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General Store Questions

What is Sport Clips doing to make be feel comfortable that Stylist and Client safety is the top priority given the new guidelines for operating a hair salon post COVID19 pandemic.

Providing Stylists and Clients with a store that is clean and equipped with them in mind is our highest priority. We want every Client to be comfortable that they can get a championship haircut or our signature MVP in a certified clean store. Sport Clips has developed and implemented enhanced CMS and Sanitation procedures to accomplish this as noted by the Sport Clips Clean Certification. This certification is received after training and coursework has been completed by every Stylist and Team Member. Learn More

Are Sport Clips locations owned by the same company?

Sport Clips Haircuts is a franchise system, which means stores are independently owned and operated by local business owners, or franchisees.

Are you open on Sunday?

While most stores are open on Sundays, each store sets their own hours. In addition, hours and open days may change for holidays. We recommend using our store locator to find the store you want to visit to verify their store hours.

How do I find the store in my area?

You can use our store locator and search by city, state or zip code to find the stores in your neighborhood. You can also head to or download the Sport Clips Haircuts Check In mobile app to find stores in your area. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

What is your busiest time of day?

Busy hours vary by location. We recommend downloading the Sport Clips Haircuts Check In mobile app. There you can check wait times for all of the stores in your area. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

What do I do if I have an issue at the store?

You can reach Sport Clips Support Center a few different ways. You can submit your issue via our Contact Us form on our website. Or you can email

General Services Questions

How much does a Sport Clips haircut cost?

Sport Clips Haircuts is a franchise system, which means stores are independently owned and operated, therefore pricing is set at the store level and can vary from location to location. Typically, a standard Varsity haircut falls within the $18-21 range.

Do you cut children's hair?

Absolutely! We definitely cut children's hair (boys and girls) and offer the Junior Varsity haircut for children. Check your local store for age requirements.

Do you cut women's hair?

Yes! While we specialize in cuts for men and boys, we can and do cut women's hair. Please note, we do not provide any color or chemical treatments, just basic wash and cut.

Can your Stylists cut ethnic/textured hair?

Our Stylists are trained to cut hair of all different kinds of ethnicities and textures.

Do you sculpt (trim) beards?

We do offer beard sculpting with scissors and clippers. We are not a barber shop, so we cannot provide open blade/straight blade trims or shaves.

Do you provide beard shaves?

While we can provide beard trimming/sculpting services, we do not offer beard shaves.

How long do haircuts take?

Haircuts typically take around 20-30 minutes, but can vary depending on the type of cut and service provided.

How do I know if my favorite stylist is working?

You can use our store locator and contact the store directly to find out if your favorite Stylist is working. Or you can use the Sport Clips Haircuts Check In mobile app, select your favorite store, and then verify if your Stylist is working. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

What if I don't like my haircut?

If you are unhappy with your haircut or any services you are provided at Sport Clips, we encourage you to talk to your Stylist and/or the Manager of the location. If you feel your issue needs to be addressed further, you can submit your issue via our Contact Us form on our website. Or you can email

Do you take appointments?

Sport Clips does not take appointments, however we do encourage Clients to use Online Check In which allows you to choose your store, choose your stylist and skip the line and arrive at the store based on the estimated service time. Online Check In is available at or via the iOS and Android mobile apps.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, Sport Clips welcomes walk-ins, but checking in at or via the iOS and Android mobile apps will allow you to skip the line and allow you to arrive 10 minutes prior to your estimated service time.

Do veterans get free haircuts on Veteran's Day?

Sport Clips is a proud supporter of our country's veterans and the Official Haircutter of the VFW. We encourage all stores to provide free haircuts on Veteran's Day, but we do recommend verifying with the store. You can use our store locator to contact the store about their free haircuts for veteran's policy.

Is there a military and/or first responder discount?

Many of our locations offer discounts for military and/or first responders, but discounts can vary in amount and by location. We recommend using our store locator to contact the store about their military/first responder discount.

Miscellaneous Questions

How can I get a NASCAR Hero Card?

We currently provide Hero Cards for Erik Jones at no cost to fans. We allow one Hero Card per person. To request a Hero Card, please complete the Contact Us form and include which driver you prefer in the comment section. Cards typically arrive within two weeks of the request.

I am looking for a Sport Clips donation for my event/organization. Who do I contact?

Because our stores are independently owned and operated, we recommend using our store locator and finding the store in your neighborhood to contact them directly about donations.

Where can I find product information about the items that are sold in-store?

We recommend asking your Stylist any questions you have about product. You can also find product information on the product page of our website.

Coupon/Season Ticket/Gift Certificate Questions

I have a coupon for a specific location but want to use it at a different location - can I do that?

It depends on the coupon. There are certain coupons that can be redeemed at any location across the country, but there are others that are issued by individual stores or markets and can only be redeemed at the locations or market named on the coupon.

Can I use my Season Ticket at any location?

Season Tickets can only be used at the location where they are purchased. They are not transferable between stores.

