Recovering Out Loud: Overcoming Addiction, One Day at a Time


Sport Clips stylist Meghan BlanchetteStylist Spotlight for Modern Salon by Dana Dussing Berry

The story of stylist Meghan Blanchette’s life reads like the screenplay of a made‐for‐tv movie. Growing up in Connecticut, successful in school, acing tests, she began planning for college followed by a business career. But that all changed during her senior year when she made the decision to take her first drink. It may sound dramatic, but she knew she had a family history and says the addiction gene kicked in with that first drink.

As her interest in school diminished and her drinking ramped up, one thing that remained constant for Meghan through the early haze of addiction was her love of doing hair. She says from the time she was young she was the one who cut the hair of her dolls and always wanted her own hair dyed pink. In high school, she even started a little business with other friends who did nails and make‐up to ready classmates and friends for dances and proms. But as the graduation parties were wrapping up her senior year, her future seemed to be fading. She hadn't applied to a single school. Blanchette’s dad intervened and encouraged her to apply for beauty school, and she was accepted.

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