Three ways guys can score the best hair for back to school

(Aug. 31, 2016)

Great Haircut“Get organized,” “Find the hottest new clothes,” “Pack the best lunches ever,” the internet is flooded with tips to get ready for the academic year ahead. But there’s a forgotten group among the Pinterest boards and blog posts…guys who are headed back to campus who want fresh hair haircut when they head back to class.

“After a few months of no school and fun in the sun, many of our guy clients are deciding on a new look for the upcoming school year,” says Andrea Allemand, Sport Clips Haircuts Artistic Team Member. Sport Clips has more than 15,000 stylists across the country and in Canada on the front lines of back-to-school haircuts and is the leading franchise dedicated to men’s and boys’ haircare.

Linda Casillas, another Sport Clips Artistic Team Member, agrees, saying, “It’s often a time for drastic change, whether to try out a current trend or go short after growing it out over summer vacation.” Both Allemand and Cassillas say the key to a new look is communicating well with your stylist…and we know how well that can go, as in, “I want the same thing just shorter.” So, here are the top tips these pros have for guys who want to try a new back-to-school look:

  1. GET your haircut at least a week before school starts – Practicing a new style may take a few days to perfect, and getting a haircut in advance allows time to create different looks.
  2. FIND a picture of the style you want and take it with you when you get a haircut – Decide what it is you like about the look, whether it’s the length or overall feel, and share it with your stylist. Your stylist can also make recommendations, based on face and head shape, to create the look you want.
  3. BUY the best shampoo and conditioner to fit your needs – Models in photos have hair that is different in texture, color or density than yours, not to mention a team making them look that good BEFORE they posed. What you CAN have in common is the products used to create different looks such as American Crew Fiber or Style Sexy’s Matte Clay and Control Maniac. Managing different looks using different products can be easy with your stylist’s recommendations.

No Pinterest board is needed for guys to score big on a new look for fall…just a pic, a good talk with your stylist and the right stuff to put in your hair can kick off a winning school year.