What specials are available for a first-time Client?

First-time Clients automatically receive a free MVP upgrade on their first visit. The Varsity Haircut is upgraded to an MVP Experience at no additional charge and includes our legendary hot steamed towel, massaging shampoo and a relaxing neck and shoulder treatment. Please note: Neck & shoulder treatment is not available in Oregon, Massachusetts, Utah and Washington.

I want to buy a gift certificate. Do you sell them?

We do not have a national gift certificate program, so gift certificates are only available at select locations. Please use our store locator to inquire directly with the location you are interested in. And please understand - because stores are independently owned and operated, gift certificates may only be redeemable at select locations, so please ask before you purchase.

Online Check In Questions

What is the Sport Clips Haircuts Check In app?

The Sport Clips Haircuts Check In app is a mobile app available for iOS and Android that allows you to check in for your haircut, check wait times, select your preferred location and favorite Stylist.

How do I opt-in for text notifications?

Under the profile section in the app or your account on the website, you can opt in to receive text notifications when your Stylist is ready and to receive coupons/promotional messages via text.

How do I get haircut reminders via text?

Currently, haircut reminders are available only through the mobile app, not the check in website. To opt in for haircut reminders, simple go to your profile in the app and opt in to receive haircut reminders. You can set the haircut reminders anywhere from every week to every six weeks.

Why should I use online check in?

We always take walk-ins, so you don't have to check in if it's not for you. We want to make your next haircut as convenient as possible, and using the online check in system allows you to get your name on the lineup. Once you arrive at the store, you should sign in at the self-check-in kiosk so you’re then officially “at bat” or “on deck” for your haircut. 

What if I don't want to download an app to my phone?

No problem. If the app isn't for you, you can access online check in by visiting via any web browser (desktop, tablet or mobile) and check in through the site.

How do I check-in?

If you're using the app, you'll need to download, create an account and then you can search for the store nearest you, determine wait times and check in for the location you prefer. If you're using the website, simply head to the site, create an account and follow the same process.

When can I check in?

Online check in is available five minutes after the store opens and ends 30 minutes before the store closes. No checking in the night before to get first on the list for the next morning!

How do I cancel my check-in?

After confirming your check in, you'll be taken to a confirmation screen displaying your estimated arrival time. From here you can choose to cancel. Alternatively, you can open the main menu and navigate to the My Check Ins section where you will find info about your check in as well as the option to cancel.

Why do I need to create an account?

Creating an account speeds up the check in process by automatically saving your information. This allows you to conveniently check in either in store or online, and will allow you to use our texting feature should you opt-in to receive updates. The account also links to previous Stylist notes about your preferred haircut. Email address and phone number are required to prevent duplicates in our system and to ensure we have your specific information should you share a name with someone.

I want to bring my kid(s) for a haircut. Do I need to create an additional account?

You can request multiple haircuts via the app or the website, so there is no need to create an account for your children or other minor family members you plan to bring with you. Once you log in, you can add additional names to your check in and will receive estimated wait times for each person. You can also check in one or more guests/family members even if you don't want services performed for yourself.

How do I choose a specific Stylist?

After searching for your location and tapping the store location icon, click to access the Stylist choice field that is currently set to "first available." A menu will appear with the list of available Stylists along with their individual wait times. Stylists who appear greyed out are either not clocked in yet or have temporarily stepped away from the cutting floor.

Can I save my Stylist or location?

Favorites can be saved within the app by clicking the heart icon next to a Stylist or location name.

Can I check into Sport Clips using my smart speaker?

As a Sport Clips Online Check In user, you already know how convenient it is to get in line before you head to the store. Once you have a registered Sport Clips Online Check In account - you can now use your Amazon Alexa-enabled devices or Google Nest speakers and displays to check in for your next haircut.

Click to enable your Sport Clips Alexa Skill or your Google Nest Sport Clips Action

Why can't I see my previous check ins?

At this time, the My Check Ins section shows only a current check in. A complete history of past check ins and services performed can be obtained by speaking to a Stylist in store.

Can I get and use coupons through the app?

You can opt in to receive coupon codes via text by going to the profile section in the app. The coupon codes will be sent via text message, but are not stored or redeemed through the mobile app.

I checked in via the app or online. What do I need to do when I arrive at the store?

Upon arrival, make sure you sign in at a self-service kiosk to confirm you're at the store. Once you sign in, you should then see your name appear on the wallboard that will show where you are on the wait list.

Why is the app/website showing Online Check In is unavailable at my location?

There are a couple of reasons this could happen. When the wait time at a particular location exceeds 120 minutes, check ins will be disabled until wait times drop below that threshold. If you see this alert when trying to check in to a specific location, we suggest looking for a different store with a shorter wait time or checking back later to see if the wait time for your preferred store has dropped. In rare instances, online check in may be disabled if there are technical difficulties at the store. Again, we recommend searching for a different location or checking back later to see if online check in is available.

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