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Tame that mane with GIBS Beard, Hair and Tattoo Oil.

Olive and Argan oils soften, while Sunflower oil helps strengthen and protect your beard from all the manly things you do. Passionflower and Copaiba Balsam moisturize the skin, leaving your face beardruff free and lady friendly. Check out our line-up of great beard products and get your hands on a bottle today! 

Gibs Man Scaper:

A manly scent with hints of Nutmeg, Leather, Vanilla and Musk will leave 'em wanting for more. Click here to find a bottle near you.​Man-Scaper-Beard-Oil

Gibs Bush Master:

An adventurous fragrance of Grapefruit, Tobacco Flower, Saffron and Cedar to spice up your life. Click here to find a bottle near you.​Bush-Master-Gibs-Beard-Oil


Gibs VooDoo Prince:

This amazing oil has a spell binding fragrance with hints of Bergamot, Sage and Sandalwood. Click here to find a bottle near you.​Voodoo-Prince-Gibs-Beard-Oil


Gibs Man Wash BHB:

Not only does this manly cure-all cleanse your beard and hair, leaving them soft and manageable, but the added combination of Copaiba Balsam and Tea Tree oils helps to keep your skin clean, clear and looking its best. This ruggedly adventurous fragrance with hints of Citrus, Oak and Basil will leave your smelling like you just walked out of the forest. Click here to find a bottle near you.