Oh, hello 80s! The bowl cut is back for 2020 back-to-school


A boy standing in front of a chalkboard with a Sport Clips Haircuts logo on itWe’ve seen it on young guys before, hair taking on a forward direction covering the forehead down to the eyes. The younger generation is taking on the “bowl cut” with a fun modern twist. Short, sharp, tapered sides drastically transitioning to length and texture on the top is becoming a go-to look for Gen Z.  Different from 80s bowl cuts, the movement and added texture Sport Clips Haircuts professional stylists, coaches, and Artistic Team members are cutting allow this reinvigorated look to be personalized to the face shape and length that works for clients. Whether guys are wanting soft, playable texture or a more controlled, defined style, they say that with the right products, there's lots of versatility with this look.

For the clients who aren't into bowl cuts, Sport Clips stylists across the country are seeing the heat of the early school year prompting shorter, cooler cuts. Thousands of clients each day choose to take off about half the length they normally get on the sides, according to several stylists. Other clients are choosing to own their curls since it's a worry-free way to take on the warmer months with many schools starting in early August. For older students, this also means their beards are being trimmed in the stores to "a close shadow" to the face.

In the middle of the country, the "burst taper fade" is a popular guy’s cut. According to stylists who know, it's an adaptable look that's often paired with a mohawk hairstyle. It's cut by blending the taper around the ear and down the neck and generally rounded and curved along the sides and back.

Other guy's hairstyles trending the "short-sides-with-long-top" are the combover, pompadour, faux hawk, flat top, and mohawk fade. Whether it's an edgy rocker, or good ole boy look, stylists say it's important to have it cut by a professional who knows how to work with men's and boys' hair…something that's not always taught in beauty school. They also recommend talking with your stylist about the products that work best with the hair texture and look guys are going for this school year.