Survey results: When a haircut is more than just a haircut…it's an experience


What is the Best Part of Sport Clips MVP Haircut Experience Survey. 63 / massaging shampoo, 23/ hot steamed towel, 12 Neck and shoulder treatmentWhen Sport Clips Haircuts clients were asked what they like most about the brand's signature MVP Haircut Experience, the massaging shampoo is by far the favorite…a whopping 63 percent said so! Perhaps it's because many clients have been unable to get a professional shampoo or haircut when state and local COVID mandates forced the closing of salons. It may also be that "experiences" are the new commodities clients are seeking. In a recent post about retail innovation, an industry expert notes that "customer experience expectations have leapt forward nearly four years in the past three months, it has inaugurated a period of unprecedented retail innovation in stores…"

Part of that innovation for Sport Clips, as one of the nation's leading haircare providers, is our Sport Clips Clean Certified program developed during the shutdown for the well-being of clients and stylists when they came back for a haircut. At Sport Clips, when that precision haircut is upgraded to the MVP Experience, clients enjoy a steamed or chilled towel applied to the face while at the shampoo bowl and a neck and shoulder treatment while the client is in the stylist's chair on the cutting floor. The tea-tree infused hot steamed towel treatment is the favored part of the experience for 23 percent of those surveyed, while 12 percent chose the relaxing neck and shoulder treatment as their most enjoyed part of the MVP.

Sport Clips offers a free upgrade from a Varsity haircut to an MVP for those visiting stores for the first time. To make it even more comfortable and convenient for clients coming in for a haircut, Sport Clips offers online check-in via our app or on the web to make a haircut more than a haircut…it can actually be an experience.