Long Hair, Short Hair, No Hair – We Care!

Long Hair, Short Hair, No Hair – We Care!

We know, we know…everyone is getting tired of thinking about and talking about and hearing about the pandemic. But it’s still a thing and it’s still affecting our daily lives and our behaviors – in particular, our hair! Sport Clips Haircuts recently talked to 2,000 men in the United States, and 32 percent said that before the pandemic, they had their hair cut by a professional every two to three weeks. Fast forward to 2021, and 24 percent of the men cut their own hair at home last year. I mean, we all remember how terrible those corona cuts were, right?

It just goes to show that you should leave the haircutting to the pros – like the stylists at Sport Clips. Now that things are almost, pretty much back to normal, more than half of the men we talked to have made their way back to their favorite stylist or barber and the majority say they had a “good” experience on that first visit back. In fact, most reported feeling “relieved” to finally get that first post-lockdown trim.

And then there were the guys – 22 percent of them, in fact – who chose to let their hair grow out. Those long, luscious locks may seem easy to maintain, but they require more care than most guys realize. “Long hair requires regular trims, shaping, at home maintenance with a quality shampoo and conditioner to avoid breakage, and an appropriate styling product,” explains stylist Brittany Fitzgerald, a Sport Clips Artistic Team member and North Texas Area Coach.

For others, emerging from lockdown and kicking of 2021 has them ready to try a new style, but a majority of the men surveyed said they were “afraid” to try something new because they don’t know what kind of style or cut would look good on them. Are you sure you can rock the long Jason Momoa locks? Do you have the right face shape to pull off Harry Styles’ look? This is where the expertise of a stylist can really help. “Your stylist can look at your face shape, your hair texture, and figure how to style or cut around a cowlick to make sure you get a haircut that flatters you best,” says stylist Dorian Curtis-Likens, Sport Clips Artistic Team member and Area Coach. “Stylists can also help you establish a new look with a routine of regular trims and the products that will help you confidently style and maintain your cut when you leave the store.”

Ultimately, a haircut should make you look good and feel good. Most of the men surveyed said they have a “surge of confidence” for four-to-six days after a fresh haircut. Many of them say they feel better about themselves and some even say they feel “smarter.” We’ll take their word for it on that one.

Men who shared their opinions in the survey conducted by One Poll ranged in age from 18-56+, varied in relationship status and were from all parts of the United States.