they want or as long as their team leader wants them to.

Chad Jordan:                I'm really interested in that program, I love that you're leading part of it, a big part of it. Couple last questions and then we'll get to the fun final ten questions that I like to ask. Question number one of the final questions is, the best part of your job, whether it's artistic team coach, ambassador, lead, the best part of your job is what and why?

Linda Casillas:               I think the best part of my job right now is with the artistic team. I like doing the hair shows and getting up on the stage on the show floor, demonstrating the different haircuts, talking about them. I like to be creative and do the different hair cuts, according to what the model wants and be able to teach those and maybe open up some people to new techniques. There's a lot of people at the hair shows who are really cosmetologists that are just starting to expand into the barbering world, want to learn a little more about men's hair cutting. The industry's really changed since I started. The first hair shows I went to back in the late 90s and early 2000s, you didn't see a lot of men's grooming. And now, it's everywhere and a lot of people want to learn more about men's grooming. So, we'll get a lot of people coming over to Sport Clips to watch the different techniques and learn a little bit more.

Chad Jordan:                I feel like a lot of managers out there, I especially felt this vibe at huddle. There is almost a hero worship for the artistic team members. You guys really are our stars. So, what kind of advice can you give to those managers that see you on the platform that say, yes, I want to do that one day. How do they get there? What do they got to do?

Linda Casillas:               Well, as we said earlier, right now the artistic team is comprised of coaches. So that's something if it's a path that they want to go on, and get in to coaching and teaching, then the biggest thing I think is to really be an example to, build their store if they're a manager, help grow the store, make sure that their personal standards are there with their numbers and their client service experience is there. Definitely let their team leader know that that's something that they're interested in so that if something does come up, the team leader, yeah, can bring it to them and they would be able to apply for that.

Chad Jordan:                You're an inspiration, your path getting here, all of that. Who right now inspires you? It could be somebody at sport clips, it could be a family member, it could be somebody outside. But, who inspires you to be the best Linda Caceas can be?

Linda Casillas:               Obviously, having a family, so I have a husband, I have children. That really inspires me to keep getting better for my family, for my kids so that I can be an example so that we can have the things that we want, be able to travel, do everything that we want to do.

Chad Jordan:                I love it. Now we get to the really hard hitting questions. Are you ready? On these ten questions, I can only ask a follow up to one of them, alright? So, I'm going to ask, you're going to answer and I only get to on one of them, I don't even know which one it's going to be. It's based on what your answer's going to be, okay?

Linda Casillas:               Okay.

Chad Jordan:                You ready? Which super power would you most like to have?

Linda Casillas:               Read minds.

Chad Jordan:                Read minds. What is your personal motto?

Linda Casillas:               I don't know if it's my personal one, 'cause it's a Sport Clips one but, I would say do the right thing.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, that works. If you adopt it, that's fine. Other than where you live now, where else in the world would you most like to live?

Linda Casillas:               Florida.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. In the world? I don't want that to be my follow up. Nevermind.

Linda Casillas:               I've never really been outside the United States other than Mexico or Canada, so I haven't seen the world.

Chad Jordan:                Alright. I'm not hating on Florida, alright I just want to put that out there, I love me some Florida. Who is a celebrity you would most like to meet one day? You've already met Gordon Logan, so who's a celebrity you would most like to meet one day?

Linda Casillas:              Ellen DeGeneres.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, I like it.

Linda Casillas:               She's funny.

Chad Jordan:                I might, we might tag her in this podcast, that's why I ask so maybe she'll share. Okay, perfect. Which words or phrases do you most over use as long as they're not four letters?

Linda Casillas:               That I most over use. I don't know. Well, I say the word so. That's my padding word.

Chad Jordan:                So? Okay.

Linda Casillas:               That is my padding word. I know that, I over use that.

Chad Jordan:                I will go back, well, we get transcripts of these podcasts, so I'll see how many times you said it, and I'll report it back to you. Alright?

Linda Casillas:               I tried not to, but we'll see.

Chad Jordan:                Alright. What sound or noise do you love?

Linda Casillas:               Music.

Chad Jordan:                What is the Zumba music, what is it? It's latino?

Linda Casillas:               Well, there's a lot, there's four core rhythms but reggaeton would be my favorite.

Chad Jordan:                Okay, reggaeton. Alright, that's it. What sound or noise do you hate?

Linda Casillas:               I don't like high pitched noises.

Chad Jordan:                Okay. Noted. What profession other than your own would you have been good at, or at least have wanted to try?

Linda Casillas:               Writing.

Linda Casillas:               Which is cool, because with the artistic team I've actually gotten to write articles for modern salon and behind the chair and different things, they'll come with different questions and, we'll write a short article. And, I've actually been published a couple times. That was kind of my second go to was journalism.

Chad Jordan:                So you're completing things off your bucket list even while doing your dream job?

Linda Casillas:               Yeah, I get to do both, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                What do you consider, this is number nine by the way of ten. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Linda Casillas:               Probably having my kids would be my greatest achievement.

Chad Jordan:                Good answer, mom. I don't know if they're, they are old enough to listen to this podcast, so that's good.

Linda Casillas:               Probably, yeah.

Chad Jordan:                I love it. Alright. Last question. If heaven indeed exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? And it can't be, so.

Linda Casillas:               I think, just that I was a good person that I did the right things, the right times.

Chad Jordan:                I love it. Well, this has been a conversation with Linda Casillas, and this is Chad Jordan with the Sport Clips Hall of Fame podcast. Tune in next week for another episode, thanks for joining us. Thanks, Linda.

Linda Casillas:               Thank you.